Southwest Oregon recorder. (Denmark, Curry County, Or.) 188?-18??, November 18, 1884, Image 1

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    Volume II.
Number 12.
Though an Official Canvass Is Necessary
to Satisfy the Republicans.
We are somewnat disappointed at
our inability to make an authorita
tive announcement to the effect that
Cleveland is to be our next President,
though we entertain no doubt what
ever as to his election. The Repub
licans still claim New York, the bone
of contention,, in the hope that some
Democratic precincts may be thrown
out, and refuse to concede the State
to Cleveland until the official canvass
so decides. The Sun puts the Dem
ocratic plurality at 1,306, the Herald
claims 1,90G, the Times makes it 1,361,
and the World has it 1,424. The
Tribune claims the State for Blaine
by 1,000, and dolefully remarks "that
the vote is very close, and an official
count of the vote is necessary to de
cide the result"
The Albany Evening Journal (R.),
concedes the election of Cleveland
and says: "There seems to be no
longer a doubt that Governor Cleve
land has been elected President. Ev
ery county has sent in its full vote,
and after a careful verification, the
results assure Cleveland a plurality
of 1,00 in this State. The vote will
not vary 200 on either side of these
figures." t
The National Democratic Commit
tee on the 7th issued an address to
the people of the United States in
which they state that "there can no
longer De any question concerning
the actual result of the Presidential
election. Grover Cleveland and
Thomas A. Hendricks have a majori
ty of eighteen in the electoral college.
If any different or altered returns are
now being prepared, or are promul
gated, they are corrupt falsifications
of the records of the State of New
York, and the men aiding or abetting
the making of such reports are crim
inais. it is not expected mat you
will tamely submit to the ma6hina-
tions of such men. Let them under
stand that you will not recognize or
tolerate such actions. At noon to
morrow, throughout the United
States, celebrate the actual election
of Cleveland and Hendricks by firing
National salutes. Meet to-morrow
night, throughout the country, and
express your opinion in a manner
that cannot be misunderstood. The
men of New York are resolved not to
submit to the gross outrage attempt
ed to be perpetrated upon their rights
and will speak for themselves."
The only Northern States aside
from Now York, known definitely to
have given Cleveland a plurality are
Indiana, Connecticut, New Jersey
and Nevada.
Congratulations are pcuring in on
. Cleveland from all parts of the conn
Virginia's majority for Cleveland
is 10,000.
Cleveland's plurality inNew Jersey
is 2,579.
Blaine carries California by about
ni ht 1 t
Illinois, v isconsin, ana iowa give
Blaine a comparatively small vote
Blaine carries Oregon by 1,432
n r tt rrsi m i
jur. a. ii. i.nriit nas oeen so sen-
ousl 7 ill during the week past as to
require the attendance of a physician.
However, we learn that he has ral
lied and is in a fair way to recover
since the receipt of the news of Cleve
land's election.
We are informed that A. Crawford,
of ban Francisco, who owns a large
tract of land on Elk and Sixes rivers,
has about completed arrangements to
6ond up an Irish colony to settle on
his lands.
Ed Sypher has purchased of Chris
Long the body of land containing 200
acres lying between J. E. Hawkins'
place and the sea, for $800.
Georgo Anderson returnod to this
; place last week after a few months
sojourn in Dou&lus county.
Our. placid, polished friend of the
Ellenspurg paper is nothing if not
consistent, in his revenges at least.
Exercising a right common to all cit
izens of the county, we saw fit to
oppose his election to the Assembly
last June. "VYs gave what seemed to
us good reasons why he should not
be so elected. "We showed from the
record that he had, while in official
position previously, not only con
spired with wealthy persons to re
duce the taxable valuation of their
property, thus defrauding other tax
payers, but that he had actually ap
propriated sundry considerable sums
of the people's money to his own use,
well knowing that such acts were
without law to sustain them, but were
in tnemselves criminal. He made
faces at us simply. His argument
was, "Perjury," "theft," "7?er," etc.
On this basis he forced the issue be
tween himself and us. On this issue
we appealed to a jury composed of
the honest, intelligent voters of Curry
county. Their verdict was, that Mr!
Sutton was guilty as charged, since
the county being 40 majority Repub
publican, he was defeated by 12 ma
jority, a clear loss to his candidacy of
52 Republican votes at home, and
where we were both best known. Of
course we deemed ourself quite vin
dicated, and were content for the
matter to rest as it stood. But it'ap
pearea mat ne was not. a weeic or
so since he' published in his paper
another of a series of false and mis
leading statements concerning proofs
in support of settlers' rights in home
stead and pre-emption cases, thus
confusing and embarrassinsr claim
ants upon the public lands, without
any apparent motive other than to
force pre-emptors to drag their wit
nesses all the way down to Ellens-
burg at great additional cost. We
deemed ourself in duty bound to cor
rect the false statement, to the end that
pre-emptors should definitely under
stand their rights in the premises.
and know that it would be so much
money wasted to take their witnesses
(often at great inconvenience to them
selves) all the way to Ellensburg,
when the testimony would be just as
good taken before a Notary Public.
