The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, August 29, 1919, Image 4

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Make the Old Things New
At very little Sxpene and yithout any effort ycu can make your
i . sSf7h furniture, your woodwork and
your floori bright, gloccy and
waterproof with
The Home Preserving Varnish
We guarantee a perfect result or "refund
your money for the empty can," if you fol
low direction.
Come in. Let us show you the wonderful
results possible with this varnish. We have
it ' 'clear" or in eight colors.
yte&&xal Store
P1IONK 331 It will nav voti to watch our Windows
m jdlf$ffilty Crown gasoline, k high
ljjtaA clropJ Loo!c for the Red
I f& BtSWfJff i Crown sign before you fill.
GUY CRONK, Special Agent, Standard Oil Co. Athena
me of Quality
Woman Evangelist Was Evidently
Aware of the Fact, and Turned
It to' Advantage.
In nil Indiana city, not long ogo,jw
woman evnngirtst held n revival niVet
lng. She took uo collections while the
services vrrfe In progress, hut on the
final ulghi she nniioimccd Hint a free
will offering would lie in order. Inter
est In the meeting) lind been (rowing
(mil the church Wjdj, crowded Jo fflpne
Ity?' The ushers, wfth contribution
plates, started on their rounds. The
evangelist sum she hod Instructed llieiu
to.Miv "Allien" whenever 20 cents was
dropped-duto the plate; wlien 50 cents
the usher was tnwny "llullelujuh !" and
when 81 the miller wits to say "(Jlory
hullelujnh !" In a loud tone. The col
lection amount to $1,100. s
If there hud been no emulation the
total might have been small, hut the
evangelist knew that no perlkin with
money to give would he content with
an "Amen" when a neighbor, sitting In
the noit pew,'' -wna ncelalmed with a
"Glory hullehijah I" The sunie principle
holds good In everyday life. If one
rann has a fine vegetable garden It Is
an Incentive to his neighbors. The
Interest women have In pretty frocks
Is largely due tn somebody getting one
and making the others desire some
thing equally becoming. Men would
fare little for position If It were not
for the age-old' lure Hint makes them
want a better Job than the other fel
low. Without siieh emulation there would
: be nothing tn drag men and women
n way from- the rnnnnnnptnee tilings of ,
... :. ; fwn ' would ne nothing to induce
'ijtJlf. to sack for the head of his
elliss-'nr prrMindo htlh Hint he should
run for president later on. Many, of
course, nro content to have "Amen','
said tn their efforts In life, hut mure
wnnt to bear the "Olory hullej.ujuh I'V-.
InBmnnfitffls ReCs'.' '
The world's HtMiiigest dwelling
places are to be found In the North
sea, not fur from Helgoland.
Centuries ago there was a large and
prosperous Island province, culled
Nordstrand, off the coast of Schleswig
Kolsteln. Storm and earthquake de
stroyed It'One Sunday night, aiid near
ly 8,000 people were drowned,
lit course of time, however, high
mounds emerged from the waters, and
ultimately venturesome Hollanders
built their cottages on the summits of
these mounds. Ity snaring fowl and
wild duck, collecting eggs, oysters, and
seals, they manitg. tl lo eke out a living
The sea-girt minimis nre known us
"halllgen." Except on Oland. the larg
est, there are uo trees or fuel, except
that obtained from submerged bid
of pent, and no fresh water except
mln-wnter collected In butts.
Nevertheless, adventurous Danes
and Hollanders, attracted by the thou
sands of wild fowl and llsh, continue
to live on the "halllgen," In spite of
the fact that four months In the year
the coarse grass pastures, on winch
rnttle Just manage to live, lie under
water. Sometimes all Is s'vent away.
i Standard Theatre
Big Ones for Paramount.
Artcraft Week ;
(August 31st, September 6th Inclusive)
Griffith, Reid
Elting V,V
Chaplin, Lloyd
Sennett I
Pathe Weekly and Prisms.
Good Comedy, always
School Days
Just a few more days to get all those new togs
for school. How many of t you realize the saving we
offer you by trading with us?
