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ATHENA OCTOBER 23,. . . . 1896.
for president:
FOR VICE president:
"No Crown of Thorns,
No Cross of Gold."
Chab. II. Dodd, of Portland,
spoke in Athena Wednesday night.
Mr. Dodd is the first republican
speaker to visit Athena who had
thV nerve and honesty to thruBt
1. -!J- 1 .1 1 U
me mas& asiue uuu uciimo iu
the republican party has no faith
in the restoration ot silver, and
produced figures showing from a
gold bug standpoint that the two
metals could not be kept at a parity
by any nation on earth. Mr. Dodd
is a class business man. He is one of
those who look at all things with
a cold, glinting, selfish business
eye. Mr. Dodd is of that class of
business men who look upon legis
lators as impliments to create busi
ness for the few, at the exponse
and poverty ot the many; who
would entail misery and want on
the producer and consumer that
.the factory owner, the employer
and class business man, might
thrive and grow richer and richer
from tho labor and efforts of wage
earner and consumer. Mr. Dodd
is of that class of business men
who cater to European snobbery
and educates his children in
ilege. Ilia business justifies him
in doing it. But you, you who
think yourself lucky and are con
tent if you can grovel out an ex
istence and have surplus enough
when winter comes to provide shoes
and books for your children to at
tend the country school, to you
this question is asked: What is
there in common between Mr. Dodd
and you? We do not mean in a
personal way, but to use his own
term, "a businesn way?" The
answer way down in your heart is
this: Just as far as my toil will
enrich him in his business; that is
all there is in common between mo
and the class of business men to
which Mr. Dodd belongs. The
question is rightly answered, for
the class of business men to which
Mr. Dodd belongs, consist of the
'money foaner, tho money brokers
k of Wftll street, of Lombard street,
of the. Astors, the Rockefellers, tho
Vanderbilts, " the ' Rothehtlds-4Jie
Lelrnonts, Morgan aa1IoTlier aris
tocratic snpjjb bow down' to
k eTgoltfen god, educate their child
ren in Europe and marry them off
to counts and lords. How many
converts did Mr. Dodd secure for
McKinley? None.
After many years of discussion,
the financial question has resolved
itself into three very simple proposi
tions. At least $50,000,000 addition
al circulation is required each year
in tho United States to keep up with
tho growth of population and busi
ness. And the questions aro, what
shall this money consist of, and
where shall it como from? The
only practicable plans are. 1. To
borrow from England capitalists,
through their agents on Wall
street! This plan has tho disad
vantage of adding to out already
burdensome foreign debt, and in
crease tho drain of money to pay
annual interest charges. 2. To
authorize tho national banks to in
crease their note issue and offer
them liberal inducements to that
end. This would put into a few
hands the entire control and prof
its of the money supply of tho
country and result in creating a
monopoly so 6trong that it would
be utterly impossible at a future
time to break its power. Please
note that neither of the above plans
will give employment to any ad
ditional man or benefit industry in
any line. 3. To adJpt free coin
age of both silver and gold, and
thereby increase the production of
American mines to meet the de
mand of business for additional
money. The deposits of gold and
silver, mingled in about equal pro
portions, cover nearly one-half the
area of the United States, and are
to vast for any possible combina
tion to contol. Under our liberal
laws, mines are subject to free ap
propriation by tho first discoverer,
and there are large districts un
doubtedly rich in minerals, which
have even not been prospected, and
thousands of promising leads wait
ing for capital and labor to de
velop. The adoption of bimetall
ism at the November election, and
the resulting advance in price of
silver, means the immediate de
mand for the service of at least
500,000 men in the mines and con-
tributary industries and, the re
quirements of the new settlers will
start all the eastern factories to
work with a full complement of
A Milton Letter.
