The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, May 07, 1926, Image 3

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    II! rM 5 rred Steiwer
,t Republican j
fA-V Jh'l I S I
.The strongest opponents of Fred Steiwer in the
fight for the Republican nomination for U. S. Sen
ator are democrats. : They are boosting the incumb
, ent because they believe they can easily defeat him
in the general election. They know that they can
not defeat Steiwer.
If you desire to keep republicans in the U. S.
Senate cast your primary vote for Fred Steiwer.
Win With Steiwer
(Paid Adv. Steiwer for Senator Com. Isaac Staples, chairman.)
The Lumber
You Weed
If you are planning alterations or ad
ditions to your building, let us give
, you an estimate on the Lumber need-
ed. You will .be pleasantly surprised
at the reasonble total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Turn-A-Lum Lumber Co. Main Street, Athena
8:15 P. M.
Y 7
Athena One Night Only
Prices 25c and 50c
AspeciaSTtrain OF MOTORS
Showing Under a Monster Water-Proof Tent
frith Seating .Capacity for Two Thousand People
Tho Barnum of Them All.4 Mow .Grand
Novelties Than Ever Presented JWith
0ne Show
igrand Operatic Orchestra at Each Performance
Alfred E. Ciark
of Portland
Candidate for the Republican nomin
ation for United States Senator
Read a few of many unsolicited press
comments .
The Portland Daily News, speak
ing of the Senatorial candidates,
"If ,we were entirely businesslike
in the conduct of our public affairs,
intent only upon getting the best
man available for the money, there
is no doubt whom we would employ.
"We would employ a man of prov
ed achievement, proved honesty, prov
ed fearlessness and trustworthiness.
We would employ a big man.
"And that man is Alfred E. Clark
of Portland."
The Toledo Leader: "Mr. Clark is
a man who has had a world of ex
perience, has the age, the dignity
and the ability , to represent the
people of this great state in the na
tional law ' making body as they
should be represented."
Eastern Clackamas News: "There
are few men in the state who are as
well Qualified for Senator as Mr.
The Condon Times: His (Mr.
Clark's), knowledge of public affairs,
his prominence as a lawyer and his
reputation as a speaker will prove
valuable assests should the people
desire to send him to Washington.
(Paid Adv. Alfred E. Clark for U.
S. Senator Campaign Committee.)
For County Treasurer
. C. K. CRANSTON ; ' V
Continuous resident and tax-payer in Pendleton for
more than 30 years. Twenty-nine years in bank em
ploy, 17 of which were with the First National of
Pendleton. Thirteen years, in Pendleton, in other
accountant work, nearly two of which were in the
County Treasurers office. If elected will run the of
fice without asking the court for a full time deputy.
Will not accept paid deputyship in any other coun
ty office. Will apportion the county funds among the
bank depositories strictly as the law requires.
. (Paid Advertisement)
Reduced Fares East
Northern Pacific
7-; - j
er park i
Round Trip Fares
from Athena to
Yellowstone Park $ 33.00
St: Paul .T. . 70.86
Chicaco ... 85.0B
St. Louis - . 80.35
KansAs City, 76.30
New York ... 146.45
Washington, . .140.61
Philadelphia . . 143.07
Dates'pf Sale
May 22 to Sept. 15, 1926
To Yellowstone Park
June 1 to Sept. 12, 1926
Final Return Limit
October 31st, 1926.
'T'AKE advantage of low summer
Z fares East via Northern Pacific,
May 22nd to September 15th!
YpU have a threefold opportunity
this summer: To travel East along
a route marked by "loco Miles of
Startling Bcauty"--to do it at low
costand to experience the utmost
passenger travel luxury, the
"North Coast Limited"
a Travel Triumph!
with its new style obscrvation-club car, including beautiful
club lounge, ladies lounge, maid-manicurist, soda fountain
buffet, shower bath, telephone at terminals, searchlight for
- night observation valet, barber, library, smoking and card
rooms; all the facilities of an exclusive club.
Extra Comfort-
No Extra Fare
F. B. Wood, Agent
Athena, Ore,
Eat at the
1 Lunch and Meals Served at all Hours. ' You can buy 1
1 - Golden Crust Bread Here. - 1
J 1 J.C.Baker
SWMjiif,,HWiffi,"l,lllBtlII-lmt""IIJ J unn, um .i-'JD-U umjBUMMM
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Salmon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
of Eola Polk County
.it ' 1
' ' I
" ' 1
: . . ! j :
i. ..-n , ., iimiiiiini Linn in -
Republican Candidate
Reduce taxes bv reducine cost of
Place " penitentiary under Board of
omroi. lviaKe coara 01 control
the Parole Board: fewpr nnrdnns
Enforcement of Prohibition by of
ficials who believe in enforcing the
Hasten construction of Roosevelt
Adequate provision for . retiring
bonds. Issue no tax free bonds.
Fish and Game Commission function
lor people and not as political machines.
Play fair with ex-service men.
Maintain high standard of public
school's and institutions of higher
I do not believe in taking any poli
tical power irom the individual
No discount on the taxpayer's dollar.
(Paid Advertisement) .
