The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, December 28, 1917, Image 4

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    The LittleTots' Favorite
The children prefer "H. 0"ube
causeit is the oatmeal with
the tempting flavor. It makes
sturdy little bodies and keen
quick-thinking brains as it
contains the properties that
make energy and tissue in just
the right proportions. "H. 0"
is more nourishing than meat
or eggs, and ean be prepared
in only 20 minutes. Do not ac
cept ordinary oatmeal or rolled
oats, when you can obtain
"H. 0." At all grocers.
Cuts 20 Cords in 10 Hours
BUT NO EQUALS. Write for Information.
Vaughan Motor Work, 'KiiN
not nr .hlnrirrn Tof PRICES tor TURKEYS. DUCKS. GEESE and CHICKENS
t season, and we are Doing P do so adaln this year. If you have not already
lipped tc us, do so now and be convinced. We will get you resul's you have been
OKIng for. Shin live Turkeys. Ducks), Geese and Chickens at once. Thee will be
..... ,i ,i, , i (...- ,-i... i', r,. All i.miltrv will nt hlnhcr nrlces than ev 'r before.
kin r-H i.irkvi liitrL hmm and rhlr.krns tr arrive here November 24 h to 27th
ncluslve. Ship us your Veal, Hogs, Beef, Mutton, Eggs, Butter, Wool, Mohair, Hides,
etc. We w p ease you. ,
Processes of Civilization.
"Have you missionaries civilized the
savages among whom you dwell?"
"We went part way with them," re
plied the earnest, -worker, "But wo
aren't thQ people who laught them the
expert uso ot modern firearms."
Brooklyn Citizen.
Charcoal Eph'a Dally Thought.
i "Mos' spy man got a.fair chance In
dls woiT," said' Charcoal Eph, rumlmv
ttvoly, "only boiiio men makes dey
chance git up an' hustle, whilst re yud
dahs waits fo' luck t' fill day mouf
Try some pone, Mlstah Jackson."
1 r
No Light on the Subject.
"Who is the author of the saying,
'Meeting the dovll before day'?" asks
a correspondent of the Adams Enter
prise, and the editor replies:
"Dunno. Sometimes we are under
the Impression that we said It ourself,
after we had Muccesstully dodged a
well-aimed kerosene lump, on a S a. m.
stairway." Atlanta Constitution,
A Pious Wish.
Dr. Doaem Times are awfully dull,
Maria. I can't imagine what's become
of all the patients I used to have.
MrB. IV-Let's hope for the best,
dear! Hrownlng'B Magazine.
Hotel Rowland
One homli-ed and slxty-flvci Hoomn, nil Modern
Improvement: free phone on Very door.
Rates: 75c to $1.50 per day: $2.50 to
$5-00 per week.
OppMito Curthouin1, 2 blocks from Postufllce.
Fire Proof. 8. I' nnd Or-aiton EloctHc pua door.
Wo Want Your
We Pay Cash. No Commissions
74 Front St.,
Portland, Ore
We will pny you the hltrhi'Bt prirti for your
TurkeyH, UeNt nnd Dudiri. Our (dripper nl
Ways v 1 ' Mtun. Wiiw ut for iium.
129 Front Str.-ot, Portland. Or.
ci im Ve'' Pur1 Bm
rjr Poultrv, Uutter, Eggs
"" and Farm Produce.
to the Old RellaMit Krerdln linusa with
record of 45 years of N.iuo i ntuiHB. and
baaasorod of TOP NUKKi r PHK KS.
M7 Front Su.ol Portland, Owon
Wl nut K fN tin. WMt for prices asd shlppiag li(i
Till H. F. NORTOK CD. forttand. tire.; Startle, Kn.
trstUi. Writo for pries. Stlp on your Voal,
Hairs, Poulu.,, Kasii. Illlwsnri Cascara bark.
Top pricos arid fidr trmlnwnt.
L'DinalU IJLT'VI LV nMU'V 1.. .
Produce Brokers.
Cash ttuyrm in local nnd car lc-1 '.
