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    Press Paragraphs I
Next Friday in Primary election.
Frank Berlin soent wi.
la Walla on business. ,
Mrs. W. S. Perry is up from Port
land, visiting relatives.
Mrs. H. 0. Worthington was in the
city Tuesdav from Pendleton.
The coupons for the Second Liberty
Loan bonds are due May 1 6th.
For Sale. A fresh milch cow. Call
and see A. R. Booher, Athena. Oreg.
J Burke & Son havej-ecently sold Ford
cW,to Carl Plucker, Clint Holcomb
and Charles May.
Lawrence Tharp came up from Pen
dleton and spent Saturday and Sunday
with his parents in Athena.
The pastry sale given by the ladies
of the Methodist Episcopal church last
Saturday, netted them 65.
Mr. and Mrs. Eberhardt. of La
Grande, were in the city Tuesday, and
.visited at the Richards home.
)uacob Booher is in Pendleton this
yweftk, where he is assisting in a clean
ing and pressing establishment.
W. C. Miller, who is working at the
Nye harness shop in Walla Walla,
spent Sunday at his home in this city.
Miss Mattie Coppock has received
word of the death of her aunt, Mrs.
Bertie Thompson, recently, in Port
The Christian church Red Cross ben
efit banquet was a splendid success last
evening, netting the sum of about
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Richards and
H. H. Hill attended the funeral of
C. H Whiteman, in Walla Walla, yes
Cleye Myers has moved his shoe
i from the north aide of Main street
to the building west of Steele's har
ness shop.
j E. L. Holt, electrician, who is now
employed by the Pacific Power & Light
Co., was in town Wednesday from
Walla Walla.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs John Foss, of
Moro, April 25, 1M18, a son. The
youngster has been christened John Jr.
Austin Foss.
D. C. Sanderson of the Freewater
Times and Lon Williams, republican
candidate for county commissioner,
were in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Sturtevant, of
Lebanon, are guests this week of Mr.
and Mrs. Ross Catron. Mrs. Sturte
vant is the mother of Mr. Catron.
Charles Russell is home from Port
land, and is feeling considerably bet
ter. Present indications are that he
will continue to improve in health.
C. A. Barrett tc Co. have received a
carload of Deering cutting machinery,
including binders, mowers and rakes.
Now is the time to place your order.
M. L. Watts is driving a new roust
about car. It is a Buick "Light Six,"
and in its capacity as a utility vehicle
will be used on Mr. Watts' fishing ex
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Leonard of
Waitsburg and Mrs. Fred Stine of Spo
kane, attended the Lieuallen family
reunion at the George Lieuallen home
Mrs. H. H. Hill is this week visiting
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C
0. Whiteman, near LaCross, Wash
She will go to Lewiston, Idaho, for
a visit with her sister, before return
ing. .
-Sunday's fishing excursions revealed
tmNfjict that the creeks and not the
rivers contain the fish at this season of
the year. River fishermen had no luck
at ill, while the creek anglers made
splendid catches.
Mrs. Garfield, whose condition last
week was so very grave that her life
was practically despaired of, has ral
lied, and is now on the fair road to re
covery. She has been removed from
the hospital to her own home in Walla
OUR 6000$
We advertise and offer
War Savings Stamps
for sale with all purchases
S. & H. Pure Food Grocery
QualityQuantity Service.
Phone 171
Wear His Smile
of Satisfaction
by using a real paint
Paint, Prepared
is manufactured from the purest of
materials because The Sherwin-Williams
Co. control the sources of their
raw materials. Gives protection for
the longest possible time.
Sold by
Ware's Pharmacy
Oils. Glass and Brushes
0. P. HOFF. republican, for State
Treasurer. Read The Political Puzzle,
pages 23-27, election pamphlet. Paid
Mrs. William Rice chapsroned a
party of young people on a picnic
party to Bingham Springs Sunday,
which was voted a very pleasant affair
by all concerned.
Remember the Junior Red Cross Tea
at Mrs. Henry Koepke's tomorrow af
ternoon, May 11, from 8 to fi o'clock.
Cars will be at F'x & Radkte's store
at 3. 3:30 , 4. and 4:V0 to take those
who have no way of going.
Mrs. Melville Johns arrived Sunday
evening from Vancouver, Wash., to
join her husband here. Mr. and Mrs.
Johns have leased and furnished the
Kemp residence on Adams street, and
Wednesday began house keeping. (
Judge Phelps, W. L. Thompson,
Judge Lowell, Merle Chessman and
Leon Cohen of Pendleton, members of
the county Patriotic Service League,
were in the city yesteriay formulating
plans for the coming Red Cross drive.
