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Published Every Friday Morning
Entered at Athena portofilceasieceiid-claM
nail matter.
SiTbacrlptlon 'Hates:
Per year, In advance, 11.60
, Single copies. In wrapper, 5c.
Local reading noticed, first Imtertlon, 10c per.
.Ine. Each tubaequent Insertion, 5c.
AH communications should be addresssd to
ha PKES8, Athena, Oregon
The immigrant bill bag passed.
It provides that all immigrants
physically capable, and over 1G
years of age, shall be able to read
or write the English language or
some other language; but a person
not able to read or write, who is
over fifty years of age, and is the
parent or grandparent of a quali
fied immigrant over 21 years of
age, capable of supporting such a
parent or grandparent, may accom
pany the immigrant, or the parent
or grandparent may be sent for,
and to ens tjin the foully of the
child, or grandchild over 21 years
of age who is qualified under the
law, and the wife of minor chile
not able to read or write may ac
company or be sent for and come
and join the husband or parent
who is qualified.
The first eeri ouscasualty of the
ytar connected with the rush to
Alaska was the wrecking of the
steamer Corona at the mouth of
the Skcena river last week. The
accident was at once fortunate and
disastrous, as the entire comple
ment of 250 passengers escaped
though the fine steamer is a com
plete loss, together with outfits
and 800 tons of freight. No blame
. seems to attach to the condition
of the vessel, nor the efficiency of
her officers, but emphasis is offered
of the tremendous responsibilities
resting upon transportation com
panies and inspectors hi providing
and insisting upon seaworthy craft
and experienced navigators for the
' protection of passengers traveling
to Alaska.
Now it is stated that gold has
been dissovered in Labrador. It
seems that cold countries and gold
countries are to bo synonymous
Next we Bhall hear that the north
pole is gold plated, as woil as the
books of those explorers who do
not succeed in finding the pole.
The compensations of nature are
illustrated when she buries under
Klondike snows the glittering
metal coveted in all times and
lands, and makes the richly-fro'ighU
ed argosies fight ico to get away
with their burdens.
The several delays, in the con
firmation of McKenna to be su
preme justice of the United States,
might have been for a purpose, but
if so they came to naught. Last
Friday, an overwhelming majority
was in favor of the president's pre
ferment, and so McKenna succeeds
Justice Field, retired. So the Pa
cific coast is again honored by the
One of the events of the new
year is the closing of the mint at
New Orleans. Henceforth the
New Orleans establishment will bo
conducted as an assay office only,
and at a cost not exceeding 115,
000 a year. As a mint the pay
roll amounted to 110,000 per
Of the largo American population
in the Australian capital, it is siid
that all the men are medical stud
ents and the wtmen piano pupils.
Thus the distress occasioned by
the latter may in part be relieved
by the former.
, The Chicago inventor who pro
poses to turn antimony into gold
' has chosen his factory. He may
have feared from current reports of
new discoveries that there would be
an overproduction.
A Georgia editor describes a de
faulter who skipped out "as six
feet tall and $10,000 short."
Tho New York banks are again
transmitting gold by mail, and two
banks have shipped $500,000 each
in that way from San Francisco to
New York. It is not strange that
the banks should send gold through
the mail rather than by express so
long as there are partier who will
insure the rolls against loss, but
the strange thing is that anybody
should be willing" to insure. The
government, as is well known, as
sumes no liability, and one good
sized robber would break up this
business very quickly.
Immense demands for American
cotton in Japan indicate the
growth of that branch of manufact
ure in the orient. Steamer Braem
er carried 5000 bales, or approxi
mately 1250 tons from Tacoma
during the week, and all of the
six trans-Pacific lines are stated
to have offerings of 6otton which
will fill the entire available carry
ing capacity of these steamers for
several weeks to come. The ex
tremely low prices for the com
modity has brought an outlet in
proportion and ought to assist
materially in relieving the surplus
which has had such a telling effect
on the industry in America.
"The evils of using a legislature
for electing officials was never
more apparent than at the present
session," writes an Annapolis cor
respondent of the Baltimore Sun.
"One-fifth of the session is gone
and the house of delegates so far
has not paid the slightest attention
to the main purpose for which. it is
constituted, namely, legislation.
The minds of the members are bo
completely occupied by the elect
ion of a senator that they are in no
condition to attend to anything
Charles Vest, the Portland man
who conceived the idea of making
good money by taking frozen eggs
to the Klondike to sell, is not
dissatisfied with his venture.
Reaching Big Salmon river, where
Major Walsh was camping, the
entire stock was sold at a price
which brought the total value of
the product to $0,321.
