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    Press Paragraphs
M f.iata Waaoer was a meat of
Pendlelou friends last week.
Beit Cartano ibipped oarload oi
n.torii t.n Portland laat Friday.
Ott a little Labor Saer it Fix &
Radtke'e. It makes washing eBay.
Mia. Henry Dell baa teen among
tl.a rnnnrterl ill this week, with la
Commenoing January , Ware's
Pharmacy will close eaob evening at
8 o'olook. '.'''.'.s '
Mrs. Burt Wilson was In tbe oity
this week fiom Gem, Idabo, visiting
relatives. r
Mis. Homy Wood baa been qolte
siok tbis week at bet borne on tbe
West aide.
I'd Kulgbt la bere.from Baker, vis
iting bis paieuts, after an uhseore of
eeseral years. .
Mrs. M. Ii Watt8 lias heeo oontloed
la ber boma this ueek with a latere
oase of tlie grip. .
Miss Jessie Biieily visited ber pa
rents at Staufltld, doriug tne Thanks
giving vnontlon. ,'.
Miss Forma bad aa ber Thanks
giving gnest, ber sister, who teaobea
in tbe Milton schools.
Miss Vernlta Watte bad as bet
Thanksgiving B nest, Miss Mildred
Rogers, ol Pendleton. ;
Ohailas Nelson baa pnrobased the
Wm. MuKenzis faun neat Weston,
ooptaiuiag 800 aoies, (or $50,000.
Mrs. Dean Dudley ia enjoying a vis
It from ber molbei. Mrs. Gates, wbo
recently arrived from Denver.
Mrs. E, A. Merritt left Tuesday lor
ber borne ia North Powder, after a
sbort visit witb Atbeua friends.
Mie. Frank Grasty is down fiom ber
home at Lease, Wasb., visiting at tbe
borne of Mr, and Mrs.-Sam Panibrnn,
Tbe Star Club will meet next Tues
day afternoon at tbe borne of Mia. F.
B. Boyd for tbeir first December ses
sion. : is ' y '
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Watren, wbo
lived on tbe Stewart plaae for some
lime, beve taken a homestead in Lake
Prof and Mra. W. 0. Tbom bave
moved into tbe cottage on East Jeffer
son street, vaoutedty Mr. and Mis.
Keller. ;,
Miss Lillian Tompkins and Wetley
To in pa ins were ovar last evening from
Walla Walla, attending tbe Bigb
Bobool play.
Mr.' and Mra. Emery Aahilles aod
little dangbter, Floienoe, are visiting
Atbena fiiends, tionj tbeir Vansyole
Tbls district waa visited by a bard
rain storm Tuesday, wbiob about four
o'olook obanged to snow and wind,
and tor three boars a blizzaid of tbe
old-liDie type raged. About tbree
luetics if snow fell, badly drifted. . .
Mia. W. 8. Fergnaon baa returned
from Portland, very moob improved in
bealtb, after a course of speoial treat
ment iu a sanitaiium.
Tbere will be eleation of offlonrs Id
Dolpb Lodge, A. F. & A. M. Deo 18,
at wbiob time all members ai re
quested to be present.
Carl Sbeard bad a aoooesaful dook
bunt in tbe, Hermiston country, tbis
week, and be remembered tbe Press
family witb a mallard.
Miss JesBie Riokman, of Wenatohee,
Wasb,, baa arrived in tbe city and
will make her boma with har on.ui.
aunt, Mis. David Taylor. '
Weston is arranging for a common
itv Christmas Iran, in nhiah all tha
oburobea will paiticipatt, backed by
tbe Weaton Weltaie olnb.
Mr. and Mia. Georae Banaell ieoent
1; lett tbeir borne iu Moro, Crook
county, for California, wbeie tbey
will lemaiu for aeveral moutba.