Rovs School Suits ages 6 to 17 $4.98 to 12.S0
Boys Wool and Khaki knee Pants, tiOcto 1.49
Bovs Rood blue Overalls, 98c to 1.49
Bovs good wool Union Suits,, 1.49 to 1.89
Bovs fleeced Union Suit , all sizes 98c to 1.19
Bovs Blouses, darks and lights, 49c to 89c
Bovs Shoes, English and Blucher, 2.49 to 2.98
Girls Shoes, English and Button. 1.98 to 4.98
Girls wool Union Suits, 1,25 to 1 98
Girls Cotton Union Suits, 98c to 1.19
Girls black and White school Hose 25c to 49c
Girls black Sateen Bloomers, 69c
Undoubted Truth.
A party of tourists were taking
stroll through the ancient city of St.
Andrews. All happened to be slrnn
fiers to the city, und were naturally
anxious for Information. Coming to
a massive archway adorned with sculp
tures, spnnnlng'rfie street, one of the
party went up to n man who was
working at the aide oftthe arch and
asked: "Can you please tell us what
this Is?" Wlthnat turning his head,
the man replied;- "This? This Is n
wall!" "Yes. yes; but it's this bind
ing, this nrch. , we would like to
know something about." The nntlye
came out to the middle of the street
where the visitors were standing and
looked perhnBljHnore attentively At
the arch than he had ever done In his
life before. Though willing, he could
I give no information ; he didn't seem
to know Its name even. "Weel," he
snld sagely nt length, "there's nae doot
It Is a very nnclent place I"
One teltoiL.ue u uiways better tbau
Qrst" is no secud-rat
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mation of Our Readers.
The Roseburg fruit cannery Is ex
periencing a serious shortage In help.
A post of the American Legion, to
be known as the Arthur E. Giover
post, was formed at Fossil.
John R. Nevius of Portland has been
appointed instructor in farm crops at
Oregon Agricultural college.
Senator McNary has introduced a
bill to donate a captured German can
non to the city of Pendleton.
A big black bear weighing 190
pounds was killed In the Polk station
neighborhood, north of Dallas.
Bids are being advertised for a con
crete bridge over Canyon creek at John
Day, on the John Day Highway.
Central Oregon's potato crop will be
the biggest and best that has ever
been produced, according to reports.
On account of the prune and hop
harvest, opening of the schools at Dal
las has been postponed until Sept. 29.
Two resignations In the clerical force
of the Roseburg postoffice leave one
vacancy, for which there is no appli
cant. Pendleton sheep shippers are ex
pressing anxiety at present, owing to
a. shortage of cars for shipping their
stock. ,
Forty-eight teacherB have been em
ployed for The Dalles schools during
the next term which opens here Sep
tember 8.
Governor Olcott has received an in
vitation from Secretary Daniels to re
view the Pacific fleet at San Francisco
on Labor day.
Portland tailors and Bhoe repairmen
have made demands for substantial
advances in wages to go into effect the
first of next month:
Boston attorneys have approved the
validity of $800,000 worth of Oregon
Btste highway bonds recently sold to
eastern bonding houses.
Contracts aggregating $30,956, for
the improvement of six streets in the
business and residence districts of
Bend, have been awarded.
John Vanderveld, Ba,nks postmaster,
has resigned. His resignation has
been accepted and Henry Atlee has
been appointed' his successor.
Jeannette Rankin, of Montana, first
woman to hold a seat in congress, is
in Portland visiting at the home of
her sister, Mrs. Herbert Bragg.
Stock to a total of f 52,000 has been
subscribed for the new hotel which it
Is proposed to erect in North Bend.
The total cost Will be 100,fl0.
In the opinion of several citizenB of
Sllrerton, the city council elected last
November is not qualified and all busi
ness transacted by that body is illegal.