Considering that it is a matter of
great difficulty to convict crimin
als, no matter how clear their
guilt, it may well be considered
whether the system of paroling
convicts should not be abolished.
It is alleged that during the last
two years one-half of the import
ant crimes committed in Chicago
have been the work of pardoned or
paroled convicts.
The Portland Tribune in hoist
ing Mr. Mitchell to the front has
its hands full, for it has the Cor-
bett faction in the republican party
to fight, and has also waged mild
war upon the democrats and pop
ulists. From all appearances the
Mitchellites are determined to have
a little hades to themselves. No
outsiders need apply for tickets.
The La Grande Gazette has been
purchased by Chas. T. McDaniel
and E. A. Clark. The name of the
paper has been changed to the
Grande Ronde Advocate. It will
be a republican paper.
The surgical world can now
point with pride to a man who has
both his stomach and vermiform
appendix eliminated. It would not
be a bad preparation for a trip to
tho Klondike.
It is said that Marcus Daly has
decided to become the next United
States senator from Montana. If
Mr. Daly is determined to break
into the senate like Hanna, he is
pretty sure to be successful.
Confine all trade possible to
your town borders, and thus be a
good factor to ever present" .pros
The Douglas county people's
party have decided on union with
the reform forces.
The poBtoffice department has ruled
that alternative addreaaaa must not be
respected by postmasters and that after
March lat all matter bearing such ad
dress shall be nnmailable. For instance
an address to John Smith, followed by
a statement that if not called for to give
to any prominent farmer, ia in violation
ot the law. Bach a letter if it cannot be
delivered to John Smith must be return
ed. After March lat it cannot be
mailed at all. Postmasters are instruct
ed to notify their patron a ot thia fact.
Convicta in the Aylum,
There are three convicta in the Insane
asylum. Fred Crump, nlayer ot hia
brother in-law, sentenced to life im
prisonment, has been in the asylum 10
years. Cramp is periodically violent
and dangerous. When in a calm mood
he la at times aifoveu to go about the
Causes fully half the sickness in the world. It
retains the digested food too long In the bowels
and produces biliousness, torpid liver, Indi-
gestion, bad taste, coated
tongue, sick headache, in
somnia, etc Hood's rills
cure constipation and all its
results, easily and thoroughly. 25c. All druggists.
Prepared by C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
The only Fills to take with Hood's SarsaparUla.
yard. He is now in a violent mocd and
is kept in the violent ward.
Emma Hannah', scrvioua life sentence
for killing Mrs. Hiatt, in Liun county,
baa been in the asylum over year. 8'jb
ia not a troublesome patient, but her Jr.
sanity ia pronounced chronic by tbe acy
lam authorities. She baa deloaioua of
pereecations, but li not K'.ven to talk
about ber crime. It is likely ahe will
aerve out her sentence in tha asylum.
The last convict received at 'the asy
lum was O. Pitano. He waa transferred
fioin the penitentiary a lew weeka ago.
He we sentenced from Clatsop c.unty
for larceny. Pi'sno belongs to tbe idi
otic clues At times be ii entirely halp
less and ia a troublesome patient.
The Gold Production for 1897.
Director of the Mint Proaton (ays
that he thinka ex Governor Grant's esti
mate of $2,000,000 aa the uold produc
tion of Colorado is eloper than Mr.
Puckett'd figures of $22,000,000. "I be
lieve that the total product of the conn
try will reach about $01,000,000" he
added. "I know that tbe estimate of
Kothwell of the Engineering and Mining
Journal ia $67,000,000, but I think he
has included tbe new Alaska product
on the theory that it r.ll comes from the
international boundary. Tbia, I believe,
will prove an error for a considerable
item will be represented by the product
of tbe location oa our aids of the bound -dary
" Mr. Preston estimates the Utah
product of precious metals at 78,000 fine
ounces of gold and 6,500,000 ounces of
silver. Utah ia the only state in the
Union that doea not ehow an increased
gold product. The director has sent out
hia circulars and blanks to private re
fineries of tba country for information.
He says that no certain figures can be
given until tho returns are received, but
that these will afford a close approxima
tion to the exact product.
The Great Caricaturist Has Just Issued
an Interesting Book.