Billy Urubum, a Weston oaipeutei,
has been employed witb D. Soott
Fisher, tbe Dadt week, in maklns re
pairs to the Christian ohurob parsou
Lost &n Indian robe, brown colon
predominating; somewhere between
town and tbe Bern Bannister borne,
Saturday nigbt. , Finder pleaae re
tarn to tbiB offioe.
Mrs. R. A. Thompson has returned
from a pleasant visit with bet parents
at Beppoei. She was aooompamed
borne by ber cousin. Miss Franklin,
wbo will visit here for some time.
A new whistle baa been Installed
at tbe Richaids chop mill end wiL
heieafter regnlate tbe industrial boura
of the city. Tbe wbistle la blown at
8 a. at., 13 o'olick noon, I p. m., and
5. m. -'Mrs.
MoKiuoey, wbo baa been em
ployed in tbe Golden Rule Store for
several months, has gone to ber borne
iu Poitland, and bel place in the store
baa teen taken by Miss Pierce, also
of Portland.
The girl frienda of Miss Ruby Ban
mater gave ber a "snower" Friday
evening, at tbe borne of ber parents,
east of town. Many beautiful and
nsetul gifts were inolnded in the list
of presents.
Ernest Koopke left yesterday for
Seattle, where be will join bis family,
who have been iu that oity since Sep
tember, the little dangbter attending
school tbeie. Mr. Koepke will remain
for the winter.
Roy Ostiander, foimerly a popnlar
Athena boy, la in a Walla Walla hos
pital, wbeie be leoentlv underwent aa
operation for compound hernia. Bis
mother, Mia. J. Inglii, went over
Wednesday morning to attend bim.
Roy waa formerly empluyed at tbe lo
cal O.-W. depot, bnt baa lately been
In a Washington station.
A Piano
Make soma ona happy for life witb a Piano for Christmas. Noth
ing eould be a moro enduring, pleasing, gaueious gift than one of our
flue Pianos.
The appioiation of sooh a gift would grow with the years. Come
to ue for a Piano.' i"ou will be sura of an instrument that will meet
every teat, musically, strOoturally and for handsome appaaranoe.
Onr methods of merohandising made too high a prioe impossitle.
tbey insure considerably lower priaea than exolusive piauo stores can
afford to quote. Xou oan afford to buy a GOOD Piano here.
, Make soma one happy for life with a Piano for Christmas. Un'
easy terms may be bad if desired. Delivery may be made when de
aired, but selection ahould be made now. '
Complete Furnishers of Homes, Offices and Schoola 10-20 Alder St.
See our line of Christmas goods be
fore you buy. Have a complete line
of Toys, Toilet Sets, Toilet Articles,
Fancy Linens, etc. cA fine line of
Mechanical Toys tor boys.
Kid Dolls, all sizas, - 49a to S. 98
Dressed Dolls ell sisea 35c to 3.98
Onole Sca Dolla. - - 'So.
Set of dressed Doits good size.
Boy and Girl Seta 480 to 8o.
Boy Soont Dolla extia large 1.9s
Doll Bed! - - 490 to 1.49
Kiloben Cabinet - 888 to 1.98
Train & Track - 1.28 to 3.98
iSteam Toya - 98o to 1.98
"Ereotoi" Seta all sizes and prions.
See our Hue of Ivory Goods. A
complete line of nail files, shoe
spoons, button books, oomba, brush
es, hair receivers, powder jars and
a dandy line of Toilet'Sets.
Fancy tatla runners and covers
- - 49o to 2.98
Pillow tops - s 25o-49d-98e
Fanoy Linen Towels eaob 25c to 98a
Faaoy Turkish Towels pair
- - - 49s to 98o.
Table Linen yaid - 69o-98o-l.9
Napkins, seta of six, - -
. 7 980-1.49 1.98-S.98
Fanoy Puraes.veiy latest 98c to 2.98
A complete line of Coasters, Hand Cars, Drums, Steam
Toys, etc,, for your boys. yj
Commencing Wednesday nlgbt. with
Mary Piokford in "Esmeralda," Man
age! Maitin of tbe Peoples Theatre
will begin the servioe of Paramount
Pictures on Wedoesday and Saturday
nights of eaob week.