Muton, Ore. 22. To the Ed
itor. I observe in the single gold
standard papers that they are af
fected with the blues. They have
evidently fallen into the rant and
cant of political speakers regarding
Mr. Carlisle's prediction, which is
as follows: "That the adoption of
free silver, coinage would precipi
tate a panic in this country." Now,
I don't believe a word of it (for
lack of evidence) and I can almost
vouch for all the political speakers,
that they really do not believe it
themselves. .Why, sir! don't they
know that our country is the
grandest in the world. It is rich
in minerals of all kinds, and
abounds in producing all verities
of products. That it would take
an international agreement of all
gold standard nations to produce
any greater panic than this coun
try passed through since 1892.
They talk about "confidence" Just
have a little more confidence gontel
men is all tho country needs. Well,
Mr! Editor, I think the best way
to accomplish that is to preach the
gospel of better times. I "say
preach it whether McKinley or
Bryan is elected. I would rather
believe in a "populistic democratic
metaphors" of good, as part of my
political creed than to preach to
"preparo for tho sacrifice" which
only oxists in their mind without
any evidence submitted. The fact
is, Mr. Editor, the only difference
between the two parties on tho sil
vor question, is simply the dif
ference as to tho consent and non
consent of tho "leading commer
cial nations of tho world." Both
admit that there is something bet
ter, and that something is free sil
ver. There is not a statesman of
any note in the republican party
but has voiced the sentiments of
Mr. Bryan and his silver party
The only difference I see ia, iifch
party will champion the peoples
money frcejftfvef.' Both may be
wriest Hi thinking what is best,
but Bryan challenges investigation
of his claims, while the others dare
not meet hjm on the issue. I am
afraid Mr. Editor that the reason
they fear investigation is lest their
(past speeches in congress for freo
silver would expose their sudden
conversion) doeds might be reprov
ed. The republican party is pledg
ed to international agreement.
The democratic party is pledged to
our own national agreement, with
out the consent of any nation.
Now which is best? I say our own
national agreement; our prosperity
first, then wo will be glad indeed if
other nations will cheerfully adopt
it. Say, what do we hear, -hark 1
they Bing:
Sixteen to one, the silver bells are
Sixteen to one, to Bryan they are cling
ing. 'Tis the Glory halleujah, the silver
The couotitutlon settles the legal-tender
And McKinley will be left you will
see, see, see.
Then let us vote for Bryan and wo will
To shout the Jubilee on the 4th of
A Milton Voter.
Dress Making.
Mrs. J. S. Hays has resumed drat a
making. All those wishing work dons
will do well to call at her losidence.
had hit photograph taken preparatory
to registeration. Hong's negative, bow-
ever, prove defective, one being extreme
ly light and the other so !ark as to oe
hardly discernible. The registration
gent declined to accept the negatives,
and ordered the Chinamen to have oth
ers taken. By the time these were ready
the agent bad left the vicinity and alio
left Hong Tom without a registration
certificate, which latter fact resulted in
his arrest when the deputy marsnai as
ordered to round np the Chinese residents J
of the place and take into custody all (
found without certificates, lhe Uhina-
man furnished satisfactory proof that the
above were the exact facts in the matter,
and he was given his freedom by the
One Casket For Four.
The coroner's iurv decided in the case
of Mrs. Savage and her three children
who burned to death near bommit, in
Benton conntv. last Sunday, that they
came to their death by fire, the cause of
which was unkoown. lhe remains ot
the four bodies were interred in King's
valley cemetery. The bodies were burn
ed to eut-h a small mass that there was
need but for one casket and one grave. .
Movement of Troops.
Twenty cars of troops and 15 cars of
baggage were taken through Athena
Sunday in three trains, two of soldiers
and one of baggage. The first section
arrived early ia the afternoon and the
last late in the evening.
It was the 10th infantry, U. 8. A.,
from Fort Djugla. at Salt Lake City, en
route to Fort Sherman, in Northern
Idaho. Eight companies, comprising
nearly the entire rigiment, were aboard
Colonel Tbeaker was in command.
The movement in a part of the general
exchange which occurs periodically,
when troops are removed from one point
to another.
