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Athena, Oregon, January 29 1926
According to the figures compiled
by the Traffic Department of the
Port of Portland Commission exports
of wheat for the first three weeks of
January 1926 amounted to 1,361,383
bushels valued at $2,033,139. This is
more wheat than was exported from
Portland during the firs t eight
months of 1925. The year 1925 was
rather peculiar in the export of wheat
for during the fall of 1924 most of
the crop of that year was shipped,
there being little for shipment during
the spring as is shown for the first
eight months of 1925. During the fall
of 1925 considerable wheat was ship
ped, but not nearly as much as the
previous year, due to the fact that a
considerable portion was and still is
held in the interior. Total wheat ex
ports from Portland therefore, dur
ing the year 1925 amounted to 7,252,
402 bushels as compared with 20,
000,000 bushels the year previous.
However, with the excellent showing
made the first part of January and
the movement of the 1925 crop dur
ing the early spring of 1926 the
year 1926 should show an excellent
record in wheat. Flour shipments the
first three weeks of January 1926
amounted to 20,108 barrels valued at
$146,715. Flour shipments are not
nearly as large as they were in Jan
uary 1925, but show an increase over
the figures for December 1925, and
the later part of this month snay
bring this record to equal or excel
that of January 1925.
The following essay on the cow re
cently appeared in the columns of
the Baltimore Sun:
"The cow is a female quadruped
with an alto voice and a countenance
in which there is no guile. She col
laborates with the pump in the pro
duction of a liquid called milk, pro
vides filler for the hash and at last
is skinned by those she has benefit
ed, as mortals commonly are.
"The young cow is called a calf,
and is used in the manufacture f
chicken salad.
"The cow's tail is mounted aft and
has a universal joint. It is used to
disturb marauding flies and the tas
sel on the end has unique education
al value. Persons who milk cows and
come often in contact with the tassel
have vocabularies of peculiar and
impressive force.
"The cow has two stomachs. The
one on the ground floor is used as a
warehouse and has no other function.
When one is filled the cow retires
to a quiet place where her ill man
ners will occasion no comment and
devotes herself to belching. The raw
material thus conveyed for the sec
ond time to the interior of the face
is pulverized and delivered to the
auxiliary stomach, where it is con
verted into cow.
"The cow has no upper plate. All
her teeth are parked in the lower
part of her face. This arrangement
was perfected by nn efficiency ex
pert to keep her from gumming
things up; as a result she bites up
and gums down.
"The male cow is called a bull
and is lassoed along the Colorado,
fought south of the Rio Grande and
shot in the vicinity of the Potomac.
"A slice of cow is worth eight
cents in the cow, 14 cents in the
hands of the packer, and $2.40 in a
restaurant that specializes in atmos
phere." o
Guess we were wrong in guessing
the fistic fraternity had a plentitmie
of managers in the U. S. Anyway
Georges Carpentier sees an opening
in the managerial profession over
here, for he comes from Frenchhml
with the avowed purpose of showing
us something in the matter of dish
ing up ham an' to foreign pugilists.
Men of worth like Dan P. Smythe,
are missed when they pass on.
Though the impress of their achieve
ment is left on the community, it
takes a long time to find some one
to fill their place.
A good one to hand Senator Reed
of Missouri, would be for the Sen
ategallery and all to empty it
self pronto every time he gets up to
speak; for he never says anything,
The tidy sum of $54.50 netted by
the Civic club lunch and cooked food
sale, is another step toward a com
munity house.
The Oregon hen is doing pretty
well this winter but we read where
eggs selling for sixteen cents per
dozen at Ft. George, on the Frazier
river, British Columbia.
Maybe the automobile is not taxed
enough, but this suggestion that an
other cent tax on gasoline for county
road funds, will make the fellow who
owns one believe it is, just the same.
The Oregonian newspaper joins
hands with a dissatisfied constituen
cy, and puts the skids under Mr.
Stanfield's senatorial aspirations;
"so does your husband!"
Whether it snows or not, and
standing grain does'nt freeze out,
Umatilla county may be counted on
to have a wheat crop.
We have heard of all kinds of
"moon," but the latest is a brand
that sprouts horns on jar lids.
The Social Side
A concert that proved to be a
treat both musically and spiritually
occurred Sunday afternoon at the
Christian church. The program was
arranged and presented by Harry K.
