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Athena Merchants
Carry Bio Stocks
Buy Your Groceries from Your Home Grocer
S. TV "WILSON, President, .
Ii; KOSFKB' Vice-President.
F. o-JLo GP.OW.Casbier,
E. A.jSERBAf 4ea't Cashier.
The only real hard thing about a bank account is the starting. When
once started it's like a snow ball. Roll it gently and it gets larger andjlarger,
almost without you noticing it. Once you get into the habit of depositing a
VCIMIII BUM1 CttbU WCCft Ul lilulllll, jrvw 1. OV-w I tit .uiwubwi , - w .
"Saving at the Spigot
Wasting at the Bung"
That's what buying poor paint
means. Paint may be low
priced by the gallon and be
extravagant to use owing to
to 'it's poor covering power
and wearing quality. After
the paint is applied it's too late
to save. Start right and use
s inr n
It covers more surface, spreads easier, and lasts
longer than any other prepared paint, or hand-mixed
lead and oil.
the imn-m lumber co.
Lumber, Mill Work and all Kinds of
Posts and Blacksmith coal
A. M. Johnson, Manager
Athena, Oregon
The Best Meat to be found in Town. Come and see
me. I will treat you right.
Umatilla Legislators Are Given' Im
portant Places on Committees br '
Pres. Selling and Speaker Rusk.
iston lodge. Other speakers daring
the evening were D. E. Yorao, grand
obanoellor of Oregon. Prank T.
Wrigbtman grand vioe chancellor and
L. R. Stinson, Q. K. R. S. At tbe
olose of tbe program looob was
served and then third rank work was
'takfn up. Members of Pytbian lodge
who attended were pleased with tbe
. President Selling baa taken fairly
good care of tbe Umatilla county sen
ators in bis appointments ou commit
tees. Polio wing are the committees
on wbiob the looal men will serve:
Senator Burgess: Federal relations,
Irrigation, Railroads. .
Senator Barrett: Claims, Connty
and State officers, Roads and High
ways. !
So both men wonld appear pretty
well taken oare of.
' Speaser Rusk has also keen good to
tbe Umatilla men in the Bouse.' Fol
lowing are bis appointments:
Representative Mann: Penal, Re
formatory and Obarltatle institutions.
Roads and Highways, Ways and
Representative Peterson: Claims,
Irrigation Public Lands.
Representative Maboney: Banking,
Insnranoe, Ways and Means.
Thus both Maboney and Mann are
on tbe important Ways and Means
oommittee. . , :
Barrett's bill to make tbe connty
treasurers tax collectors was killed in
tbe senate Tuesday.
. Tbe senate passed tbe bill intro
duced by Senator Kellaber making
legal tbe proposition to bond Portland
for tbe construction of tbe Broadway
bridge over the Willamette. Obstruc
tionists, backed by the railroads made
a strong fight against tbe bridge.
Senator Hawley asks for tbe appor
tionment of $840,000 for tbe State
Agrionltnral oollege exclusive of the
$80,000 maintenance wbioh bas al
ready b en granted. The sobool wants
new buildings, repairs, books, eto.
Creation of the offloe of lientenant
governor, as proposed in a resolution
presented by Senator 'Calkins seems
likely to command strong support ac
this session of the legislature, Impet
us is given by the reoent anomalous
eitnation in tbe state when Seoretary
of State Benson, called npon to per
f arm tbe duties of governor, was com
pelled by ill health to turn over tbe
offloe to tbe president of the state sen
ate. The Oregon senate bas ratified the
I income tax amendment to the United
States constitution. The houso did
also. The vote was twenty-five to
two. Senator Sinnott said this would
do muoh to equalize taxation, making
it possible to com Del tbe rioh to bear
a share of tbe burden.
Senator Dimiok bas introduced in
tbe senate a bill requiring as eight
! hour work day in shops and mills of
tbe state. This is the bill which was
snooessf ally fought by tbe Manufao
turers' association at tbe last session.
It will have tbe support of tbe labor
unions and is particularly desired by
tbe workmen in tbe mills at Oregon
City. It applies only to mills operat
ed continuously for over 22 hours eaoh
day. :
Senator Burgees of Umatilla has a
bill petmitticg tbe appropriation by
counties of $200 for farm libraries in
country distriots.