Notice of Filing Final Account.
In the County Court of the Stats of Ore
gon, Umatilla county, in the matter of
the estate of Philologus Ely, deceas
Notice is hereby given that Charles M.
Ely, as executor of the last wili of Philo
logus Ely. deceased, has this day filed
with the clerk of the above named court
bis final account and report in the above
named matter, and said court has fixed
en eleven o'clock in the forenoon of Sat
urday, November 21. 1890, as the time,
and the County Court room in the Court
house ot Umatilla county, Oregon, at
Pendleton, in said county, as the place,
when and where all objections and ex
ceptions to said final account and report
will bo beard and passed upon, and the
said account settled by said court.
Witness: The Hon. Wm. Martin,
judge of the said court, and the seal of
paid court attached hereto, this 13th uay
o( October, 1896. seal
By order of said Court,
Attest: B. S. Burroughs,
County clerk.
Gray Hair Made Dark.
I saw in your paper a statement that
Zula Vulier wornd restore any head of
hair to natural color in three weeks. As
I was very gray I eent;for a sample pack
age, and in less than three weeks my
bair was porfectly restored to natural
color. My wife's hair was a light red,
and by using Zulu Vulier, ber hair is
now a beautiful auburn. Any one can
get a sample package ot Zulu Vulier by
sending 21 two cent stamps to Wilson &
Co., New Concord, Ohio, and if it does
not restore the hair to natural color in
three weeks they will return your stamps ;
it not only restores the hair to natural
color, but will stop the hair falling out
immediately and is one of the best hair
tonics made, and you take no risk, and
if it does not satisfy you perfectly they
will return your stamps. A Beadbr.
Marry This Girl, Somebodyl
I have been reading in your paper
about several men and women that have
been very successful selling self-heating
flat irons, and I concluded I would see
what a girl could do. I have worked 12
days and have sold 151 irons and have
218 dollars left after paying all expenses.
Everybody is delighted with the irons
and I sell one almost every place I show
it, as people think they can'J afford to be
without one, as they save so much fuel
and time and don't burn the clothes. I
know I can clear five thousand dollars in
a year. How is that for a girl ?
A Graduate
Splendid, uny girl, splendid, you are a
true American girl. Anyone can get
complete information about the self heat
ing iron by addressing J. F. Casey & Co.,
St. Louis, Mo. It seems to bo a winner,
as everybody selling it writes in its
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by lopal applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness
and cpastiUUiassi fiffieflies
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eus
tachian lube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearing, and when it is entire
ly closed, deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation ran be taken
out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever ; nine cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an inflam
ed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Bend for circulars ; free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
ff-8old by Druggists, 75c.
Troubled with Rheumatism Read This.
' Annapolis, Md , Apr. 16, 1894. I have
used Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rbeu-.
matlstn and found it to be all that is
claimed for it. I believe it to be the best
preparation for rheumatism and deep
seated muscular pains on the market and
cheerfully recommend it to the public.
Jno. G. Brooks, dealer in boots, Bhoes,
etc., Mo. 13 Main St.
Mechanicsville, St, Mary County,
Md. I sold a bottle of Chamberlain' Patn
Balm to a man who had been suffering
with rheumatism for several years. It
made him a well man. A. J. McQill
For Bale at 60 cents per bottle by Q. O.
Blood Will Tell.
The many different skin diseases such
as ringworm' tetter, salt rheum, erysip
elas, eczema, itching or an ernption of
pimples, pustules, blotches, chaps or
cracking open of the skin, scrofula, are
direct'v the cause of impure blood. Wil
bur's Blood Purifier is acknowledged to
be the best medicine known for any of
these unsightly complaints. Price $1.00
per bottle. Oaburn sells it.
All accounts made with me in 1894 and
131)5, must be settled at once, or costs
will be made for collection. lm
Ei. Tait.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Awutfed Gold MU1 Midwinter Fair. Sa FniMwc.
