The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, June 23, 1911, Image 3

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    Press Paragraphs
Carl Engdahl was in the oity, from
Helix, Sunday afternoon.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Dean Dudley,
Jane 18, 1911, a daughter.
George Marquis, of Whitman col
lege was in the oity Wednesday.
Mrs. jr. S. LeQrow and Miss Ceoile
Boyd spent Wednesday in Pendleton,
Mrs. , Lillian Downs-Dobson will
teaob in the Lamar district this fall.
Mrs. ,1. D. Taylor was in the oity
from fendleton, Sauday, visiting
v f
Dr. Newsom was in Pendleton. Tues
day; night, going down to meet his
wife and son.
Mrs. :; Una Stnrgis and son, Jas.,
of Pendleton, spent Wednesday even
ing (in this oity.
Miss Zelma DePeatt arrived home
Saturday afternoon from Taooma, for
the summer vaoation.
Miss Leta "Edington left Satnrday
for her home in Oorvallis, after a vis
it of several weeks here.
Byron Hawks and Sam Pambrun
are spending a few days on the Uma
tilla in quest of the festive trout.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pinkerton were
in the oity from Weston, Sunday, vis
iting at the home of their son, Chas.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Koontz and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dell spent a por
tion'of the week camping on the Uma
tilla. James King, a prominent Weston
ranober, was io the oity yesterday
and took out an Idaho combined Har
vester. Mrs. Joseph Forrest drove in from
the Thorn Hollow ranch Sunday, and
took the (rain for Pendleton in the
Mrs. Crockett, daughter and two
sons, were visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs.' 1. M. Meldrum this week,
from Pendleton. "
Mrs. G. S. Newsom and son. Max,
arrived in tbe oity Wednesday from
Corvallia, where they visited relatives
for several weeks.
Lost Between the farm of Frank
Jackson and town, a child's pongee
silk -coat. Finder, please leave at
Mosgrove's store.
Theodore Russell came down from
Spokane Sunday, and is spending
bis vaoation at tbe home of Mr. and ,
Mrs. Geo. Bannister.
County Treasurer G. W. Bradley
was in the oity Wednesday, having
come up from Pendleton to attend the
funeral of Mrs. B. A. Marquis.
Dr. C: W. Lassen, veterinarian, waa
iu the city from Pendleton Tuesday.
He was here in oonneotion with the
new state inspection of stallions.
Mis. Byron N. Hawks went down to
Pilot i Book Wednesday morning,
where she will be a guest at tbe home
of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Lieuallen for a
few days. ,
Louis Bingle offers alfalfa hay in
tbe shook at 6.00 per ton. This hay
is first olass in every respeot, and will
be ready to haul next week, weather
Mr. Farmer, do you know that un
der the: new Oregon law, you are held
responsible for accidents to your em
ployes?, See B. B. Richards for in
formation and protection.
Furnished Houbo for Bent. Mrs.
T. J. Kirk offers her residenoe on
Fifth , street for rent, furnished.
Horse, bow and alfafa pasture will go
with tbe place if desired. Call on her
at onoe.
The new school board met Wednes
day eveciug and went over tbe pros
pects of the sohool for tbe coming
year. Tbe full corps of teachers will
be announoed io a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown of
Dayton, Wash., returned home the
first of the week, after visiting at tbe
home of Mrs. Brown's grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jaokson Nelson.
Unarles Grant has purchased a res
taurant equipment at Pendleton and
moved it to this oity. He will operate
a restaurant in the building where at
present he oonduots a on op house.
New Shoe ShOD. Wnrri Sr. flnnnh
new arrivals iu Athena. . havn nnnnpri
a shoe soon on .Main street himi m nr.
pared to do all kinds of fine repairing
on snore oraer at teasonaDie prices.
Mrs. Ernest Bostwick is in the oity
from Spokane on a visit to relatives
and friends. Ernest is now engaged in
keeping books for a Spokane firm, but
contemplates gomg baok to the farm
this fall.
When the Pendleton Buokarooes
meet tbe Champs at Weston Sunday,
tbey will have to gu some to win. Tbe
Weston team will be strengthened by
Athena's oraok battery, Brown and
will uothon and V. u. Henry are
delegates from tbe looal E. of P.
lodge to the grand lodge session at
Astoria this week. Mrs. Dobson, who
has been in Portland several weeks,
will return home with her husband.