HOGS i v.,;. Mi i APPLES
veal U. ailsc o; ''''1' pt
EGGS r C " Smmiuiaa. I ONIONS
1 126 Front Street,
Hcfenuic: Hih.iidiiKi.vUiM. Hunk.
Poultry, Veal
and Hogs
gsHHMt St, IVrtlaiid. Ore.
New Houston Hotel
Sixth and EvertiH SU.. Portland, Ore.
Four filocka from Union Depot. Two blocks
from Nw PoHtoIUce. Modern and fireproof.
Over 100 outeide rooms. Kates 7fic to $2.00.
tnrl U. I"'l 111 M.J, IIHMOKll.
If your Back hurts or Bladder
bothers, drink lots of
When your kidneys hurt and your
back feels sore, don't get soared and
proceed to load your stomach with a
lot ot drngB that excite the kidneys
and irritate, the entire urinary tract
Keep your kidneys clean like you keep
your bowels clean, by Hushing them
witb a mild, harmless salts wmcft re
mores the body's urinous waste and
stimulates them to tbelr normal acttv
lty. The function of the kidneys Is to
filter the blond. In 24 hours they
strain from It 600 grains of acid and
waste, so we can readily understand
,the vital Importance of keeping the
Kidneys active. . -
Drink" lots of water you can't drink
too much; also get from any pbarma
cist about four ounces ot Jad Salts;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast each morning
for a few days and your kidneys will
act fine. This famous salts Is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with llthla, and has
been used for generations to clean
and stimulate clogged kidneys; also
to neutralize the acids In urine so it
no longer Is a source of irritation, thus
ending bladder weakness.
,7ad Salts Is Inexpensive; cannot In
jure: makes a delightful effervescent
llthla-water drink which everyone
should take now and then to jceep
their kidneys clean and active. Try
this, also keep up the water drinking,
and no doubt you will wonder what
became ot your kidney trouble and
The Bird Bfina an Ostrich.
"Out of mere curiosity," says an
exebange, "we would HKe to read .Mr,
Hoover s own dally menu.
Judging from Herbert's lantern
jaws and emaciated physique, he doeB
not eat any more nan a bird. Exchange.
Are made from your OLD CAR
PETS. Rag Rus woven all sizes.
Mailorders receive prompt and care
ful attention. Send for booklet.
E. 8th and Taylor Sts. Portland, Or.
Bought. Sold, Rented and Repaired
Burneido. cor. 10th. I'ortland. Ore.
Bigger Pay for You.
Behnkc-Walfccr Hu' im ' Colleffo, i'ortland
Ore.. iurKCHt in Northwest, trains you In nil bus!
ness course. Knroll any tlmo. Free Catalog.
Wilt guarantee you top-market lirtces at fill times
for your Veal. Hoirs, Poultry, Ekr-b, Butter, Hidos,
tHc. If you have not shipped to us, try us.
113 Front, PORTLAND, OR.
A woman who waB traveling In Can
ada, collecting data for her book,
stayed, with a farmer's wife, When
the farijter came in from the fieldB he
mopped some time to rub his gum
boots on the door mat.
"Whore is your husband?" aakeil
the visitor. "I thought 1 heard him at
the iloor.
"tfe'a clennln' his 'gums' on the mat,
ma'am," said tho farmer's wife.
When tho book was aeut to the pub
lisher tbls passage caught his atten
tion: '("uimdian Bottlers in the out-of-the-way
districts can't get toothbrushes,
so they use the door mut." Exchange.
Politesse Oblige.
The Gorman imperial clothing de
partment has decreed that owners of
garments "bearing tho murks ot prodi
gal eating" will not be permitted to
replace them, and tho demand among
the elderly dandles of llerlln for soup
colored waistcoats Is said to havo al
ready reached unprecodontod figures.
Hot Scotch.
Scotch Sergeant (drilling some raw
roorulls)- Koo Is It yo dlnna tur-r-n
uboot when Ah about tur-r-n yo? Can
na ye mi'er-r stan' guld king's English?
Passing Show.
A Poor Substitute,
"Wlint havo you in your local too?"
