The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, December 04, 1896, Image 1

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p i p i lj Jrv. r i ri
Steamer Dalles City Sank
Near Sprague.
Passengers Landed at the
Locks Without Accident.
The Dalles, Ore ,Nov. 28. The steam
er Dalles City, belonging to The Dal lee,
Portland & Astoria Navigation Company,
struck a rock near Sprague landing yes
terday and sank in water. The weather
was extremely blattering, with a down
stream wind blowing bard when the
Dalles City left the Cascades. At 6 p.
m. she was opposite Sprague, feeling her
way cautiously through the darkness.
The boat was heavily loaded, there being
50 cattle, as many hogs and a large con
signment of wood on board. Suddenly a
violent jar was felt, and immediately the
steamer's bow was turned toward
a sand bar lying in the middle of the
river, and in less then three minutes
she was beached. The hole in her hull
was a large one. and in a few minutes
she had settled till heretern rested nearly
seven feet nnder water. The news of
the accident reached the company 's office
this morning, and preparations were
immediately made to land the passengers
from the stranded steamer. Arrange
ments were made with Messrs, Day for
the Maria to go to the Dalles City's
rescue, and at 4 p. m. the passengers
were landed at Cascade locks. . T ey
ai rived liere on a special train at 7 p. m.
Well Worth Remembering.
The Scientific Americau gives this
receipt, which the whole world ought to
know: At the first appearance of
diphtheria in the throat of a child make
the room close ; then take a tic cup,
and pour into it a quantity of tar and
turpentine, equal parts. Then stir the
contents with a red hot iron, bo as to fill
the room With lumes. - The little patient, .
on inhaling the fumes, will-cough up and'
spit out the membraneous matter and
the diphtheria will pass out. the lumes
of the tar and the turpentine loosen the
matter in the throat, and thus afford
the relief, that has . batlhd the skill, of
James Hamilton Lewis Weds.
' On Saturday last Colonel James Hani
iltou Lewis, who was raised in Georgia,
congrt-ssman-elect rom 8t,e of
Washington, was married to Mies Roea1
Lawtoa Douglass, the young newspaper
women who made herself famous in New
York by interviewing Li Hung Chang.
The couple immediately left for the Eist.
They will mako their future home in
St attle, Wash , the ceremony took place
at 81yvama, Ga. ' ,
"Dude" Lewis had a wide reputation
in Oregon, where his standing among
the common classes is very high.
Killed by a Tree. !
Dayton Chronicle ; Geo. Pierce was ;
Killed on btarveout nidge Wednesday
afternoon by the fulling of a tree. In
company with a neighbor he sawei off a
large tree which fell in the direction
opposite to what was intended. Tierce's
friend Haw the direction the tree was
falling and told him to get out of the
way, but Pierce seemed to be unable to
move out of his tracks. The tree falling
squarely on him killing him instantly.
His friend says Pierce did not more after
being crushed by the tree. Pierce is a
married man. He leaves a wife to
mourn his loss.'
Shooting at Oaksdale. '
Sheriff elect Hiuis, of Whitman county,
Washington, was shot and seriously
wounded at Oassdale, Wednesday, by
Steve Howard. Howard, who is de
mented, but was always considered
harmless, secured a gun and rode tnrougb
the streets shooting. Sims tried to ar
rest him, when Howard fired point blank
at him. Sims seized the gun and was
shot through all four fingers on the right
hand, the bullet passing on and making
an ugly scalp wound. Howard will be
sent to the aylum.
McKinley's Cabinet.
The New York World has figured out
a cabinet for President-elect McKinley,
as follows: Secretary of state 1 nomas li.
Reed, of Maine ; secretary of treasury,
Cornelius N. BUbs, of New York ; secre
tary of war, Rnesell A. Alger, ot jlictii
gan ; secretary of the navy, Charles A.
Boutelle, of Maine; secretary of the in
terior, Henry C. Payne, oi Wisconsin;
attorney general, William H. Day, of
Ohio; postmaster-general, Henry Clay
Evans, of Tennessee; secretary of agri
culture, Cyrus Lelnud, of Kansas.
