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The "East End" as Reflected
' By Our Exchanges.
Widow is Appointed Appoin
ted Administratrix.
The farm-boaee of Frank O'Harra near
Adams waa destroyed by firo yesterday
' The father, mother and Bister of J. K
rtiuinnn. th wall known mountain farm
nr. arrived recently from Webfoot, and
are now located on the O'Brien place,
Wild Horn mountain.
Three leading Athena citizenR, 0. VV.
Hollia. the meruhant. W. J. Wilkinson,
the wheat buyer, and J. B. Huntington,
is war nnd nrator. visited Weston Wed'
nesdav.- It was the first trip of Mr. Hoi
lis to oar town since 1894.
John Rhaw exhibited about town Toes
day a pan of black sand from the W alia
Walla river at The Slide, where floor
cold waa recently discovered. The sand
is full of "colors." and ought to offer a
good field for gold machines,.
Notwithstanding the general (leprae
Inn. there teems to be a healthy condi
tion in our local finances. The number
of depositors at tbe Farmers' Bank of
Weston has doubled within the last six
months, showing that our people have a
little money and are able to appreciate
the advantage of a bank.
The temporary organization of the Mc
Kinley Club of Weston was effected last
Saturday evening at Saling's Hall. There
was a slim attendance out to hear the
Athena orator, J. B. Huntington, who
made the stock argument that prevailing
hard times are due to the Wilson bill.
G. W. Rif?by gave a short address. The
roll showed a membership of 123.
Many of his friends remain to welcome
an old-time resident of this city, Ezra
Marshall, who left here about ten years
ago. Mr. Marshall has since been resid
ing principally at Oakland, California, al
though he lived last year at Seattle;
where his brother, Homer Marshal, also
remembered here, is engaged in contract
ing. Ezra will remain several weeks.
One of the prettiest mountain orchards
in the country is at Fairview Farm,
where R. F. Johnson has eight or ten
acres in fruit, which he carefully culti
vatos. He succKsalully grows nearly all
kinds of large and small fruits known to
the temperate zioe. Mr Johnson re
orts thin eaaeon a heivy crop of plums,
prunes and apples. Cherries and pears
are a poor crop, and peaches are hardly
up to the average.
Mr. Harvey Young, one of tbe men
rhiefly interested in placer discoveries at
the Walla Walla river at the Slide, was
interviewed lately by a Leader represen
tative. Ha says that they are putting in
a ditch in order to da effective work and
that they are digging it through a kind
of naturally cemented gravel which
mikes it hrd to dig, but all of the way
the? are going through pay dirt.
ULonie La Brashe, the Wild Horse farm-
T, laieiy reiurntsu wim u
an outing near me wii gate. n -'r
ped from Athena to relatives at Marys
ville. Calif., a large box of huckleberries,
which are an nninown aeucavj
iKar Mr. f Brasha and his son en
joyed splendid fishing in the north fork
ot the umawua. vno iwu -inches
long and weighed six pounds.
Eight trout of the Dolly varaen species,
known here as "bull trout," weighed
together 30 pounds.
Urmey, who sold out his store
n. V.
business in Free water last spring and
went East, is now located at Citrenelle,
Alabama, where he is engaged in farm
In and Beams to be doing well and en
joying good health.
Judge Mclntyre's court has been run
ning over with business during tbe past
week. Everybody is suing everybody
else and the constable is having his
hands full serving the various writs is
sued by bis honor.
Milton public school never had a bright
er outlook for a successful term than
now. Prof. Duffield and his excellent
corps of assistants are all doing work that
would be a credit to any city school in
the land.
Jacob Falk, who was arrested at Wes
ton, charged with opening letters sent
through the United States mail and ad
dress to another person has been taken
before Judge Bellinger and fined (500.
Mr. Falk plead guilty.
A marriage license was iasued Tuesday
to Cbas. M. T. Scott and Jennie Haffnei,
both of this city, by the auditor, of Walla
Walla county and the presumption is
that long ere this two loving hearts have
been united in the holy bonds of wed
lock. Louis Berry brother of the Berrys of
Milton, is in Walla Walla at tbe residence
of a relative lying at death's door. He
is afflicted with Brigbt's disease aud his
chance tor recovery is regarded as being
one in a hundred.
Mr. Wm. M. Evans, representing the
Portland Industrial Exposition, was in
the city last Saturday and interviewed a
number of our orchardists and farmers
with a view of inducing them to collect
and send down an exhibit of fruit, grains
vegetables and grasses to the exposition
tn advertise the resources of the Walla
Walla valley. Mr. Evans has traveled j
over tbe state in the capacity of solicitor J
for tbe Industrial Exposition, and in con
versation with the Eagle reporter said
that nowhere bad be seen fruits and
grains this season that would compare
with those found in the vicinity of Mil
ton. Something like fifteen McKinley men'
participated in the organization of a club
at the Opera Hall last Wednesday night.
