The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, March 14, 1919, Image 3

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Press Paragraphs
B. B. Richards was in Pendleton
Sim Pulley was in town Wednesday
from Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. Ocie Barton are here
from Midvale, Idaho.
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Baddeley were
Pendleton visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. It. B. McEwen with a party of
ladies motored to Pendleton W ednes
day. Ben Dupuis. Montana land urometer,
was in town Wednesday from Pendleton.
Mrs. Otha Reeder is'reported ill at I
her home on south third street.
Mrs. Will Wyrick, of Pendleton, is
a guest of Mrs. Omar Stephens.
Mrs. Ethel C. Scott was over from
Walla Walla this week, visiting rela
tives. Jim Lieuallen and Perd McBride,
Weston stockmen, were in town Wed
nesday. P. S. LeGrow and M. L. Watts were
in Waitsburg, Wash., Wednesday on
Bob Raymond was up from his Prine
ville stock ranch this week, on a bus
iness visit.
Uncle Dave Taylor has again been
confined toliis home with sickness the
past week.
Pendleton Marble & Granite Works
T. A. WYLIE, Proprietor
Bring your
to us for expert finishing
at city prices
The Athena Drug Co.
Frank J. Harris, Managing Partner
Shelf and Heavy
Sutton Concert
Tonight, at Christian church.
Thomas Lieuallen, prominent Adams
resident, was in Athena yesterday,
j Jack Allison of the Sturgis-Storie
company of Pendleton was in the city
Michael Ryan has been Jn Athena
this week from Spokane, where he
spent the winter.
The city council met in special ses
sion last night ar.d ordered a new pump
for the city water system.
Misses Veva Cook and Alice Finnell
of Pendleton, wero week-end guests of
Mrs. B. D. Tharp In this city.
Shelby Alloway, who enlisted in the
Navy.Jnow stationed at Bremerton, is
visiting his mother in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Willaby are pre
paring to move to the ranch recently
leased in the Cold Springs s ction.
Orel McPherrin announces that his
auto stage will leave Athena for Pen
dleto.i, at 8:00 a. m. and 1:00 p. m.
The annual automobile show at Pen
dleton opened yesterday afternoon at
Happy Canyon pavilion, and will close
tomorrow night.
M. W. Hansell returned Wednesday
mornine from a business visit to Lew-
iston, Idaho. He accompanied his,
brother, Ray, to Lewiston.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Ware write that
they are at Loa Angeles, enjoying life.
Mr. Ware has noticably improved in
health during their travels.
Mrs. Pink Harbour, children, and
sister, Mrs Gerking of Weston, were
in Athena Sunday attending church
services at the Christian church.
A daughter was born on March fl,
1919 to Mr and Mrs. Hugh Lieuallen
at their home west of town. The lit
tle one has been named Joanna Mae
Orders have been issued for the re
turn of the Rainbow division, (tne
42nd) from overseas. Many Oregon
boys are in the ranks of this division.
Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Tharp, Mrs. W.
R. Tavlor and Mr. and Mrs. Davison
went down to Pennleton Saturday eve
ning to hear the Maud Powell concert
Jack Parker was in Pendleton Wed
nesday. He accompanied French Cng-
lar. a oromlnent and influential citizen
of the Freewater section, to the county
W. R. Tavlor and Ralph McEwen
who have been buving and shipping
stock for several weeks, shipped a car
load over the Northern Pacific Wednes
day to Pasco.
Pendleton Tribune: Mrs. George
Sutton lArlouene Clevenger) was the
soloist Sundav at the funeral of the
I late Clair Myers which was held at)
I the Baptist church. '
, J. H. Eidenour arrived in Athena
I Monday from Reedsport, Oreg. where
! he spent the winter in carpenter work.
I He has visited the past month in Port
land and Auburn, wash.
Arnold Wood, administrator of the
estate of William H. Wood, deceased,
has filed his final report of the estate
which has been approved and Judge
Marsh has issued decree of dismissal.
The construction measures and the
lieutenant-governor bill will be voted
on by the voters of Oregon on June
8. Notices of the special election are
being sent to the county clerks of the
Wanted. Reliable party to take
agency for a high grade Automobile
Tire and Tube, on a very liberal per
centage basis. Address, Tri-Statt
Tire Co., PorUand, Oreg., 72, Hth St.
Fancy Pack
Winesap Apples
Grape Fruit
Very Choice
Fine Assorted
Nuts .