Glenn G. Dudley
From Umatilla County
For government economy and ef
Favor state income tax with a
property tax off-set.
I have no bills to SDonsor. and
those I vote for must have merit t.nd
be of benefit to a majority of the
people. ,
Native of Umatilla county. Wheat
farmer and taxpayer. Spent two
years in army during the war and
member of the American Legion.
(Paid Advertisement)
Candidate for the
Republican Nomination
of Umatilla County
Primary Election, May 21st. 192G.
(Paid Advertisement)
Roy W. Ritner
Candidate for Republican Nomination
for Joint Representative '
Farmer and tax-payer, residing in
this district for forty-four years..,
Experienced legislator, serving in
house and senate since 1915.
As president of the senate in 1921
killed Portland "1925 Fair" bill, sav
ing the state $3,000,000,
Sponsored laws for loans for seed
wheat, farmers "seasonal license"
for trucks and removing one-hajf
cent tax on distillate not used on
Helped pass "Market Road" law in
1919 giving farmers reads to get
produce to market.
For state income tax with pro
perty tax offset and against Dennis
Served in France during war with
American Red Cross attached to A.
E. F. (Paid Adv.)
Phone 24
Transfer and Express
Senator Stanfield Renders
Great Service to Oregon
In an address sent to and
read before the Portland Ad
vertising Club, Wednesday, Ap
ril 21, 1926, United States Sen
ator Robert N. Stanfield said:
"When I entered the U. S.
Senate, March 4, 1921, agricul
ture was in dire straits, prices
were down, producers were
hard up and the banks and loan
companies in farming communi
ties were unable to realize on
the notes they held. Quick ac
tion was necessary to relieve
the agricultural distress, ,
Works Hard, With Gooding,
For Emergency Tariff
" After repeated efforts I suc
ceeded, assisted by Senator
Gooding of Idaho, in overcom
ing the objections of Senator
Penrose, Chairman of the Sen
ate Finance Committee, to an
emergency taritt on tarm pro-
J f 0i I
J' . I 9 .
ducts, and on May 27, 1921, the Emergency Tariff Bill became law.
This Act placed protective duties on 28 of the principal farm pro
ducts, including wheat, corn, potatoes, onions, cattle, meat, wool,
butter, cheese, milk, apples, cherries and nuts.
Stanfield Comes to Rescue With Amendment
"On May 20, 1921, the Stanfield Bill was introduced "to preserve
the livestock industry of the United States, to release for commer
cial, agricultural ' and industrial purposes certain funds of banks,
livestock loaning and trust companies, to amend the war finance
corporation act, and for other purposes."
"The Stanfield Bill, or its principal provisions, became a law on
August 24, 1921, the Senate Committee on Agriculture submitting
its main features through Senator McNary as an amendment substi
tuted for the Norris Bill, along with other provisions. Under its
terms the War Finance Corporation made advances for agricultural
relief amounting to $298,000,000, of which the banks, trust and loan
companies of Oregon that serve agriculture received $6,696,000.
Drafted Into Relief Service by Treasury Department
"As soon as the War Finance Corporation was prepared to fun
tion under this law, and at the request of the Treasury. Department,
I went West, where I spent months assisting and advising with the
bankers, thereby enabling them to procure the needed help quickly
and before it was too late to save them. Fortunately, very few fail
ed in Oregon in comparison to other states.
Forced to Keep Silent to Protect the Banks
"Much was said about my absence from the Senate during this
time, but I was forced to keep silent and go about my work without
referring to my mission, because if the people had known why
J was in the West and what I was doing, suspicion would have been
directed to every bank I entered, and to every banker with whom I
talked. Until the banks could turn their frozen paper into liquid as
sets, my silence was imperative to avoid embarrassment to them and
jhe defeat of the relief needed and sought."
(Paid Adv. Stanfield-for-Senator Campaign, E. D. Cusick, Mgr.)
Dr. J. A. Best
Candidate for Republican Nomination for
If I am nominated and elected I
will during the term of my office
stand for rigid economy in expendi
tures; against enactment of unneces
sary laws; for reduction of taxes;
against public officials buying priv
ate property at forced sale for priv
ate gain; for extension of market
roads; for building up the business
interests of the state; for better edu
cation; for conservation of state re
sources; for a Board of Pardons und
the abolition of all unnecessary fitate
commissions; for the promotion of
the farming, stock raising, mining
and lumber industries of the state;
for the moral advancement of tha
people and the suppression of scand
als in public affairs.
I will protect the interests of the
Pendleton Round-Up at all times,
I desire to have printed upon tho
ballot "Economy, public decency, tax
reduction, extension of market roads
and better primary education."
(Paid Advertisement)
Frank Saling
Candidate for Republican Nomination
For County Judge
At the Primary Election, May 21, 1926
(Paid Advertisement)
Whitehead's Barber Shop
Lee Whitehead, Proprietor
Having purchased Russell's Barber Shop, it will be
ray aim to give the public the best service at all times.
Mr. Norman will continue in service here.
Fair and Courteous Treatment
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Cleaners
Phone 492
Prompt Service
Dealer in
"Script Form
Butter Wrappers