The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, February 26, 1926, Image 3

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High School Notes
The Athena high school basketball
team practiced in ; Adams Tuesday
and Wednesday. This was done in
order that the , te'am might become
accustomed to a large floor.
C. J. Keenan took orders Tuesday
for High school rings. They are of
two kinds plain .and initialed, the in
itialed ones are $1.50. The plain
ones are $1.25.
Miss Hall who was to talk at the
high school auditorium Friday, Feb
ruary, 25, will speak next Friday
Mrs. Ethel Montague visited the
fifth and sixth grade room a week
ago Wednesday. Mrs. Ross Payne
visited the Primary room Friday of
last week.
Lois Mclntyre, yell leader of the
High school, is trying to have a
hundred per cent rooting crowd from
the student body Friday morning,
when we meet McLauglin high school.
Helen Hodgen, transportation man
ager, is trying to encourage every
one to go and take their cars so that
there will be a means of transporta
tion for all. The board very kindly
consented to dismiss school so that
the students and faculty might at
tend the tournament. Helix and Ad
ams have also dismissed their high
school pupils.
Those in the grades receiving 100
per cent in spelling this month are:
Second grade: Genevieve Barrett,
Annabelle Payne, Cecil Clemmons,
Third and Fourth grade: Maryjane
Miller, Lenore Volwiler, Barbara Lee
Aaron Douglas, Daniel Reeder, Fern
Carstens. Fifth and sixth grades:
Marjorie Montague, Roland Richards,
Dorothy Burke, Howard Reeder, Mar-'
jorie Douglas, Betty Jane Eager,
Goldie Miller and Arlene Myrick.
The purpose of the 0. A. C." Ed
ucational Exposition is to render a
service to . the High school students
of Oregon who are looking forward
to college. Emma Ringel represent
ed the Athena High school.
The chemistry class is planning
to attend a scientific lecture at
Whitman . college Tuesday. Pupils
from Weston and Adams will also
attend this lecture.
Tillman Stone treated his class
mates to oranges and candy last
Friday afternoon. This was his sev
enth birthday anniversary.
Jack Cunningham returned
Athena Sunday after spending
eral days in Portland, ,'
President, American Bankers Associa
The Federal Reserve situation Is the
paramount problem before American
banking today. The time is approach
ing when It will
be necessary tor
the nation to
consider the
question of re
chartering the
Federal Reserve
The Federal
Reserve System
must be pre
served. It Is one
of the most
systems in : the
last ten years,
William E. Knox
scientific banking
world. During the
through all the stress ot war, inflation,
depression and revival, it served this
country as no country was ever served
by a banking system. We know that
without it our nation would have had
a financial disaster far more devastat
ing than any that ever assailed it.
While we have this great loyalty
and obligation to the System, we must
recognize that among its friends there
has risen serious controversy over
many matters of detail. There are
many demands for . change In the
methods of its management and in de
tails of Its .operation. Where these
demands . represent broadly the great
est good, of the greatest number we
should support them. Where they
represent merely narrow, diverse in
terests of one part of the country or
one type of business or finance, they
should be eubordlnated to the common
good. We should meet on the great
broad ground of the common wel
fare first to preserve the system in
general as It Is now constructed, and
secondly to. bring about, carefully and
soundly, such changes as are required
to adjust it to circumstances of today.
The task of considering, sifting,
weighing and co-ordinating discussion
and suggestions regarding the Federal
Reserve System has been confided to
the Economic Policy Commission of
the American Bankers Association. It
is hoped that thereby the Federal Re
serve System will be given the best
thought and the best support of bank
ing. There is no greater service bank
Ing can render the nation than this.
It goes right to the heart of good
management ot the public economy of
America.- - '
May Move Lumber Headquarters
Portland, Or. Whether headquar
ters of the Western Retail Lumber
men's association shall be moved from
Spokane,. Wash., to .Portland will be
window silence:
Auto Window Silencer
Stays "Put"
forever no more noise.
Per Pair, 75c
Auto Window Silencer
to all Vibrating Doors
Per Set, $1.50
Stops the Rattle of the Old Ones New Car
Windows Will Always Remain Firm
decided by a referendum ot members
of the association, it was determined
at the final session of the meeting
here. C. J. Baldwin of Brldger, Mont.,
was elected president and Tacoma,
Wash., was selected for the annual
meeting in 1927.
The leading tribe of the southern
division of the Athapascan stock of
North American Indians was the Nava
jo or Tennai,. which was the name used
by themselves. Since first known they
have occupied the land on and south
of the San Juan river, In northern
New Mexico and Arizona, and extend
ing Into the states of Colorado and
Utah. They were surrounded on ull
sides by the cognate Apache tribes, ex
cept on the north, where they met the
tribes of the Schoshonean family. At
present the Navajo are on the reserva
tion bearing their name in Utah, New
Mexico, and Arizona., -' ':
iJou haVe got to
have a mow I
"'The pick and shovel never built up a country; you have got
- to have a plow,"
The wagon train divides in the desert One branch hearing
of gold in California rushes southwest across the mountains;
the main train continues northwestward to Oregon.
At this dramatic point in the film version of Emerson Hough's
great story "The Covered Wagon,' the old leader of the
Oregon train gazes fondly upon his plow which he hopes soon
to sink into Oregon soil. He is not distracted by thoughts of
California gold. "The pick and shovel never built up a
country," he says. "You have got a have a plow," .:
Since the days of the pioneers of "The Covered Wagon" Oliver plows
have been helping build up this country. Sturdy and practical, three
generations of American farmers have depended on them to prepare the
land. As new methods in construction and improved methods of agri
; .. ' . culture were discovered, Oliver quickly put them to the test and passed
pn to users of Oliver plows the most up to date implements.