Homer O. Davenport, the caricaturist,
has just issued iu book form soma of the
caitoona which have been published in
the New Yoik papers during tbe past
year and which have brought him fame
and fortune. Mr. Davenport is an Ore
gon boy, and he received hia first exper
ience iu drawing here, or more correctly,
the fine, Italian hand which has traced
out so many bumoroua sketches, waa
first directed in thia city in the channels
in which it ought to move. Mr. Daven
port never bad to take lessons in draw
ing Ho was born that way. In other
words, he took X) drawing just as natur
ally as an oyster takes to soup
Portland newspapermen encouraged
the talent and made him cultivate it, or
Mr. Davenport might now be making a
failure in nonae other and less congenial
vocation. Some people have tbe faculty
of expressing themselves id concise and
graphic sentences. Mr. Davenport uses
pictures. His pictures talk for him and
they have a quaint and unmistakable
language of their own which, during the
recent political campaign, had a more
convincing eflect than the moot powerful
arguments of the most eloquent editorial
writers. Mr. Davenport puts a lile and
expression into his pictures which make
them fairly breathe.
Drawine pictures is a pastime for Mr.
Davenpoit, and thia gift of being able to
amuse himself with hia pen enables him
to draw a bigger salary from the New
York Journal than the governora of
many states get. And tho business ia
one which the gentleman baa the satis
faction of knowing is not in danger of
sharp and unhealthy competition. There
aro few rivals in the Celd. That is, there
are tew rivals who can draw pictures and
give them life like Mr, Davenport dose.
Tbe art is a secret, a cunning of the
band, and there is no danger that it will
ever be acquired by tbe many.
Mr. Davenport is a eon of Hon T. W.
Davenport, an ex-member of the legisla
ture from Marion county. The elder Mr,
Davenport ia a resident of Silverton and
he ia one of the tnoBt prominent political
spirits of tbe county which he lepre
senta. Portland Tribune.
A Terrible Death!
The Albia (Iowa) Union says: Mrs.
aggie Woods died Saturday afternoon
at ber borne in Webster City. She waa
a believer in faith cure and although .her
family and relatives objected, ahe waa
surrounded nntil the last by members
of the society, who denied her phy
sicians or medicine. She was imbued with
tbe idea that Satan- was ia her body and
would not allow her to get well, and
died a horribla death, still believing
the words ot those sitting by her bed
side that she must banish him or die.
Just before ahe lost consciousness ahe
eaid: Ia thia death T Go awav devil."
Her aged mother, standing bv her side.
said to the faith cures: "You have
made her think the devil is in her, now
drive it out." But tbe scientists were
powerless, and she died believing ahe
waa possessed with an evil spirit.
Horses Wanted.
I will give suitable reward for inform
ation leading to the recovery ot following
described horses:
Two 5-year-old mares, two 4-vear-olda
and one yearling, all branded TU con
nected on left shoulder ; bay saddle horse
branded half circle on left shoulder ; two
gray mares, 5-year-olds j one dun mare,
light mane and tail, 4 year old. and with
her Is Buckling colt; all branded figure
0 with bar above on left Bhoulder. Ad
dress Oko. W. Bade.
2t Milton. Ore.
Wheat Prospects.
California's crop prospect ia gloomv.
There has been no rain to apeak ot, In
the San Joaqma valley up to this date,
and it ia in the San Joaqnin valley that
three-fourths of all California'a wheat ia
raiaed. There baa not been rain enough
fallen to enable tbe farmers to plow the
land, 1 he eoil ia baked and hard. It is
the belief that it ia now too late to help
tbe wheat ; and that not halt ot an aver
age crop will be gathered in 139$.
It la Better to take Hood's Sarsapar
illa than to experiment with unknown
and untried preparations. We know
Uood'a Saraaparilla actually and per
manently cures.
la the rlff tn apt tVn
Workmanship and best
W. E. YOUNG, Proprietor,
I H.C.
Adams. President.
II. HcArtbur. Vice-President.
' Pays interest on time deposits.
Deals In foreign and
E, 1. Babkbtt, Cashier,
, This Is Your Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
a generous sample will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon
strate the great mtrita of the remedy.
c 60 Warren St., New York Ciiy.
Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont. ,
recommended Ely'a Cream Balm to me. I
can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi
tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."
Rev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres.
Church, Helena, Mont.
Ely's Crenm Balm is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Price, 50 cents.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the firm of
Spencer, Luna & Lippold, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. : Herman
Lippold is alone authorized to collect all
accounts due the said firm of Spencer,
Luna & Lippold, and S. L Spencer will
pay all claims against eaid firm as speck
fled in the article of agreement. A. H.
Luna and Herman Lippold, retiring, and
S. L. Spencer continuing the business. -.
S. L. Spencer,
A. H. Luna,
i Herman Lippold.