. i - ;
House Almost Blown up. .
. Wallace, Idaho, hat almoHt been de
vastated by the recent floods and enor
mous damage done. In flghliog tbe water
fiend the citizens found it necessary to
clear tbe dam of logs near tbe bead of
t" My daughter, seventeen yeart of ;
, age, wa ia very poor health by-
reason of weak lungs and a dia
trc8ing cough. At last we gave
her Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, and
after taking three bottles, the
cough was cured. She is now In
excellent health, and
cough is somewhat like '.t the , small pebble on the
mountain side. It appears utterly insignificant, until
a mouse, perhaps, starts it rolling, and the pebble be
gets art avalanche that buries a town. Fatal diseases
begin with ','a Blight cough.". But any cough, taken1
in time, can be cured by the use of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
This tentimooial will be found ia full in Ayera "Curebook" with a
hundred other. Free. Addres J. C Ayer Co., Lowell, Mas.
the flume. A charge was put in and
not being securely fastened the dangerous
package escaped from the drift, the
current carrying it down a hundred yards
into the flame where it exploded under a
woodshed filled with wood. Twenty
feet farther would have rained a house
occupied by W. C. Shnlte, who ij now
conductor of the O. R. A. N. Burke
branch. The shed was wrecked by the
explosion, but it was packed so full of
wood that it did not fall down nntil a
moment later when a huge stump going
down bumped against the shattered top
of the flume, and the flume cover, wood,
aal woodshed followed each- other in
rupid succession into the water. ,
. In the State's Favor.
Walla Walla, Washington, Nov. 28.
After being out all night, the jury in the
case of the directors o( the penitentiary
vs. L9vi Ankeny, as administrator of the
estate of J. II. Coblentz, and Milo Kelley
and Francis Bisson, bondsmen of Cob
lentz. came into court this morning and
rendered a verdict in favor ol the plaint
iffs in the sum of $10,000. The amount
of the alleged defalcation of the late war
den, Coblentz, was $12,000. The defend
ants will appeal the case to the supreme
court. : . . -
A Gun to Big to Pull.
An immense gun carriage, which with
the car weighed 147,000 pounds, was in
Pendleton the other day for a time as the
freight train from the East was making
np to go on west. The net weight of the
carriage was 95,100 pounds, the car
weighing 54,700. The car was especially
constructed of steel and had eight pair
of wheels, under it. The monstrous
weapon was going to Fort Stevens near
Astoria, and another car was used for
the transportation of the other parts.
Some Cartons Effects Noted In th Rugged
North and Sunny Booth.
Gutturals predominate in Norway
and Russia, whereas, far to the south
ward, in sunny Italy, there is a pro
fusion of such .euphonious names as
Palermo, Verona, Campobcllo, and bo
forth. ' Even in the British isles, cover
ing so few degrees of latitude, there is
a marked difference between the
f'burr" of the Highlander and the soft
speech of the native of southern Eng
land. . ' .
A theory which may partly account
for these climatic effects is based upon
the contrast of the stillness which usu
ally pervades southern lands with the
stormy inquietude . of northern coun
tries. Cloudless skies for - months at a
time characterize the climates of Italy
while a firmament entirely free from
clouds is rare in Norway. - '''.
It requires, of course, greater effort
to be heard in regions which are swept
by winds and storms than in still south
ern latitudes, and to he heard distinct
ly amid the noise and confusion of the
elements , words must be used which
contain many consonants. .
Among the inhabitants of more trop
ical climes the tendency is toward soft
and musical cadence, and travelers re
late that in regions in South America,
such as Peru and Venezuela, where at
mospheric disturbances are rare,, the
natives almost chant the phrases of
salutation. , ...... :
Voting Woman . Became Frantic at the
Night or Pretence of a Cat.
