Southwest Oregon recorder. (Denmark, Curry County, Or.) 188?-18??, December 09, 1884, Image 1

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    Volume II.
Number 15.
Mr. Knapp's new structure in Port
Orford is approaching completion.
It was built as much for a commodi
ous private residence, as for what it
will be immediately devoted to, a
hotel. As a model of permanence it
perhaps has no superior in Southwest
Oregon. First a box wall, then lined
inside and out with inch lumber
nailed up at an angle of 45 degrees
nieasurod by the level of the base.
Then the outside is again covered
with neat, narrow rustic. Within
the two main rooms are wainscoted,
above which a neat job of papering
lias been done. One capacious brick
lireplaco graces the gentlemen's sit
ting room, while tho ladies' is sup
pled with a beautiful marbleized iron
mantel enclosing a grate intended to
burn coal. Tho dining room is large
and airy, extending eastward of the
main building forty feet The sec
ond story is divided up into capacious
and well lighted and ventilated sleep
ing apartments. "When the new
house is ready for occupancy, the old
one will be torn down and removed.
Tho work on the house was done by
Messrs. T. J. Lindberg, John Ded
mond and Charley Crockett, all un
der tho surperintendence of Mr.
Knapp himself who displayed extra
ordinary tact in tho whole matter.
Our Ellensburg correspondent says:
"Frank Clarno, who resides some
five miles above town, met with a
very severe accident last Thursday,
in trying to lower a wagon down a
steep hill by hand. He was unable to
manage it, and the wagon ran over him
breaking one leg just below the knee,
and dislocating tho ankle of the other
leg. As there was no surgeon in this
vicinity, Mr. S. L. Curry performed
the task of setting the limbs, mean
while a messenger was sent for Dr.
Downing of Port Orford. At last
accounts Mr. Clarno was resting easy
and appeared to be doing well.
That was rather an odd wrinkle in
corporated in a road petition lately
circulated, praying for a road from
the southeast corner of J. P. Rus
sell V place, thence west on that line
as nearly as the creek will permit,
(keeping, however, always south of
it), across the present County road
until it strikes the new piece of road
lately opened from the present road
to the bridge site, thence along this
other road, crossing the bridge and
to a tree some distance north of it.
The settlers up the creek ought to
have an outlet - to the County road,
and the course indicated seems a
good one. j
Writers on farm topics are gener
wiso in their conclusions, but they
aro liable to go astray. For instance,
it is claimed that sheep continually
fertilize the soil. Did it never occur
to these wise acres that sheep cannot
givo back to the soil more than they
take away? It is possible to mako a
spot hero and there richer by corral
ing sheep on them; but other parts
aro impoverished by the process. If
nothing more than the growth of
wool be taken from the land it is im
poverished by so much.
"What with the 2 per cent. State,
county and school tax, a special
school tax in this district of perhaps
2 per cent, and the regular road and
poll tax, this vicinity is taxed about
0 per cent this year. To this may be
tidded sundry sums subscribed by
different parties to construct a bridge
across Floras creek. Yet, notwith
standing the burden seems heavy,
the tax payers do not complain, as
tho occasion for such expenditure
has long been urgent
The stringers are laid across Floras
creek fcr the bridge, the apron on the
tho north side is built and planked,
and the necessary false work built in
iho ceu tor of the creek. Evidently
tlio work will bo completed in a few
An immense stock of flour at Av
erill's. "Who has the dictionary belonging
this school district?,
Port Orford will celebrate Christ
mas with a Cleveland ball.
J. "W. "Wilson and wife, of Eckley,
were at Denmark last week.
Messrs. Clark & Dwyer were down
from the mountains last week
"We are informed that work on the
breakwater at Bandon will cease this
County Surveyor Fitzhugh has
about completed a map of this town
ship. We will pit Jim Russell against
the whole Floras croek region as a
iMrs. Shoemaker and daughter,
Miss Nellie, of Nob hillwere in Den
mark last week.
Langlois & Nelson have made ex
tensive improvements in the interior
of their store recentlj. ,
Mr. D. E. Stitt fell from the frame
work of tho bridge last week and
was somewhat shaken up.
The Ellensburg Business Associa
tion have a nice lot of chairs which
they are selling at a low figure.
Our friend Judge Dewey will edit
te Gazette during Representative Sut
ton's absence at the Legislature.
Capt. Lorontzen has been hauling
lumber from the mill during the past
week to complete some inside "finish
ing. Messrs. Chris Long and Ed. Sypher
left here with a pack animal last week
for the Sallal Springs country on a
At the school meeting Saturday, N.
C. Lorentzen was elected to fill the
unexpired term of J. H. Upton, re
signed. N. C. Lorentzen's notice offering
clover seed for sale last week should
have read 16 cents a pound instead of
60 cents.