"Well, for one thing, we havo ono
of tho largest collodions of snakos
you over saw."
"I don't care tor snakes. Have you
no largo uinphlbiana?"
"No, but there's a fat man who
spendq about half his tlmo In the
swimming pool at the other end of
tho park. He's the nearest thing to
largo amphibian we have about
here." Portland Telegram.
(Uy h. W. flower, M. D.)
Biirkachti of any kind i ofton cttusw.
by kidney Aisoi'dur, which-tnenna that the
kliSneyv ru uot working pruptiiy. Poison
ous mutter una urlu acid accunmlntc
withlu the body lu ffreut nbundunue,
overworking the sUk kidneys; hence the
cottfeitlon or blood cauaeA backache in
the Ktmie milliner m n atmllflr oongeatton
Im me head cnuHett headache.. Tou be
come nrrvuuft, despondent, alck, fevotiah,
trrltuble, hnvo spot! appearing before the
cyos,-bug! under the lid, and lack ambi
tion to do things.
The latest :md moat effective means
of overcoming this trouble, la tu ent flpar
Ingly of in-;i, drink plenty of water be
tween meals una take a single An-u-iic
tablet before each meal for a while.
Simply ak your favorite druggist fov
Aiturii. doAibls atrength. If you havS
hitnbturo, rheumatism, gout, dropsy, be
gin Immediately with this nSwet dlaeov
cry of Dr. Pierce, Who Is Chief Medical
rUrertur of Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Intmute lu Imffalo. N. T. Send 10 cents
r.x- imhI pvg.
Olio a prompt him cm-ctlTr nmsd) DM
Hist acts qui. Kiv and rvntslru no oiilntrs.
Vat rsn gtt sach a namly by ukiu tat
"I understanj the weather prophets
are predicting an Unusually cold win
ter." "That's BOod news. I never yet
knew a weather prophecy dated three
monthB ahead to come out right."
Washington Star.
Fine' Conformity.
"That penmanship teaoher is very
consistent in the way she arranges
her face veil."
"How do you mean?"
"Don't you notice that in putting it
on she always dots her eyee?" Exchange.
Do You Know Him?
Smith What do you think of
Jones Brown, sir! He Is one of
those people that smack you on the
back before your face and hit you in
the eye behind your back! Chicago
Sarcastic Pop.
She I told papa you wanted to see
him tho next time you called.
He What did he say?
She He said for you to come on:
ho wasn't afraid of you. Boston Transcript.
Laugh When People
Step On Your Feet
Try this yourself then pat,
It along to others.
It works!
Ouch I ? I ? I I This kind of rough
talk will be heard less i ere in town if
people troubled with corns will follow
the Blmple advice of this Cincinnati
authority, who claims that a few drop,
of a drug called freezone when applied
to a tender, aching corn or hardened
callous stops soreness at once, and
soon the corn or callous dries up and
lifts right off without pain.
He says freetone dries immediately
and never inflames or even irritates
the surrounding skin. A small bottle
of freezone will cost very little at any
drug store, but will positively remove
every hard or soft corn or callous
from one's feet. Millions of American
women will welcome this announce
ment since the Inauguration of tho
high heel,. It your druggist doesn't
have freezone tell him to order a small
bottle for you.
Salted With Fine Words.
"Where did you got that gold mine
you are promoting? Who did tho pros
poctlng?" "No one; but we have a first-class
man doing tho prospectuslng." Bos
ton Transcript.
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Enhaut, Pa. - "I was all run down and
weak inwardly. 1 had female troubles
ami nervous f retina
and my head Iwtr,
ered me. I would
often have crying
spells and feel as if
I was not safe. If
1 heard anyone corn
ins J would run and
lock thedoorsothey
would not see me.
1 tried several doc
tor, and they did not
help me so 1 said to
my mother '1 mtnss
I will have to die as there is no help for
me. ' She got me one of your little
books nnd my husband said I should try
one bottle. I stopped the doctor',
medicine and took Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. It soon mada a
change in me and now I am strong and
do an my work." Mrs. Augustus
Bauuhman, Box W, Enhaut, Pa.
