The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, December 04, 1896, Image 3

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llU I nlllU
The Square Store.
Cut Prices
The Wright & Peters shoes, for
mer price $4 to $6, going at $1.75
to $2, or less than 5C cents on the
dollar of first cost. .
Eannan & Sons shoes $4.50 to $6.00, to
cloBed out at 3.00.
Suits of clothes cost $ 7.00 at fi 50
Suits of clothes cost 6 00 at 5.50
Suits of clothes cost 6 25 at 6.00
Suits of clothes cost , 7.70 at 7 50
Suits of clothes cost 1100 at 10.50
Suits of clothes cost " 8.80 at 8.50
Suits of clothes cost 12 00 at 11.50
Suits of clothes cost 13.20 at . 10.00
We will not sell our black suits below
cost but we'll sell them below what is
said to be below cost. Not an article of
these goods have been in our store over a
year and are np to date styles. Over 75
patterns to select from
Square Store
Pendleton, Oregon.
Watch Repairinting. grist .t
Is My Business
and I give
careful, painstaking attention to it. I give
especial attention to the repairing of une
watches tbe kind of watches hat need
extra careful adjustment. Itrytohaye
my work give such satisfaction as will
win the confidence of alt who leave their
watch repairing in my hands. I want
von to feel that when yon leave your
watch with me for repairs, the work will
be done to the best of my ability and in
a competent manner. It is my ambition
to add to the reputation I think I have
in a small mem-e already established,
of doing honest, thorough watch repair
ing. H. H. ffiXL, Athena, Oregon.
Wantel-Jln Idea
Who en think
of Mote fmplm
uuog topnnw
Frotart yoor l1u: thermay cum joa
WrtuTJORN WKODERBtmS CO.. Patt Aitor
WW Wilrifin. D. C. fc thlr 1. pro oUa
Lidlut ot no biutdnd lavaauma wuua4.
Buy a Thing unlli you Examine
It Comprises all
qci cnTinu nr nnnnQ umi qtamr tuc teqt every
MfiPf Tfl UlllfiCD
HUVl l U nlNUtn
A Beatiful Oil Painting, 24x38, framed, is absolutely given away
e I.
Local News.
vWinter is with us in all her glory. - : t
' T . TIT a : tU ! Y 11 1 O ( ....
. rt. oujivu who iu reuuievuu omui-
day. . '. " .; 1 ' ;
KDeputy Sheriff Kimberfc was in town"
Monday. . s t '"
' O. P. Davis"1 was up from Pendleton
Have you seep those Dress Serges at
Mof groves. i '
J. W. Smith solicits your insurance.;
Call and see him. !
Doll buggies 35 cents each, at the'
Blue Front, Pendleton. ,.-;
Pendleton physicians continue to re
port new caees of scarlet fever. -
ibxJabes Cress well, an Oregon pioneer.
died in Pendleton Friday night.
Jay Saling has. removed his family to
Athena, and occupies the Post house. ;
LMany of our young people enjoy tbe
exbilerating pleasure of sleighriding this
Week. ; j
Mrs. Hannah Rice, of Colfx, Wash., ie
visiting in the city, the guest of Mrs. Fi
B. Boyd. ...
Mr. and Mrs. W. . Young and daugh
ter Leola, Sundayed with friends in Wal
la Walla.
Ladies undearwear and hosiery n end
less varieties, at prices to suit ail, at
Mosgrove's. v j'. v. ' "
Most complete stock of the latest styles
in Dress goods and Trimmings are found
at Mosgrove's. ; - -
At the Bine Front in Pendleton, you
can buy a wall black-board tor the child
ren, for forty cents,' , :
That "bicycle hump" still clings to
those Mackintoshes tbatara. going at
Mosgrove's at 83 75. '
The Star Specialty Co., which showed
in Athena Tuesday evening of last week,
disbanded in Pendleton.
- - - ' . .
Only good insurance companies are
represented by Smith. Remember this
when taking out a policy. . .
P. M. KIRKLAND'8 accounts must be
settled. Gall at the First National bank,
and interview E.'L. Barnett.
Born, A nine ponnd baby girl was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Farkea, of
Pendleton, batorday morning. .
Wm. Price, a prosperous young farmer
oi treBiun, wan in raw a weuaesuuy, gee
tbe flour milt. - .
