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"Light of Western Stars"
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
Dr. W. G. .Cowan has purcahsed
a new Oakland sedan, a fine car.
Mrs. C. M. Eager was in Walla
Walla Wednesday on a business mis
sion. Dennis Truelove of Harrisburg, is
a guest at the Anderson home, this
Mrs. Mary Hopper and son Hubert'
visited at the Max Hopper home in
Athena yesterday.
Mrs. Nellie Taylor and her moth
er Mrs. Leeper were here from Pen
dleton Wednesday.
Mrs. Eli May and son Lewis of
Union, spent last week visiting re
latives and friends in Athena.
Mrs. Johnnie Wicks of Colfax,
spent Saturday at the home of Mrs.
Minnie Willaby. They are cousins.
A portion of the Athena Meat
Market has been given a new con
crete floor and lineolium covering.
A. G. DeMerritt left Thursday for
Marshfield. He has been a guest at
the Henry Dell home for some time.
Mrs. George Ayers of Wallula was
a recent guest at the homes of Mrs.
M. M. Johns and Mr. and Mrs Flint
Mrs. M. L. Watts and Mrs. M. M.
Johns spent Tuesday afternoon in
Pendleton being guests of Mrs.
Joeph Scott.
Weston Leader: Mrs. Isabella Tay
lor of Colfax, Washington, is visit
ing at the home of her sister, Mrs,
William McCorkell.
Reverend and Mrs. Bollinger have
taken possession of Mrs. Mclntyre's
cottage on Adams street, during her
absence in California.
Miss Agnes Warner of Arlington,
aiived in Athena Wednesday even
ing, and will be a guest of Mrs. W.
MePherson indefinitely, s
Miss Dorothy Lee who has sp'mt
the past week in Dayton at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stott, return
ed to Athena Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Zerba and
sons visited a couple of days last
week at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Beckner, at Nolin.
Floyd Pinkerton is busy putting up
his first crop of alfalfa and is be
ing assisted by Rev. Glen Hutton
and Rev. Carroll Fairbanks.
"Not So -Long Ago"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Cunningham
spent the week end in Spokane, Mr.
Cunningham going on business.
Mrs. Julia Hodgen who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mc
Laughlin at Duncan, is back at her
home in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zerba and
daughter Beth returned Monday
from a motor trip to Portland, Seat
tle and other Sound points.
Fred Radtke Sr. and Fred Radtke
Jr. have returned from a fishing trip
up the Umatilla river. They brought
home a basket full of fine trout.
Mrs. A. B. McEwen will arrive in
Athena from Portland Saturday to
spend Memorial day. She will be the
guest of relatives here for a time.
Al Green a friend of Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Baker and who is from San
Diego, stopped at the Restaurant
Friday and visited the Bakers for a
short time.
Wilbur Harden returned Sunday
from a short visit to Salem and Eu
gene. He was on the Oregon camp
us and met Beryl Hodgen and Scot
ty Kretzer.
F. S. LeGrow who underwent a
minor operation at a Walla Walla
hospital last week is reported in
proving. He is able to sit up for a
time each day.
Miss Hazel Miller is here from Se
attle, visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Miller. She accompanied
Dr. and Mrs. Root, (Ethel Duncan)
down from Seattle.
Joe Key of Weston, was in town
Tuesday. He took home a supply of
paint and oil from Rogers & Good
man's, which will be used to paint a
barn and machine shed.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Whiteman and
family and Mr. and Mrs. James Par
sons of Walla Walla were dinner
guests Sunday -at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. B. B. Richards.
The pole line that carries the light
and power for Athena people has
been under inspection this week, a
number of new poles having been set
and transformers installed.
Misses Lois Mclntyre, Edna Pink
erton, Helen Hodgen and Hilda Dick
enson will spend the week-end with
Miss Frederica Kershaw, at Wash
ington State college, sPullman.
