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Athena, Oregon January 15 1926
The problem of the auto bus,
stage and freight truck vs. the Am
erican railway systems is one taxing
the economic side of transportation
in finding a solution. The inroads
which automotive units, traveling
over public highways, have madej
against profitable operation of mod
ern railway lines, have reached the
point where the reduction in num
ber of trains, and a general curtail
ment of operating expenses to off
set these inroads, will not suffice, so
the railroads must look to increased
traffic rates and expansion for re
lief. "Railroads are in a period of ex
pansion now after six years of de
pression," according to Dr. Peter C.
Crockatt, professor of transportation
at Oregon University who has pub
lished the third of a group of pap
ers dealing with railroads. "From
1916 to 1922 more mileage in this
country was abandoned than added
to railway holdings," Crockatt stat
ed. "This was probably due to the
great amount of railroad properties
that went into the hands of receiv
ers because of previous reckless ex
pansion. Statistics for the past five
years show that the transportation
companies are again building. Buss
es have made such serious inroads
into passenger trade of American
companies that western carriers are
only covering from 12 to 17 per cent
of their gross operating expenses
from passengers. The most unusual
characteristic of early American
railroad construction was the bridge
line connecting distant points along
the Atlantic and over the mountains
This method of construction may
again be brought into use because
busses are taking trade from the
carriers. Bridge line connections
would be made in places impassaUo
to trucks, busses, etc. In this man
ner the railroads would insure pro
fit on their lines," Crockatt pointed
out. .
The transcontinetial carriers are
not alone affected by the perfected
and practical motor-driven vehicle of
today in its introduction as a flex
ible means of transportation. The
street railway systems of towns and
cities are being stpplanted with big
motor busses. Last week the city
street car service at Walla Wal
la gave way to three big motor
busses. Only the interurban line,
reaching to Milton-Freewater is row
operated by the street car compnny.
Locally, two-thirds of the freight
shipments come to Athena in motor
trucks, and practically all of the
passenger traffic is carried in and
out of Athena by stages.
Not losing sight of the fact that
perhaps the traveling public is bet
ter served by frequence of operation
under the new rcgimo, and local
freight is dumped at your door, we
must not forget that somebody is
paying for it, and a little later is
going to pay for it big.
When we consider that it ii Ihe
railroad that must be depended on
to make the long haul; that it is the
railroad that is paying a big hunk
of Umatilla county taxes, State
tax and federal tax, in all fairness
where will objection come in when
tiiese railroads are compelled to tap
you and me and the neighbor for
higher freight rates on the long haul
or go out of business.
But the railroads are not going out
of business. They are here to stay
and we cannot get along without
them. We'll eventually pay the toll
of the long haul, plus the amount of
local business they are losing to
the truck fellow who pays but a
small tax and leaves nary a nickel
in the town.
Contending that the state cannot
hgally collect license fees for op
eration of motor vehicles on high
ways of Oregon, a number of com
mercial truck and transportation
lines of the state have brought suit
in the federal court to enjoin Oregon
from collecting annual license fees.
Constitutionality of the license law
is attacked on the ground that it is
the exaction of a toll and that tolls
for use of roads, toward the con
struction of which the government
contributes, are prohibited by the
constitution. It is cited that Oregon
has accepted federal aid in highway
construction. One of our exchanges
comments as follows:
"This is probably the limit of rap
acity yet exhibited by commercial
automobile lines using the public
highways for private gain.
"Not content with pounding the
public highways to piecea for their
own private profit, at the expense of
the general taxpayer and private
automobile user, they now seek to be
relieved of even the modest annual
license fee which theft as We'll as
private automobile users, are charg
ed. "The motor transportation con
cerns which seek to escape these li
cense fees would not be in existence
today, if such fees had not been col
lected to build hard-surfaca high
ways over which they could operate
None of the concerns mentioned at
tempted to give any service to the
points they now reach, until the state
had built a road.
"The selfishness of the action will
focus public attention, on the enor
mous sums taxpayers must pay an
nually for the maintenance of public
highways, in order that private
transportation companies may use
such highways virtually as private
right of ways for private gain."
Professional . football controversy
has become centered between sup
porters of athletic sports, and those
persons who do not care for sports
in any form. In the meantime col
lege athletes are responding to the
professional call for their occupation
al talents, in the same order that
the world demands the services of
the student of law, medicine com
merce and the arts.
Among other attractions to the
wide open spaces of our great Ore
gon country are the glorious sunsets.
WitK the fringe of the blue moun
tains against the brilliant coloring
of the clouds, even the "natives" are
forced into ectasies over the beauties
of our wonderful country and its
Of interest to farmers is the
steady advance in price of grain bags
for this years use. It will behoove
the foresighted to lay in his supply
before the price skyrockets any
higher, or go over to the bulk sys
tem. o
Of local interest is an incident of
the Old Oregon Trail, inspired by
this inscription on an outcropping of
sandstone near the present site of
Fort Laramie, Wyoming: "Mary E.
Homsley: Died June 10, 1852." Re
latives of Mary E. Homsley reside
in Pendleton and Portland.
Example of Ckiva'ry
Among Lower Animals?