Other Companies
Is caused by torpid liver, which presents diges
tion and permits food to ferment and putrif y In
the stomach. Then follow dizziness, headache,
Insomina, nervousness, and,
If not relieved, bilious fever
or blood poisoning. Hood's
Pills stimulate the stomach,
rouse the liver, cure headache, dizziness, con
stipation, etc. 25 cents. Sold by all druggists.
The only Fills to take with Hood's SarsaparUla.
This Is Yon Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
a generous sample will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hay Feyer Cure'a firpnm Tialml sufficient to demon
strate the great merits of the remedy.
66 Warren St. , New York City.
Xtev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls,Mont.,
recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I
can emphasize his statement, "It is a posi
tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."
Kev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor CentralPres.
Church, Helena, Mont.
Ely's Cream Balm is tie acknowledged
mm tnr .otnrrS nnA contains no mercury
nor any Injurious drug, trice, 60 oenta.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
Public Notice.
Notlco Is hereby given that I will apply to
the mayor and common council of the city of
Athena, Oregon, at a meeting thereof to be
held ou the lilst day of Oct. 181MJ, for a license
to sell spliilous. malt and vinous liquors in
less quant ities than one quart, said liquors to
be sold only in e building situated on the east
one-half of In .No. 8, In block No. 6, of said
city. - Will Wklls,
Dated Oct. 2, 1896. Applicant.
All knowing thernBulves indebted to the
estate of the late E. DePeatt, are request
ed to come forward without further delay
and settle.
Minnie L. PePkatt,
A Churn that Churns in one Minute.
I have been in the dairy business all
my life and have many times churned
for an hour before butter would appear,
so when I beard of a churn that would
churn in a minute, I concluded to try it
Every day for a week I used it, and not
only could I churn in a minute, but I got
more and better butter than with the
common churn. This is very important
information to butter makers. The churn
works easily, and will churn an ordins ry
churning in less than 60 seconds. I have
sold two dosen of these churns in the
past month. Every butter maker that
has seen tbe'ehurn in less than a minute
has bought one. You can obtain all de
sired information regarding the churn by
addressing J. F. Casey & Co., St. Louis,
and they will give you prompt and court
eous attention. A Daisy Mas.
The Democratic Platform.
The platform which has been heralded
to the people ot these United States by
the democratic party in convention as
sembled, on which it is predicted the
brilliant Bryan will be swept to victory
by a tidal wave is as follows :
We, the democrats of the United States,
in national convention assembled, do re
affirm our allegiance to these great essen
tial principles of justice and liberty upon
which onr institutions are founded, and
which the democratic party has main
C " :
I write Insurance only with the very best Companies. When you
want Policies written on your house, barn, or grain, see that
they are in the Aetna, Palatine or Caledonian.
J W.
tained from Jefferson's time to our own
freedom of speech, freedom of the press,
freedom of conscience, the reservation
of personal rights, the equality of all
citizens before the law, and tho faithful
observance of constitutional limitations.
Recognizing that the money question
is paramount to all others at this time,
we invite attention to the fact that the
federal constitution names silver and
gold together as the money metals of the
United States, and that the first coinage
law passed by congress under the consti
tution made the silver dollar the nnit of
value and admitted gold to free coinage,
at a ratio measured by the silver dollar
We declare that the act of 1873 de
monetizing silver without the knowledge
or approval of the American people has
resulted in the appreciation of gold and
a corresponding fall in the prices of
commodities produced by the people ; a
heavy increase in the burden of taxation,
and of all debts, public and private; the
enrichment of the money-lending clarses
at home and abroad ; paralysis of indus
tries and impoverishment of the people.
We are unalterably opposed to the sin
gle gold standard, which has locked fast
the prosperity of an industrious people
in the paralysis of hard times. Gold
monometallism is a British policy,
founded upon British greed for gain aod
power, and its general adoption has
brought other nations into financial ser
vitude to London. It is not only un
American, but anti-American, and it can
be fastened upon the United States only
by the stifling of that indomitable spirit
and love of liberty which proclaimed our
political independence in 1776 and won
it in the war of the Revolution.