MoColloob of Baker proposes a mea
sure to prevent transportation of high
explosives on any train wbiob oarries
Bean. Hawley and Malarkey were
named as a oommittee to revise the
daily journal. A double enacting
olause was directed for all bills, and
tbe titles of all bills must refer to tbe
old code as well as the new, if a joint
resolution passed by the senate carries
in the house.. ,
K. of P. Convention.
Every lodge in Umatilla county was
represented at the distriot convention
of the Knights of Pythias In Pendleton
Saturday evening. ' A. R. Sbumway
district deputy grand chancellor, pre
sided at the meeting and the program
opened with an address by Will M
Peterson. The response was by J. X
Hinklfl of the newlv instituted Herm
Farmers' Bank Officials.
1 he annual meeting of the Farmers'
Bank of Weston was held last Satur
day, when the following offloers were
elected: R. Jamieson, president; Wil
liam MacEenzie, vioe president; O. C.
Turner, seoretary ; I. M. Kemp, oasb-
er; J. F. Kershaw, assistant cashier.
All are incumbents with tbe exoeptiou
of Mr. Mackenzie, who suoneeds G.
W. Proebstel. Tbe bank has declared
tbe usual annual dividend of ten per
cent, and has passed ten percent to
surplus. -Weston Leader. v
Father and Son Dead.'
Hurrying from California to be at
tbe bedside of bis son, Charles Lyman
of Pendleton, before death claimed
him, the father, William H. Lyman,
Oakland, California, died on an
W. R. & N. train at Arlington
Monday afternoon. The son bad been
ill with Brigbt's disease for many
months and passed away Tuesday
morning. The father's body was
brought to Pendleton and side by side
it lay with that of tbe son in a Pen
dleton undertaker's parlor Wednesday.
Dayton Huskies Neatly Handled in
Close Score of 19 to 16.
"very where prices are right
The Freshest and most Choice the Market affords in
yj Best that Money can Buy Always Found Here
Mt rmTT nn ATinnn O caterers to the public in aVknmo nitanrAn
Money Will Be Provided and All Ar-
rangements Made Before Final
Surveys Are Completed.
Saturday night's basket ball game
between Dayton High sohool and Ath
ena High was a dinghummer in more
ways than one.
Tbe Dayton huskies put up gilt-
idged ball, but tbe Atbena team was
in tine form and played the Washing
ton lads off their feet, by snappy plays
when baskets were needed.
That Athena was to win, was dis
closed at the start, when on tbe fourth
pass of the ball Hugh Lieuallen tossed
basket, and bardly bad tbe Dayton
lads reoovered from the 'bhook when
tbe feat had been repeated without
the ball hardly touching the floor.
The first half ended 11 to 5 in Ath
ena's favor.
Lienallen was the bright particular
star of the evening, making 11 points
for his team, Glen Dudley following
with six points and Lawrence Sharp
contributed two.
For Dayton, Leatherman, tbe big
center, "delivered tbe groceries' ana
easily outclassed tbe other members
of bis team. Tbe young man ib a son
of C. B. Leatherman, a former prin
cipal of the Athena school, an edu
cator well known to the people of
Umatilla county. Tbe game ended
with Atbena on the long end of a
score of 19 to 16. -
After tbe game tbe two teams and
High sohool pupils wen to the school
building where a reception was held
in honor of tbe Dayton visitors. Tbe
laboratory was tastefully deoorated
with pennants and sohool colors. A
short program was the feature of the
evening's entertainment and refresh
ments were served.
Further substantiation of tbe report
that the government contemplates ap
portioning tbe neoessary money for
tbe undertaking of the west Umatilla
projeot in tbe near future has been
received by Dr. C. J. Smith of Pen
dleton, chairman of tbe oommittee
on tbe reclamation projeot from the
Pendleton Commercial association in
letter from Congressman W. R.
Ellis. In this communication, says
tbe East Oregonian, the representative
from bis distriot declares Director
Newell bas informed him that the gov
ernment would undoubtedly provide
for tbe carrying on of tbe work before
tbe final surveys are completed, which
work he estimates will require six
months time. : In part tbe lettar of
Congressman Ellis reads:
"Have made several visits to tbe
teoretary, president and reclamation
department in regard to the matter.
Last Saturday afternoon telegrams
were sent ordering that the neoessary
preliminary steps be taken, surveys,
etc, for tbe completion of tbe west
Umatilla projeot I am assured by the
director of tbe reclamation department
that this order on the part of the seo
retary wonld insure the undertaking
of this projeot and I am convinced
that at an early date tbe necessary
amount of money will be provided by
tbe president and secretary for tbe
completion of tbe projeot.