An unusual "big brother" act among
inlnials is described by a park nat
uralist who saw a lar;;e marmot or
rt-ooilchuck 'attack and drive off a mink
after the latter had captured and fa
tally wounded a ground squirrel.
The scene of the little drama was
near the bridge over Lava creek, a
small stream In the northern part of
Yellowstone park. After describing
the capture of the luckless squirrel,
the naturalist goes on to say:
"Wliile the squirrel was struggling
In the clutches of the mink a large
woodchuck, apparently attracted by
the squealing of the squirrel, came and
stood on his hind legs a moment to
review the scene, then ran straight for
the point of battle. The mink raised
his head Just In time to see the mar
mot and escape him by rushing to the
bank of the nearby creek ; the marmot
followed, but too Rlowlv.
"The railing of the creek bridge is
supported by low uprights with lean
ing braces of timber. On one of these
braces the marmot climbed, facing the
soulrrel left diine in the road some
yards away ; then he calmly proceeded
to wash his face with his front paws.
Apparently the 'big brother act Is an
old story in the wild animal world, like
so many other things which we have
thought human, only to discover, upon
Investigation, that we have merely
adopted them with human procrastina
tion. "In a former year I once saw a mink
deliberately attack a marmot of me
dium size. In this case the contestants,
after a fierce battle, finally called It a
James J. Crossley
Portland, Oregon
hereby announces that he is a
candidate for the Republican
nomination for U. S. Senator at
the May. 1926, Primaries.
Will work zealously for develop
ment of Oregon and support of meas
ures for real benefit of farmers as
suggested by their organizations.
Favor World Court and Reform Sen
ate Rules.
Hairs Catarrh
Mj1SSma is a Combined
MVUIVIUV Treatmcnt,both
local and internal, and has been success
ful In the treatment of Catarrh for over
forty years. Sold by all druggists.
F. J. CHENEY &. CO., Toledo, Ohio
((c), 1921, Watarn Newspaper Union.)
My business is not to remake
myself, but to make the absolute
best of what God has made.
A dish of well-seasoned apple sauce
prepared from good flavored apples, a
little sugar and
butter added
while hot, makes
a sauca which is
hard to equal.
Mince Pie. Take
one cupful of wal
nut meats, two
cupfuls of apple
cut fine, one-half cupful each of vine
gar and water or fruit Juice, one-half
cupful of sugar, one cupful of raisins,
one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon,
one teaspoonful of allspice, one-half
teaspoonful each of cloves and salt.
Mix spices and sugar, add to other in
gredients. Divide into two pies, cover
with a top crust and bake in a hot
Apple Pudding. This Is a bird's
nest pudding of our grandmother's
day: Fill a deep dish with sliced ap
ple, sweeten to taste. Dust with nut
meg and spread over them a batter
prepared with one-half cupful of
sugar, one tablespoonful of butter, one
egg, three-fourths of a cupful of milk,
one and one-half cupfuls of flour, one
teaspoonful of baking powder and
one-half teaspoonful of salt. Bake
thirty or forty minutes and serve,
turned over with the apples on top.
Season well with butter or serve with
a hard sauce.
Apple Punch. Cut six tart apples
Into quarters; core but do not peel.
Put Into a preserving kettle, add one
cupful of raisins, two bay leaves, a
small stLck of cinnamon, the grated
rind of three lemons and two quarts
of cold water; let come to a boll, add
two more quarts of water (cold), cov
er and let boll for thirty minutes.
Drain through a muslin bug. When
cold add the Juice of three lemons and
two pounds of sugar; stir until the
suunr Is dissolved. When ready to
serve, add a little shaved ice.
Apple Roley Poley. Peel, core and
slice tart apples; make a rich biscuit
dough, roll about three-fourths of an
Inch thick; lay the sliced apples on
the paste, roll up, tuck In the ends,
prick with a fork, lay In a steamer
and stems hurd for one and three
fourths hours.
Doheny Leaseholds Hit by Court Rule.
San Francisco, Cal. A decision,
which If upheld by the United States
supreme court, will strip the Edward
I.. Doheny Interests of all of their
protested leaseholds In naval oil re
serve No. 1 In California and deny
them any relief for worfr performed
in such reserves and at thc IVarl har
bor oil station in Honolulu, was hand
ed down here by the United States
clretnt CvUrt f anneals.
In the Matter of the Estate of Dav
id Taylor, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account
as administrator of the estate of
David Taylor, deceased, in the Coun
ty Court of the State of Oregon for
Umatilla County, and that Saturday,
February 6th, 1926, at the hour of
10:00 o'clock A. M. of said day, and
the County Court Room in the Coun
ty Court House at Pendleton, Uma
tilla County, State of Oregon, has
been fixed by said Court as the time
and place for the settlement of said
All persons interested are hereby
notified to appear at such time and
place in said Court and file any ob
jections they may have to such ac
count or to any part thereof.
trator of the estate of David Taylor,
Deceased. " J1J29.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Aug
ust Guderian, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons to whom it may concern that
Julius A. Guderian, executor of the
last will and testament of August
Guderian, deceased, has filed his final
account and report in the administra
tion of the estate; that the County
Court by order duly made and enter
ed herein has appointed Saturday the
30th day of January, 1926, at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon as
the time and the County Court House
at Pendleton, Oregon, as the place
where all objections and exceptions
to said final account and report will
be heard and a settlement of the es
tate made. - .
ate made.
