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F. b. Boyd. Publisher
tTHENA. OREGON, MAR. 14 1919
Camouflaged Philosophy.
No (nitiBtililte for work Is wtrlrerj
satisfactory, not t-voii lulierii fn.
Mnny n soldier (ojf will Mud he hn
OOlKrowu Mis job us well us his old
Returning soldiers nre nor to I
he gtVell jobs their services lire to be
ecu red.
Play Safe
Unensy lies (he henrl thnt went n
crown; hut anyhow there are but near
so many of (hem.
Order That
The watch on the Rhine has ceased
to he a Uermno boast and has become
no American jole.
Those 37 Senators have little 'to
stand upon in their endeavors to frus
trate the formation of the League of
Nations. With such a partv exponent
of the League as ex-l'resident Taft,
for instance, and the undivided support
of such influential Republican papers
as the Portland Oregonian, the action
of these Senators turns out to be pure
ly a political filibustering move. But
the forecast of results is shown in the
Pennsylvania elections Tuesday, which
are commented upon editorially by
the Cleveland Plaindealur as follows:
'The first definite tests of public
sentiment upon the auestion of a league
of nations comes in the twenty-second
Pennsylvania congressional district
where a special election was held Tues
day. JohnjH Wilson, Democrat., was
elected over John K. Jamison, Repub
lican, in a section of Republican Penn
sylvania where Republicanism is both
a religion and a lifelong habit.
"Mr. Wilson made his fight upon
the league of nations issue. He ap
pealed to this Republican district to
elect him as a sign of ita approval of
what the President has been doing
here and abroad on behalf of inter
national peace. A vote for John Wil
son was everywhere advertised as a
vote for Woodrow Wilson and the
league of nations. By contrast, the
Republican candidate from this dis
trict, while taking no stand personally
for or against the league declared that
he expected to be governed in refer
ence to the question by the course of
his party's leaders. That made him
the anti-league of nations candidate.
"There can be no mistaking the
meaning of John Wilson's electiun. A
afely solid Republican district revers
es its politics in order to signify its
adherence to the league of nations.
The incident is encouraging to every
believer in such a league. There is
nothing cheering in it for Honry Cabot
Lodgo'a 117 club."
Expenditrues for highway work in
the United States this year arc likely
to amount to a half billion dollars, or
even more, according to a recent state
ment by officials of the Bureau of Pub
lic' Roads. United States Department
of Agiculture. On reportB received
from State highway departments, the
bureau estimates the expenditures for
roads anil bridges at 9llrJ5.00O.00O or
(110,000,000 more than the average,
expenditures for l!in: and 1017. This
estimate docs not include, however,
the additional Federal funds which will
be available if the umendment to the
Pout Office appropriation hill, making
60,000,000 immediately available and
(75,000,000 more on July 1, is enacted
into law.
Somebody ought to send a rush tel
osruin to Medicine Hat to stop fur
ther shipment of weather.
That news Item about the plan to
sink the German warships should be
listed as "Important If true."
If the Itnlser has heard ninny of the
things that are being said about him.
no wonder he has ear trouble.
Combined Harvester
and be Sure of a Delivery
Whatever It paid for propaganda In
this country the German government
seems to have been badly stung.
Walla Walla.
Who would have believed five years
ago that Uncle Ram would today have
a post office In Coblenz, Germany.
Ilerlln Is described as "dancing
mnd." The tango Is undoubtedly
more alluring than the goose step.
In this year of grace some of those
hoary old phrnaeg and expressions like
"king's ransom" are due for revision.
The post office department expects
to have airplanes working now thnt
they are no longer demanded for fighting.
Cold weather Is said to be eradicat
ing the Inst traces of Influenza. Thnt
makes cold weather a little easier to
The price of flour may come down
but It Is not likely to come very far
while the millers are using $2.20
Not only is Influenza more deadly
than war, but It is more fatal than an
automobile on a Sunday afternoon In
Little. Known Hero.