You have got to havt plow, - This is just as true today as in the days
of which Emerson Hough wrote in "The Covered Wagon." Modern Oliver
plows and tillage tools assure their users today largest possible yields
as did their predecessors of an earlier day.
19 B 2-base 16 inch Chilled. .": . . , .'. $105.00
19 B 2-base 16 inch Steel. $110.00
19 B 3-base 16 inch Chilled $135.00
19 B 3-base 16 inch Steel ; $140.00
Less 5 per cent for Cash- Plow Repairs in stock.
A Mercantile Trust
French Literary Men
Dispute Over Unicorn
Was there ever such an animal as
the unicorn? Its existence has been
testified to by no less authoritative
writers than Aristotle and Pliny, and
even in 1877 the members of the
French academy, Including the dis
tinguished names of Renan and Victor
Hugo, were so doubtful on the sub
ject that in their dictionary they gave
the ambiguous definition that, accord
ing to the most general opinion, the
unicorn never existed. Rut the present
members of the academy, still at work
on the new edition of the famous dic
tionary, have tried to settle the ques
tion for once and all. The unicorn,
say the immortals, is a fabulous ani
mal of antiquity.
The French press refuses to accept
the dictum as final. . Why, queries
Andre Billy, - a well-known writer,
should the members of. the academy,
counting not a single naturalist In
their ranks, be allowed to settle the
question? And, in the century of radi
um an the wireless, why should we
deny the testimony of Pliny and
Aristotle on the existence of a beast
remarkable only In that it had a horn
on Its forehead? Paris Letter.
Human Ruminants Not
Unknown to History
The first case of a human ruminant
reported in a scientific Journal was
that of Robert GUI, a cobbler of Dor
setshire, whose death was reported In
the British Annual Register under date
of October 1, 1707.
In ancient times and In the Middle
ages men who' chewed the cud were
apparently very far from rare, but
modern science would be prone to dis
miss such tales were they not sup
ported by evidence of more recent
time. Roger Gill died after suffering
"great tortures" due to the loss of his
strange faculty.
Gill usually began his second chew
ing a quarter or half an hour, some
times later, after dinner, when every
morsel came up successively sweeter
Hatching Chicks Hatching eggs
must be gathered at least four times
a day, to insure good hatches and
they must be turned once a day and
kept at a temperature at about 55.
Donald McFadyen will get good
hatches for you if your eggs are
hatchable for 7 cents per chick. In
quire for prices on baby chicks,
White leghorns and Rhode Island
Reds. Give your hens all the alfal
fa leaves they can eat.
For Sale Rhode Island Red hatch
ing eggs. Ralph McEwen.
For Sale A fresh
E. Froom, Athena.
Milch cow. J.
For Sale Good alfalfa and bundle
wheat hay, in quantities to suit. Clar
ence Tubbs, phone 30F14, Athena.
For Sale Pure bred Plymouth
Rock cockrels for breeding purposes.
Ralph Allen, phone 24F11, Athena.
For Sale A 60-egg capacity "Old
Trusty Incubator" new, has never
been unpacked. Phone 132, Athena.
Piano for Sale We have a high
grade piano left on our hands, near
Athena. We will sacrifice the price
and make reasonable terms. If in
terested, write to Jason Piano Com
pany, Spokane, Washington, P. O.
Box 35.
uu sueeier to tile tiisiB. The chew
ing continued about an hour or more,
and sometimes would leave him for a
little while, "In which case he would
be sick at his stomach." Many other
and later Instances might be cited of
men who have been "brother to the
ox" In the possession of this faculty.
Chicago Journal.
Plow as Wedding Guest
The recent appenrnnce of tractors
has created great excitement in Isolat
ed villages of Turkestan, Central Asia.
The mullahs, or priests, are strongly
opposed to the invention, which they
call "shnitan omach," or "the devil's
plow," and they utter durk prophecies
of crop failures and other disasters
that will follow It3 use ; but the
Turkestan peasants take kindly to the
tractor after they realize its superior
ity over their primitive wooden, ox
drawn plows.
One case is reported in which a
Turkestan peasant Insisted that the
tractor should be present at his mar
riage, as a sort of honored guest.
Snake Fares Well in Japan
" While luborers were at work In the
grounds of the "Imperial palace in
Tokyo, they enme across n live snake,
so large that they first believed it was
a log and started to move It. The rep
tile came to life and the workmen
scattered. However, they could linve
done nothing anyway, as the court
officials ordered that the crawler not
he needlessly disturbed and they em
phatically declared there would be no
snake hunt. The snake, Japanese be
lieve, Is the spirit of the ancient
fortress that wns once on the site
where it was found, nnd If lot alone
will harm no one.
The Richards
Is Now Carrying a Full
Stock of
Mill Feed, Chop Barley, Hay
and Chicken Feed
Prices Reasonable Strictly Cash
Wm. Hoggard, Manager
Phone 24
Transfer and Express
Prompt Service
Dealer In
The Lumber
You Need
If you are planning alterations or ad
ditions to your building, let us give
you an estimate on the Lumber need
ed. You will be pleasantly surprised
at the reasonble total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Main Street, Athena
! "Scrip t Form
Butter Wrappers
Yes we have plenty of Haircuts to fit your Head,
and Shaves to fit your Face. In fact anything in
the Barber line. We have it. "Come On Over."
Agency for Troy Laundry
Cleaning of all kinds a specialty. Make old Rugs
like New. Phone 583.
For Sale Choice Barred Rock
eggs for hatching:. $100 per setting,
$6.00 per "hundred. Phone 81F5,
F. M. Smith
Athena, Oregon
Auto Truck Dray
City and Country
.Always at Your Service
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kipnered Salmon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.