Why will 'Women continue to suiter
day in and day out and drag out a sickly,
half-hoarted existence, missing three
fourths of the joy of living, when they
can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound T
If you would like free confidential ad
vice add rests I.vdmM Piukhwn Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass,
Training in All Countries Found
to Be Only Preliminary
in Character.
Uncle Sam's Investigator, Find Thai
It I, Not Regarded as a Substitute
-'.' fer Physical Training, but a.
Solely Preparatory.
Although each European nation post
sesses Its own system of military
training of school youths, adopted tcj
the specific conditions and purposes oi
the movement in each particular In
stance, a certain similarity of origirj
and organization of these movements'
may be observed, according to expert,
of TJncTe Sam's bureau of education
who have recently .looked very care
fully into this matter us being of spe
cial interest to educators of the United
States at this time.
In most cases It was found that the;
source of the movement could l)d
traced to the department of education
and patriotic organizations of citizens,
Where military Instruction Is not an,
obligatory part of (he public school
Curricula, It Is promoted In the form
of student organizations under the
leadership of patriotic clubs and aldi
ed by government grants and by the
lense of government property. In
those countries where the governments'
are not directly active In this work It
often arises spontaneously, it was;
found, under the guise pf seml-rallltaryi
Training Only Preliminary.
As a result of the study made by
the experts It was found that military
Instruction, of the exact nature and tq
the same extent as that given to soK
dlers Is not found In the schools of
any country of Europe except the spe
cial military schools. Such training Is
confined everywhere to the period of
active service, and no attempt has
ever been inade to Impose upon the
school the task of producing fully
trained soldiers. In many countries
having universal military service the
public schools provide for training boys
in such elements of military science
as may be conveniently combined with
their physical training and at the
sume time prepare them for the active
service awaiting every young man.
Tho attitude of foreign educators, it
was found, Is well defined On this mat
ter. They do not, ns a rule, regard
the military Instruction ns a success
ful substitute for the well established
systems of physical training and char
acter building. They generally view It
as nn anomaly In the school system,
justified only by the exigencies of na
tional defense. The enthusiastic sup
port they lend to this work comes more
from patriotic rather than from peda
gogic motives, according to those ex
perts who have Just completed this
study. Occasionally, however, the ben
eficial effects of military training up
on the moral and physical sides of
boys' education are emphasized. Very
marked results of this nature have
been observed In Australia.
Not Physical Training.
In France, where military training
Is a component part of the prescribed
program of public primary schools, It
Is not approved by trading educators
as n method of phy.'eal training, but
It Is recognized and commended ns
preparatory training for military serv
ice, Intended to raise tho efficiency of
the French army. The programs of
public schools In Frunce Include gyui
nastiCS and moral Instruction, the for
mer ns a means of building up the
physique of the boys rind the latter
of developing their character. It Is
generally recognized that these two ob
jects of education cannot be perfectly
uttnlned by any system of military
It Is a significant feature of all mill
turlstlc movements affecting thd
schools Unit they appear wherever ana
whenever special need Is felt for rais
ing the standard of the military pre
paredness of the nation. In France
the movement was started after the
disastrous war of 1870 and revived ut
ter the reduction of the term of active
service in 11)05. In Austria Intensive
nllltury work lu the schools was
launched after u similar reduction of
the term of service. In Switzerland
and Australia It accompanied the in
troductlon of an abbreviated system of1
universal military service. During thd
period from 1008 to lfll-l, when appre
hension of the oncoming European con
flict was keen among the nations of
the continent, the training of school
youths In warlike exercises was greats
ly extended.
The truth Is, the notion that an In-!
tellectual recognition of certain dog-
nuts is the essential condition of salva
tion lies at the bottom of all Intoler-i
ithce In matters of religion. Under this
impression, men are too apt to forget
that the great end of Christianity Is.
love, nud that charity Is Its crowning
virtue; they overlook the beautiful sig
nificance of the parable of the heretic
Samaritan and the orthodox Pharisee;
and thus, by suffering their speculative
opinions of the next world to make
them uncharitable and cruel In this,
ihey are really the worse for them,
even admitting them to be true. Whlt-tler.