Next Tuesday afternoon, the Star
Club will be entertained by Mrs.
Homer I. Watts and Mrs. W. S. Fer
guson, Should the weather be propi
tious, the ladies will entertain in the
City Park; but otherwise, at the home
of Mrs. Watts.
Henry Barrett returned Saturday
evening from Portland, accompanied
Dy Mrs. Barrett and the children. Sen
ator and Mrs. C. A. Barrett will re
turn to their Athena home in a few
days. There is not much change in
Senator Barrett's health.
Surrounding towns are organizing
community singing and Mrs. J. C.
Baddeley has decided to try for a like
organization in Athena and vicinity.
Her object will be to drill singers in
natioial songs, for the Durpose of sing
ing at patriotic gatherings.
Marion Hansell brought the finest
basket of fish to town Wednesday that
has been seen this year. He made
the catch in Pine creek. He generous
ly distributed his surplus beauties
among several of his town friends who
do not have the opportunity to angle.
Driving stoc1' through Athena streets
fa being frowned upon by property
oyners in the residence districts.
WitVthe advent of concrete sidewalk?,
fences nave been removed, and stock
driven through town have in some in
stances plunged over lawns and caused
considerable damage.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lumsdan and
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Wilmot have re
turned from California, where they
spent the winter. The entire trip
was made by automobile, coming by
way of Central Oregon. The party vis
ited the family of Clyde" Willaby, at
Condon, en route home.
The residence of Win. Gould at Wes
ton was badly damaged by fire Satur
day afternoon, and the contents were
injured bv the flames and water. The
origin of the fire is unknown. Mr.
Gould was not at home and Mrs. Gould
was in Athena, visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Orell McPherrin, at the time.
It is quite probable that Memorial
Dav, May 30. will be observed in Ath
ena with appropriate exercises. The
fact that the Nation is at war, neces
sarily means th'it the soldier dead will
receive their meed of honor on Dec
oration Day. the country over. And
Athena will not lack in this patriotic
Sidney Murphy writes friends that
he h is been assigned to the flying corps
in the aviation service and is now tak
ing a twelve weeks' course as a cadet
at Berkeley, California. Sid, who is
a nephew of Mrs. F. B. Boyd, enlisted
last fall in the balloon corps, but his
call places him as a flyer, which he
says, is "much better. " He has been
employed for the rast few years with
a surveying crew in Alaska and Cal
ifornia. Fourteen ladies were present at the
meeting of the knitting club last
Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Roy Burke. New members received
were Mrs. Will Read and Mrs, Frank
Coppock. The ladies are enthusiastic
in the work, and much was accom
plished. The meeting this afternoon
is being held at the home of Mrs. J. A.
Kirk, chairman of the club. Next
Friday, May 17, Mrs. William Pinker-
ton will open her home to the knitters.
O. P. HOFF, republican, for State
Treasurer. Read The Political Puzzle,
pages 26-27, election pamphlet Paid
From the East Oregonian of May 3,
we copy the following very satisfactory
report from the local Red Cross auxiliary:
"The Athena auxiliary has made a
good showing the past month, accord
ing to Secretary C. E. Roosevelt of
the Umatilla Red Cross Chapter. This
morning a check for 144.81 was re
ceived, which w ith $8 sent in before
for dues, makes a total of (152.81 in
cash contributions for the month. Fin
ished work sent included: 12 sleeve
les coats on April 10 and a shipment
received Mav 1 as follows: 17 sleeve
less coals, 7 pairs of pants, 15 sweat
ers, 45 towels, 12 napkins and 8 pairs
of socks. Bessie Thompson is secre
tary of the Athena auxiliary."
Next month a report for this aux
iliary will be a nnticable improvement
on this one, as a number of benefits
have been given, including the follow
ing: Received for banquet given the
Walla Walla K. of K., 198.118; Peo
ples, Theater benefit. $16.25; for Gold
man lecture, to the Belgian Relief
fund. !0.:i5; from Ware's Pharmacy
benefit, Belgian Relief, (20; from the
Christian church banquet, 9105.
Other benefits are pending, which
will still augment the local contribu
tion to the head Chapter. All work
now on hand has been finished and the
rooms cleared of garments. The room
will be occupied next Wednesday af
ternoon by the Belgian Relief com
mittee, who will have garments cut
and ready for making into the lay
ettes. Mrs. Steele, chairman of this
committee, invites all the members to
assist on next Wednesday.
