The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, July 30, 1926, Image 4

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    j Press Paragraphs
. Cyril Gagnon was a visitor here
from Walla Walla Saturday.
P. L. Kearns of Salem transacted
business in Athena Tuesday.
Marion Hansell spent Monday in
Pendleton transacting business.
James Kasper of San Francisco
was an Athena visitor Tuesday.
Dr. Walter Cowan is driving a new
straight eight Hupmobile sedan.
James Maloney of Tendleton was
a business visitor in Athena Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pinkerton of
Weston, are touring Colifornia by
Miller Brothers of the Milton nur
Kery called on business friends here
J. W. Pinkerton and son Floyd
motored to Walla Walla on a busi
ness mission Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warren of
Portland are in Athena and are vis
iting Mrs. Lilla Kirk.
Mrs. Ida Banister who has been on
the verge of a nervous breakdown, is
reported to be improving.
Miss Margaret Ryan of Pendleton
a sister of the late Mike Ryan trans
acted business in Athena Saturday.
Mr. Kellogg of the Third National
Bunk of Walla Walla, and Mr. Toner
of that city, were in Athena, Tues
day. Reed Hill and Mr. McArthur left
yesterday on a fishing tirp. They ex
pect to fish in the lakes above Wal
lowa. Mrs. C. L. McFadden and family
who have spent the past two weeks
at Bingham Springs returned home
Next Wednesday afternoon the
Christian church Missionary society
will meet at the home of Mrs. i). L.
Mrs. Rose Miller has returned from
Cove, Oregon where she hus spout
the past three weeks, being employ
ed there.
Mrs. Carl Sheard, who recently
returned home from a hospital at
Walla Walla, is rapidly regaining
her health.
While returning home from Wnl-j
la Walla the other evening, Penn ;
Harris encountered a fine bull dorf on
the highway. He brought the dog
home and kept him until his master, j
R. A. Thomas, of Walla Walla, cal
led for him.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cannon and
children and Mr. and Mrs. Flint
Johns spent the week end at Bing
ham Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Lee and little
son and daughter, were at Winona,
Washington over the week-end, visit
ing at the Tracy Lee home.
Mr. S. H. Cutting, prominent law
yer of Waitsburg, and well known in
Athena died suddenly this week. The
funeral was held Wednesday.
" Miss Ruth Jackson of Weston was
in Athena, Monday, having recently
returned from a hospital in Walla
Walla where she was operated on.
Miss Betty Whiteman of Walla
Walla has been spending the week at
the B. B. Richards home here. ?iliss
Whiteman is a niece of Mrs. Rich
ards. Mrs. Roy Cox, Mrs. John Mayberry
and Mrs. Earl Martin and children
were in Milton and Freewater, Tues
day. Mrs. Cox visited her aunt Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Booher who re
side, at Couer de 'Alene have return
ed to their home there after visiting
in Athena at the Hamp and William
Booher homes.
Ralph Allen of Adams has per
fected a device for use in boring
holes in treatment of wild morning
glory with carbon bi sulphide. Pat
ents are pending.
Mrs. F. B. Boyd returned Satur
day from a visit with her daughter
Mrs. Cecile Sturgis. Before her re
turn home Mrs. Boyd visited at
Reedsport and Portland.
Walter Cheeseman, son and nephew
of Spokane visited Mr. and Mrs,
John Froom here Tuesday. Mr
Cheeseman was employed in the hotel
dining room thirty years ago.
Miss Elsie Butts of Two Rivers,
Washington, has been a guest of
Mrs. Ora Shigley since last Thurs
day. Monday she went to Milton
where she will visit with friends.
Mr. McArthur and Charles Wil
liams who this week returned from
the mountains where they were pick
ing huckleberries, were very success
ful, bringing home several gallon.
11. L. York has acquired the ser
vices of the Jolly Joy-Makers Or
chestra to furnish the music for ths
dance tomorrow night at the open
air pavilion in Freewater. These
dances are popular with the public,
Vacation Needs
Kodaks and Films, First-aid Kits,f
Jantzen Swimming Suits, Station,
ery", Vacum Bottles, Creams and!
Lotions etc.
L si
11 U
L. 'A
good order prevails and the manager
insures a good time for all who at
Mrs. Alva Blalock and children
motored here from Bend Friday, and
are visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Lawrence Pinkerton. Mrs. Pink
erton and Mrs. Blalock are sisters.