A good crowd, in which were included
several ladies, assembled at about 8
o'clock, but there was nobody present to
assume charge of the meeting and the
majority became tired and went home.
Alonn about 0 o'clock, however, a small
crowd was gathered up and proceeded to
temporarily oruumzs by oiectmg Hon ti.
J. Davis, temporary chairman and Hon.
J. H. McCoy temporary secretary, After
the temporary organization was complet
ed and the routine of business disposed
of Hon. J. B. Huntington, of Athena,
briefly addressed tbe members. Mr.
Huntington will in all likelihood address
the voters here on the subject of the po
litical issues again in the near future.
Freewater Filings.
R. McR&e left last week for the Palouse
country on a collecting tour.
The blacksmiths if this section of conn
try are doing a rushing businesi of late,
principally in the shoeing line.
Mm. J. C. McBroom and Miw 8. Cald
well, of Mountain Valley, Oregon, have
been viiitinn relatives ard friends in I
this vicinity the past week.
Fruit peddling is rapidly drawing to a
close and wood hauling is becoming tbe
order of the day.
Woodson Cummins, of Touchet, Wash
ington, was in this vicinity tbe last of tbe
week looking after his various business
interests in this section oi me couniry.
John Graham, of Weston, brought a
load of sugar cane over to Tom Anderson
and Pink Harbor, the "lasses- grinaere,
to have made op last week.
Donald McKinnon, of Athena, was
seen in our midst last week looking for
fruit. 1
H. L. Brigirs and family returned borne
from Busanvil:e, Oregon, tne la msi.,
thev were accompanied bv D. H. Briges,
who came over to get a load of apples for
the coming winter. They report good
success in tbe gold mines.
The 12 vear-old daUEhter of Dr. A. W.
Hill is down with a siege of typhoid
Bryan buttons are as thick in this part
of the countrv as bedbug are around an
old tavern, while McKinleyites are al
most es scarce as $20 gold pieces.
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of tho people in Hood's SarsaparlUa. Its
medicine cares you when sick; if it makes
wonderful cores everywhere, then beyond
all question that medioinepoesesses merit.
raj ace
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saparillA. We know It possesses merit
because It cures, not once or twice or a
hundred times, bat In thousands and
thousands of cases. We know it cares,
absolutely, permanently, when all others
lau to ao any good wnaiever. n e ivyam
AF. ft A. M. NO. 80 MEETS THE
. First and Third Saturday Evenings
)f each month. Visiting bretheren cor
dially invited to visit the lodge.
10. 0. F. NO. 73, MEETS EVERY
, Friday night. Visiting Odd Fellows
n good standing always welcome.
AO. TJ. W. NO. 104, MEETS TH
Second and Fourth Saturdays oi
month. Fred Rozenswieg,
ATHENA OA P, NO. 171, Woodmen of the
World, meets 1st and 8rd Wednesdays o!
each month.
Visiting Choppers always wel
G. C. Osbubs, Clerk. 29,
Thursday Night.
Widow Appointed Administratrix and
Guardian of the Children.
Tbe will of John 0. Arnold, which was
in tbe St. Vincent's hospital, has been
filed for piobate. the text ot the doc
ument is as follows : .
"I, John C. Arnold, of tbe town of
Pendleton, Umatilla county, and state of
Oregon, being of sound mind and in tne
49th year of my age, do declare this my
last will and teatament:
"I have, by my first wife, a son, born
after separation from her, and which son
was named, as I am informed, Henry
Ward Beecher Arnold, but is familiarly
called 'Henry' Arnold.
"It is my will that, at tb9 time of my
death, or as soon thereafter as may be,
all my debts shall be paid.
"To my son, Harry, or Henry W. B.
Arnold, as above identified, I give and
bequeath 9100 in United States gold
To mv beloved wife. Maggie J. Arn
old. I give and bequeath all the remain-
der of mv property, both real ana person
al, to bold in trust, until tne youngest or
our children shall become 21 years of
age; at which time it is my will that tbe
residue cf my said property, after taking
out mv beloved wife's portion, shall be
divided equally among tne surviving oi
our three children, to wit: A son and
daughter, twins, yet unnamed, but famil
iarly, called 'Dick' Arnold and 'Sue'
Arnold, and a son named Walter Arnold;
it is further iny will that this division of
property be made by the surviving of our
children, Dick, Sue, and Walter Arnold,
as among themselves and without anv
special or ordered sales of any kind of
Mrs. Arnold, widow of the dtceased,
has buen appointed guardian of the three
children and administratrix of the estate
without being required to give bonds.
Is the best In fact the One True Blood Purifier.
MOOa'S FlllS biliousness. 25 cents.