"Competition is the life of trade."
Langlois & Nelson shoe horses all
ronnd for $1 50 each. See ad. else
where on this page.
O. S. I. Co's steamer Al-Ki is so
large (or Coos Bay is so small) that
she cannot turn round and will have
to back out of the Bay.
The contractor has given his order
at Burnham's mill for the lumber
necessary to build the school house.
Now look for a pull through the mud
holes. County Surveyor Fitzhugh is en
gaged to-day running some lines for
Mr. J. E. Hawkins. This week Mr.
F. will go below to do surveying for
parties near Ellensburg.
The Burnham mill near this place
is being enlarged to more than double
its present size, so as to accommodate
a planer and grist mill. Raise wheat
and get it ground at home.
The District Clerk's Assessment
Roll shows among other things that
the assessed valuation of all proper
ty in the District is $24,584. Num
ber of acres of land, 4,728; value, ex
clusive of improvements, 12,059.
Number of sheep, 78; value, $94.
Number of cattle, 80; value, $1,G36.
Number of horses, 3G; value, 1,625.
Mrs. Capt Lorentzen, not unmind
ful of the longings of ye antimony
manipulator's confectionery molar,
augmented his usual mid-day lunch
of "salt-horse and hard-tack" last
Saturday with as rich and tempting
a dish of pastry as ever falls within
range of his far-reaching grappling
County Surveyor Fitzhugh has
just completed and presented to the
Recorder a handsome plat of this
township, which locates all new set
tiers, shows all transfers by deed to
date and maps every vacant and un
occupied tract Every settler and
owner of land in tho township should
have one.
Mrs. Thos. Smith has been visiting
in town the past week.
Some of our farmers are busily en
gaged preparing for the next season's
Miss Bell Gray has commenced on
her second quarter of school in this
district '
Miss Mary von der Green is teach
ing a term of private school at Pis
tol river.
Hon. H. G. Blake and wife and
Miss McVey returned to their heme
in Chetco last Saturday.
"We are informed that. Mr. D. E.
Stitt will teach a "Winter term of
school in the Gardner district
Mrs. B. K. von der Green has been
engaged to teach a "Winter term of
school at tho mouth of Illinois river.
Judge "Woodruff has been quite
Sick for the past week, and Dr.
Downing has been called to see him.
One day last week two men from
California passed through this place
en route for the Floras creek country
in search of homes.
Neptune has been very angry for
past week, hence no vessels have
arrived, we fear we shall soon begin
to feel hungry, if not dry.
Our old friend D. L. Moore was in
town this week looking hale and
hearty. He says times are getting
better since Cleveland was elected.
"Weddings are ridiculously scarce
here this season when we ' take into
consideration the time squandered in
horseback rides and stolen boat rides.
Rev. C. E. Philbrook, formerly of
this county, has located in Sierra Co.
Cal., and has disposed of his valuable
farm, located about four miles' up
the river from this place. The purr
chaser is unknown to us, but he is a
California! ,
The stage connecting Coquille City
with Coaledo has ceased running on
account of bad roads. , .
Mr. Kruse expects to t,)mplete the
Newport bunker by Christmas, if the
weather is favorable.
A. L. Nosier ships a lot of salt pork
from Coquille City by tho outgoing
schooner to San Francisco. . " 1
It is said that the new steamer for
the Beaver slough trade will be ready
for business in a few. days.
Binger Herman has sold his inter
est in the Myrtle Point store to "Wise
Bros., of Ashland." . Bender will re
tain his position at tho store.
The new log boom being built at
Pony slough, for the O. S. L Co. will
be finished this week Four hundred
and sixty-eight piles have been
driven in its construction.
Frank Ross unearthed a petrified
bull frog, while digging into a hill on
his farm, on Catching slough, last
week The petrification is of sand
stone, and is in tho possession of Dr.
Tower of Marshfield. News.
The cable of tho telegraph line
across Coalbank slough was broken
last Saturday by an anchor of the
Al-Ki coming in contact with it On
Monday the cable was raised and
taken to Marshfield for repairs.
Voorhees' majority in "Washington
Territory is 146. ,
Blaine's friends do not think he
will ever return to active politics.
"Wages have been reduced 10 per
cent in the wire mills at Easton, Pa.
Captain Payne, theOklahomo farm
er, died suddenly at Wellington,
Kansas, 31st
Secretary Lincoln urges the im
portance of finding defenses for our
sea coast and lake frontier.
Over $80,000,000 was paid out of
the United States Treasury in pen
sions in November.
Rev. Charles J. Seghers has re
signed as Archbishop of Oregon and
will go back to his labors in Alaska.