Mrs. C. E. Miller returned home
Sunday from a visit to her brother
home at Portland. Owing to her sis
ter-in-law's illness, Mrs. Miller ex
pects to be called to Portland again,
Weston Leader: Mrs. Marvel Watts
and Mrs. M. M. Johns of Athena, ac
companied by Mrs. Lillian Freder
icks motored to Milton Monday on a
combined business and pleasure out
A party motoring to Walla Walla
Wednesday evening to enjoy a swim
at the natatorium included, Mrs. B
B. Richards, Mrs. H. A. Barrett, Mrs
II., I. Watts and Mrs. W. S. Fergu
Mrs. Max Hopper who was tak
en to St. Anthony's hospital in Pen
dleton last Saturday is reported im
proving and it is hoped that she will
be able to return home within a few
days. "
"Mrs. Emma Hofstater from Knap
pa, Oregon who has been visiting in
Walla Walla over Monday and is
visiting at the home of Mrs. Martha
Shick. Mrs. Hofstater is a niece of
Mrs. Shick.
Dorsey Kretzer who has been ser
lously ill with pneumonia was able
to be up and walk around a little
Wednesday. He is gaining strength
fast and will soon be able to be
down town.
The harvester belonging to Virgil
Zerba upset in the field but no one
was injured. In replacing some brok
en parts however a heavy piece fell
on Mr. Zerba's right hand, crushing
three fingers.
Telephone lines adjacent to the
Athena vicinity have been undergo
ing repairs and improvements dur
ing the past week. A crew of men
and an elaborately equipped truck
are being utilized in the work.
Mrs. Lewis Stewart has returned
from Portland with her son John
Robert who recently underwent
double mastoid operation. Three
eminent surgeons performed the op
eration and tne cnua is recovering
Mrs. Jean Campbell, teacher of
English, music and the drama in
Weston High school, has resigned
her position here in order to become
instructor of voice in a large and ex
elusive girls' college in Florida, re
ports the Leader.
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Watts plan to
leave on an extensive trip to Canada
about the middle of August. Mr.
Watts will go into the wilds to hunt
and fish and Mrs. Watts will visit
Lake Louise. They will return by
way of Victoria, B. C.
Mrs. Z. W. Lockwood who has been
seriously ill for several days was
taken to Hot Lake by ambulance
Wednesday morning for treatment.
She was accompanied by Mr. Lock
wood and daughter May Lockwood,
James Bell and Dr. Thomas, of Mil
Friends of Miss Elizabeth Hol
wager are extending sympathy in
the event of the death of her broth
er Adolph last week. Mr. Holwager
who was employed in a mine at
Burke, Idaho was caught under ar
Steve Has Just Received
A New Line of
Come and Look it Over
Don't Overlook Our Grocery Department
Wc carry every kind of fresh fruit and vegetables in the market.
Cabbage, Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, String Beans, New Corn on the
Cob, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.
Quality Quantity, Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
over turned truck load of coal, death
resulting. The young man was only
twenty-five years of age. The f uner;
al was held Saturday in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wood and
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Myrick motored
to Toll Gate, Wednesday. Mr. Wood
and Mr. Myrick will return after tak
ing their wives there and the ladies
will pick huckleberries above Toll
Gate. They expect to remain until
A party of ladies motoring to Wal
la Walla included Mrs. M. L. Watts,
Mrs. H. I. Watts, Mrs. M. M. Johns
and Mrs. Lillian Fredericks of Wes
ton. Mrs. Florence Menill who spent
the week as the guest of Mrs. H. I.
Watts returned to her home in Wal
la Walla. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Weeks and Mr.
and Mrs. Harland Weeks are new ar
rivals here from Canada and are re
siding in the Everett Zerba home.
The men - have secured work in the
Preston-Shaffer Warehouse' and will
stay as long as they have steady em
ployment. -
Mrs. Ray O'Harra was in Athena
from Weston Tuesday, coming over
after her little son-Willard who has
spent the past week with his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crabill.
Mr. O'Harra came to Athena in the
evening and took Mrs. O'Harra and
son home.
Word has been received from Miss
Frederica Kershaw- who . with her
mother is enjoying an outing at Pay
ette Lake, Idaho, that a favorite pas
time is fishing for peach. Huckle
berries are also found in abundance.
The vacationists will return home
about the middle of August.
Two tables of bridge were played
Friday afternoon when Mrs. W. S.
Ferguson entertained the bridge club.
