The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, October 29, 1926, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
M. L. Watts transacted business in
Milton Monday.
Mrs. R. A. Thompson spent Sat
urday in Walla Walla.
Mrs. Lawrence Pinkerton spent
Tuesday in Milton.
John Ankeny of Walla Walla was
here Saturday and enjoyed a pheas
ant hunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Prestbye were
in Pendleton Tuesday.
Mrs. D. A. Pinkerton is seriously
ill at her home in Milton.
E. C. Prestbye made business
calls in Pendleton Wednesday.
Mrs. Nellie Taylor now of Pendle
ton visited Athena friends Monday.
Ernest Bell has leased the home
place, south of Athena, and purchased
xvf 61G0.CQ9 In oremlums
out array of pure bred Beet
and Dairy Cattle, Horses, Swine, Sheep, GoaU and Foxei than W
Yt.'l r vrr assembled here or elsewhere. Also Manufacturer and WA
Wji Land Products Show; Pacific International Dairy Product v
Show;IndustrialEzpoiltioniUidWorld-FimoiuHorM8howofferingrcttt WA
va . . . m i . i. . i . i.k a ........ u iii.ieri rnuann
Building, Toruand, Oregon, Oct. 30-Nov. 6. fUduced forei U Railroi
At Finch's
Cleaning and Pressing
G. W. Finch, Prop. Main Street, Athena, Oregon
mrw irx mi motct irx irx irx irx irx irx irx irx irx irx m m m m m mx. M "
Vote X 39 Yes
Democratic Candidate
Representative I
For Umatilla County
Served months in World War 13 months in France.
Graduate of 0. A. C. Proprietor of McFadden's Pharmacy,
3 Athena, Oregon. (Paid Advertisement).
the farming equipment from the es
tate. Sam R. Thompson, prominent citi
zen of Pendleton was a visitor here
Mrs. R. A. Thompson is hostess
for the Study club at her home this
Friday afternoon.
D. H. Mansfield, former resident
of Athena was here Monday from his
home in Pendleton.
Sig Davis, representing Warner
Brothers Picture Corporation, was in
Athena, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones spent
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Tucker at Holdman.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Booher left
Tuesday morning for Portland where
they will visit relatives.
Mrs. Jennie Proebstel of Weston
was a dinner guest Sunday at the
home of Mrs. Lilla iKrk. -
Elizabeth Tucker of Forest Grove,
spent last week at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. James Creswell.
Deputy Sheriff McSherry came up
from Pendleton, and spent Sunday
with relatives in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Hopper have
moved into their attractive new resi
dence on South Third street.
Earl Chapman of Milton and H.
A. Barrett motored to Boardman on
a business mission Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hansell went
down to Portland Wednesday and will
return home today or tomorrow.
D. A. Pinkerton former resident
of Athena was here Tuesday to at
tend the funeral of John Phillip?.
Mrs. Louisa Wright, who has been
at Rainier, Oregon, visiting at the
home of her son, is expected home
Mrs. Lawrence Pinkerton is en
joying a visit from her mother, Mrs.'
Gray, who is here from her home in
Mrs. Armond DeMerirtt and Miss
Elizabeth Holwager motored here
Thursday from Walla Walla to visit
The condition of Mrs. Dora Lock
wood who is seriously ill at her
home in this city is apparently about
the same.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ferguson re
turned Monday from Ontario, where
Mr. Ferguson was called on a busi
ness mission.
Among the pheasant hunters vis
iting here last week were John L.
Sharpstein and Nesmith Ankeny of
Walla Walla.
After spending a portion of the
fall near Washtucna, D idley Rogers
has returned to the home of hi3 par
ents in Athena. '
Mr. and Mrs. Fred . Gross, Mrs.
Jennie Gross and Mrs. Claud Dick
enson are in Portland, having left
Athena Monday.
Post office inspector Robert Mel
lish, with present headquarters at
Pendleton paid his annual visit to
Athena Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McFarland
have moved from near Freewater to
Athena, and are occupying a cottage
on Adams street.
Rev. and Mrs. Bollinger are now
at home to their friends in the Bap
tist parsonage recently purchased
from M. L. Wats.
Jimmy Haward who is popular
here, spent last week as the guest
of friends in Athena, incidently en
joying the privilege of the pheasant
Some New A
At Steves
New line of Hats and Caps for Men and Boys
Winter Underwear
Slip-overs, Blazers, and Sport Coats
Negligee Shirts
Hose and Neckties
Celebrated Alaska Buckskin Gloves
Fonda Gloves
We specialize in Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Groceries of all kinds. If we haven't
them, they are not on the market.
Quality Quantity, Service.
Phone 171.
Athena, Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cannon motor
ed to Portland the first of this week.
They will attend the Stock show
while in the city.
Miss Jennamae Read who has been
seriously ill for several weeks is now
convalescing at the home of her
mother in Athena.
Miss Genevieve Baker, who with
her mother recently moved to Wal
la Walla, is a student at Walla Wal
la Business college.
Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn left Tuesday
morning for Haines, where she will
spend a week visiting her daughter
Mrs. F. C. Gurney.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Zerba and
litlte son have returned to Athena
from Baker county, and will probably
spend the winter here.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Watts have
moved into the Thompson cottage
where they will reside until their
new home is completed.
Mrs. Joyce Smith and Mrs. W. R.
Harden were in Pendleton last
Thursday and visited at the home of
Mrs. Jack. Cunningham.
Beginning Saturday evening, No
vember 6, . shows at the Standard
Theatre will start promptly at 7:45
p. m. until further notice.
Miss Sadie Pambrun left Monday
morning for Mt. Hope, Washington,
where she will visit her sister Mrs.
Russell Baer, for a month.
Mrs. Sabina Morton of Seattle is
here for a brief stay visiting her
ranch south of Athona which is be
ing farmed by Till Beckner.
Mrs. John Ankeny, of Walla Walla,
was a guest Saturday of Mrs. F. S.
LeGrow, and the hostess and guest
motored to Pendleton during the day.
. Mr. and Mrs. Marcum Anderson
and Mr. and Mrs. Club of Walla
Walla spent Sunday here as the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Watts.
It is well to remember that -NoveHW
ber 5, is the last day on which sec
ond tax payments may be made to
avoid delinquency and penalty
Mrs. Fred Kershaw returned Sun
day after a fortnight's visit at On
tario, where she was the guest of
her sister and her daughter Miss
Johnny and Edna Pinkerton have
purchased a Pontiac coach in part
nership. It is the first Pontiac to be
purchased in Athena, and is an at
tractive car.
Mrs. McClure of Alfiion, Washing
ton, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed White are
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Joseph demons in Athena. They
are en route to California.
Frank Carstens of Athena and
Miss Harriet Moore of Vancouver,
Washington, were married in that
city recently. Mr. and Mrs. Car
stens will reside at Vancouver.
Mrs. Lillian Fredericks will re
sume her French class shortly. Mem
bers of this class include Mrs. H. I.
Watts, Mrs. M. W. Hansell, Mrs. W.
S. Ferguson and Mrs. Lew McNair.
A letter to the editor from Wilbur
Harden says his shoulder, which was
injured in a football game is now o
k. and that he expects to play end
for U. of 0. frosh at Seattle, tomor
row. Mignonette Rebekah lodge met
Tuesday evening. Arrangements for
the convention which will be held
here in November were discussed and
other important business was trans
acted. Mrs. Bert Logsdon had as her
guests, yesterday, Mrs. Nellie Taylor
of Pendleton and Mrs. Phillip Yen
ney and daughter Muriel, Mrs. Harve
Yenney and Mrs. Frank Yenney of
Walla Walla.
A Pie social and program will be
given at Gerking flat school house
District 17 Friday night November
5. Every one is invited. Proceeds
will go toward purchasing furnish
ings and equipment.
The J. T. club wi;l meet at the
country home of Mrs. Jesse Myrick
Wednesday November 3. The party
which was to have been held the 29
of this month by the club members
has been postponed indefinitely.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Baker left
for Portlands Sunday, where Mr.
Baker entered a hospital for the pur
pose of having an opeartion made
on his arm, which was crippled by a
compound fracture, two years ago.
Mrs. Ella Martin of Ellensburg,
who has been a guest of her son,
Earl Martin for the past two weeks,
in company with her daughter-in-law
Mrs. Martin, motored to Wal
la Walla yesterday where she will
visit for a couple of day3, before
continuing on to her home.
A young man named Will Hall,
who has been working in the vicinity
of Athena for several months met
with a painful accident when his
motorcycle left the highway and col
lided with a barb wire fence. Hall's
left arm was badl lacerated. On
cut required seven stitches to close
the wound.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our many friends
for the kind expressions of sympathy
and the beautiful floral offerings in
the sad loss of our father, husband
and brother.
The New
Rainproof Blazer Goat
This new Blazer is dressy, warm and absolutely"
rainproof. Cuffs and bottom are wool knit
with Corduroy .collar to match
It comes in Brown, Grey and Black
Price $6.95
Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
Saturday, October 30
Anna Q. Nilsson
Beautiful But Broke
Shimmering gowns marble halls and satin walls. She left them for the open
road crooning steel wheels whirling. over steel rails" at night lashed to the
brakebeams a lurching couch for a restless woman a magic carpet of ad
venture carrying her to what difference where? Just so long as it was away.
"Shebo" they called her, "Miss Nobody," but her greatest adventure came
when she found that a girl cannot masquerade a woman's heart under man's
International News
Admission Prices, 10c-35c
Sunday, October 31
etty Bronson
The Beautiful, Fantastic Production
iss f or
m H7
An altogether charming Cinderella story that only Barrie could have written.
The kind of gorgeous spectacle everyone enjoys. From the famous stage suc
cess as played by Maude Adams. Not a fairy story!
Pathe Review
Admission Prices, 10c-35c
: Wednesday, November 3
James Oliver Curwood's
en the
r Ooene
A Mighty Drama of the Great Northwest
Comedy Admission Prices I0c-35c
Mare Nostrum
The Volga Boatman