Nice and Fresh
Our Hams are the select table kind, sugar cured and
hickory smoked; just the kind of ham that makes the
best and most satisfactory eating.
What is nicer than a slice of good, sweet, juicy Ham
a-frying in the pan. Buy a whole ham and then be pre
pared to serve a meal in a short time.
Quality. Quantity, Service. Phone 171. This Stc? e Closes Evenings
Marshal Dobson is again on duty,
having returned from College Place
sanitarium, where he went some time
ago to receive medical treatment. He
is much improved in health.
Joseph Rainville was in Athena
Wednesday from his ranch near Mis
sion. Mr. Rainville's children were
recently allotted land near the Miseion
ami it is this land that he is farming.
John, Milton Swaggart has filed suit
in the circuit court against George W.
Swaggart et al. in an action to clear
title to land in possession of plaintiff
under the will of Nelson Swaggart, de
ceased. A. J. McAllister, of Pendleton, a
partner in the Athena Drug Company
firm, wns in the city Wednesday for a
few hours. Mr. McAllister recently
disposed of hi business interests in
Matt Mosgrove, former Athena mer
chant, was in town this week. He
will aoon leave for Alberta, where he
has large farming interests, and
where his son Tom has been residin;
for some time.
Mrs. Eleonor, . McPherren arrived
home Tuesday mofning, after several
months' visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Fred Oswald, at' Long Beach. Calif.
She spent the-y'past week visiting
friends in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haworth are
again residing in their home on Adams
street, between 4th and 6th. Mr. and
Mrs. Harris, who for a time occupied
the Haworth residence are temporarily
living at the D. Scott Fisher home.
On Thursday, March 27, the local
W. C. T. U. will be visited by the
state president, Mrs. Mattie Sleeth of
Portland. An all day session will Be
held in the Methodist church, and an
afternoon luncheon served the mem
bers of the W. C. T. U.
A. M. Gillis came down from Wash
tucna, Wash., Wednesday evening and
transacted business in Athena. His
son, Lloyd, has received his discharge
from the Marina corps, and will finish
his education at Pullman college. At
present he is at work on the farm.
Y orrest Zerba returned home from
Camp Lewis Saturday after receiving
his discharge from the Army. Prior to
coming to Camp Lewis, Forrest was
stationed in New York city. He is
glad to get back home and is to be
found in his old position in . Zerba
Bros.' garage.
For Sale. Six sets of butt chain
harness, just overhauled; 40 Bhotes
from 20 to !00 pounds; six head good
young work mules; Q, head horses
one 5-section steel harrow; one a 1-'
inch wagon: 2 sets double buggy har
ness. Will take your note if it's good
Sim J. Culley. Adv.
Lawrence Tharp writes that he is
enjoying life, in training with the
marines, at San Diego, Calif. He has
been promoted to duty as stenographer
in the headquarters department and
expects to get his release in time for
spring work at home. He will again
attend school next year.
The homes of Wm. Pinkerton and
Floyd Pinkerton, his son. have been
visited this week with the flu, mem
bers in eac'i family being ill with the
disease. Mr. Pinkerton's daughtsr,
Mrs.JMaurice Frazier, is also ill at her
home near Miltor.. where the disease
is again raging, so it is reported.
The local lodge of Knights of Pyth
ias is being rejuvenated with a contin
uous flow of "new blood " A goodly
number of young men of the commun
ity have recently joined the order.
More applications have been received
for membership, and initiations are
the feature of each meeting.
In'the accofint of the funeral of Mrs,
Buroker. last week, mention was not
made of the participation of the local
Rcbekah lodge in . the funeral cere
monies and this amend is made. Mrs,
Buroker was an honored member ot
the order, and the Athena lodge ap
peared in a body to do her honor.
Sidney Barnes is employed as sales
man at Stephens' Pure Food Grocery.
Sid. who followed camouflaging whil
with the 116th Engineers in France,
finds opportunity to wield a facile pen
and brush in illustrative show window
cards for the store. This on the side
when he is not weighing out bacon and
East Oregonian: Clark Dunlap
thoueht he would surprise his mother
last night when he returned unexpect
edlv from San Diego, where he has
been in the naval aviation servire
Perhaps he did; but Mrs. Dunlap had
supper all ready because she dreamed
the nitrht before that her son was
coming home.