The Connellsville Coke producers'
syndicate at Pittsburg will reduce
wages ot 8,000 employes December 1
from 6 to 10 per cent, . .
Congress convened pr the 1st inst.
Fred. Grant desires an appoint
ment in the army.
The electoral college of the State
met in Salem last "Wednesday.
The latest from San Francisco says
Do Young is in a fair way to recover.
Passenger traffic over the Oregon
Short Line was opened on the 1st
Christians in tho western part of
China aro fugitives in the wilds of
The voting population of Oregon
has increased 11,860 in four years,
or nearly 30 per cent.
Governor Cleveland has been ten
dered a grand banquet in Philadel
phia and has declined,
Republicans in Pennsylvania talk
of sending Blaine to the U. S. Senate
to succeed Don Cameron.
President Arthur has invited Mr.
Cleveland to occupy the "White House
previous to inauguration.
The Land Office report shows that
there have been 400,000 farms taken
up by settlers in the last year.
China and France do not seem to
make much progress towards a treaty
of peace that will suit both sides.
During the past year more home
stead claims have been taken up in
Nebraska than in any" other State.
It is estimated that the wool clip
of this year will . amount to 300,000,
000 pounds, and be worth $85,000,000.
J. G. Richardson, who illegally
voted at Oregon City at the last elec
tion, was fined $250 in the Circuit
A drunken husband in New York
stabbed his sick wife in the eyes on
Thanksgiving night; if she recoveres
she will be totally blind.
Judge Denny, formerly of Portland
has been appointed director of rail
roads in China, holding commision to
that effect from L. Hung-Ching.
The . scourge in Virginia, from
which over 2,000 people have died, is
caused by drinking mineral water,
necessitated by the long drouth.
The last spike connecting the Ore
gon Short Line with the O. R. & N.
Co. at Huntington was driven on the
25th with appropriate ceremonies.
Mrs. Logan is much more cast
down because her son lost his posi
tion at "West Point than because her
husband failed to be elected Vice
F. P. Hogan, of Roseburg, has re
ceived the $300 reward offered by
the O. & C. railroad company for the
arrest of James Cunningham, station
agent, who robbed the station at
Medford recently.
At St Louis on the 2Sth the great
$1,000 watch, presented to Stevo Dor
sey in 1880 at a famous Delmonico
dinner, at which Conkling and Grant
and Gould and a select company ot.
others were present, and at which
Steve was hailed as the deliverer of
Indiana this famous "soap" watch
has been stolen. Stevo was there at
the Cattle Convention, and was sleep
ing in parlor 66 of the Southern
Hotel, with his watch under his pil
low. "When he awoke in the morning
it was gone.
The Mormons have not so firm a
hold upon Arizona, as they thought.
A dispatch of the 28th states that the
jury in the case of the United States
vs. Animon Tenny, indicted for polyg
amy, returned a verdict of guilty.
This is the first conviction ever had
in Arizona for that crime. The mor
mons fearing the moral effect of tho
conviction of so prominent a member
of their church as Tenny, had im
ported the most eminent counsel for
his defense. After, conviction, bail
was offered to any extent, which was
refused by Judge Howard, who re
manded Tenny to jail.
From and after this date we will
Shoo Horses all round for $1 50 each.
Maul Rings made of best Swedish
Iron for 50 cents per pair.
All other work neatly done and
warranted at corresponding rates.
"We do no botch work, and don't
you forget it.
Custom work a specialty. Repairing
neatly done. -
Bandon, Coos Co., Or.
M. E. ANDERSON, Proprietors.
furnished, and is at once the home of
the tourist. The house is easy of access to
the steamer landing. The table is supplied
with the best the market affords and no
pains spared to render comfort to guests.
S. N. A. DOWNING, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Calls promptly attended in any part of the
County and adjacent parts.
Will practice in all cf the State and Federal
f Courts.
Collections a Specialty. Offioe in Coos Bay
News Buildinc
Particular attention will be paid to Land
. .ALSO. ...
Real Estate and Collection Agent,
Denmark, Curry Co., Oregon.
bought and sold for a ' fair commission,
taxe paid and a general agency busi
egon, October 16, 1884. Notice is here
by given that Zaccheus Boica has applied to
purchase the NW of SE of Section 2,
Township 31 South, Range 15 West, Will.
Mer. under the act of Congress of Juno 3,
1878, for the sale of timber lands in Califor
nia. Oregon Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory. Any and all persons claiming ad
versely any of the above land mast ffle their
claim with the Register of the Roseburg
Land Office during the sixty days publica
tion hereof, and failing to do so, their rights
will be barred by statute.
W. F. BENJAMIN, Register.