Mrs. I. W. Ware ia reooveiing at her
borne on Fiftb attest, after a minor
operation, performed by Drs. Plamon
don and Sharp. Miss Rsna Bergevin,
of Seattle, ia with her for a few days
in tha oapacity of trained nurse.
Lee Tong, one of tbe best informed
Orientals on tbe Coast will preaob at
tbe Obristian obnrob Sunday, 11 a. m,
under tbe auapioes of tbe Christian
Women's Board of Missions. He is
direotor of tbe Christian Missions in
At the boma of Mr. and Mrs. B. D.
Tbarp, Sunday, a birthday dinnet waa
enjoyed by tbe families of Mr. and
Mrs. John Maitin, and Mr. and Mm.
Tbaip, tbe oooaaiou tieina in bonni of
Mrs. Martin aud Mis. Tbarp, whosx
birthday it waa.
Beginning nfxt Wednesday, The
Peoples Theatr will ont ou Hip f - in -ous
Purumnont Diutores. vhi-'ti IM
be shown eanh Wedne-dny and 8 i'
day night. Next Wednf-s-lav iiiit
Maty Piokford will to seen i.i nno l
bei popular plays.
Mrs. Joseob Forrest and daughter
bave moved to Lowden Station, Wash,
where tbey bave token up tbeii rsa
idnnoe on a farm. Mrs. Forrest waa
op from Lowden this week' visiting
ber motber at ber borne near Tbiiu
Hollow, and returned Wednesday.
Dr. J. D. Plamondon and Henry
Bariett made a trip tc Piesnott Tues
day, and returniug in the blizzard,
tbey passed tbiee oara at tbe toot of
Diy Cieek bill, wbiob were tied op in
the snow drifts. Benry's Chalmers
oar olimtjed right along, and th trip
boma was safely made.
Baptist Cbnrcb next Sunday: Sun
day sobool at 10 a. m., preaching 11
in., obait aermon on The Golden
Altar and Tbe Table of She Bread.
B. Y. P. U. meetiog at 1:80; preaob
lug at 7:30, snbjeot of eermnn: Ibe
Bible and tbe Four's Controversy."
Publio moat cordially invited.
Mr. Fay Loveiidge of Dmkee, Un
ion oonutv, joined his wife bete and
after a week's visit, waa aooomnanied
borne by ber aod tbeir little dangbter.
Mrs. Loveiidge baa teen bere einae
the death of ber Bister, Dolly White,
some weeks ago. Sbe leaves her mo
ther ia slightly improved bealtb.
Weston Leader: Joe Bbdgson baa
leased 42S aores of land eight milea
east of La Crosse, Waali., wfaiob will
be farmed by hia eon, J. L. Hodgson,
luoloded with tbe place ia a complete
farming outfit. Mr. Hodgson left for
bia new ranch thia week witb a oar-
load shipment of hoiaea and honsebold
Jaivis Bold a former resident of
thia oity. drooped dead from beait
failure at Pilot Rook, yeaterday. Tbe
lemaina will be bmught to this oity
and interment will take place tomor
row at Eeea oemetery, where bia wile
ia buried. Mr. Unrd was a Mason,
and at one time waa Master of Dolpb
Lodge No. 80 of this oity.
Mis. Georgia Partob and ber bro
tber. Blaine Hansel I. are visiting at
tbe Marion Bai'sell borne nei town
Mrs. Partob will soon be joined by her
husband, wbo will aoaompauy ber to
tbeir home near Sonnyside, Wasb
Sha baa been ill at the boms of ber
parents, Mr. and Mia, George Ban sell
at Mora, for some time, bnt is reaov
Mi. and Mra. 0. L. MoFaddeo bave
returned from tbeir abort . wedding
trio, and are oozily eatabliabed in
the Catou reaidenoe. Their many
friends bave given them a cordial wel
come, and among the attentions given
the newly-weds were two or tbiee sir
enades. Tha bride and groom bave
been tba recipients of many ooslly and
beautiful presents.