23 Years Ago,
From the Press oi May 10 1895
Born, Near Athena, May 1895,
to the wife of E. A. Dudley, a boy.
W. E. Young this week manufac
tured a set of neat belts for Athena
Hose Co. No. I.
The Normal school at Weston ex
pects to have all the students it can
possibly accommodate next season.
John Thompson and brother of Gib
bon, killed a bear last week on the
north fork of Meackam creek, and cap
tured two alive.
A Umatilla county man recently
purchased 60 head of good range an
imals at $2 per head, and then traded
15 of them for a work team.
W; H. Britten, a reservation farm
er, will set out 15 acres of cabbage
plants this year. He expects to beat
wheat with cabbage at halt a cent a
Emigrants continue to travel both
ways east and west through Athena.
At least twenty "schooners" passed
through town this week.
The date for the meeting of the Pio
neers Association of Weston has been
set at June sixth and seventh This
is the fourth annual meeting of the
association, and as usual, will be held
in Weston.
Mildly speaking, Marshrl Gholson is
warm, and proposes to enforce the
ordinance that provides for the closing
of the saloon business in Athena, on
the first day of the week commonly
called Sunday. The marshal also says
any one caught gambling will be
"pulled," and pulled quick, too.
James Sharp, Tom Purdy and Ed.
Taft wi 1 be mustered into Co. B, 3rd
Reg; 0. N. G. at Weston, next Tues
day night. Several Athena boys are
already members of the company.
A. good price for wheat is predicted
by C. W. Tacy, general manager of
the Pacific Coast Elevator company,
who said in Pendleton Tuesday: "Bas
ing hiy opinion on such facts as were
given me by those whose interest it
was to tell the truth. I do not hesitate
to predict a fall market of 40 to 45
cents in this section of the country.
I do, not wish to hold out any false
hopes, and consider this prophesy a
conservative forecast of the future of
wheat for the Inland Empire. "
The Churches,
Baptist Church Notes.
Next Sunday is Mothers' Day and
special services will be the feature of
the day at the church. A special ser
mon on the topic, "Mother," will b;
given at the 1 1 o'clock service. Spe
cial singing will add another feature.
Let every one come. Bring a white
flower with you in honor of Mother.
Trie church will join in the Bacca
laureate service at the school at the
evening service. D. E. Baker, Pastor.
The Christian Church.
There will be but two services at the
Christian church Sunday. Bible school
10 a. m., with Director Geo. R. Ger
king at the the helm. Preaching and
communion 11 a. m. The pastor will
speak on the theme: "The Future
Church." It will be of interest to all
interested in the future of the Church.
The members will join in the union
Bervice at the High School auditorium
in the evening, the occasion of the an
nual sermon to the people, the school,
and especial'y those who are interest
ed in the future education of the
The pastor will close his work here
the last Sunday in May, and from now
on will be busy in getting things in
order that the work may continue with
deeper interest. The public cordially
invited and welcome to all services.
D. Errett, Minister.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Mothers' Day will be observed Sun
day. The morning sermon is entitled:
"The Stewardship of Life," being the
seqond of four special stewardship ser
mons. Every one is requested to wear
a white flower in honor of the best
mother your mother.
The evening service will be held at
the High school Audiitorium in honor
of the Senior Class of Athena High
School. All the churches will unite
for this service. 4
Mr. John Lewtas, war correspondent,
traveler, lecturer, will lecture in this
church Monday evening. May 13. Mr.
Lewtas has traveled extensively in
Europe during the past 1 5 yearB He
has made two trips through the war
zone since the outbreak of the Great
War. He has visited the battle line
as a newspaper correspondent, and
collected hundreds of pictures, from
which he has had lantern slides made.
These he places before his audience
and, ivith a graphic description which
he gives, brings a double message to
his audience. Mr. Lewtas spent the
summer on the Chatauqua platform,
has lectured before the leading schools
and in the largest churches in the
Pacific Northwest and in Canada. No
patriot can afford to miss this great
0. P. HOFF, republican, for State
Treasurer. Read The Political Puzzle,
pages 26-27, election pamphlet. Paid
Oriental Statecraft
The part which gesture plays in Ori
ental drama is set forth in a recent
Hindu volume, which says that there
is a fltUng gesture to represent every
emotion. The gesture, in fact, Is de
scribed as deaf-and-dumb alphabet of
the soul. There are nine movements
of the head, corresponding to nine emo
tions, mentioned by one authority, 24
by another; 28 movements of the sin
gle hands, and 24 or 20 of the double
hands, etc. ; also "bands" denoting an
imals, trees, oceans, and other things.