Undeserved Derision.
No more undeserved derisive nick
name was ever visited upon an organi
sation than that of the Fourteenth
Husuurs, commanded by Colonel Ham
ilton. Several companies of It ware
once competed to retreat before an
overwhelming force and tho whole
regiment was branded as "Hamilton's
Runaways." Here wo, a regiment
w hich was one of the brareet ever In
the service of Ureat Brltalu; It had
left its dead en the battlefields In all
parts of the world; It bad a brilliant
record for valor end yet was It known
even to Its romrudea In arms by an in
sulting epithet.
This is a
Here's the truck that was built to meet the conditions under which YOU muat do your
hauling. Here's the truck you don't have to lay up in Winter the truck that goes through
plowed fields and up un-roaded hills like stock take to the range. --1'
We have been very successful with the Duplex under the condition that the truck must work in this territory,
due to the fact that it is exclusively a FARMING district and most of the work is done in the FIELDS, in
M. A. Woods put his WHEAT in the warehouse for 2 3-4 cents a sack. Last year it cost him 7 cents a sack
with teams. He hauled 11,000 sacks in 23 days, ALL OUT OF THE FIELD; never got stuck and never had
to unload during the entire season. His farm is an average hilly one. Excerpt from a letter from a Duplex
On another occasion the DUPLEX negotiated a 45 per cent grade with SO sacks of wheat where a TWO
WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK COULD, NOT GET UP EMPTY. 4500 sacks were hauled over this road. The
hill is three miles long. V ' '
Let's hear from you NOW. Give us the chance to show you
how we can save you big money.
There's a little territory still open on the DUPLEX. Live agents, here's your chance to
get hooked up with a winnerand with one of the oldest, largest and fastest growing auto
mobile concerns in the Northwest. Mail the coupon today.
Factory Distributors, "The Line Complete."
Gentlemen: Please send me information about the' Duplex four-wheel drive truck:
A Big Plumber's BUI.
The party of tourists were watching
Professor X as he exhumed the wrap
ped body of an ancient Egyptlon.
"Judging from the utensils about
him," remarked the professor, "this
mummy must have been an Egyptlon
"Wouldn't It be Interesting," said a
romantic young' lady, "if we could
bring him to life?"
"Interesting, but a bit risky," re
turned Prof. X. "Somebody might
have to pay him for his time." Exchange.
Lunar Wisdom.
"Tbsvmoon is a lesson to man In the
way of temperance."
"How Is that!"
"She puts off getting full until she
gets to her last quarter." Exchange.
The Reason.
"I haven't slept for days
'"Smatter, sick?"
"Naw, I sleep nights." -Excha
"He can't get blood pm a turnip
When a collector cam." said Will.
But the persistent moairaUo can
When he presents hlsifjill.
It bo mora necriBtry
than Smallpox, Aimy
experience htsdimonstrotcd
the almost mlgtsloui effi
cacy, andhtm1esi,crfAntltypbflfcccinaUoo.
Be vaccinated NOW by your plryi0B Yu and
your family. It Is most vital than house insurance.
Ask your physician, druggist, or lend for 'Have
you had Typhoid" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
f eiultt from ua , and danger from Typhoid Carriers, ,
raowciii vaouwa a atauiia urhi v. . aov. ucuat
Granulated Eyelids,
Sore Eyes, Eyes Inflamed by
Sun, Dutt anil Wind quickly
relieved by Murine. Try ft In
your Eycsand In Baby's Eyes.
KoSmartini.Jnst Eye Comfort
MnrlneEye Remedy 'pSK.
y. Salva. in Tubes Mo. Ptir floofc of the Eve Frw.
Ask Murine Ere Remedy Co.. Chicago d
Shaken into tho shoe, and aprinkledfin the foot
bath it g-ives rest and oomfort, takes the frietion
from the shoe and prevents busters and sore spots.
Makes walking easy. Accept no substitute!; Sok)
t'verywhere. t6c.