"Director Newell informs metbatlt
will probably take at least six months
to make the neoessary borings in re
gard to the looation of tbe dam and
survey for reservoir and he thought
that before work could be undertaken
he felt confident tbat provision would
be made for carrying it on."
Sbumway, Milton, president; W. W.
HarTab, Pendleton, vice president;
Geo. Carmiobael, Weston, secretary
treasurer; James Johns, Pendleton,
oondnotor; Adam Ruppe, Pendleton',
door-keeper. ; W. R. Campbell, Pen
dleton, chaplain, and E. O. Drapor,
Pendleton, press committee. Shum-'
way was also appointed a oommittee
of one to go to Salem to lobby in be
half of legislation desired by the
A Costly Whack.
Itoost Charles Heater,' the yonng
Milton telephone lineman, just $153.40
to strike Marshal Anderson of that
town over tbe head with a pair of
pliers. Monday afternoon the grand
jury returned an indiotment against
him, oharging bim with assault with
a dangerous weapon and he entered a
plea of guilty before Circuit Judge
Phelps and, after Attorney J. A. Pee
had made a plea showing that tbe as
sault was made under great provooa
tioa. Tbe judge imposed npon bim a
fine of $100 and assessed the oosts to
him, wbioh amounted to 63.40.
Mad Coyotes.
Reports from Enterprise. Wallowa
county, that ooyotes afflioted with
rabies have again made their appear
ance there, bas caused Dr. Lytle,
state veterinarian, to make another
tiip of investigation. Reports ooming
from Wallowa county are that coyotes
afflioted with rabies have attacked
dogs and stock and great fears exist
there that grave danger exists. ,
Splendid Lecture Delivered by A.'
Meldrum at Christian Church,
Townsite Was Located Where
Asylum Is to Be. ,
Social Function Waa Participated
By Large Number of People.
r ri . ?i. ik Ik !k iuuh
L v v vw v v
4 Jiw
One of the largest crowds of people
that ever congregated in the K. of P.
Odd Fellows hall, was entertained
last evening by Pythian Lodge No.
29, K. of P. Over two bnndred per
sons were present and from tbe be
ginning of tbe first number on the
program, through the entire evening,
a splendid time was enjoyed by every
one present.
After tbe rendition of the program
a snmptuous supper was served and
tbe long tables in tbe dining room
were cleared twioe before tbe cravings
of the inner man bad been appeased.
Games and danoing fnrnisbed enter
tainment for tbe young people and
others spent the time in social inter
course. Tbe program was as folows
Johnson a Orohestra.
Quartet. Hill. Lieuallen, Lookwood
and Brotberton.
Johnson'a Orohestra.
Address, by Geo. W. Bradley, of
Piano and violin duet, Miss Lula
and Lawrenoe Tbarp.
Piano solo, by Miss Ethel Johnson
Vooal solo, by Zola Keen.
Johnson's Orohestra.
Sonff. "Amerioa." by tbe audience.
Supper, games and danoing.
Malonev'a First Marriage.
Connty Judge J. W. Maloney pei
formed bis first marriage ceremony
Monday afternoon when be united
Clark C. DeWitt of St Louis and
Pearl Molntyre of this county. The
ceremony, says tbe East Oregonian,
went off so smoothly tbat tbe new
judge deolaies tbat be is now ready
to accommodate all persons desiring
to forsake tbe path of single blessedness.
An appreciative andienoe listened to
the delivery of a splendid leoture by
A. Maokenzle Meldrum at tbe Chris
tian ohuroh last Friday evening. Mr.
Meldrum had for bis topic "Tbe
World's Wonderland; Nature's Scenic
Masterpiece," and that ha was master
of his subject was evident when the
first picture of the series, depioting
the grandeur of the famous Yellow
stone National Park was thrown upon
the soreen.
The heart interest whiqh the gifted
lecturer nut into bis discourse came
not from information derived from
reading of the wondrous beauty of the
canyons, gorges, crags, peaks and gey
sers of tbe Yellowstone but was the
result of personal observation gleaned
during a long research for geological
knowledge. Tbe brilliant leotnre was
beautifully illustrated by piotnres of
tbe wonderland skillfully manipulated
t y Lanternist Chester Johnson.
Ibe friends of Mr. Meldrom have
exacted a promise from bim, tbat be
may oonolnde to give a series of leo
tures on bis travels and kindred top
ios. He has been on observant wan
derer in many lands and bis oratorical
ability together with bis desoriptive
talent, easily places bim on a par with
the foremost lecturers who are being
paid large salaries on lycenm and
Chautauqua circuits.
