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Buy Your Groceries from Your Home Grocer
Athena Merchants
Carry Big Stocks
S. F. WILSON, President,
H. KOEPKE Vice-President.
F. S. Le GROW, Cashier,
E. A. ZERBA. Ass't. Cashier.
Ten years from now will you be slavishly working at a low salary for
somebody else or will you be your own master? You can be either if you
wish. Start that bank account today with only a small deposit if necessary,
mm in ten years it win make you independent.
Council Authorizes Park Commission
to Prepare for Future Shade
Pastry Sale Tomorrow.
Bundy & Christian, Proprietors
We have put in a full stock of Wallpaper, which iu
eludes the latest styles and paterns. Let us figure on
your painting, paper hanging and decorating.
"Saving at the Spigot
Wasting at the Bung"
That's what buying poor paint
means. Paint may be low
priced by the gallon and be
extravagant to use owing to
to it's poor covering power
and wearing quality. After
the paint is applied it's too late
to, save. Start right and use
The Sherwin-Williams Paint
It covers more surface, spreads easier, and lasts
longer than any other prepared paint, or hand-mixed
lead and oil.
At Monday night's meeting of the
oity oouncil, the Park Commission,
wbiob is composed of B. B. Richards,
H. I. Watts and J. E. Froome, was
authorized to purchase and plant
shade trees in tbe City Park, wbiob in
future are to take tbe plaoe of tbe Cot
tonwood trees whioh at present shade
tbe park.
These old trees have become diseased
and infeoted with inseots to tbe extent
that it will be only a matter of a few
years until bnt few, if any, remain.
For tbis reason it was deoided to be
gin replanting them with young trees
at onoe.
Tbe Park Commission will pnrobase
twenty North Carolina' poplars and
have them set out at onoe. In con
junction with tbe Paik Commission,
tbe Commercial Association Woman's
Auxiliary committee will assist in the
work of preparing plans whereby tbe
beautifying of tbe Paik will be oar
ried out.
With tbe object in view of defray
ing tbe necessary expense that will be
entailed in tbe preliminary work,
these ladies have headed a movement
to give a pastry sale tomorrow at the
newly remodeled Cook building, cn
tbe north side of Main street. The
women of the oity have readily ac
cepted tbe plan and have promised
generous donations to the sale, with
their personal presence and patronage.
The men, of course, are expected to
liberally patronize tbe sale, tbe pro
ceeds of wbiob will be put into tbe
park improvement fund. If any wo
man has been unintentionally missed
by tbe soliciting committee, let ber
consider herself interested and bring
along ber donation.
While the park improvement will
not be on elaborate scale, it has been
deoided by those having tbe matter in
charge to have tbe gronnds properly
laid out, so that symmetry and system
will prevail in tbe setting ont ot flow
ers, trees and shrubs, tbe laying ont
of walks, eto.
Bv this method of proceeding with
tbe work, any one wishing to donate
trees, flowers or shrubs to tbe Park
collection, can do so and tbe planting
may then be done with systematic cafe
and not throngb promiscuous scatter
Dg throughout tbe grounds. Thus,
the Park Commission will be tbe bead
and proper management to intelli
gently direot the work.
itimii i 1 1 iii Li ii iihuihi fi11"1 1 nfiMHiBUfpagy
.,-. , iiiiiiBiiiiiiMiiiiiiniMiiiMiiii i milium m i mi
Lumber, Mill Work and all Kinds of
Posts and Blacksmith coal
A. M. Johnson, Manager
Athena, Oregon
Gilt-Edged Chickens.
Charles Morris, tbe ohicken fancier,
took off a brood of Crystal White Oip
ingtons last week. Tbe chicks are of
tbe famous Kellerstrass strain. The
eggs were purobased at tbe Keller
strass farm near Kansas City and qost
Mr. Norris $30 for 15, or $2 per egg.
In transit one of tbe eggs was cracked,
and Mr. Norris oooked and ate it, pro
nouncing it th best egg he ever tasted.
Charley Barrow intimates that Norris
should be given tbe belt for being a
good judge of hen fruit, oost consid
ered. Mr. Norris will have egRS for
hatching purposes next spring, and
Athena people will have an opportun
ity of seonringtbe best strain of chick
ens that money can buy.
School Report.