Mr. West, of LaGrande, was in
town over Sunday. He will be remem
bered as being a member ot the firm
of Miller & West, who bored the arte
sian well for the Athena Land & Trust
company some years ago. Mr. West
has contracted to bore wells on the
premises of Cass Cannon and J. A.
Kirk, on south Third 6treet.
Dick Thompson is in Fendleton at
tending the autmobile show, where he
is exhibiting the six-passenger model
Sti-phens Salient Six. Mr. Thompson
is Umatllla'county agent for the Ste
phens line of cars. The Stephens is a
comparatively new entry for automo
bile honors in this territory and doubt
less will prove popular with the trade.
In reporting the hearing of three
Athena boja in the juvenile court at
Pendleton, the East Oregonian says:
In the juvenile court yesterday before
Judge Marsh, Wilber Harden, Richard
Cartano and Russell Carden, three
young boys of Athena, were found
guilty of incorrigible charges and sen
tence suspended upon the good behav
ior of the boys who were paroled to the
care of their parents.
Three lots Ladies Shoes
All sizes, at startling prices. Former
price, $3,50 to $5.50, Bargain price
to $3.98
Henderson Corsets
Discontinued Models." Values, $1.25
to $3.50 Bargain prices
I ! 2 lots
Phone 152
I 1
.' H
Athena Department Store
The East Oregonian reports that the
Rev. E. J. Conner, a native Indian,
Was on Sunday elected as minister for
the Presbyterian Indian Mission, Tu
tuila church to hold office for five
years and to fill the place of Rev. J.M.
Cornelison. A formal vote was taken
at the church by wthe Rev. Francis Mor
gan, and the Indians decided not to re
elect Rev. Cornelison as missionary.
Announcement is made to Athena
friends, of the birth in a maternity
hospital in Pullman, Wash., to Mr.
and Mrs. Roy C. Markee. of a daugh
ter, on March , 1819. The mother, a
former popular Athena girl. Lucile
Kemp, has been with her pare Us, Mr.
and Mrs. I. M. Kemp, at Colton,
Wash., during the absence of her hus
band in the army. Mr. Markee ar
rived last week at Camp Lewis from
overseas, where he was leader in a
Coast Artillery band.
Mr. and Mrs. J, R. Barnes enter
tained at dinner Wednesday, the occa
sion being in honor of the 87th anni
versary of the wedding of Mr. Barnes
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Barnes of
Weston. Guests seated at the table
were: Mr. ana Mrs. a. a. carnes,
Misses Doris and Mamie, and Sgt.
Sidney Barnes; Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Boyd, and J. H. Ridenour, beside the
host and hostess and small daughter
and son, Mary Jean and Jack. Miss
Anice Humes who is teaching north ot
town was the only member absent.
The "bride" was the recipient of
several presents in silver, china and
The Churches.
Athena Garage
Bnptist Church Notes.
The Church invites you t? turn from
the toil of life to the rest and refresh
ment of worship. Good music will
add to the joy of the day. Come at
1 ) a. m. and study the Bible with us.
Come at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. for
the worship of the church. Come at
H:!!0 p. m. and enjoy the Young Peo
ple's hour.
Methodist Episcopal Church,
Exceptionally good crowds were at
church last Sunday both morning and
night. We expect this to ba (repeated
next Sunday at all services, Sunday
school included.
"How Much Do You Weigh" will
be the subject of the sermon at night,
at which the Minute Men will make
their first speeches.
The Christian Church.
We are glad to see new faces in the
church services and are hoping to soon
have the entire membership and othei
friends in regular attendance. We
have fixed on the first Sunday in April
as "Everybody-Go-to Church-Sunday."
But come voursef next Sunday and
get the habit.
Next Sundav night tbs pastor will
lecture on "Jerusalem," giving some
of bis experiences and observations in
the Holy City. You are invited. Ser
vices at U and 7 :30. Sunday school
at 10. B. B. Burton, Pastor.
We have again taken over the
management and garage work
and we are ready for old and
new customers.
We are equipped for
Get our prices be-i
si -
tore placing your
Berry Monument Works
F. M. Bary, Prop.
11th and Main Street near O. W. R. .
N. Passenger Depot WslM Walla Wash,
W. A. M1LLKK UxppBieeBUtiv
and then you see a type
of home whereby one or
more of your thoughts
are expressed. In our of
fice we have some ideas
that are worth consider
ingdesigns for the homes
barns, and other build
ings, that are the work
of experts. Call and see
them any time.
Tum-a Lum Lumber Company