For example, a certain position of the
hands denotes a certain emperor,
caste, or planet. The translator says j
rather naively that only a cultivated
audience can appreciate Indian "ac
tor's art."
Will There be Sugar
. Enough for Canning
A good many customers have ben asking this question and
it is answered by the Food Administration in their Bulletin
No. 686, February 21, 1918.
There Will be Plenty of Sugar But
There Will Not be Jars Enough
In order to take proper care of your needs, we would sug
gest the following:
Order at once or soon, all the jars you think you'll need.
We have only a limited quantity of jars purchased, and do
not expect to be able to get any more when these are" gone.
We Give Fair Warning first come, first served. We have
the Kerr line of fruit jars, as we consider them the best on
the market. This line consists of:
Kerr regular Mason Jar, Kerr wide-mouth Mason
jar, Kerr Economy Jar, Kerr Jelly Glasses, Kerr
caps and lids for all jars.
Phone 152
Athena Department Store
rvuKe Peta of Hornbllli.
The yellow hornblll, one of the most
interesting of the species, is a com
paratively fearless bird and is easily
killed. The male Is fond of perching
on the tiptop of tropical trees and
making n noise like a young puppy.
The natives in Africa find young
hornbills easily tamed. They dig the
birds out of the tree nests when quit
young and raise them on milk and
berries In their huts. When grown
the hornblll remains attnehed to its
foster parents and will eat out of the
same dishes. Left free, the hornblll
comes and goes much as does a pet
crow and remains about the hut un
til the first mating season, when it
goes away with one of its kind, rare
ly to return.
A Few Reasons Why
is beeoming the standard of
the West
1 Burns kerosene, distillate or gas
oline. 2 Equipped with the famous Buda-
3- j-Low center of gravity.
4- Flexibility, both front and rear.
5- -Direct drive on both front high and
low gears.
8- All parts enclosed In oil bath.
7 Simple control; one-man machine.
8 Self steering; runs in furrow.
9 Straight draw-bar pull; no side
10 One-third greater cooling capacity
than any tractor of same size.
11 Averages an acre an hour, pulling
!l-bottom 14 in. plow.
Box 07, Pendleton, Oregon
Ask ub for a Demonstration on your farm
Get our prices be
fore placing your
Berry Monument works
F. M. Barry, Prop.
12th and Main Street near 0. W. R. C&
N. Passenger Depot Walla Walla Wash.
N. A. MILLER Local Representative.
Vtyf s te
wuf r.iiv.r, r.nruiMn
Phone 609
moat jiggling lv In the world-
S. F. Sharp
Special attention given to all
call both night and day.
Ualli promptly answered. Offlce uu Tblrd
Street, Athena Oreaor
Advance by Retrogression.
The rookie was being taken to tb
"Quick promotion," he muttered to
himself. "I am already In charge of
a squad of men." Boston livening
XrajwcxiiU. j
Dr. J. C. Baddeley
LaBrasche Runch
In Athena Monday' Tuesday, Wednes
day, other days of week in Walla Walla,
2nd and Main over Third National Bank
Dr. E. W. Croup - Dr. C. H. Lash
William Fox Presents
A Throne Totters
When an American youth, fighting against insuper
able odds, gives up everything for the
glorv of his country
Peoples Theater
Admission, 25 cents and 50 cents
D. Scott Fisher
Residence and Shop, on Adams Street
Miiiinniiiitiiniiiii t tt)w
Just Speaking
of Cash
Here's a few prices for Cash for the
next few days:
A 1 1-2 II P Gasoline Engine $50.00
One Cream Separator, Baltic No.l 40.00
One Garden Seed Planter 14.50
One HI x 4 Vacuum Cup Auto Tire Casing 32.50
Two 32x4 ' " " each 33.50
Two 34x4 " " ' 36.00
Two 30 x 3 1-2 " " " ' " " 21.00
Two 30 x 3 Revere " " " " 12.65
Two 30 x 3 1-2 " " " " " 16.45
Two 32x4 ' " " ' " 27.00
Two 34x4 " " " " " 29.00
Four 30 x 3 1-2 Grey Tubes " 3.00
Two 32 x 4 " " ' 4.00
Two 30x3 " " " 2-35
Two 34x4 " " 4.50
12 one gal cans Medium Valvoline Oil " 90c
Twelve Water Bags ' 1.35
Two doz No 6 Columbia Dry Cells " 45c
2 doz pair canvass-back, leather-palm Gloves, pair 40c
C. A. Barrett
&. Co.