It's a subject that is frequently
talked about, but it is a fact that the
natural antipathies between certain
persons and certain animals furnish
fresh food for wonder and conjecture
constantly. Everyone knows well
enough the aversion that the majority
of people have for snakes tbe horrify
ing dread that their presence excites.
Many persons also "hate cats," as they
term . it. Their soft, stealthy move
ments excite a distrust that frequently
amounts to aversion. It is seldom,
however, that this is so pronounced as
in a case which excited considerable
comment in this city recently, says the
New York Tribune. - It was of a young
woman who had always had a most un
conquerable dread of the feline crea
tures, . and she actually could not en
dure the presence of one in the room
without losing control of herself com
pletely. She was so sensitive in this
particular that her family declares that
upon entering a room, if there was a
cat concealed anywhere within it, she
would at once detect its presence, and
it were removed at onnn would
become hysterical. In fact, it was a
standing joke on her that on one occa
Kion like this she became absolutely
terrified, and rushing up to a young
man, who was a total sfranger to her,
seized him about the neck, sobbing des
perately till the cat was taken away..
The girl was thoroughly ashamed of
her weakness, as she called it, but de
clared she was absolutely powerless in
the matter. Some instinct it was no
subtle odor told her if a cat were any
where near her, and the moment she
detected it she straightway lost all her
Wanted-An Idea S
Who eu think
of Mm limple
ttalOK to patent?
Protect your Mm: they mar bring jrou wealth.
Write JOHN WKUDEKUUKN CO., Patent Attor
ney, Washington, D. C for tbelr $fU) prise offer
mul llit of two hundred lurenUena wanted.
A Coder's Goffers
may ncft be so full as he
wishes, but if he is "wise
he will neglect his cof-
tht cough. A slight
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
t i iuwjh i j ill' tjii r
The "East End" as Reflected
By Our Exchanges. 1
A Meat Market Building was
Badly Damaged.
Miss Clara Richmond, who haa been
seriously ill from typhoid fever, is now
gradually recovering.
Stevens Lodi?e K. of P., conferred the
6rst rank, Wednesday evening, upon
Dan Pendergast, and the Becond rank
upon Ed. Wood.
B. A. Marquis and family have remov
ed to Weeton from Adams, and will re
side here during the winter. Mr. Mar
quls children are taking advantage of
our school facilities. . .. .
; J. M. O'Harra ia again kept at home
from tbe attack of lung t.'ouble which be
has suffered eince v. ading in the Uma
tiUa last June. Dr. Keylor came over
from Walla Walla Tuesday to attend Mr.
Mr. Joseph Oarron, of British Colum
umbia. and Miss Winnie Hill, daughter
of H. C. Hill, of thiB city, were united in
marriage last Sunday, the 22;i inst., at 6
o'clock p. in , at the residence ot the
Dri ies futbor. Rev.'It. B. Swift perform
ed tbe ceremony. '' , " -
On Pine creek, abova town, the other
day, Dan Hicks' shepherd . dog distin
guished himself by chasing oowu a coy
ote.' The sly animal usually gives a
hound plenty of exercise, but this one
ptemed to grow discouraged early in the
race, and met death in a most ignomn
ious fashion from an ax in the hands of
Mr. Hicks.
Ah infant son was born last Saturday
moruina to Mr. and Mrs Chris Toney,
but to the eorrow of the young parebls
waedeadat birth. Mrs. Toney's con
dition whs for a time critical, but she is
now improving. She was altendod by
Dr. Nelms of Walla Walla, and Dr. Stiles
of this city, and also by a trained nurse
from Walla Walla. '
Weston city election haa provoked no
abnormal amouot of interest. There is
only one ticket meutioned. G.' W;
Proebotel, failing to find anyone eke who
Is filling to Bicrafice himself, has con
sented to run again for mayor. The
other candidates are : Councilmen, J. J.
Beeler, Marion O'Harra, 3. V. Knox;
recorder, B. B. Hall j, treasurer, L. S.