1 nnnrDT TmudTPU
Pendleton, Oregon
Physician and Surgeon.
Calls promptly answered. Office on Third
Btreet, Athena, Oregon.
and Sash,
Cedar Posts, etc.
Can Taupply Lumber in car-load
lot at low figures.
J, B. Huntington,
Athena, Ore.
. RI-P-A-N-S
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Is the place to get the best of Harness. "Good
Workmanship and best of material," our motto.
W. E. YOUNG, Proprietor,
Athena, Oregon.
J. Jo;slil;rj Job? LiV
Needmore Farm, (which is in Umatil
la kounty) Septimber 24. To the Editur
nv the Press. Muse in this neck o' wuds
is sum what scarce an depresluted in
quality; that is, uv a lokal natur, so yoo
will hev to parden me If I wander off in
to our nashunal resources sumwhat in
gettin' up this weak 'a letter.
Ther only thing w'ich I kin call to my
mine of lokal Importance, thet has hap
pened this weak, is Link Swaggarts pen
asity fur to bye horses out uv tbe tity
pound, an' thon trade er give 'em away
to different peeple, in fact, eny way two
git red U7 'em. The Una deal w'ich hn
made wns on lass Tuesday, w'en he bid
in, for kush In nan' Kutty Garden's ole
rodesteer w'ich Kutty humanly turned
out on the kommons ter dye, over a year
ago. The h ws didn't hev a blemish on
Lira, 'cplin to spavins. Thtsa didn't
show to env extent, an in iny erpinion,
wus the beit trade thet Link has made
since I've known him. But like meny
nv us, ho didn't no a good thing when he
seed it, an' in a evil moment anuther
hossman kura along with a )mule an ft
boss k ay use. Thet is dognashus nv the
breed uv the animule, an I no I'm rite if
color counts fur enytbing, an I guess it
due. Link traded fur the maulteeze kay
use, an ss a result, had ter git ther lone
nv a friend'a hoss to git home. Ther lat
I saw uv the kayuse, Green Estcs wus
holdin' it by the tale, while Bill Young
wua tryin' to restore it to cothlenee by
turnin' tli hoa i on It. Mr. Young is
an adept in playin' with hose, an in this
instance he acquitted himself with ti er
usual amrunt uv credit in displayin' tbe
advantages uv the eity water eitteai.
Anuther subjeck uv loial importance
w'ich Is apytatin' the puhlick mine in
the viBinity o' the Needmore ransh, is a
veiy serious reileckihun on ther karacter
uv our mutual friend, Mr. Siclone Davis,
thei Texas statesman. The neverlylng
an ever ahthentick associated press de
spatches assert in a manner that kaint
be downed by enybody with a weekly
etumtniuk, that Siclone la preamberlatin'
arm in arm with gole bugs nv the same
stripe an rasin' as Mark Manner, who
baa kum too ther top uv tbe ladder, an is
baakin' in the emoluments uv a nashun
al repartashun an 20 go's p'e-es w'ich
is at ther disposal uv the republikans to
by McKinley a chair w'ich stands in the
white house, an w'ich I suppoxs "Mao"
wants fur a relick, seein' as its the chair
all nv the presidents hev sot In frura
George W ashington, down. Now, I kaint
hardly atummick these sayin's uv Siclone
leavin' the fold, kin yoo? But dispach
es don't lye lestwise tney don't onless
they're doctored by the lelegraf editur uv
the Oregonian, or w'en the Pendleton
tribune runs 'em fur eddytoriale. These
papers don't kount fur 6. The Oregon
ian is w'at stont republikans style a gole
bug nuaepaper nv standard pertensions,
an the tribune aint red by nobody ceptin
swedes an lokal polyticians.
Jest to put a naehunal color to mj let
ter, this weak, I will peipound a little
kernundrum i the way o' poetry, w'ich I
gleaned frum a nusepaper. It's very
simple. It's about a hat, an eny school
boy kan seo through it at onct. If my
memmory serves me rite, it woz euthin'
like this:
I'm a thrifty Cantonese,
Raisin' uv a tariff breeze ;
I stand up fur perteckehn, gole an all uv
I've been on the turf afore,
You've scene me on the floor,
But you'd hardly know me in this hat.
The grate Boneypart wna small,
But thet didn't hrako hiss fall;
He wuc ship to St. ilellena, an awl that.
Tbey awl say thet he looked like me
An' wus as smart as be cud be
Thet'a the reason I'm wcarin' this hat.
Now, don't guy me, if yer please; .
Say I don't quite reach his 'ni-es,
As soldier er statesman, an awl uv thet;
An w'atever else yer do,
Don't menshun Waterlew,
Or you'll scare the crimps outuv this bat.