What Everybody Knows,
Or ought to'know, is that health arid
even life Itself depends upon the con
dit ion of the blood. Feeding, aa it does,
all the organs of the body, it must be
rich and pure in order to give proper
nourishment. Hood's Swaaparitla
makes the blood pure, rich and nourish-,
ing. and in this way strengthens the
nerves, creates an appstite. tones the
stomach, builda up the health, wards off
colds, pneumonia and fevers.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cots,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
eorea, tetter, chapped hands chilblains,
corns, and alt skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to givo perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by. Pioneer Drug store,
G. O. Osburn, proprietor.
ont Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Mr Auaj.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netio, full of life, nerve and vigor, .take No-To-Bao,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 60c or II. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York,
Lung Troubles and Consumption Can
be Cured. j
Aa Eminent New York Chemist and Scientist
Hakes a Free Offer, to Our Readers.
The distinguished New York chemist,
T. A. Slocum, demonstratine bis dis
covery of a reliable and absolute cure
for consumption (Pulmonary Tubercu
loaie) and all bronchial, throat, lunir and
chest, stubborn coughe, catarrhal affec
tions, general decline And weakness,
loss of flesh, and all conditions of" wast
ing; away, will Bend THREE FREE
BOTTLES (all different) pt his New
Discoveries to any afflicted reader of the
Prkss writing for them.
His "New Bcientiflc Treatment" has
cared thousands permanently by its
timely use, and considers it a simple
professional duty to suffering humanity
to donate a trial of his infallible cure.
Science daily developes new wonders,
and his great chemist, patiently experi
menting for yearr, has produced results
as beneficial to hnmanity as can be
claimed by any. modern genius. Ilia
asserting that lung troubles and consump
tion are curabls in any climate is pro
ven by "heart felt letters of gratitude,"
tiled in his . American and Euroean
laboratories in thousands from those
cured in all parte of the world.
Medical experts concede that bronchial
chest and lung trouble lead to Consump
tion, which, uninterrupted, means speedy
and certain death.
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. D.
98 Pine street, New Yoik, giving post
office and express address, and the free
medicine will be promptly sent. Suffer
ers should Uke instant advantage of his
generous proposition-
Fill a bottle of common glass with
urine and let it etand twenty-four hours ;
a sediment or settling indicates an un
healthy condition of the kidneys. When
urine stains linen it is evidence of kid
ney trouble. Too frequent desire to
urinate or pain in the hurlr.
convincing proof that the kidneys and
umuuer are out 01 order.
There is comfort in th t
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Hwamp-Koot, the great kidney remedy
fulfills ever wish in reliavino
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every
pan oi me urinary passages. It corrects
inability to hold urine and scalding
pain in passing it, ot bad effects follow
ing use of liquor, wine or beer, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of
"'"s mHeieu to get no many times
during the nisht to nrinsta- th. -ia
and the extraordinary effect of Swamp
Root is eoon realised. It stands the
highest for its wonderful cures of the
most distressing cases. If you need a
medicine you should have the beet.
Sold by druggists, prica fifty cents and
one dollar. You may have a sample
bottle and pamphlet both sent free by
mad. Mention the Pais and send vour
address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingbam
ton, N. Y. The proprietors cl this
paper guarantee the genuineness of this
Hrcfr nf "Harness." finod
of material," our motto.
- - Athena, Oregon
T. J. Klrfc, V Directors
E. L. Baruett,)
Proper attention given to collections.
domestic exchaogo.
N. W. Barsett, Assistant Cashier.
Worth of
To Be Slaughtered
Onrentire Stock of Merchan
dise, consisting of Clothing,
Overcoats, Boots and Shoes,
liats and (Japs, Socks, Shirts
etc. must and will be closed
out at once regardless of cost.
Square Store
The Clothing Emporium.
R9member the place, first door Booth of
Postcffice, Pendleton, Or.
Pioneer Drug Store,
p Mrs. Hardin, Proprietress. $
P H. F. Milln, Manager.
p Can be .recommended to the public as at
$ bclnff flrst-lAKS In everv M
particular. :
1 ' .
I. WeV
White help only. A
Eiliunte Vonr nonrela With Caseareta.
Cnndy Cnthnrtfc, enre constipation forever.
0o. 25o. If C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
, Evervbody Says So.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the age, pleas
ant and retrcsliiner to the taste, act gently
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
cleansing tho entire system, dispel coids,
cure headache, Xever, habitual constipation
and biliousness. Please buy and try a box
orO.CC. to-day; 10, 25, 50 cents. Bold and
Kuaranteed to cure by all druggists.
t Only First-class Hotel in J
J Is the only one tbat can accommodate
commercuu travelers.
Can be recomrnded for its clean and
J vreU ventilated rooms. J
Cob. Maix asd Third, athksa, Or. X
5 t 25
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