Of the ninny stories of heroism dur
ing the war on which Official records
are silent but which nre being brought
forth with relaxation of the censor
ship is that of Captain Larconibe of
the antiaircraft defenses of the Lon
don (Eng.) district. Ills Job for four
years has been to find anil dispose of
German aerial bombs that fulled to
explode when dropped on London,
After each nlr raid, nnd In Hie early
part of the war there were many, Lar
conibe and his men would go about the
city seeking the "duds." It was dan
gerous work extricating them from
wherever they happened to drop, trans
porting them out of the city and ex
ploding or otherwise destroying them.
During the excitement after a raid few
people thought of the bombs that
failed to "go off," but all of them have
ceased to be a menace to the city.
Inconsiderate winter landed with
both feet In the lap of snilllng autumn.
If I'aderewski can get harmony out
of the Polish situation he will Im
mensely increase his reputation us a
23 Years Ago.
Krom the Press ol Mar. 14 1896
Berlin Insists on discussing the
war's origin When she ought to be
looking for some way to persuude
people to forget It.
The expert financier who says that
the value of gold can't come down till
prices fall has possibly got his tonneuu
before his motor.
If the Yankees were not strapping
big fellows Ihcy never would Hud room
on Ihelr uniforms for nil their merited
Insignlu ami decorations.
That German while book soon to be
published telling the secret history n
the origin of tluj war ought to make
mighty Interesting reading.
After receiving bulky copies of
speeches by congressmen for several
years, no one is going to be excited
over the postmark "aerial mall."
Another race that Is going to force
the recognition of its claims upon the
International peace conference Is the
far loo little known human race.
The cereal crops of the United States
were worth over 7, 000,000, 000 to the
the farmers who raised them in U'lH.
The product of these crops, all to
gether, was a little under the total for
1017, but, while the prices of some
of the cereals were lower in 1018 than
in 191", the prices of others were suf
ficiently higher to make the total value
of the cereals greater in 1018 by more
than a quarter of a million dollars.
The Penneylvaina election would in
dicate that President Wilson's submis
sion of the League of Nations issue to
the American people direct, In prefer
ence to handing it over to a coterie of
disgruntled, olistructive politicians,
was a step rightly taken.
Up to date nobody seems to have
devised a decoration to be worn by
the patriot who Mould have seen serv
ice overseas If he had not beeu loo
Europe should realize by Ibis time
that boundary lines are of less Impor
tance than trustworthy neighbors and
that uniform democracy makes neigh
bors trustworthy.
The dollar-a year men quit the serv
ice of the United Slates government
with exceptional credit In the public
mind for having earned a whole lot
more than their salaries.
The squirrel is again fnakine in the
beauteous sunshine.
Mitt Bush and family have moved
from town to the country.
Dr. L. Dell has received official not
ice of his appointment as judge of
Mr. Wm. Piper was in town Wednes
day and took home with him a fine new
Farmers are again busy plowing and
seeding after a temporary rest caused
by the late freeze.
Prof. M. G. Royal, . of the Weston
Normal school, will preach in the M.
E. church next Sunday morning.
Chas. Norris has leased the "Till"
Taylor property and will soon take
possession. Charley promises to show
the editor a garden down there that
will make even a son of the Flowery
Kingdom green with envy.
Angus Gillis and John Echart have
nearly completed the belfry for the
big bell at the Baptist church. The
bell was hoisted yesterday from the
ground to its resting place in the bel
fry. Turner Callender is a genius of no
small calibre. His latest in the line
of invention is a sail, which he uses to
propel his bicycle to good advantage.
Clark Wood, tditor of the Leader,
and Wm. Worthington came over from
Weston Tuesday to bask for a time
where there is life.
Last Friday witnessed the closing
exercises of the Athena public school,
after a very successful term of six
Yesterday a party of ladies, under
the espionage of Mrs. Beale, were pi
loted out to the country home of Mrs.
Hardin Mansfield, where a jolly day
was spent. The party consisted of
M s Frank Beale, Mrs. Leeper, MM.
Callender. Mrs. Ellie Edington, Mrs.
Fred Boyd, Mrs. Wm. Wilkinson. Mrs.
Jas. Nelson, Mrs. Jinks Tavlor. Mrs.
Andrew Willaby, Mrs. Willis Bush.