Since tbe organization of the Pendleton
fire department in 1878. eight different
chiefs have had charge of its office. .
The several inches of snow which fell
has been good treatment for all kinds of
wheat, early sown and late sown.
X Chas. Stansell spent Thanksgiving in
Athena, with relatives and friends.
Charlie is employed in Pendleton. .
Tbe Woodmen, together with tbeir
families and invited friends, enjoyed a
social i
cial at tbe hall Wednesday evening.
i said there will be a whopping big
Christmas dance at the Hamilton
Roorke wheat warehouse, in Athena. -
Postmaster 8tanell, of Eidge, spent
Tbankegiving in Athena. He was tbe
gneet of his daughter,. Mrs. F. J. Bea'.e.
When in Pendleton stop at tbe Golden
Rule Hotel. Tbe beet of rooms and ele
gant fire. Free bus to and from all
the Novelties
you from having a Merry Christmas
you wish at a Price you can afford to
:The county, court fhas 'made an order
approving the final report of the admin
istrator of the estate of Iad6re Gagnon.
; T.' F. Rourke is iu Pendleton from
Portland, whtre he attends to the. busi
ness of the Hamilton & Rourke ware
house system. -, . 1 . ,,' .
; Jim Johnson, present democratic post
master, at Pendleton, voted for McKin
ley, but says he is not an aspirant for re
appointment. v . '" ",T,t j "
: The county court will inspect ail coun
ty roads next spring. This will be done
with the view , of placing the roads In
better condition; ; ; - ; ; ,, j
JThe snow fall at Walla Walla during
November haB been 5 Inches, exceeding
the snow fall for that month during any
year eince 1886.'-'- ' - - - j ,
The receiver appointed in the case iof
W. D. Parket vs. the CA. Barrett com
pany has beon ordered, to pay 10 per cent
on all legal claimsv , n J: . . j .
C. A. Barrett has been appointed sole
agent for tbe Buffalo Pitts threshers and
extras for all territory between Walla
Walla and Peadleton. - .. : : a
". Mr. W. P. latbrop has again' entered
the employ of the East Oregonian, as
manager ot the advertising and job; de
partment of that paper. : - - j
: Celuioid picture franies that you used
to pay 50 cents for, we will, sell you the
same thing this yen for 25 cents a piece.
The Blue Front, Pendleton. '. :. j ,i
'Call and get bur prices on clothing. If
yon can do better elsewhere we don't ex
pect your trade but you can't. The
Square Store, Pendleton.. -, .v . ,
. Tbe young man who Is anxious to lay
the world at tbe feet of the girl be adores,
three months after he marries her isn't
willing even to lay the carpet. '
Rev. G. ' Rushing and wife returned
home from La Grande on Tuesday's be
lated train. ; Services will be held at the
Christian church Sunday, as usual,:
J Just received, from Factory over-1 the
Hunt line, anew stock of Gang Plows,
Drillaaad Harrows. Prices to. iult the
times.' 1', j t, y: 1 : O. A.. Baebett.
Xlhe Ladies' Reading Circle met at the
home of Mrs. J. W. Smith yesterday
atternoon. Mrs. Lake France entertain
ed the circle,' Wednesday of last week;
-Something for tho ladies, the latest
out, those fine fleece lined rubber boots
for eloppy . weather. Mosgrove's is the
only place to find them. Very low in
price. -, ,: '. : - f V
Pendleton Tribune: A large salmon
was found yesterday -frozen in the mil
iuko uuar van luauurj : xt wm midh uii
. . L ! . T. - . . V. . .
And measured, and found to- be 3 feet 61
inches in length. -; ? ; -i : ; :
Married. On' the" 2nd Inst., at- the
home of tbe ofEciatinff minister. G. W.
Rigby, near Athena, Mr. Weilmgton D.