To Itching, Burning 8klna It not Only.
Soothes, but Heals Trial Free.
Treatment: Bathe the affected sur
face with Outlcura Soap and hot wa
ter, dry gently and apply Cutlcura
Ointment. Repeat morning and night.
This method affords immediate relief,
and points to speedy healment. Thoy
are Ideal for every-day toilet uses.
Free sample each by mall with
Book. Address postcard, Cutlcura,
Dept. L, Boston. Sold everywhere.
Might Start Trouble; '
"Do you think your townspeople will
give you any banquets?"
"Not It I can head 'em off," replied
Senator Sorghum. "I don't want to
get with a crowd that sit right down
in front of a reminder of the high cost
of living problem." Washington Star.
What Tommy Saw.
They were discussing lemonade.
Tommy Ah, you should see the fun;
ny way that Mr. Smith and Clara
make lemonade.
Mother How, darling?
"Why, Clara holds the lemon and
r. Smith squeezes her." Exchange.
Depends What You Take.
The riddle fiend announced:
"If I take two letters from 'money"
'one' will be left. Curious, isn't It?"
"Very," drawled the bored friend,
"but I can tell you something more
"What's that?"
"A friend of mine took money
from two letters and now his wife and
family are left!" Exchange.
Our Idea of camouflage Is when a
bald-headed man wears a skull-cap.
Galveston News.
Ifs Grandmother's Recipe to
keep her Locks Dark,
Glossy, Beautiful. t
To keep clean and healthy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.
"Is this a dry town?"
"Are you a stranger here?"
"I am."
"It Is.!' Exchange.
Protecting Your Children
The long, hard school term drains the vitality of growing
children and you wonder why they are listless, puny and pale.
Every school child will show marked improvement
in health and growth if given
Its rich, uniform cod liver oil gets into their blood and gives them vim,
snap ana zest, it creates strength to resist school sicknesses,
overcome pinched faces, sallow complexions and dull eyes.
High authorities have established again and again that cod
liver oil promotes growth and energizes the body and brain.
The i.uirted Norweirinn cod ltvrr oil alwavc nA in 1
reaaed in uurowm America i taboratorics which u'unotet it free tnm impolitic.
3CUU b -w. WWBlBCjU.O.i.
The eld-time mixture of Sage Tea
and Sulphur for darkening gray,
streaked and faded hair la grand
mother's recipe, and folks are again
using it to keep their hair a good,
even color, which la quite sensible, as
we. are living in an age when a youth
ful appearance Is ot the greatest ad
vantage. Nowadays, though, we don't have
the troublesome task of gathering the
sage and the mussy mixing at home.
All drug stores sell the ready-to-use
product, Improved by the addition ot
other ingredients, called "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound" for
about 50 cents a bottle. It la very
popular because nobody can discover
it has been applied. Simply moisten
your comb or a soft brush with It and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by morn
tng the gray hair disappears, but what
delights the ladies with Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound, is that, be
sides beautifully darkening the hair
after a few applications, it also pro
duces that soft lustre and appearance
of abundance which la so attractive.
This ready-to-use preparation Is a de
lightful toilet requisite for those who
desire a more youthful appearance. It
Is not intended tor the cure, mitigation
or prevention ot disease.
"Mazie broke her engagement with
"Why did she do that?"
"I believe it was because aha
thought he was cracked.' Exchange.
Manager The heavy man's going
badly tonight.
Stage Manager Yes, he's trying to
get a free supply ot vegetables thrown
at him, I think. London Opinion.
"That young artist upstairs Is In
toxicated about all the time."
"Then his room la well called a
Stewedio." Exchange.
"Do you remember hi your days .of
adventure the story you told me about
the trouble you bad on one voyage to
dodge a man-eating shark?"
"Yes, but that's nothing to ti trou
ble I have to dodge my wife when she
wants money for shopping." Exchange.
Never Satisfied.
The man who sighs for the bygone day
When a barefoot boy he ran,
Is the grownup lad who used to say:
Gee I 1 wish I was a man."
Boston Transcript