The Atheua band will play at Walla
Walla July 5tn. The Garden City
will celebrate July 4th and 5th and
the band will pass through Athena
on the morning of tbe 6th from Pen
dleton, where it is engaged to play on
the 4th.
Will Duffy was iu tbe oity Tuesday
for the first time sinoe he was injured
in the disastrous runaway on tbe road
between this oity and Weston, in
whioh Charles Wilson lost bis life.
Duffy is able to move about with the
aid of orutohes.
Mrs. James Nelson oame down from
Blainey, Alberta, and is visiting at
the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Pinkerton, near town. Mrs.
Nelson's mother has been in ill health
for some time, and her visit is prin
cipally on this account.
James H. Gwinn of Pendleton, has
been honored by eleotion to tbe offioe
of Grand Vioe Chancellor of the
Knights of Pythias, and J. W. Malon
ey has teen re-elected grand master of
the exobequer, a position whioh he
bas held with credit for two terms.
Ralph B. MoEwen of this oity and
Miss Adele Goft were united in mar
riage at Portland last evening. The
bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Goff, formerly of Hood River
and Albany. A detailed aooount of
the wedding will appear in next week's
Bert Cartano oarries the best family
liquors in town, and he is making a
specialty of fine table , wines. For
$1.60 per gallon, yon can get oboioe
Tokay, Mueoat, Angelioa, Sweet Ca
tawba or Port, These are California's
best produot and give satisfaction
wherever used. . Call at tbe Red Front
for the best and purest liquors.
Wm. Irle was iu tbe city this week
in tbe interest of the Meneley Lyoeum
Bureau for ' Chicago. It is probable
that tbe Lyoeum's course of five leo
tores and entertainments will be giv
en in Athena during the coming fall
and winter months. If the course
is given it will be under the auspioes
of the Athena Commercial Associa
tion. Little Bill Parker bas his faoe and
hands swathed in bandages as tbe re
sult of an experience he enoountered
when ne threw gun powder into tbe
kitchen range at bis home Tuesday.
. i
jjon t J? orget waiia waiia s mg
of July Celebration
July 4 and 5. 1911
Under Auspices . Merchant's Ass
n I
-Baud Tournament. Biff. Bang.
: Free Fun and Amusements, Street Spectacles,
I Leaaue Base Ball, Sports and Athletics,
Something Doing Every Minute. See Large Bills.
?':''v ! j IJpiliiml Riitesnn Railroads. Come all
One hand was burned quite severely
and several blisters are on his faoe.
Fortunately, there was but a small
quantity of powder, otherwise tbe in
juries would have been worse.
Frederick Proebstel, an Oregon
pioneer of 1853, died at Portland this
week after a long illness. For many
years he resided iu Union county, and
was a factor in tbe upbuilding of bat
seotion. He was an unole of G. W.
Proebstel of Weston, who with his
wife was in Portland at the time of
his uncle's death, and attended the
Mrs. J. P. Bnsbee, a well known
Pendleton woman, died at tbe home of
her daughter in Portland, Tuesday
night, following a long illness. Mrs.
Bushee was a pioneer of this oounty,
having . settled at Umatilla Landing
in an early day, when that place was a
busy shipping point for tbe Inland
Tbe members of the Christian Sun
day School enjoyed a most pleasant all
day pionio Tuesday in tbe Krebs grove
near Adams. Games were played dur
ing the day, and at noon a most sump
tuous lunoh was spread on tbe green,
to whioh all did ample justice. Tbe
day was an ideal one, and the occasion
will long be remembered by the par
W. W. Jacobs returned Sunday af
ternoon from a winter's sojourn at his
old borne in Virginia. Mr. Jaoobs
is aooompauied by his niece, Mrs.'1
Walter G. Monroe of Washington, D.
C, who will spend a few days with
him at his home here before proceed
ing on her way to Los Angeles. Cal.,
where she will make an extended visit
to her mother, Mrs. Frank W. Searle.
Robert Coppook has returnd from
the Blue Bucket gold diggings where
he went several weeks ago in company
with T. J. Watts. In some portions
of the oonntry through whioh he pass
ed, crop prospeots were very poor and
in several localities indications were
that orops would not be harvested on
aooount of lack of moisture.
Daniel Cartano, of tbe Queen City
Printing Co., Seattle, spent a couple
of days with bis brother, Bert, in this
oity this week. Mr. Cartano was re
turning from a visit to tbe old home
in Iowa, where he spent a couple of
weeks with relatives. He left Wed
nesday morning for Spokane, where
be joined his wife and will return to
Seattle next week.