McNemar, of Athena, and Mies. Uattie
J. Berry, of Weston.'- ; 1. 1 s ': j
No excuse for colds, we offer prices
that make underwear, clothing,' over
coats, mackintoshes, apet, jackets and
blankets cheaper than fuel. Alexander
it Hexter, Pendleton. . ; t u.-.'. t f
VM. A. Baker, of Weston,-has a self
registering xavernment thermometer at
His noma l ne loweei poini regieierea
was 7 degrees below aero, and was on
Thursday night, of last week, ; ;
-The mnrcury in the themometere in
Pendleton, stood at 12 degrees lelow
aero fstord? night. All factories in
clndicz the flouf-npills, which are run by
water power, are frozen op aisd abut
down. " -
of the Season, and will please you both
- Dandruff forms when the glands of the
skin are weakened and if neglected,
baldness is sure to follow. - Hall
Renewer is tbe best preventive.'
Hair J
' there is nothing that makes a school
boy quite so happy as to feel, down in
his pocket a little note from his mother
asking that he be excused from school at
recess. , .-
Tha TW!at will Wa nhrtZ
mas tree on Christmas eve. All are cord-
ially Invited to participate.. An excels
lent program of entertainment will be
rendered. ,
-The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A law Ti"V ndnn , AiaA af K&ii kSnma trt
Tuesday. The little pno was iid to rest
in the Athena cemetery Wednesday
At the Christian church there will be
a Christmas tree on Christmas eve. A
committee will be appointed for arrange
ment of program, and to receive presents.
A good time is anticipated.
u Hansen & Maioney nave put -in newi
'shelving, and are preparing to display.
their large stock of Uhrutmas good
which arrived this week. They tell yd
all about tnem in todays i-res. .
Several lady friends of Miss Genevievi
Booth, are enjoying tbe , beauty of
splendid boquets of Chrisanthemums,
which the young lady thoughtfully sent
from her home in Jackson villej' Ore. (
The Press has recently added a large
amount of printing material to its me
chanical department, and better able than
ever to give prompt attention to all orders
in the printing and publishing line.
Hon. Phil Metscban, Grand Master,
and J. 8.. Malcolm, Past Grand Master,
will meet with the Masonic lodge of Wes
ton, December 11. Masons ef Athena
and Milton are requested to be present.
We don't say that we sell as cheap as
anybody, but we do eay that we sell
cheaper than anybody, when you come
to Pendleton we will convince you of that
fact. Max Bear, tbe Blue Front, Pend
leton. . - s . - ' 4
Tbere will be a Christmas ftree at the
M. E. church on Chrtetmaseve. A com
mittee has been appointed and will have
charge of all arrangemenis. A program
of entertainment will appear in the
Press. .
Sunday evening at the M.E. church
the subject will be "Sowing and Reap
ing." The church has been ;so arranged
that all may be comfortable I should the
evening be cold. Tbe choir, will render
cnoice selections. ... ,
U j r letters iromataw senators suggesting tnai
If A That Charley Barrett is enterprieingnft unounce his candicy threading
I I' U..L... ltk..) Hint.! 1 .1 ik. ...iw'i !rlfH.i:.. T
latest enterprise is to sell besting stoves
to Weston people and make them a
Ffltovehome. Nextl , 4 .
Great Bankrupt Sate at ths "Leader"
201 Court fct, Pendleton. 'Jreat Slaugh
ter in Prices. You can save 50 per cejit
on every purchase. Mail orders prompt
ly attended to. Special redaction will be
made to people of Athena.
Donald McRae, is agent for tbe great
Oxydoner "Victory" thi invaluable
remedy which enres all form of diseases
without me.licine or electricity .' Price
only $15. Lasts a lifetime. Addrees,
Donald MtRae, Milton, Oregon.,
It is reported tbat W. J. Furnish is an
applicant for .the position ot United Sta
tes Marshal of Oregoo. Mr. Furnish
bad a comfortable eest in the republican
band wagon dnring the recent campaign,
and votd for McKinley bc-n- the ap
plication. WiilhegH it? ("Six."
IP 1
article fi lud through and
as you can get the
with every $10 purchase of Christmas Goods.
Store, Athena Oregon.
John Stadel was examined before Uni
ted States Commissioner M. A. Butler at
Pendleton, on a charge of cutting timber
worn government lann. j. a. Hunting
ton defended him. Tbe commissioner
held Stadel In the sum of $200.
La Grande Chronicle; Hon. James A.
Fee of Pendleton came down from Baker
jAptf laBt evening, where he has been at-
iBt?"lu8 reu court,, u. r .
for the office of United States district at- !