Mra. F. B. Boyd and Miss Lillian
Ware went down to Pendleton Tuesday
evening to witness the production of
"Everywoman," tbe groat allegories!
play of Benry W. Savage. Tbey weie
mnob pleased with tbe performance.
Tbey remained Tuesday night ' al
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James H.
Stnrgia, wbo bad left Sunday noon for
a trip to San Fraucisoo.
Mr. and Mia. E. A. Dudley will
leave next Thursday tor a winter's
sojourn In California. En route, tbey
will oa joined by Mr. and Mrs. Victor
MoDonald, of Walla Walla, wbo will
aooompany them to the San Diego ex
poaitioo. Tbey will witness tbe Peon
aylvania - Oiegoo football - game ou
the Stanford campus, in whioti
tbeir sod, Glen, 'will be a player,
A. L. Swaggart returned this morn
iug from Portland, where be tock first
prize witb the best pan of tbree boga
at tba . Northwest Live 8took Show,
over competitors from alHntber North
west states. Mr. Swaggart also cap
tared third prize for tbe best carload
of fai bogs delivered doriug the week
at tbe Poitland stock yards, lie was
aooompanied to Poitland ty bis sou
Methodist Uhnrob Sunday Seivioes
Sooday sobool 10 a. m., W. C. rSmniel
Supt. Pieaobing services 11 a. m
aod 7:30 p. ra. Mornit-g topic, "Tbe
New Bell of File and Brimstone.
The Christmas program baa been plan
ned for Christmas Eva witb a jolly
good treat tor oor youngsters. All are
invited to attend these aervioeg. Spa
oial mnsio by tba ahorns oboii nnd
tbe dlreotlon of Sopf. J. O. Bossell.
The first of a series of entertain
menta for tba benefit of the Athena
Band will be given at The Peoples
Tbeatieon Thursday night. December
14, and will tncinda several mnsloal
numtera by members of tbe tand
Tbe Bootob comedian singar, Jook
Colemrt. will enrich tbe picgiam
witb one of liis entertaining numbers.
A feature of tbe entertainment will be
tha novelty mosioal act by Mr. and
Mrs. Tbonj. ia wbiob good uiusio will
ba rendered on ordinaty bottles and
soap bowls. This sot baa been well
reoeived at tbe principal vaudeville
theatres in Portland and will donbtleas
please. Aamlssioo will ls 85c. end
r i j
Famous Players Film Co.
e j jaWednesday" Only"
You will be more than pleased with
her in this great screen success,
Francis Hodgson Burnett
Author 'The Dawn of Tomorrow
-I OA i 1
4 t
jm jpr sjsfav Qpf qgr JM 'Hm st
Coming Saturday
If t ii:
' ft
Charlotte Walker in
These Pictures will be only 5c and 15c
should not miss any of them
5 vs5
; " i
94.5 00.8 I jaasBBaBaiiBBBSBBaBsaraaBaiaBaaBBa
65 ,-V k
Tomouow, the annual bazaar aud
dinner of Ibe ladies of tbe Christian
obuioh will te held in the basement
of the obnrob. Many aitioles suitable
for Cbiistmas presents will be for sale,
aod tbe usual tonntifol dinner will be
served. Don't tail to patronize the
ladiea and give yoorself a treat, Din
ner begioa at lii and will be seived
nnlil 2:80, when a cooked iood sale
ill begin. Tbe piioa of the dinner
will be 30 oeute the plats.