Shields, tenor, assisted by the choir
of the Pendleton Christian church
with Mrs. W. D. Humphrey at the
piano. The program follows: "Vale
of my dreams," "My heart is a hav
en," Mr. Shields; Bass solo, "The
Mill," "One sweetly solemn thought,"
J. N. Scott; "Awakening," "Sail on,"
Chorus; Soprana solo, "Lullabye,"
"Sonny boy," Mrs. David Stone; Se
lections by Male quartette; Duet,
"Whispering Hope," "Blessed lights
of home," Mrs. Guy L. Drill and Mr.
Shields; Solo, selected, Miss Wilma
Wade; Duet, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gerk
ing; Tenor solo, "You must unload,"
Reuben Wheeler; Chorus numbers,
choir; Tenor solo, "When they ring
the Golden Bells for you and me,"
Mr. Shields.
The Missionary society of the
Methodist church met Wednesday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. Victor
Hirsch, with Mrs. W. O. Read Presid
ent and Mrs. W. McPherson leader.
Subject: "Slav of America." The
next meeting will be at the home of
Mrs. T. E. Pierson at Adams with
Mrs. J. Ilerr leader. A delicious
lunch was served by the hostess, as
sisted by Mrs. Harwood. Visitors
present were Mrs. F. H. Ames and
Mrs. T. E. Tierson.
A special invitation dance to be
given Saturday night is being spon
sored by the American Legion. A
large attendance is expected as it is
to be a feature dance of mysterious
Mrs. E. C. Prestbye was hostess at
a delightful bridge party Thursday
afternoon, three tables were in play,
From the capers being cut in the
Senate, one begins to wonder after
all, if Dawes isn't half way right.
Portland is pitting back in her easy
chair, squeezing her differential rate
eward, and laughing at the "inter
mountain country,"
Dental Prices Reduced
0 By the use of modern
FI n. a-
meuiuus, it is pussiDie w
either fill or extract any
number of teeth without
pain or discomfort to
the patient, and
No Pain
or other bad effect will
follow the operation as
a result of the method
I have had special
training in extracting
and for the past ten
years this branch of
dentistry has been a
leading feat u r e i n m y
During January and
February I am giving a
special cash reduction of
20 per Cent
on all dental work. All
work guaranteed.
Dr. M. A. Leach
Bond Building, Pendleton, Oregon
high score being held by Mrs. R. B.
McEwen, and the consolation prize
falling to Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn.
Danity refreshments including sea
sonable salad, cakes and dainty ices
were served at the tea hour. Those
present were: Mrs. M. L. Watts, Mrs.
H. A. Barrett, Mrs. C. M. Eager,
Mrs. I. L. Michener, Mrs. H. I.
Watts, Mrs. F. H. Ames, Mrs. Fred
Kershaw,. Mrs. Marion Hansell, Mrs.
A. W. Douglas, Mrs. W. S. Fergu
son, Mrs. R. B. McEwen and Mrs. W.
P. Littlejohn. Mrs. Prestbye receiv
ed another group of friends the same
evening when five hundred furnished
the entertainment. Guests included,
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hirsch, Mr. and
Mrs. Justin Harwood, Mr. and Mrs.
Max Hopper, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Mc
Fadden, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Prest
bye and Miss Jennamae Read.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pinkerton
were hosts at a dinner Tuesday night
given in honor of the Athena basket
ball team of which Mr. Pinkerton is
a member. The table was beautiful
ly decorated with red carnations and
tapers of the same shade. After
dinner the guests were entertained
with five hundred, John Pinkerton
holding high score and Brooks An
derson received the consolation prize.
Those present were: Herman Geissel,
"Lefty" Kretzer, Verne Dudley, Mr.
Logan, Wilbur Harden, Jim Hodgen,
Will Kirk Lloyd Michener, C. M.
Eager, O. C. Hadley, Fred Pinkerton,
Art Douglas, Lee Johnson, Arnold
Woods Ralph Cannon, Brooks Ander
son, Mr. Miller and Mr. Stephens.
A number of radio parties are be
ing formed to listen in Friday night
when Athena will broadcast a com
munity program from station KOWW
at Walla Walla. Parties are invited
to Zerba's garage, Thompson's gar
age, and to the homes of Mrs. Justin
Harwood, Mrs. Jennie Gross, Art
Shick and Ernest Zerba, and the
Standard theatre will entertain the
The Bapatist Missionary society
met Wednesday afternoon at' the
home of Mrs. Fred Pinkerton with
a good number in attendance. Af
ter an interesting outline of mission
work given by Mrs. D. Loree a short
musical program was much enjoyed
by all present. Miss Terry sang
"Don't Mind your Sorrows," in her
usual pleasing voice. Miss Edna
Pinkerton sang "Holy Hour," an ad
aptation of the "Rosary" by Ethel
bcrt Nevin. Both young ladies were
accompanied by Mrs. O. O. Stephens.