Following are tbe names ot pupils
in tbe various grades in the Athena
High and putlio schools, who are re
ported neither absent nor tardy dur
ing the month ending M arob 31, 1911:
Carl Sheard, Archie Mclntyre, Clyde
Brotherton, Luvois McEwen, Areta
Kothrock, Clareuoe Brotherton, Wes
ley Tompkins, Leslie MoCobbins, Cleo
Knowlton, Claude Sanders, Bess Par
ker, Merna DePeatt, Hope MoPberren,
Vera Gross, Estelle Smith, Vernie
Grant, Hazol Parker, Edna MoAlexan
der, Lillian Tompkins, Leona May,
Angie Pambrun, Fanliue Myriok,
Katberine Froome, Bex Payne, Alfred
M The Freshest and most Choice the Market affords in
Tgie Best that Money can Buy Always Found Here jj
Pambrun, Carl Fix, Howard Clemons,
Ellen Ehrhart, Vernita Watts, Stella
Wilson, Voru Dndley, Bulon Smith,
Bertie MoCnbbins, Harold Molntyre,
Lloyd McPherreo, Donald Weaver,
Ethel Bannister, Dollie Wbite, Ellen
Pambrun, Vergie Russell, GraaeStan,
Lnoile Taylor, Edna Pinkerton, Bell
Pambrun Areta Littlejobn, John Law
son. Willie Russell, Hazel Sanders,
George Lienallen. Glenn MoAlexander,
Charles Brotherton, Kendall Smith,
George Bannister, Hazel Brotherton,
Mildred Stauton, Nina Tbarp, Willard
Parker, Dollie Bannister, Clara Henley,
Dorothy Mabar, Bernioe Reed, Eve
rett Knight, LaMonte Kidder, and
Lottie McCubbins. -
Working the Track.
J. E. Froome and Sam Hutt started
work od tbe traok at tbe city park
Wednesday. Tbey are using two
teams and in a few days tbe track will
be in condition for tbe High s boo I
athletes to work out. A slight ct huge
iu tbe shape of the traok is fnouduec
essary but when completed it will be
a good one and permanently located.
Tbe county sobool track meet takes
place in this city Saturday, April 8!.
Every indication goes to show that the
meet tbis year will be on a muoh
broader scale than that of last season,
when tbe flrst annual meet was suc
cessfully carried out here. Tbe en
tries from tbe different schools in tbe
county will be greater in number.
Hot Cigar Ashes Blind E. H. Leonard,
Blinded by ashes from tbe oigar of
Willis, Younger, who rode in the seat
beside bim, E. H. Leonard, one of tbe
best known men of Walla Walla coun
ty, drove his antomobile off tbe fam
ous Skyrocket bill near Prescott Mon
day and be, Mrs. Leonard and Mr.
Younger lie seriously injured in a
hospital in Walla Walla. In tbe anto
mobile were Mr. Younger, Mrs.
Younger, Mrs. Leonard and two chil
dren. Mrsr Leonard is well known
here, before ber marriage being Miss
Minnie Lienallen. They were pro
ceeding down tbe hill when tbe wind
blew hot ashes into the eyes of Mr.
Leonard, who wafdriving tbe maobino,
just before be name to a dangirous
curve. Blinded by the ashes, Mr.
Leonard threw on the brake aud re
leased tbe clutch, but tbe machine's
momentum carried it over tbe edge of
the enrve and it ran down tbe etaep
deolivity. Reaching the fence half
way down the bill, about 50 yards, tbe
machine stopped but just as the ooou
panta thought themselves, safe it turn
ed a somersault and threw tbom ov3r
and nnder tbe machine as it fell.
Mr. Leonard's wrist was brokan
aud ho sustained injuries to his neck
and spine. Mrs. Leouard suffered a
fracture of tbe pelvio bone aud other
injuries. Mr. Younger suffered sev
en fraotures of hi right leg. Mrs.
YonDgor's skirts were torn from bei,
bnt she was not injured. Tbe chil
dren escaped without a soratcb.
Echo Is Strong.
Eobo oomes to Athena Sunday for
ber first game with tbe Millers. Sbe
bus pot up a good article of ball in
the two games sbe has played, losing
to Peudletun bv a score of 4 to 2, and
winning from Milton 4 to 3. Tbe little
town down in the irrigation telt has
not been doing muoti crowing over tbe
prowess of ber team but evidently has
been sawing wood and thrown a strong
bunch together. Sunday's game will
be called promptly at 1:30. Tbis
boor is fouud necessary to start all
Pendleton aud Eobo games to bo play
ed here, in order that tbe players may
have time to prepare for leaving on
the 1:10 train.
New Fruit Trees.
There are many fruit trees being set
ont iu this section this spring. Uf tbe
many different varieties of fruit, ap
ples are leading in tbe number aud
the hardier species are invariably se
lected. It will be only a matter of a
few years until Athena will te an im
portant apple shipping poiut, if orders
for yonng trees continue in pruportion
to this year's planting.
Painting at Adams.
Bandy & Christian, the painters,
have just completed a laige contract
at Adams. Ibis firm s;uoe starting
in business has bad about all the
painting and paper-bauging it cao at
tend to. A portion of tbe Ltimo four
men bave teen at work.
f DELL BROTHERS, ,N Athena, Oregon
Antomobile Accidents.