Tbe following is the program at the
Dreamland for Friday and Saturday
evenings: 1. "Forgiven," Selig. 2.
"Jim, tbe Ranohman," Selig. 8.
"Gigantio Waves," "Call of the For
est," Gaumont. For Sunday: 1.
Capturing Cub Bears," "Max Leads
Novel Chase." , Pathe. 2. "Mid
the Cannon's Roar." 8. "Stuff
Amerioaus Are Made of," "History
Repeats Itself," Edison.
There will be a hot game on tbe
looal grounds tomorrow afternoon at
8 o'olook, when the business men of
Weston will play the business men of
Atbena. Isb Watts is tbe promoter
behind the Athena team and he is
leaving nothing undone to have a win
ning team in tbe field. It is rumored
that Col. Wood will play in center
field for the Weston aggregation. Be
there, for the game promises to be a
warm one.
Alex MoRae is in the oity repre
senting the manufacturers of the
Idaho combined (harvester. Two of
these little machines have been un
loaded at the O. R. & N. depot in this
oity this week.. One is for Rugg Bros,
and tbe other is for James King of
Weston. Tbe Idaho is a queer looking
triok in the harvester line, requiring
but six horses and two men to operate
it. It isjcapable of cutting and thresh
ing from 13 to 1.5 acres per day.
Weston's Strawberry day and horse
show, whioh takes place Saturday,
July 1, is being boomed all over tbe
oonnty. Weather permitting, Weston
expeots to entertain one of the, largest
crowds in recent years. . Strawberries
from the famous Blue Mountain
ranobes, with rich oream aad sugar,
will be served free. Tbe horse show
promises to be oonduoted on a large
and successful soale. An exhibit of
the products of the Mountain ranches
will be a feature of the occasion.
New School Director.
M. L. Watts was elected sohool di
rector without opposition at tbe meet
ing held Monday afternoon. Charles
Betts was re-elected clerk, bis election
also ooming without opposition. C. A.
Barrett waa tbe retiring member of
tbe board. Tbe Board now consists
of S. F. Wilson. B B. Richards and
M. L. Watts, directors, and Charles
Betts, olerk.
Another Carabana.
Tbe editor of tbe Press bas smoked
another two-bit cigar at tbe expense
of tbe editor of tbe Leader. If the
season should last long enough, and
tbe colonel could be prevailed upon to
baok his judgment on ball games, be
would of necessity be compelled to es
tablish himself at Key West or quit
betting. He plays tbe ball game just
like be farmed up in Franklin county
Sand Hollow Won.
So close was the rivalry between tbe
Helix ' and Sand Hollow baseball
teams, that tbe deciding game of tbe
series was pulled off on neutral ground
in Athena Sunday forenoon. Sand
Hollow oame out of tbe scrimmage
victorious, with a score of 8 to 6.
Wilson and Sanders were the battery
for tbe Hollow. Town rooters were
present in goodly numters and cheered
impartially for tbe contesting teams.
Some Special Bargains
Good Values
To Pi ess Subscribers: Please note
tbe date of your subscription-on tbe
margin or wrapper of your paper.
Are yon in arrears? If so, come for
ward aod remit, and greatly oblige.
We offer the following extra
ordinary bargains, which are
winners so long as they last
About 150 pairs of Ladies' Shoes at half
A special lot of Taffata Silk Ribbon, that
is worth from 20c to 30c per yard, special
price, 12 l-2c per yard.
One lot of Boys Khaki long Pants, worth
$1.25, sizes 26 to 32 waist, special while they
last, 95c. Just the Pants your boy should
have for the hot weather.
Fill & !i A OTOE , Wiain St.
JMISgrU V t) JiLtSlUMlllti
. Company
Ladies' Neckwear
in Great
Ladies' and Children's ,
All sizes, all colors
Owing to the backward season, we are now overstock
ed with new, uptodate Ladies' Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts. All this season's goods, new and stylish, and
we shall place them on sale Saturday morning, June
3rd. First come, first served. We price will be so ri
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Lot 1 Lot 5
All our $1 and $1.25 fine Lawn Waists, An immense assortment of Novelty Silk
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Lot 2 Lot 6
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trimmed in lace or embroidery, Skirs, all colors and Black,
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MS 51.15 . IT CIST