Lovely summer flowers in shades of
pink decorated - the rooms and the
hostess served refreshing punch and
candies. The guest trophy fell to
Mrs. Alma Koontz who held high
score for the afternoon;
When Lassie, one of the McEwen
collies fell off a load of supplies be
ing taken to the ranch Tuesday, Lad
who was also part of the cargo, let
the fact be known by a long wail of
anguish. The twins, official rousta
bouts for the outfit brought the truck
to a standstill and her majesty was
recovered and the trip continued.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Herr and fam
ily of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Fran
cis Herr and family of Baker City,
are visiting at the home of their
father J. F. Herr. Mrs. Herr's
brother and family of Salt Lake City
are also guests at the Herr home
The shepherd dog belonging to
George Payne fell a victim to poison
Tuesday morning. He was a much
loved pet, so well trained that at his
master's command he would bring in
Mr. Payne's dairy herd. Many other
tricks were among his accomplish
Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Booher have
returned from an extensive motor
trip. They traveled- through scenic
Central Oregon visiting many of the
lakes in the vicinity of Bend, then
south over the McKenzie Pass to Eu
gene. They also visited at Newport
and Portland, returning home by the
Columbia River highway.
Dinner guests at the H. A. Bar
rett home Sunday included, Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh McEwen and daughters
Jennie and Elsie of Milton, Mrs. A.
McEwen of Portland, Mrs. C. A.
Barrett and Mrs. R. B. McEwen.
Guests who called in the afternoon
were: Mr. and Mrs. Jonn worveu,
Mr. and Mrs. Letcher Norvell and
little daughter of Helix and Mrs.
Dora Scott of Los Angeles.
M. I. Miller and family have gone
to Endicott, Washington, where Mr.
Miller will work for a couple of
weeks in the harvest field, after
which they will spend some time at
lake resort near Spokane. Mr.
Miller, who is instructor in the
ighth grade of the Athena schools
completed the harvest season with
the Art Douglas crew before going
to Endicott.
Friends in Athena of Miss Merle
Best, former teacher in the Athena
schools for the past three years, have
received the information that she has
accepted a position in the 2nd grade
a school at Pendleton. ' She has
been - attending summer school and
after the close of the school, which
is this week she will visit friends at
Weiser, Idaho.
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Koh-
ler Betts assistant superintendent.
Morning worship at 11:00 a. m.
Theme "In Remembrance of Me."
Communion service morning. Jun
ior and Senior Young People at 6:00
and 7:00 respectively. Song and
Praise at 8:00 p. m. Theme, "The
Father of Spirits"' Grain harvest
bounteous and valuable. What is ex
tent and worth of a soul. Read Mt.
37, 38. Young Peoples Prayer ser
vice every Tuesday evening at 8:00
Regular mid-week meeting and Bible
Study every Thursday evening at 8
'clock. We look about for agencies
that befriend men as chief aim, and
we look in vain until our eyes fall
on church or some institution fost
ered by it.
When going on your Vacation you will want a
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them at following prices
Suitcases at
Bags; at -Gladstones
Trunks at
$2.00 to $12.50
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Come in before you ) go and ' look them over
5 per cent Discount for Cash
j'Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
TFhunder M
Saturday, July 31
William Fox presents the John
Golden Success
From Pearl Franklin's play Hit "Howdy Folks"-a.
drama of Love in the Hills of Hate.
With Madge Bellamy, Paul Ponzer, Zasu Pitts, Alex Francis, Leslie Fenton
and Otis Harlan
Thunder Mountain
fairly throbs with drama not the blood-and-thunder kind, either. It rocks
and quakes and bubbles over with comedy, too. The last scene wells up from
a fountain of laughter. Describe it in words? Impossible you have to see
it. Then you will agree that "Thunder Mountain" is entertainment in sev
en decimal Dlaces.
International News
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Sunday, August 1
In Quarantine
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It happened this way.' He was handsome and didn't like her. She was a go
getter and liked him. So when he thought he was eloping with another girl
he found himself on shipboard alone with HER! Then complications,
and the epidemic of fun spreads like wildfire. Harrison Ford is the explorer
who elopes with the wrong girl and gets himself into many amusing situa
tions. The fun starts with these two popular players and gathers speed and
laughs with the addition of well known stars in Broadway's leading com
edies of the season just closed. In "Lovers in Quarantine," Bebe Daniels con
vincingly bridges the gap between the ungainly, ludicrous child with a secret
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Pathe Review
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