Wood. , , ; . t
The Woodmen of the World know how
to entertain. They prove this at all
their social events in all placea. Weston
is no exception to the general rule, the
camp here provided a plendid Rood time
for its guests at the opera housa last
Wednesday evening. . -
The death of "Grandma" Still occur
red Wednesday morning at her home
north of Weeton. Mrs. Still was a suf
ferer from paralysis, but the serious ill
ness which resulted in her death only
developed a few days auo. She was born
August 22, 1825, in Canada near Nagarl
Falls, and was united in marriage in
1844 to John Still, of Scotland, who died
in 1880. j
It is reported that a deal was com
pleted lately for the sale of the old Moor
house place below Weston, containing
320 acres of the finest wheat land in
Umatilla county, to O. M. and Frank
Richmond, prominent farmers. ' The
place was sold by a hank atKvereit,
Wash., of which O D. Fratt is cashier
The consideration is given at $8000 cash.
Mr. Coekburn, a wealthy Dry creek
farmer, wanted the place, and it la said
made an unsuccessful bid for it. The
Moorhou?e farm was once valued at $14,
000, end it is a valuable piece o; proper
ty. Weston was enlivened by a Binall hz,
which afforded good winter exorcise for
our. citinens. About 9:30 o'clock fhmes
were noticed issuing froiri a small wood
en building on the south nide of Main
streft, belonging to J. W, Young. The
h'liiding ie isolated, and no particular
alarm wan felt. The boso cart was soon at
the scene, and amid much shouting and
confusion, with everybody as chief of the
department, a line ot hose was laid from
a corner hydrant. This was found to be
frozen up, and connection was then made
with another hydrant. Alter apgravat
ing delays water was obtained and the
fire soon subdued.
Whils E l Brown was driving out of
town Wednesday afternoon with Miss
May Carmichaet and another young lndy,
the hack wheels entered a rut in front of
Mr. Warren's residence, and a sudden
pitch threw tbe young man to the
ground. He was held in some manner
hy the lap robe, and rolled over and over
for some distance in front of the wheels.
When at last released, in inventory of
IWs hurts showed several bruise?, a severe
contusion on tbe back cf tho head, and a
gash over the right eye. Whil not eer
iously hurt, Mr. Brown was prevented
from a thorough enjoyment of Thanks
giving, by his painful rxoerience.
Coblentz, the defanltlng warden of the
Walla Walla enlteutiary it dead, but
the courts of Wasli' .' -n t' s'ili busy
airingi'be story of : ilK.. ):;
Died three mllo: Ir m -Id'ott "on Dry
Creek.vat the home i 'it-r eldest son,
Alexander Still, on Wednesday morning,
Nov. 25, Mra. Agnes Still, aged 71 years, .
three months and three days. .
John F. McRae has had an offer of a
position of salesman in one of the load
ing stores of Athena and will probably .
accept.the situation. .
The populist Walla Walla Reformer is
dead probably frozen to death by the
other populist papers of Walla Walla,
the Statesman and Gazette.
James Petrle will spend the winter at
the Bluff Siding ranch of Henry Adam a
and will care for that gentleman's large
band of sheep that are wintering there.
The name of Hon. E. J. Davis, of
this city, will probably be presented to
the members of the legislature at the
coming session for speaker of the House,
and his friends in Eastern Oregon and
the valley will strongly urge his claims
to the position. ' L , v -
The Milton Board of Trade with tho
avowed object in view of advancing tho
commercial interest of Milton and east
ern Umatilla county was organized at -opera
hall Wednesday night with a char
ter membership of thirty ----V
A v, v . a .utvuui, QUU W 1 uuQ well Auuiiu -.
uiu,vuu luMuumiu nun mill llinnr TIB.,r
mwiraw uiuiiviajr lu . mm .TIMitt U mine
Gertrude Griggs, of Lincton mountain.
Rev. H. W. Eagan performed the cere
mony. . . .