Louis Bergevin has disposed of his
crop and land lease pn the reserva
tion, and will probably rent a ranch
in Morrow county. George Lieuallen
"Take home a brick"--
The following flavors to pick from:
Vanilla Maple Strawberry"
Fruit Salad Chocolate
Special Brick
McFadden's Pharmacy
purchased . the Bergevin, , lease and
farming outfit, while Barney Foster
and Arthur Bergevin took the wheat
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baker and Mrs
Bob Cutler motored to LaGrande
and Elgin Saturday. They visited
with friends and returned to their
homes in Athena, Monday morning,
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Bloom
were dinner guests Sunday at the R
B. McEwen home. They were en
route to their home in Portland from
Spokane where they spent the past
Miss Dorothy Koepke who spent
the week end here visiting her broth
er Henry left Monday for Los An
geles. She expects to take special
work during the summer session at
Stanford. .
Mrs. John Stacklie and children ar
rived in Athena from Longview
Sunday and will make an extended
stay in Athena, visiting at the home
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bern
Banister. .
The J. T. club will meet at the
home of Mrs. H. J. Cunningham,
Tuesday at 12:30 p. m. and go to
the home of Mrs. Eugene Schrimpf,
where a picnic dinner will be enjoys
ed by the members.
Miss Jennamae Read, Miss Blanche
Johnson and Mrs. Jennie Gross re
turned home Monday evening after
spending the week end at Eugene
Miss Johnson expects to enter the
University next fall.
F. T. Chamberlain, formerly of the
Round-Up service station at Pendle
ton, has leased the Prestbye Service
Station here, and has taken posses
sion. He will be assisted in operat
ing the station by his wife.
Orville Kanary who has been a vis
itor at the Koepke ranch for the past
two months left for his home in Los
Angeles. He was accompained as
far , as Eugene by Henry Koepke
where they spent the week end.
Mrs. H. A. Barrett entertained the
Bridge club Friday afternoon at her
home on Fifth street. Snap dragons
and Calendulae were used for decora
tion. Two tables were in play, Mrs.
C. M. Eager winning high score.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Waggoner
Friends of Rev. and Mrs. Dwight
L. Hackett have received cards from
them at Ceres, California. They
state that they are having a splen
did trip, particularly enjoying the
fresh peaches that are now in mark
et. of Portland, visited this week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Watts.
Mrs. Waggoner and Mrs. Watts are
sisters.. Mr. Waggoner is in the real
estate and loan business at Portland.
They returned to Portland Wednes
day. .
Mrs. Zeltha Mclntyre left for San
ta Rosa, California Friday, being cal
led there by the serious illness of
her sister. Miss Kathryn Mclntyre
accompanied her ,as far as Portland,
and will go on to Tillamook to visit
her sister.
Rebekah lodge held their last
meeting of the month Tuesday night
with a fairly good number present.
After business refreshments were
served. An invitation was extended
this t lodge by Pauline Rebekah
lodge of Pendleton, to a picnic which
is to be held June 6, and all who can
are requested to go and take a basket
of edibles. Where the picnic will be
held will be announced in next week's
oidi(d (EH
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Canvas Gloves
15c, 20c, 25c
High Quality Vegetables are again on the Market
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Quality Quantity, Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
Standard, Wednesday-Thursday.
Friends of Mrs. E. L. Barnett of
Portland receive word that she has
returned to her home from the hos
pital where she underwent a major
operation. She is slightly improved
and hopes are entertained of her
early recovery.
0. 0. Stephens and son Dale, MarT
ion Hansell and "Dutch" McPherrin
enjoyed a fishing trip up the Uma
tilla, Wednesday. On their return
they put on display at Steve's Groc
ery the finest lot of trout seen at
Athena in a long time. !
W. E. Bennett, former Athena high
school teacher, was in the city Wed
nesday from Mitchell, Wheeler coun
ty, where he is the principal of the
Mitchell ; union high school. He re
ports the crop prospects not flatter
ing in Wheeler county.
Mrs. T. P. DeFreece who has been
seriously ill at her home near Col
lege Place is reported improving.