Ed: The Spaniards continue their
demonstrations of patriotic fervor and
hostility to the United States brought
about by the United States favoring
the granting belligerent rights tc the
Cubans. . . A revolution in Spain
would insure Cuban independence.
Notice of Final Heaiir.s.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph
Sheard, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned as administratrix of the
above-entitled estate has filed her final
report with the clerk of the above en
titled court and that the judge thereof
has designated Mondty, March 24,
1919, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, as
the time, and the office of the Judge
in the county court house at Pendle
ton. Umatilla County, Oregon, as the
place, when and where hearing shall
be had thereon.
All persons interested are hereby
notified to then and there appear and
show cause, if any they have, why
said report should not be approved,
the administratrix discharged and her
bondsmen exonerated.
Dated this 7th day of February, 1919.
Lydia Sheard, Administratrix.
"hoes" in It
Red Crown's uniform
chain of boiling points
gives easy starting,
quick and smooth ac
celeration, high power,
long mileage. Mix
tures have holes" in
the power chain. Look
for the Red Crown
sign before you fill.
Total .
. i (iisgruntieii. niivirucUYc noiilicians, mm m waffll
uinR st.'ii riohllu rakaii jT"-3S5UHb I
It'ir.ay bethel strict enforcement oi iriw
the curfew "ordinance would serve to r Jt( 'Jjlkjlt
curtail juvenile delinouenrv in Athena. Ill t Jmv mW Iri
Just picture, if you can, Kernel I QS K fa4M 3 112. 1
Wood's corpulency .ill d IflHW
waist line togs. H-u-h-h, Ellen V mPtkmW il
Kind Old Lady (visiting penlten X'VtfS " tijB (.CtUlwui.)
tlary) Ah, my poor fellow; you look V5fM 3t4a9
like nn lamest man. tt'hj did they put Tf ""s" 'I'
Poor Fellow Yer right; It was a fhP fjjiftl fflP I I
Fhame, leddy. They put me here Just wtmjB&&1mmSSww JB 9tt
fer tryln' to open up a little business. of , . f. Ifi , Vv
K'ud Old Lsdy- Why, (bat was an JtlCtlJTY
outragol What kind of a business W:
&EmV2tT3? D Guy Cronk. Special Agent Athena, Orenoo.
Executor's Notice.
In the County Court for Umatilla
County, Oiegon.
In the Matter of the Estate of James
F. Zerba, Deceased:
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed Executor
of the estate of James F. Zerba. de
ceased, by the above entitled Court,
and that he has qualified as said exec
utor as by law required. All persons
having claims against said estate are
notified to present the same to the
undersigned, or to his attorney. Homer
I. Watts, at his office in Athena, Ore
gon, verified as by law required, with
in six months from this date.
Dated at Athena. Oregon, February
1. 1819. Virgil R. Zerba.
A Chinese
is not paid while his patients
are sick. He is only paid to
ke'ep them well.
We write fire insurance
on the same principle that
prevention is better than
cure. The premiums you
pay on a Hartford policy
buy more than indemnity
in case of loss. They buy
advice on fire prevention.
You can get through us,
every help in that direction
that the Hartford Company
has developed during the
108 years it has been study
ing fires and their causes.
It will pay you to inquire
into this service.
Custom and Wholesale
Rolled Feed
S. F. Sharp
Special attention given to all
calio both night and day.
Oalli promptly answered. Office on Tblro
Street. Athena Oregor
Charter No. 4515. Reserve Dist. No 12
of the First National Bank, It Athena, in the State of Oregon, at the close of business
on March 4, 1919. RESOURCES.
Loans and Discounts $686 299 88
it o J0'!!1 'janS " : 686 299 88 686 299 88
u. t. bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value) 12 500 oo
U. S. Bonds and certificates of indebtedness pledged as collateral for
Slate or other deposits or bills payable 20 000 oo
uuuua o. cenmcaics oi inaerjteaness owned &, unpledged 40 UIIO oo
Liberty Loan Bonds, 3 1-2, 4, 4 1-2 per cent, unpledged 1 200 oo
Bonds other than U S Bonds to secure nostal savincr H.nn.h i nnn
Securities other than U S Bonds ot including stocks) owned un-
pled 905 oo
1 otal bonds, securities, etc. other than US , M.,wnTi uuiik ju per cent or sUDscription ). . .