Whev. to succeed D. R. Murohv. I
Sportmen say that some persons are
shooting quail at points below Pendleton
oh the Umatilla, and they authorize tbe
statement tbatt4be practice is not stop
ped, prosecution w tH be begun by mem
bers of the Peud!toi Rod & Gun Club.
Your confidences one precious jewel
in our procession Sot for sale. We shall
gala it through earnest efforts, through
integrity, through reliable goodq, never
misrepresented, and through tbe lowest
prices. Alexander & Hexter, Pendleton,
Ore.'- i.: ; v .
No matter who the customer is, where
he, lives, what he wants, how much
money , he has, nor how little be has,
there is no store in Pendleton where
your dollars will do you such good service
as they will at Alxender & Hoxter's store
in Pendleton.
Mrs. James Stewart, widow of the com
mercial traveler who died in Portland
October 9 from the effect of an accident,
has received from the Travelers Protec
tive Association of America 15000 as in
surance money. Mr. Stewart was well
known in Athena.
Ten thousand bead of hogs were ship
ped out of this section during the first
three days of this week, bringing an av
erage price of S3 per head, or $30,000.
The bulk of them were stock bogs, and
were shipped to the Eastern corn belt.
Union County Farmer. . -
If you are anxious to ' find the most
reliable blood-purifier, read in Ayer's
Almanac the testimonials of those having
been cured of such terrible diseases as
catarrh, rheumatisn, and scrofula, by
the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Then
govern youself accordingly. -
Last week's Weston Leader boasted
of 4 nogs mat when drugged, weignea
1112 pounds. Johnny Froome, of Ath
ena, without trying, beats it easily with
3 dressed porkers, which tipped the
scales at 1140 pounds; beating the Wes
ton record 28 pounds, with one .hog
less. ;'! f ' .
It is said that J. B. Huntington, of
this city, has received no less tban six
1 8, Gnrdane iiLfihi ar-view said, so far
"Iir. HuntlngtW f declined to ask for
tfm;... nZLX . .
ranch on Pine creek bad one of his arms
broken tbe other day in a novel way
He was driving the family cow, and com
ing to the creek, be concluded to ride
across ths stream c"' '"ovine's back.
Tbe cow "bucked'i ,onred fell off,
with the above staWd ftisalp. .
A large number of people took supper
at the opera bouse Taeedayevening. Tbe
supper, mention of which was nninten
tially omitted in laet week's ttirm, was
given by the ladies of the Christian
church, wa most elegantlv prepared and
nicely arrange! on the tables The pro
ceeds derived from the supper, will be
devoted to the Sunday school of Ibe
Christian cbnrch.
yTotn Montgomery, a well know young
uan of Helix, left this eek for Port-
i 1
i i
through with attraction, merit, and true worth
Present you want for the Person
land, where he will take a course in a
business college.
Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets,
moves the bowels gently, relieves the
cough, cures the feverish conditions and
headache, making it the best and quick
est remedy for Coughs and Colds and
( La Grippe
Cures in one day. "No
cure no pay." rnce 'io cent. J) or sale
by Q. O. Oaurn.
"Hit him with a rock, Iriah." "Irish"
implicitly obeyed the command, and as a
result, a Cbinamaa standing on ,a street
corner in Pendleton, was knocked sens
less to the ground. He was assisted to
his feet by W. D. Fletcher, who saw
some boys running up tbe street, but
was unable to recognize any of them.
T. J. Elgin is authority that wheat
which was late sown will not be injured
by tbe cold weather, but that wheat
which was early sown and had come np
before the extreme cold, will be frozen
out to some extent. Henry Pierce
thinks the grain that was drilled will
withstand the cold weather better than
the broad cast sown.
" John Stevens, who was arrested at
Walla Walla and charged with having
been tbe firebug who set all the incendi
ary fires which occurred there some
months ago, has been held to answer be
fore the grand jury. Stevens was re
quired to give $20,000 bonds, and was
taken to jail in default.
C. W. Wheeler, editor of the Waits
burg Times, started the first of December
for Los Angles, California, where he will
take the lecture field for the Woodmen
of the World, Having incorporated his
"mortgaged print shop" he leaves his
son, Emerson, in charge while be is try
ing in California to raise money to lift
tbe plaster.