Friends and relatives were much al
armed at her . condition as she suf
fered a severe hemorhage as the
result of high blood pressure.
M, I. Volwiler "returned Tuesday
from Delta, Utah where he has been
looking after his farming interests,
and with' Mrs. Volwiler and children,
he left for Utah Wednesday morning
where they will reside permanently.
They are making the trip by motor.
A large group . of friends treated
Mr. and Mrs. Claud, Dickenson to
an old time charivari Tuesday night.
All sorts of noise-making contri
vances were brought into play. Mr.
Dickenson was equal to the occasion
and generously treated the whole
crowd. ' .
Miss Pearl Ramsey who spent last
week visiting her parents returned to
La Grande Sunday to resume her
studies. She was accompanied by a
party of friends including Miss Hil
da Dickenson, Miss Edna Pinkerton,
Mose Banister, Dr. Cowan and Paul
Lieuallen. ,,i
Mrs. F. L. Pittman was a guest
of honor at a birthday dinner Tues
day at the Pittman home in Athena.
Other guests included, ' Mrs. Nellie
St. Dennis, Arlee and Ronan St.
Dennis and Junior Payant of Weston.
Mrs. Pittman was the recipient of
numerous attractive gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. Chetr McCullough and
son Elsworth of Tekoa, Washington,
are here from their home and are
visiting with Mrs. McCullough's
parents Mr. and Mrs. John Harden.
After a few days visit here they
will go to La Grande where they
will visit Mr. McCullough's mother.
A number of Athena tennis en
thusiasts motored to Helix Tuesday
afternoon where they enjoyed sever
al exciting sets with Helix repre
sentatives.. The Athena players who
made a splendid showing were, Miss
es Hilda Dickenson and Ethel Pitt
man, Bryce Baker, E. C. Prestbye,
Cy Hodgen and Grant Prestbye.
Sunday week ago the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Lieuallen at Ad
ams was damaged by fire. No one
was at home when the fire started,
presumably from electric wiring,
the family being at Milton. One
room was scorched where the flames
were confined by willing workers,
who removed furniture from the
dwelling and quenched the fire.
The Farmers Grain Elevator com
pany will install a new Fairbanks
dial beam" scale of 18,000 pounds
weighing capacity. Installation will
take place in time to take care of
the new crop storage at the elevat
or. . Lee Wilson, manager, informs
the Press that all of last year's
wheat taken for storage at the ele
vator, ha3 been shipped out with ihe
exception " of " about two carloads.
Guests who have been at the E.
A. Dudley home for the past two
weeks are Captain and Mrs. George
Seeley of Seattle, and Mr. and Mrs.
Victor McDonald of Long Beach,
California, who "will be here until af
ter the Pioneer's picnic at Weston.
Captain Seeley is a retired sea cap
tain, and' Mrs. Seeley is the sister of
Mrs. Dudley. They have made many
voyages 'around 'the; world.;.' Mr. Mc
Donald is Mrs. Dudley's brother. '
In an automobile collision last
Sunday near Everett, Washington,
Rev. and Mrs. 0. D. Harris came
near being the victims of a couple of
careless drivers who' in attempting
to pass their car on a bridge, threw
them into the bridge guard. Both
front wheels were broken, and the
car was thrown' across a large tim
ber, thus saving it from going to the
ground, many feet below. Mr. and
Mrs. Harris had their three child
ren in the car, but no one was hurt
except a bad shake-up. , .
The Athena Study club met Fri
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Mattio Mitchell, and after the study
hour, election of officers was held.
Mrs. F. B. Boyd was chosen presid
ent, Mrs. Lew McNair vice-president,
Mrs. Mattie Mitchell " secretary
treasurer and Miss Myrtle Potts
custodian. The club having finished
a course of study of early American
authors, decided to discontinue meet
ings until September, when another
subject will be taken up. The ladies
are planning a picnic as a pleasant
wind-up of a" very agreeable year's
work, . '-"
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