Value of banking house j t t Q Aflfl
Equity in banking house
Furniture and fixtures
Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank
72 500 oo
1 200 oo
3 000 oo
9 000 oo
1 000 oo
51 079 5S
Net amounts due from banks and bankers, and trust comnani',', W
than included in Items 13, 14, and 15 . . .
Total of Item 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 80 3' j j
Chicks on banks outside city or town of reporting bank and other cash items
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due U S Treasurer
Interest earned but not collected approximate on nn,.., '.,( urn. '
ceivable not past due .
Bn. ...... .i.i. t I... ... t b..i . .. 13 937 44
.... .. ..fcnj, mm ouDscripnons
978 05
50 00
625 00
85 00
$ 921 070 46
Capital stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided profits 11 926 65
Less current expenses, interest, and taxes oaid. ' 5 348 42
Circulating notes outstandine
Net amounts due to National Banks .... , ma
r.-.;K..i j- 7 3H4
$ 50 000 00
50 OOO'oo
6 578 23
12 500 00
Cashier's checks on own bank outstanding .... 2m on
Total of Items 32 33, 34 and J5 8 282 46
Individual deposits subject to check. . . 416 347 81
Cert's of deoosit due in less than 30 days (other than money borrowed.'.' ' ' 283 082 31
Total of demand deposits other than bank deposits! subject to reserve
Items 36, 37, 38, 39 40 and 41 ... t69g 430 u
Postal Savings deposits .!',..!!, 342 2 1
Total of tims deposits subject to Reserve, items 42, 43, 44 45 ' ' $342 21
Bills payable, other than with Federal Reserve Bank, including all obliga
tions representing money borrowed, other than rediscounts 60 000 00
Bills payable with Federal Reserve Bank 20 000 00
Liabilities other than those above stated 13 937 44
Toul $921 070 46
State of Oregon, County of Umatilla, as: I, F. S. Legrow, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best ol my
knowlodge and belief, Fi s. LeOrow, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me 1 Correct Attest
this 14th day of March, 1919. u . '
a. B.. RICHARDS, Notary Public T ZZj.
for Oregon. My commission expires Mar. w B. Shaffer,
. Mr. I R. T. Cannon,
Take it from me
says the super to
the engineer
"You can't ever
beat good old
Gravely Plug. It!s
got the real tobacco
taste that keeps a
man satisfied."
Good taste, smaller
chew, longer life is what
makes Genuine Grave
ly cost less to chew than
ordinary plug.
Writt ft:
Genuine Gravely
for booklet on chewing plug.
Peyton Brand
Plug packed in pouch
A. J. Parker, Proprietor
Shaving, Haircutting, Massaging, Shampooing.
Bath Rooms In Connection,
St. Kichols Hotel Block - - - Athena, Oreg.
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
American Beauty
Is trade in Athena, by Athena labor, in one ol the very" best
equipped mills in the Northwest, of the best selected Bluestem
wheat grown anywhere. Patronize home industry. Your
grocer sells the famous American Beauty Flour
Merchant Millers 8c Grain Buyers
Athena, Oregon.
Waitsburg, Wash.
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Our Market is
Clean and? Cool
Insuring Wholesome Meats.
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
The Ford Model T one-tor, truck is prov
ing a splendid time and money-s&ver on
the farm. It is very flexible in control,
strong and dependable in service. It has
Think it reallv become one of
Over the farmer?' necessi-
Mr Fa'rmpr -ieS" ne Ford truck'
lVir. r armer ,s equal to half a doz-i
en teams and it .won't "eat its head off",
when qpt working. The very low price
makes it popular with shrewd farmers
who analyze conditions on the farm. Let
us talk it over, Mr. Farmer. Price with
out body, $550 f. o. b. Detroit.
Can deliver, and furnish Bodies at once.
Burke & Son Garage
Phone 82, Athena, Oregon