At tbe Cbristiau Cbnrob Sunday:
Bible school 9:50, Geo.' B.' Working,
direotor. Lee Toog, Sopeiinleudent
of the Christian Cbineae Mission of
Portland, will oaonpy tbe jolpit at tbe
11 o'clock bonr. Preaohiog by tbe
pastoi at 7:30 p. m., topia, "Contend
ing Earnestly." Evaugelistio services
ooolinue during tbe week, exoept Sat-
uiday. Topics for Monday and 'lues-
day evenings, respectively, "Credibil
ity of tbe Bible," and "What Will
You Co Witb Jeans'" Tba people are
cordially invited and weloome.
Wednesday, Deoember 6, at 6 o'
clock in tbe afternoon,, tbe wedding
of Bosa Payee and Miss ltoby Bannis
ter, both of this oity, oaonrred in
W ilia Walla. The wedding ceremony
was performed in tba White Temple
Baptist ohurob, and Rv. M. iS. tiol
ien offioiated. Ibe biida and gioom
were attended by Miss Bessie Bannis
ter, tbe bride's sister, and Mr. Rex
Payne, trothet of the groom. Mis.
Bern Bannistei and Mrs Lola Payne,
motbeia of tbe jootig people, respect
ively, witnessed the nuptials, tbe party
motoring over together troin Atbena.
After tbe impressive ceremony, the
paity repaired to the Daorea Hotel,
where a wedding dinner was seived.
Tbe bride was attiied iu an appropri
ate traveling autt, and tbe young peo
pie planned to leave on tbe night tiain
foi Seattle tor a sbort honeymoon trip,
after wbiob tbey will return and take
uu residence in tbe Pavne home in
Athena until Bpiing, wben Mr. Payne
will engage in formiog west of town.
Tbe biide was tbe recipient of many
handsome piesents, tandered ber in e
"shower" given Friday nigbt si
tbe borne of ber patents, Mr. and Mis,
Bern Baunistar, near town.
School Notes.
Physical Cultuio oIhbsss promise to
become more interesting. Sopt. Bus
sell baa urdered new gymnasium ap
paratus, wbiob conaista of indoor base
tails, eupplioa, wands, dumb bells,
to. This gives tha girls an indoor
(tame besides basket ball, aa well as
lirferent and more attractive exercise.
: Statistics compiled fay Piioolpal
J. O. Russell ou tbe result of tbe class
lnst.-nctiou and First quaiterly tests
in High sobonl ending Nov 10, aro as
follows: Average ataoding of 19 tak
ing ts-it, 80.8. Aveiage standing of
28 girls taking: testa, 89.9. Average
standing of 21 tnye taking tests, 8a. 4,
Vaiiatioo above- average for tlio girls,
8.1. Variation below average foi top
boys, 4.4. Aver jigs of glila' basket
tiall team, 3 sobs., 8R.0. Avereae of
tovs' basket bell team. 2 subs., 88.6.
Vaiiatioo of girls' team below aobool
i aveiage 0.2. Variation of boys' team
below school average, 3.2.
Tbe tollowiog ia the monthly ia
port for Atbena Pnblio Softools fur tbe
mouth ending Ueoemcai i, in com par
ieoa witb tbe corresponding moulb of
last year: 19U 1916
So. pnpils end last mo. 178 185
New -popila registered 7
Total Ka. reg'tred to data 190 801
No. popita end of month 174 r 188
No. days tnugbt 15 18
Tnl.l ilnva attendance 2446.5 8267.6
15o. A baaaflt Jitney datura will be ! Total daya absence, "'-u iyi-u
given at tba opera house after tha f No. times tardy, 8 SO
abow. A good piotura program will ! No. neither as. or tardy 113 140
be given in connection with tba show. .. Av, No. belonging 171.6 187. 6
Coma earl r. ' A. dailr attendance 163.1 181.5
Per oent of attendance
No. viBita ty parents 38
J. O. Russell, Superintendent.
Tbe base ball season will start iu
earnest next- week with two double
bender games, on Friday and Saturday
nights, Deoember 15 and 18. On Fii
day nigbt both boya' and girls' teams
of Milton High sohool will meet the
Atbeua teama in tbe looal gymnasinm.