The "oldest settlers" iu this valley can
hardly recollect when winter 'feet in" as
early as it did this fall. There is a dim
tradition to the effect that about 1870 or
1871 a similar cold spell in November
was experienced, but as to this the pioa- ,
ears are somewhat divided in their opin
ion. Theieare several families in Milton j
this winter that have no means of sub
sistance at hand and unless a kind pro
vidence intervenes or tho good chrintiu:i. v"
citizens of Milton come to their assist- .y
ance, must surely enfft-r from bungei be
fore spring. Remember the poor, lor. ...
this is the time of pational tbanki:iung
and lot not human Buffering Inm fiywor - '
bq known In Ctiis larid-of plenty.v v '
Howard Evans is back from ftrjna ' '
where be went to diaixwa of a 'counts car . .
loads of apples. Mr Evims renCfts hav- .
movnlal UnnJ.,, in U7 ., 1 1 117-11- l TLf :
i n it nnaniafi VArtr at; t rw Mniorn ai am nr nta
(rtiit and expects to follow the shtjiyiect
with another of lik'o; proposition in the'""'
near future cv as Boon aa tbe weather
moderates. He says tho weather In
Montana aud Idaho is intensely cold. ,
' - Marry This Girl, Somebody!
I have been ..reading in your paper
about several men and women that have
been very successful selling self-healing
flat irons, and I concluded I would see
what a girl could do. I have worked 12
days and have sold 151 irons and have
218 dollars left after paying all expenses. .
Everybody is delisted with the irpna .:
and I sell one almost every plaee I show .
it, as people think they can't afford to be ,
without one, aa they nave so much fuel
and time and don't burn the clothes. I
know I can clear five thousand dollars in
a year, tiow is tnat lor a girl t
Splendid, ray girl, splendid, you are a
true American; girl,: . Anyone can got
complete information about the, (elf-heat-.
ing Iron by addressing JiV. Vwuy tH'v ;
St. Louts, Mo. It n-e'txtto be a winrHtr,-
as everybody selling it ; ymt,8 in -its ,
praise. ; -' : - . .j
" 7r'"""Vj-' i
Bridge Over McKay. ?'
The county court opened bids for the
construction of a bridge acropa the McKay
which were aa follows : William Hilton
$84ff, A. D. Thompson f885, Howard,
Diipiue & Oahonn $1)95, R C. Hinton
Kimbrell & Karston $1115. In the
morning Commissioner Frazier, Judge
Martin and Surveyor Kimbrell drove to
the place where it is intended to build
the bridge and, after an inspection of
the ground and an examination of the
plans which it was proposed to follow,
they discussed the adviaibility of
rejecting all bids, and having new plans
drawn, as they did not consider that
the bridge which had b"ett bid for waa
adapted to the place, 1 his will doubtless
be the final determination of the county
cou't, when new pla'is will be drawn
and fresh bids invited..
$100 Reward, $100.
The reader of t is papi r will be pleas
e l to learn th there is at least one
drfHcled di"pa that science has been
able to cute in n!i it stuieo, and Unit ia
Catarrh. Hall's . Catarrh Cure in ibo
ouly positive cure kno n to the medical.,
fraternity. Catarrh l-intr n c institution
al diseas'', reqiiKf a a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's '"tarrli Cure is takr-n in
titrnally, actint iirwtly on tho blood and
mucous surfac "f the system, thereby
destroying the ntidation of ihe disens,
and give the pa:e-it strength by building
up the constitution and assisting nature
in doing its wor. The proprietors have
so mnch faith in its curative power, that
they offer One'Handred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure, fend for list of
testimonials. Address. F-J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, O Sold by Druggists, 75
Baby Smothered.
Tribune: Tbe four-montha-old baby
of Mrs. J. J. Brown, of Combs Canyon,
was found dead by the mother when sbo
awoke yeolerduy morning. Mra. Brown
came Into town with her child Thursday
morning and stavr-d over tiiuht at the
residence of Mrs. Tucker, on Alta street.
Tbe child was ihe picture of health when
it wpnt to sleep, and the mother cannot
think that death w:s canned by anything
else than being smothered.
Df . Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awarded Gold Medal Midwlntfr hair. Sin FrancUto.