The Salem Fruit union shipped to
points in Canada a carload of dried
loganberries, for which the organiza
tion will receive approximately $29,
000. More than a dozen carloads of sur
plus army canned food is now en
route from Fort Mason, Cal., to Port
land for distribution throughout Ore
gon. Herbert Nunn, state engineer, has
received samples of road signs which
It is proposed to install at conspicuous
points along the state highways of
Oregon. r
There were a total of 566 accidents
in Oregon, during the week ending
August 21, according to the weekly re
port of the state Industrial accident
An effort Is being made to have the
county courts of Linn and Benton
counties take over and operate the
ferry across the Willamette river at
Ingram island.
An ordinance has passed the Pendle
t n city council providing fine and
Imprisonment for any person making
any unnecessary disturbing noise with
in the corporate limits.
Numerous violators of the state fish
and game laws ware convicted In vari
ous parts of the state during the last
few days, according to reports made
to the game commission.
Just as the last load of hay had been
baled in the fields of William Roberts
and George Bowers, near Brownsville,
the stacks took fire from the engine
and were totally destroyed.
Eighty-five dollars a ton for pears
delivered at the canneries at Sheridan,
Woodburn and Lafayette is the price
received for the Salem Fruit union
With 1,200 Wis concerning It ready
for consideration, it Is evident tint a I pool, according to announcement.
good many people take ns much Inter- I The first unit of the big cannery of
the Puyallup and Sumner Fruit Grow-
est in the dayjight saving question, as
iu uie leusuo OI nations.
$100 Reward, $100 I
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at leafs
one dreaded disease that science has
keen able to curs tn all Its stages and
that Is catarrh. Catarrh bains; greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment. Hall's1
Catarrh Medicine Is taken Intsrnslly and
acts thru the Hood on -the Mucous 8ur-
facss of the System thereby destroying
awution ana ass
work. The proprietors have so much
faith tn the curative powers lot Hall's
vatarrn Mcuictqa trtat thev loffer One
Hundred Dollars for any ease fiat it falls
lo cure fM.nrt.ror list of testimonials.
Address R J.jCHENEY & CO.. Toledo.
wuiv. ovui V) ail Lrugstsl,
. 1 1 tttiiiiiiiiiiiiniimiit
Quality Always Service First
Trade WitFUI
and be a healthy, satisfied family"
You won't dread every time you have to go
to the store to buy groceries, vegetables 6r
fruits that you will not receive value for your
money, or that you will have to spend too
much for what you get. What we sell goes
on your table; what you pay us goes for more
supplies for your table. We make these trans
actions as equal as possible for your benefit
and our business. (
The economy 6ash drocery
Phone 561. ; 7 v'
and' your Orders will : rir t'-illed'V' .,.
Quality Always Service First
'AsM 1
Change ad
About time eh?
A Stale Ad y
is nearly as bad as a stag
nant pool of water. Stale
advertising encourages
stagnant business
While we are doing a little talking by
remodeling our new Stores, we wish to
hold your left eye on this space.
Has anvbodv invented the "Snale Trot?"
We prefer the Turkey Trot.'1
' Nothing is more annoying to a business
man than the visits of him who has
So if you are a live one and a success for
yourself, come and mix with us. We'll
try to absorb some of the good ideas you
are carrying around with you and we'll
try to give you ample returns for all we
get from you. Money is N. G. standing
still and if you'll make some exchanges
with us for goods, we'll promise you
there'll be something doing and we will
keep the moijcy moving.
Watts & Rogers1"
Hardware and Implements
its' association in Albany, which will
be one of the largest plants of he kind
In the Btate. began work Monday morn
ing. The selection of J. N. Burgess of
Pendleton to succeed W. L. Thompson
as a member of the state highway com
mission following the lattcr's removal
n from eastern Oregon to Portland on
the foundation pt the disease, giving the 11 Jantinrv 1 1020 hs mot with snnrnr.
patient strength by buildlnn up ths con- ) Jnuar "'W. nas niet wttn appro-
sting nature In doing Its ' al In all sections of Hie state, accord-
Jraf to letters, telegrams and person?!
jaiMgage NactUsc UkO ueciitiv A
The first National Bank
of Athena
Capital and Surplus, $100,000
Safety Deposit Boxes
For Rent