We demand the immediate restoration
of the free and unlimited coinage of gold
and silver at the present legal ratio of 16
to 1, without waiting for the aid or con
sent of any other nation. We demand
that the standard silver dollar shall be a
full legal tender, equally with gold, for
all debts, public and private, and we
favor Buch legislation as will prevent the
demonetization of any kind of legal
tender money by private contract.
We are opposed to the policy and practice
of surrendering to holders of obligations of
the United states any option reserved by
law to the government of redeeming such
obligations in either silver coin or gold
We ere opl'V'Bed to the issuing of
interest bearing bonds of the United
States in time of peace, and condemn
trafficing with banking syndicates which,
in exchange for bonds at an enormous
profit to themselves, supply the federal
treasury with gold to maintain a policy
of gold monometallism.
Congress alone has power to coin and
issue money ana President J sckson
declared that this power could not be
delegated t ) corporations or individuals.
We therefore demand that the power
to issue notes be taken from the banks
and that all paper shall be issued direct
ly by the treasury department. We
hold that tariff duties should be levied
solely for the purpose of revenue and
tbrt taxation should be limited by
the needs of the government, honestly
and economically administered. We
denounce as disturbing to business
the republican threat to reetore the Mc
Kinley law, which has twice been con
demned by the people in national
elections, and which,, enacted under the
false plea of protection to home industry,
proved a prolific breeder of trusts and
monopolies, enriching the few at the ex
pense of the many, restricted trade and
deprived the producers of the great Amer
ican staples of access to their natural
markets. Until the money question
is settled, we are opposed to any agitation
for further changes in our tariff laws ex
cept such as are necessary to make the
deficit in revenue, caused by the ad
verse decision of the supreme court
as to the income tax.
There would have been no deficit in
the federal revenue during the last two
years but for the annulment by the
supreme court of the income tax law,
placed upon the statute books by a demo
cratic congress. The obstruction to an
income tax, which the supreme court dis
covered in the constitution after it had
laid hidden tor a hundred years, must be
removed, to 'he end that accumulated
wealth may benade to bear its just share
of the burden ol, the government. We,
therefore, favor an amendment to the
federal constitution that wiU pernait the
levy of an income tax. We bold that the
efficient way of protecting American
labor is to prevent the importation of
foreign pauper labor to compete with the
home market, and that the value of the
home market to our American farmers
and artisans is greatly reduced by a
vicious monetary system which depresses
the prices ot their product below the cost
of production, and thus deprives them of
the means of satisfying their needs. We
denounce the profligate waste of the
money wrung from the people by oppres
sive taxation and lavish appropriations
of recent republican congresses, which
have kept taxes high, while the laborer
that pays them is unemployed, and pro
ducts of the people are depressed in price
until they no longer repay the cost of
production. We demand a return to that
simplicity and economy which best befits
a democratic government, and a reduc
tion in the number of useless offices, the
salaries of which drain the substance of
the people. Confiding in the justice of
our cause and the necessity of its success
at the polls, we submit the foregoing
declaration of principles and purposes to
the considerate judgment of the American
people. We invite the support of all
citizens who approve them and who de
sire to have them made effective through
legislation for the relief of the people
and the restoration of the country's
SMITH, Athena, Oregon.
Sealers In
and Stoves
Pumps, Pipe, etc., - - Baker Barbed Wire.
629 Main Street, Pendleton. Oregon.
- N. A. miller;
B3otic to Fairmfs
I . You can purchase our Drapers and Extras for all Headers
Threshers and Horse-powers from Will Mosgrove, Athena,
3) Q) Q) 2
GILBERT HUNT & COMPANY, Walla Walla, Wash.
Zeiger's Shop, at Helix, can repair Ma
chinery. General Blacksmithing.
B 9 1
- Helix, Ore
7 V