Also, uv nashunal importance, kunis
the story frum Milton, ther place whar
they airygate everything even their
stummicks, so I'm told. Ther story in
quextion, bears mighty hevy on the pro
duekshun uv that favered sexshun uv
our kounty, au is backed np by the aayeo
uv a man who is nut a divishonest. As
usual thei is a woman in the kase.
She is a certain society lady, who kon
eluded, fur sum unknown reason, to take
a ro'.tsge up in the mtantiu'a, sommers
near the tolegait, duriu' the hot prorshun
uv the soeisn, an more'n that, she pro
posed to tke a hand in housexeepin'
hertelf. She had friends who bad a
kountry home, close by, an as an append
age two ther estate, a number uv fine
jersy betters. As a speshal faver, the
soosiety lsdy asked ter be supplied with
milk, fur she had hearu so much o' jarey
milk. The faver wus granted an awl
went well fur 7 days an nites, an then
tbe owners uv tne kountry house an
jeisy heffers wus coldly informed that
they needn't take the trubble eny longer
fur after the milk stood a lettle while,
it woa kivered with a thick, yaller stuff
on top an had ter be throwed out!
Now, not speakin' litely uv Irrlgaebun,
or tbe kountry in w'ich it is done, ther is
one thing that won't stand airigaehun,
an that Is milk. If the Milton: Eagle
wood keep perfectly quiet on the kow
question, w'ich is at present agitatin the
publick mine uv our i later town akroes
tbe hills, the citizens cud paster their
kows in the streets, and once in a period
or too, tit a drink 'o milk that wood kon
tain aside o' airigazhun ditch wat
er. It mite also perventsich measly bad
brakes away frum home, as wus made
by this sooeiety woman, in relaabnn to
j-iv heffer cream, w'ich is very likely
alnff ter put on strawberries an in coffee.
Yours fur a hier notch in wheat,
J. Jouulyn Jacobs.
In the County Court.
The county court yesterday ordered
vacated and set aside tbe report of the
viewers in tho matter of road No. 479,
known as the Overturf road, near Milton,
acd instructed tbe same viewers to repoit
more fully upon the damage to Kasson
Smith, including bis ditch and the right
of way along said road. With these in
structions the proceedings were continu
ed until the next regular term of court.
The county ourt was ordered to ad
vertise for bids for the construction ot a
hridm across the Tum-a-lvim rivor, at
Joe McCoy's place, near Milton. It is
expected that this will cost in the neigh
borhood of 82000.
A contract ia to bo entered into for
the painting of the roof of the co irt
W. & C. R. Directors.
At the annual meeting cf the stock
holders of the Washington & Columbia
Elver Railwav Company, which was
held in Walla Walla Friday, the follow
ing were elected directors for tbe eneu-
infrvnar: Tavlnr. Anthony and Paine.
of Walla Walla; Preston, of WaAsburg;
Quernsey. ot Dayton ; Wilcox, of fort-
land : Byers. Killain aud Wade, of Pen
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stamps, to pay postege etc., to Wil
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thousands are using It. It is harmless
but never fails. Why can't big money
ne made by selling Zulu Vulier from
house to house?
A Sufferer Cured
"Every season, from the time 1
was two years old, I suffered dread
fully from erysipelas, which kept
growing worse until my hands were
almost useless. Tho bones softened
bo that they would bend, and several
of my flnRers are now crooked from
this cause. On my
hand I carry large
Bears, which, but for
And GetiBifeiness.
circulation than that
Eastern Umatilla Count!
In Latest Stjies.
'lot t ,-
The Indestructible "Maywopd"
Ttx ffosr PydefD,
Host Rllb!t.
Post Danblt
WbMl oa Ert.
THI8 S75.00 COM
A f " ' W'TH OOOPON.
' " '
VATFWT9 jb.4,
Oct. S, 1803
Jma 1, 1805
Jan. SI, 1806
Others l'enrilnf
J". PABKEB, Proprietor of
MI Ln o
Vyii? Sarsaparilla, would
Jf .'-SNw. e sores, provided I
s" s V? 1 was alive and able
- , to carry anything.
- ' Eight, bottles of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured mc, so
that I have had no return of the
disease for more than twenty years.
The first bottle seemed to reach the
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automa, Wis.
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wheel at the lowest price ever offered. On re
ceipt of 135.00 and this coupon we will ship
anywhere, to anyone, the above described .Bi
cycle, securely packed and crated and guarantee
safe delivery. Money refunded if not as repre
sented after arrival and examination. We will
ship C. 0. D. with privilege of examination, for
$36.00 and coupon, provided $5.00 is sent with
the order as a guarantee of good faith. We send
warranty with each Bicvcle. This is a chance of
cannot afford to let the opportunity pass. Manufactured by
CASn BUYERS' UNION, Chicago, 111.
Address all orders to I
The Athena "Press' Athena. Ore,
Coupon No. 21 7
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