Dated this Friday the 1st day of
January, 192G.
Will M. Peterson, Attorney for Ex
executor. J1J29.
At Private Sale!
I will sell the following at
Private Sale:
Wagons, two bottom 16-incb Plow, ten-horse Shean
ondoah plow Hitch, Walking Plow, three head two-year-old
Mules, alfalfa and bundle wheat Hay.
In the Matter of the Estate of James
Nelson, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his Final Account
an . of the estate of
Jackson Nelson, deceased, in the
County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Umatilla County, and that
Monday, the lotn day oi r eoruary,
1926, at the hour of 10:00 p'clock A.
M. of said day, and the County Court
Bnnm in iha P.niinr.v Court House at
Pendleton, Umatilla County, State of
Oregon, has been hxea by saia uouri
as the time and place for the settle
ment of said account.
All persons interested are hereby
notified to appear at such time and
place in said Court and file any ob
jections they may have to such ac
count or to any part thereof.
trator of the Estate of Jackson Nel
son, Deceased. Jlorl.
4L sl Mf IA
3K1U f YKT w" J.
F YOU have never been to
California it should be the
effort of your life to go.
Representatives of the
Union Faeifl
Will gladly furnish you illustrated booklets giving
complete information about thi3 land where the
sun shines most of the time and where you can
enjoy out-of-door life all the time.
Convenient train connections either via Portland
or Salt Lake City at very
reasonable round trip fares.
Let us help you plan your
itinerary, quote you fares,
and make all your arrange
ments. M. EAGER, Agent
Athena, Oregon
Eat at the I
1 Lunch and Meals Served at all Hours. You can buy j
I Golden Crust Bread Here.
I .T. C. Baker I
Men, Women
and Children
Are Known Largely By the Neatness
And Looks of Their
Clothes and Shoes
So Why Not Let Us Keep Your Clothes Looking
Neat. We Also Make Your Old Shoes Like
New in Our Up-to-Date Repair Shop.
Shoe Repairing in Proportion
G. W. Finch, Prop. Main Street, Athena, Oregon
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam B. Hale, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern: That
Sarah F. Hale, executrix of the last
will and testament of William B.
Hale, deceased, has filed with the
clerk of this court her final account
and report; that the court by order
duly made and entered has appointed
Monday the 15th day of February,
1926, at the hour of ten o'clock in
the forenoon, as the time and the
County Court House at Pendleton as
the place, where all objections and
exceptions will be heard to the said
final account and report and a set
tlement of , the estate made. This
notice will be published for four con
secutive weeks in the Athena Press
newspaper, published at Athena,
Umatilla County, Oregon, beginning
with the issue of Friday the 15th
day of January, 1926, and the last
publication on Friday the 12th day
of February, 1926.
SARAH F. HALE, Executrix
Will M. Peterson, Attorney for Ex
ecutrix. J15F12.
Now 45c
Farm Loans At
5 per cent
Blacksmith Shop
Prices Reasonable
Tharp Bros, old stand, Athena Oreg.
French Optical Parlors
15 E. Main St Phone 653
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bUdJer right
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Gean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Fancy Flannel
Big, fancy shirts, made especially for us, there
fore unusually good shirts at this price. The heavy
11-ounce material used is better than you have been
getting at this price. Coat style (easy on and easy
off), two big flap pockets and matched pearl but
tons. A warm, durable shirt for any heavy or out
door work at our feature low price of
Some Inside Facts
About This Store
The Company of which this Store is a member,
trains men to become Store Managers. When they
have become proficient, a city is selected for one
of our Stores, a third interest in the capital stock
is sold to the Manager and he with his family take
up their future home there.
His Store then is no different than many other
stores which are partly owned in town with large
interests held by outside capital:
Our future being here our interest in the future
growth and prosperity of the community is none
the less than others. We strive to do. our part in
promoting this civic betterment.
M!M I JM f M I M 9! f fll Ifll Al Ifll Fflll I JM F M wrX wPX wm f 3l f uV Pfla F m FA w. BX sm Ffll ffi
Established 1891.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Is made in Athena, by" Athena labor, in one ol the very best
equipped mills in the Northwest, of the best selected. Bluestem
wheat grown anywhere. Patronize home industry. Your
grocer sells the famous American Beauty Flour
Merchant Millers & Grain Buyers
I Athena, Oregon. Waitsburg, Wash
Charles Russell's Barber Shop
Corner Main and Third j
Athena. Oregon j
Phone 492 ,
A cool clean place for everybody. Up-to-date Barbers. Tub and
shower baths. Charles Russell, ladies hair-cutting expert. Always
on the Job. We will sure appreciate your patronage so don't pass
us up. Laundry Agency.
By using regularly our cleaning, pressing, repair
ing and dyeing service many people are able to
dress smartly and in splendid taste at small cost. .
We call Mondays and Thursdays
Twin City Cleaners