The Milton team waa the fastest In the
oounty league last year, winning tba
obampionebip. A good game is ex
neoted. The Atbena Bigh girls' team
defeated tbe Milton eqnad last year iu
two gomes aud are out to repeat tbe
performance this Benson, December 18,
both Atbena teams will go to Weston
lor a double-beader game. The Wes
ton teama bave undergone some chang
es since last year, when tbe girls de
feated tbe local squad In two games
early in tbe aaasoo, ana tne Atnena
sextette is out to reverse that result
iu tbe ooming contest. Tbe local boys
will bave to put np a bard fight in or
der to win from Weston, as both
teams ere very strong.
The First nnd Second grades won
tbe Atbeua Press honor cup- tbla
month, bavmg the lowest per oeut of
tardiness and misbehavior and the
highest per cent of attendance, and
grades above 90. The Fiftb aud Siaib
grades, wbo bad tbe oup last month.,
lost this time by 12 points, having
168, wtiil" the 1st room had 17U!-j
poiots. Tbe standing of tbe rooms
tolluwai Primary, 17OJ4 polnta: 3rd
aod 4th gtades, 167 points; 5tn and
6th grades, 108 points; High sohool,
143, and 7th and 8tb grades, 143.
A Christmas program is to te given
in tbe auditorium Friday afteiuoon,
Dec. 23, in which there will be given
three or fool lelectioos. A Christmas
tree aud a "real Santa Claus" will be
addition to tbe program, wbiob prom
ises to be very Interesting and is the
Hist of its kind to be given in tbe
iohool. Tbe publio is cordially invited.
Miss Sbermau baa rented a piano for
ber 100m, to be uaud in enteitaiuateucs
and every day woik,
Mrs, Riohmond waa a visitor in MiBS
Barnes' loom this week.
Thn superintendents and prinoipalB
of tbe soboola of Umatilla county met
10 the County Sobool Superintendent's
office ou Saturday, - Deoember 2, for
the purpose of organization and to
plan tbe oounty sobool contests for the
eiiaoiog year. Tbe new organization
ia to be knowu as "Tbe Sobool Mas
ter's Club of Umatilla Coooty." Sopt.
John B. Washtuin of Miltoo, waa
eleoted president and Sopt. J, U, lias-s-II
of Atbena, aeoretary-treaiurer.
Superintendents Gilbert C. Wood of
Ferndale and (i. R. Ratlusoo of Wea
ton ware elected to complete tbe mem
reiahip of the Exeontive Committee.
Twenty-one superintendents and prin
cipals were in atteudauoe, Among aev-
real important matters discussed, In
dustrial Fairs, Deolamatory Couteste,
Intiitutea, Athletica aud Sohool Leg.
Islatioo, losied tboie present for a five
bom spsslon. For tha porpom of In-,
teiscbolastin contests, the soliools of
the county bave beeo dnided into
East Eod, West Ehd aod Centiol dis
tricts. In tba east eod of tbe oonnty,
ii was voted to bold a looal Institute
for teaohers at Miltoo some time iu
Februaiy. Tbe deolamaloiy onotest
will be held iu Atbena, as well as a
probable gride sobool athletio cootest.
Eaob oonuty organization is entitled
to be lepresented at tbe Stale resell
ers' Association, wbioh meets at Port
land on Dec. 27-28-29. In ooDse
qonuee, Sopt. J, O. Russelt of Atbeua
was tleoted ei the Sobool Master's
if the are practical and are pur
chased at the Quality Store of Athena
A List of Practical
Gifts ,
Tor Ladies
For Men
Club delegate, aud ba will hare
active vote on all matters 10 cnn;
fore the business seol inn of th
Association, 'J be porpcie of
sauizalion Is to elf cat a maana
mote tba best interests of all tl
ty schools.
bc.i 1
1 i',"
. A
Dolls-Dolls and
Do your Christmas shopping early,
. and do it at
fcfosgrove Mercantile Companys