Barbara Lee gave a musical reading
"Little Orphan Annie," accompanied
on the piano by Miss Terry. Mrs. E.
O. Lee gave a reading "The least of
these." The hostess served dainty
refreshments assisted by Miss Belle
Anderson and Miss Lois Mclntyre.
The Missionary society of the
Christian church will meet next Wed
nesday at the home of Mrs. H. H7
Hill, with Mrs. R. A. Thompson as
sistant hostess.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Rog
ers will be interested to know that
they and their daughters, Mildred and
Gwendolyn are in the British Isles af
ter a visit at Hong Kong.
Hall's Catarrh
Medicine kiH!
local and internal, and has been success,
ful In the treatment of Catarrh for over
forty years. Sold by all druggists.
F. J. CHENEY &. CO., Toledo, Obio
In the Matter of the Estate of Dav
id Taylor, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account
as administrator of the estate of
David Taylor, deceased, in the Coun
ty Court of the State of Oregon for
Umatilla County, and that Saturday,
February 6th, 1926, at the hour of
10:00 o'clock A. M. of said dav. and
I the County Court Room in the Comv
ty Court House at Pendleton, Uma
tilla County, State of Oregon, has
been fixed by said Court as the time
and place for the settlement of said
All persons interested are hereby
notified to appear at such time and
place in said Court and file any ob
jections they may have to such ac
count or to any part thereof.
trator of the estate of David Taylor,
Deceased. J1J29.
ll a - Union Paelfi
J & rS1TT 1 .
ir iuu nave never Deen to
California it should be the
effort of your life to go.
Representatives of the
Will gladly furnish you illustrated booklets giving
complete information about this land where the
sun shines most of the time and where you can
enjoy out-of-door life all the time.
Convenient train connections either via Portland
or Salt Lake City at very
reasonable round trip fares.
Let us help you plan your
itinerary, quote you fares,
and make all your arrange
ments. M. EAGER, Agent
Athena, Oregon
Eat at the I
1 Lunch and Meals Served at all Hours. You can buy
Golden Crust Bread Here.
T. C. Baker
Men, Women
and Children
Are Known Largely By the Neatness
And Looks of Their
Clothes and Shoes
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Neat. We Also Make Your Old Shoes Like
New in Our Up-to-Date Repair Shop.
Shoe Repairing in Proportion
G. W. Finch, Prop. Main Street, Athena, Oregon
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County. '
In the Matter of the Estate of Aug
ust Guderian, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons to whom it may concern that
Julius A. Guderian, executor of the
last will and testament of August
Guderian, deceased, has filed his final
account and report in the administra
tion of the estate; that the County
Court by order duly made and enter
ed herein has appointed Saturday the
30th day of January, 1926, at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon as
the time and the County Court House
at Pendleton, Oregon, as the place
where all objections and exceptions
to said final account and report will
be heard and a settlement of the es
tate made,
ate made.
Dated this Friday the 1st day of
January, 1926.
Will M. Peterson, Attorney for Ex
executor. J1J29.
In the Matter of the Estate of James
Nelson, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his Final Account
as . Administrator of the estate of
Jackson Nelson, deceased, in the
County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Umatilla County, and that
Monday, the' 15th day of February,
1926, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A.
M. of said day, and the County Court
Room in the County Court House at
Pendleton, Umatilla County, State of
Oregon, has been fixed by said Court
as the time and place for the settle
ment of said account.
All persons interested are hereby
notified to appear at such time and
place in said Court and file any ob
jections they may have to such ac
count or to any part thereof.
trator of the Estate of Jackson Nel
son, Deceased. J15F12.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam B. Hale. Deceased;
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern: That
Sarah F. Hale, executrix of the last
will and testament of William B.
Hale, deceased, has filed with the
clerk of this court her final account
and report; that the court by order
duly made and entered has appointed
Monday the 15th day of February,
1926, at the hour of ten o'clock in
the forenoon, as the time and the
County Court House at Pendleton as
the place, where all objections and
exceptions will be heard to the said
final account and report and a set
tlement of the estate made. This
notice will be published for four con
secutive weeks in the Athena Press
newspaper, published at Athena,
Umatilla County, Oregon, beginning
with the issue of Friday the 15th
day of January, 1926, and the last
publication on Friday the 12th day
of February, 1926.
SARAH F. HALE, Executrix
Will M. Peterson, Attorney for Ex
ecutrix. J15F12.
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