A good sized audience was ont to
hear Mr. Meldrum Friday evening,
and no douht should he deoide to give
mora leo teres this winter they will
be well attended.
State May Get Land.
Oreeon. instead of the United States
may become tbe beneficiary of the suit
brought by Ihe United States to xor-
feit 114,000 aores of land valued at
$4,000,000, granted to the stBte ana
later passed on through several bands
to the Southern Oregon company,
these lands lying between Coos Bay
and Roseburg. and granted in aid of
the military wsgon road. Tbe state
may regain title to tbe lands through
a discovery made by Representative
James Cole. After a oareful exam
inat'on of tbe law and tbe bill of
oomplaint, reontly filed in tbe Unit
ed States oirouit court by B. D. Town-
send, special assistant to tbe attorney
general, Mr Cole, who was formerly
a United Stated deputy distriot attor-
nnv. has beoome oonvinoed that tbe
state can intervene in tbe case and
flrtflhliRh its title to tbe big timber
land prize.
A Pendleton speoial to the Portland
Journal soys:
Very few people in Umatilla oounty
are aware that the sue wnion nas
been seleoted tor the. eastern Oregon
branoh insane asylum was the scene
of tbe first connty seat and that tbe
first court ever held in tbe oounty was
convened there. Snob Is tbe . case,
however. In the inspection of the .
reoords during the transfer of tbe deed
to the state, it was discovered tbat an
old townsite was situated on the traot
wbiob townsite existed under toe sev
eral names of Marshall, Middletonand
Swift's Station.
A consultation of Johnston's history
of Umatilla oounty shows tbat when
the oounty of Umatilla was oreated in .
1862, tbe oounty seat was temporarily
established at Marshall and remained
there until 1865, when it was changed
by a vote of tbe people to Umatilla
Landing. During the three years in
which it was the oonnty seat its name
was changed from Marshall to Middle
ton and later to Swift's Station, when
it beoame a terminus for a stage route.
There are but few of tbe old settlers
who knew tbe town, still living, but
there are several in Pendleton Lot
Livermore, A. W. Nye and Mrs. Aura
Raley, who remember the existenoe
of tbe little town.
Occupied Local Pulpit.
U. P. Swander, state seoretary for
the Christian church in Oregon,
preaobed twioe in tbe ohurcb here
last Sunday, most interestingly, to
appreciative audience. In tbe last v
Sunday Oregonian appears an illus
trated artiole from the pen of Mr.
Swander, in wbiob be announces the
great convention of tbe Disoiples of
Christ to be held in Portland Jnly
toll. 1911, also giving a condensed
bistory of tbe Restoration movement.
t Adams Land Sale.
A land sale near Adams, involving
a consideration of $32,000 for 820
nnrei of farm land was recently made
when J. H. Christopher sold bis farm
to Dave Nelson. Mr. Christopher
will move bis family to Albion, Wash.
hra he bas purchased a 720 sore
farm. -
Farmers' Union Officials.
At a oonntv meeting of tbe Farmers
Union held in Pendleton Saturday tbe
following offloers were eleoted: A. R,
Head of Monmouth
J. H. Aokerman, who has just com
pleted a service of 12 years as state
superintendent of public instruotlon
in this state bos been eleoted pres
ident of tbe state normal sohool which
is to be established at Monmouth, as
tbe result of tbe adoption of an in
itiative measure with that end in view
November 8. Tbe salary of tbe pres
ident is fixed by tbe board at $3600 a
A Miniature Blizzard.
A blizzard, not of tbe Dakota kind,
but of a miniature nature, strnok tbia
section Tuesday morning and lifted
much of the snow covering from tbe
fields in localities. In tbe mountain
district, east of town, tbe blizzard
raged more severely than in this vic
inity. Trains were not interfered with
p) any great extent.
Hoboes Burn Cars.
Two freight oars burned on tbe O.
W. R. & N. siding at Stanfield early
Monday morning. Tbe fire originated
it is thought by fire set by hoboes on
tbe floor of one of the oars. This is a
practice of tbe bobo fiateroity in cold
weather, tbe fuel generally being
Welles Honored.
Connty Sobool Supt Welles attend
ed tbe meeting of tbe executive oom
mittee of tbe Inland Empire Teaobers'
association at Spokane last week. 'Mr.
Welles was honored with an appoint
ment on the oommittee wbioh will
arrange for a joint meeting witb tbe
Country Life commission.