Starting from Pendleton early in
tbe morning for tbe government dam
near Hermiston iu four antomobiles
and returning late at nigbt in two af
ter leaving one broken down in Her
njistou und another upside down iu a
ditch near Echo was tbe experience of
a merry partyof picnickers Snnday says
tbe East Oregonian.
Bickers Is Back.
Hariy Bickers, until recently super
intendent of tbe home for feeble mind
ed, has returned to Pendleton, where
he has associated himself with Lee
leutob in tbe real estate and insurance
Frank M. Mansfield Passes Earlv Sat
urday Morning After Few Min
utes Illness of Heart Failure.
Unole Frank Mansfield, one of the
bi st known pioneers in tbe North
west, died at his home in this oity a
few minutes after midnight Saturday
morning, as the result of a sudden
attack of heart failure.
He was ill but a few minutes, aud
p issed away in tbe manner that he
had always desired, often having ex
pressed tbe wish that when his time
came be might not linger on a bed of
siokness. Friday he was down town
as usual, aud returning home, com
plained of a slight pain iu his side.
Howover, tbis soon disappeared and
after a Hearty supper he retired for the
Shortly before 12 o'olook he awoke
and again complained of tbe pain, and
Mrs. Mansfield summoned Dr. Sharp.
Hastily reaching the bedside of the
striken man, the dootor administered
a stimulant, bnt the end was near aud
iu a few moments Franois Marion
Mansfield, tbe last of a family of nine,
bad passed away, leaviug a devoted
wife, one sou and hundreds of friends
to mourn his loss.
The time for holding the funeral was
first set for Sunday, but tbe son, D.
U. Mansfield, wLo resides at Cald
well, Idaho, was unable to reaoh here,
and tbe fnneral hour was changed
to 2 p. m. Mouday. A large number
of people attended tbe funeral, wbiob
was oondnoted ty Pastor Meldrnm at
tbe Christian churob. Interment took
plaoe at Weston, where rests the re
mains of bis first wife.
(Franois Marion Mansfield was born
at Galesburg, Illinois, March 13, 18S5,
and died in Athena, Oregon, April 1,
19U, aged 76 years and 19 days. Ear
ly in life, embued with the pioneer
spirit, be crossed tbe plains with an
ox team, settling in Linu oounty, Ore
gon. Of au adveuturous nature, he
was one of tbe first to enlist bis ser
vices against the Indian hordos when
tbe Rogne River war broke out, and
won high distinction for bravery in
many battles that followed. At the
time of his death be was drawing a
pension from tbe government iu roo
ognitiou of tbe valuable services
be rendered. He was oue of tbe first
to mine at Floronce, Idaho, and in
1861-2 controlled r paok traiu wbiob
oonveved merchandise from The Dalles
aud Umatilla iutc tbe Boise Basin.
In I860 be was united in marriage to
MiBB Nancy E. Purdy of Linn county.
Oue sou, D. ti. Mansfield, now a res
ident of Caldwell, Idaho, was born to
them. Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield came
to Umatilla county iu 1873 and in
1874 he settled on tbe home plaoe west
ot town where he lived until a few
yeais ago when ho retired from farm
ing and moved to towu to reside. His
first wife died January SO, 1886, and
be was married t- Mrs. Lizzie Wbite,
who survives bim, on September 25,
1887. He was tbe last of a family of 9
ohildren, 8 brothers and one sister.
The last to precede bim to tbe grave
was B. F. Mansfield, a twin brother.
who in his decliuiug years found a
welcome homo with his brother Frauk.
Tbe deceased was a devout Christian
gentleman, being u member of tbe
Cbiistian church. He was kind beart
od, genial and considerate in the per
formance of all obligations demanded
of bim as citizen and neighbor, lie
lived well within tbe limits pre
scribed for honorable men, and tbe
community is better for bis having
lived with us.
Cantcloupc Farm.
J. W. Muir, residing two and one
half miles north of Freewater, is tbis
week making arrangements to set out
a 15-aore tract west of his home plaoe
iu cantaloupes, says the Eagle. Water
for irrigating this traot will Le secur
ed from a well and motor. Mr. Muir
has sent for tested seed from tbe
Kooky Ford, Colo., gaidens. There
will be fonr strains. This it) thn nnlv
exclusive oanteloupe furm in tbo val
Simon a Benedict.
A license to wed was granted Mon
day, April il. 1911, to Simon Dear
dor If, of this city, and Mrs. Mary
Brugger, ot Mount Vernon, Wash.
Tbe couple were married iu Pendle
ton at 11:30 on the sumo day, and
were attended by Mrs. B. D. Clemons,
a sinter of tbe groom, Rev. Nathan
Evans officiating. They have taken
up their residence ou Current street.
A Dry March.