"Just everything's - wrong in this
world," observed the fellow who always
finds fault. "When its 100 in the shade
and you just simply cBn't live without
ice you have to mortgage your bouse to
keep your refrigerator filled, and when
it goes down to fifteen or twenty below
and nobody wants ice, every ditch and
froa Dond is full of the cold stuff.'?
Xw'H'ara Roberts rand William Hale,
moo uuLi iniuiniB, www., ..... Q
a Pendleton paper as to how they slaugh
ter wild geese in their fields. Roberts
tickled the reporters ear with the tale of
having rolled the running gears of his
wagon down a hill into a flock of geese
ant? picked np 25. Hales story is not so
modest. He nsed a salmon net, anu
125 geese became fast in its mashes.
Geo. Nelson, a fireman on the O. R.
& N., died Sunday in Walla Walla at St.
Mary's hospital, from the shock result
ed from the amputation of his leg. Nel
son bad his right thigh crushed between
the engine and coal bunker at Star
buck on Thanksgiving day. Tbe attend
ing physician decided that amputation
was necessary and the operation was
performod. Tho deceased leaves a wife
and two children at Starbuck.
Portland Oregonian : Major N. A.'
Cornoyer, of Adams, Umatilla county,
formerly superintendent of tbe Umatilla
Indian reservation, is in the city. Last
week he celebrated the 70th anniversary
of his birth, and bail gathered about bis
hearthstone 37 of his family. Including
bis grand and great grand children.
Maior Cornoyer will visit friend in Mar
ion county before returning home. Yes
terday he met with a cordial welcome
from many of his old time friend, some
of whom he hal not seen for many
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Hlicbtst Mdal and Dipkuoa.
. .. Killed 6n a Grade.
A young man named Dell Crawford was
killed some time Monday night on the
Rourke grade one half mile from Pend
leton. Crawford was driving a four-
hnrnn team tna irntrnn I,iar1nil aiiMi nnln
The wagon overturned, pinning the young
uibu vu lun grounu, ut'iuu resulting Boratt
time near morning. Ha was found Tuea
dav mornlnsr and the hndv wan tint vtt
stiff. He was taken to an undertaking
establishment by the coroner and no
nruises were found except a broken arm.
Ha was a vnnncr man nf niininlin huh.
us, ana tne son oi a. a. urawfora
Pendleton. .
Worth; Your Confidence.
The success of Hood's Sarsaparilla in
conquering scrofula in whatever way it
may manifest itself is vouched for by
thousands who were afilicted bv this
prevalent disease, but who now rejoice
over a permanent uure by Hood's Sarsa
parilla. Scrofula may appear as a humor,
or it may attack the glands of the neck,
or break out in dreadful running sores on
the body or limbs, Attacking the rune.
uuo Luoiuuiautu, ii uiny va auvtuupeu in-
A..M . I I. . I. J 1 . .1 '
tocatarrn or lodging in the Jnngs lends
to consumption. '..
Advertised Letteft.
Letters for the following bamed Demons
remain unclaimed in the Athena, Oregon
postoffice, Dec. 1,189(1. Persons calling
for the same will please say "advertised."
Allen O H " JarrellJohn
Breiies P R Mattson Hannah
Hernia Geo W-2 Moirow rthaa
Caldwell Jess . Mora rt Mitafit ' 7--Combs
Murry Por!m;t fi J1
Uunlay M . Stam i . .
Davison K A 1 onny Miehr " .
GiflinL Weaver Annie. '
T'.Jm. W, Malorei, poetmanUir.
Don't Worry about your health. Keep
your blood pure b) taking Hood' Sarsa
parilla and yon need not fear the grip,
colds, bronchitis, pneumonia or typhoid
fever. .,
Hood's Pills are the favorite familv ca
thartic, easy to take, eaay to operate.
Attention Knights. '
On next Tuesday evening the mem
bers of Pythian L ulge, No. 29, K. of P.,
with their famiaea, will meet at Masojilo
Hall and spend the evening socially.
All sojourning Knights in the city are
cordially invited.
' A. yarded
Highest Hor-rs World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
DH- '
Most Perfect M'ide.
40 Years the Standard.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awvdwl Coki AUiM MulwinUr Fur, Sa FruiciKO,
r i