Tbe past month was ono of tbo dry
est in all Marches in tbe memory of
tbe oldest inhabitants of this part of
Umatilla county. Scarcely any pre
cipitation is recorded and cold winds
assisted io sapping tte moisture from
the soil. However, there is plenty of
moisture left and growing grain looks
remarkably well.
Keep Away From North Fork.
The Milton Rod and Gun club will
plant black bass in tbe north fork
of tbe Walla Walla river tbis spring,
and anglers will L forbidden to fish
in that stream this year. P. J. Kelly
aud other ranohers for eight miles
above the forks of the river have serv
ed notioe that anglers fishing on their
premises will be prosecuted.
A Skift of Snow.
A skift of snow fell Tuesday morn
ing, barely oovering the ground. Tbe
temperature felt like real winter for
several hours, but it is thought the
fruit was not damaged in this vicinity.
Peaob trees are in bloom aud other
varieties offruit have swollen buds.
Fearful Ordeal of the Ackou Binat In
the Sudan.
Is the black man more stoical or
merely less sensitive than we are?
"At a fantasia in the Sudan," says
Mr. Edward Fothergil in "Five Years
In the Sudan," "I have myself seen
the part that a young man plays of
his own free will In order to obtain
the title of uckou binnt (the brother
of the girls). This ceremony would
turn a reformer's hair gray.
"The men and the women of a vil
lage sit round In a circle, leaving a
space in the center of some six yards
in diameter. I describe it as I saw it
myself. Tbe strongest man in the vil
lage is then picked out of tho crowd,
and, armed with a whip of hippopota
mus hide, he and the young man who
to strive for the title cuter tho
arena. The women beat their drums,
and the men clap their hands to tho
tunc. ' '
"The candidate for honor is stripped
to the waist. He stands with his arms
folded in the center of tho ring, and
the strong man dances up to bim to
the tune which is being played. He
brings the whip round with all tho
force of which he is possessed and
lands it on the bare back of the man
in front of him. He dances away;
again he advances, and the operation is
repeated. This goes on until the num
ber of strokes previously agreed upon
have been dealt. In the particular
case I saw it was twenty-five. If tho
man who is being flogged winces, if
he so much as moves au eyelid as the
whip descends, he Is disqualified and
branded as a coward until such tlmo
as he may choose to undergo tho op
eration a second time.
"On this particular occasion he went
through with it like a Trojan. Indeed,
the man who was delivering the blows
got tired first, and the last three cuts
of the twenty-five were unsteady and
flickered round the ear and neck of
the 'brother.' I leave my readers to
imagine the state of his back when all
was over, but he appeared to be as
hnppy as a king, and certainly he was
accorded a grcnt ovation by the as
sembled crowd of women." '
A Repulsive People
The Inhabitants of Dutch New Guinea
are not an attractive race. "The na
tive womnu," says Dr. Eric Marshall,
tho explorer, "drags up the children,
cuts the firewood, brings in' the sago,
works the canoes, occasionally proving
her skill as n warrior in the family
and vlllago quarrels, and always com
ing off best with her tongue. She Is
usually content with n strip of bark
cloth. When in mourning she dis
penses even with this. The malo sex
predominates, and most of tbe men
have to be content with one wife. On
tho death of a man the widow, clad
like Eve, but as ugly as Satan, crawls
around the grave, wailing and chant
ing, performing weird movements with
nrihs and body, which may or may not
be meant for dancing." Pall Mall Ga
Blue Tita Love the Bees.
Bees have enemies of various kinds
like the rest of creation. Every ono
knows that many birds are insectiv
orous, but nil insects do not form the
food of any one species. The bird
which has formed a taste for bees is
the blue tit, and if a pair of these dis
cover a suitable nesting place In the
neighborhood of an apiary it is sur
prising how ninny boos will be carried
off to satisfy them and their young.
Generally their work Is mostly felt
whore queen raising Is extensively in-'
dulgod In. for queens aud drones being
largest and slowest on tho wing form
a desirable and easy prey. Agricul
tural Economist.
Up to His Standard.
A mc'irhnnt in a small town wns
about to become bankrupt for the sev
enth time. He called in the account
ants to go over his books. When they
had finished they told him he would
be able to pay 3 cents on the dollar.
A troubled look came over tbo mer
chant's face. "Heretofore." he said,
"I have always paid 10 cents on the
dollar, and I'll do it now," bo affirmed
ns a benevolent smile overspread bis
face. "I'll pay the rest out of my own
pocket." Everybody's.
A Reminder.
Mrs. Crlrnsonbenk Did you think of
me while I wus away In tbe country,
John? Mr. Crlrusonbcak I certainly
did. doar. I wore that necktie you
bought me for my birthday, and every
body asked where on earth 1 got it,
and I had to tell them. Yonkers
In this world it is not what we take
up, but what we give up. that makes
us rlch.-Iieechcr. I