For this service and this showing,
we are treated to another installment
of the same old mud; but there is no
argument in that sort of thing, and
he who has recourse to it but shows
the innate weakness of his position.
At a meeting of the Director of this
school district, held last Saturday,
the Clerk's district assessment roll
was examined and approved, and a
warrant issued to the Clerk author
lzing him to collect the levy of two
per cent within sixty days.
According to announcement bids
for the construction of a school house
were opened and passed upon. The
contract was awarded J. H. Upton,
whose bid, $3,19, was the lowest.
J. H. Upton's resignation as Diroc
tor was received and accepted.
Aiirea xsutton's resignation as
Clerk was received and accepted, and
J. M. Upton appointed in his stead
Storer Peirce of this place went
down to Ellensburg last week to ac
cept a position in R. D. Hume's store,
"We expect Storer to render a good
account of himself in his new field as
he goes well prepared in every par
ticular. .
Mr. H. Nelson, with his witnesses,
Messrs. John Langlois and F. M.
Shoemaker, went below to Ellensburg
last week, to make his final homestead
Mr. "W. S. Winsor and. daughter,
Miss Mary, passed down last week on
their way to Ellensburg.
George Fitzhugh has completed his
residence and moved therein.
Mr. James llait s new resulenco is
fast approaching completion.
The Commissioner of the General
Land Office has decided in a recent
case in Umatilla county that final
proof not made at a county seat, be
fore a , Register, Receiver, County
Judge, or County Clerk, is not suffi
cient proof. Astorian.
The case above referred to grew
out of a practice in Umatilla county
of making final proofs before one and
another of the several land agents in
that county. Stimson & Tennery,
LaDow & Co., Miller & Caviness
and another firm of land dealers ad
vertised to make final proofs, and did
make numbers of them ; indeed the
competition among them grew so
spirited that the price was finally put
down to three dollars for the entire
work. There was something of am
biguity in the alternatives as stated
in the Astoria paper. For instance.
according to that statement of the
gist of the ruling, a proof would be
good taken at a county seat, or before
a Register, or before aReceiver, or be
fore a County Judge or Clerk.
Hence, so far as it appears from the,
face of the statement, a proof would
be sufficient made even before a land
agent if made at a county seat "We
are sure however, that no proof not
made before the Register or Receiver,
County Judge, County Clerk or his
Deputy (who exercises all the func
tions of his principal), will be good.
vVe are at a loss to understand where
the Umatilla land agents derived the
color of authority to make final proofs
unless the Land Office at La Grande
armed them with some sort of com
mision for the purpose.
A letter from John Blacklock, late
of this place but now of San Francis
co, to Geo. Bennett, Esq., of Bandon,
among other things sayd; "Notwith
standing our mishaps,Jhe Captain
Jurgensen J gives it as Jyspinion, af
ter three weeks' careful " examination,
tnat i on -DiaciuocK can De made a
good harbor and an important ship
ping point, and is anxious to acquire
an interest therein. The Stone Com
pany are to erect a tressle work wharf.
which a man of experience says will
answer all present requirements the
building of the stone pier and filling
gaps in reef to follow erection of
wharf. I will be up shortly."
Tardy Feost. A remarkable fea
ture of this part of the country is,
that the Fall frosts are generally de
ferred to a very late period. Up to
the present time but few spots in the
Floras creek region have been seri
ously touched witn frost. In our
garden well down on the flats are to
matoes, ground cherries and other
plants equally sensitive to the touch
of frost, still growing green, with no
appearance of having had notice that
the "Winter season is at hand.
Dr. Downing of Port Orford, has
a card in the professional column of
the Recorder this week. Dr. D.
comes highly recomended as an ex
perienced and skillful physician, and
will doubtless build up a lucrative
practice in this county.
Ed Sypher has relinquished his
claim to the piece of land lying east
of Denmark in favor of Mr. Costello.
George Fitzhugh, County Survey
or, and party, left Sunday for the vi
cinity of Eckley to dosome surveying.
Mr. P. Dwyer dropped in on us
last week. He came down to learn
the result of the election.
At Averill's will be found a stock
of the celebrated "Paragon" chewing
das. vviiiiams nas a residence in
course of construction on Chris Long's
Attorney Hazard and "Watson went
up to the Bay last week from Ellens
The sewing machine man is abroad
in the land.
Sol Culver went over to the Bay
and returned last week.
The O. S. I. Co's steamer Alki has
reached San Francisco.
Oliver Hilborn, engineer of one of
Noble & Hyde's pile drivers, had one
of his fingers badly mashed last Sat
Thursday, the 27th inst, has been
designated by President Arthur as a
day of general Thanksgiving through
out the United States.
The official vote of Coos county is
as follows: Ulaine 758, Cleveland
638; Blaine's plurality, 120; Butler 35,
St. John 13 tolal 1,444
It is stated that a light draught
steamer is to be built on Coos Bay to
ply between that place and the Co-
quille river. This will do away with
the importation of California farm
products into the Bay and will enable
the Coquille farmer to dispose of his
surplus. ;
Getchell & Co's cannery on the Co
quille was shut down for the season
last week. The run of salmon was
not so large as anticipated, and con
sequently the company fell short of
the estimate calculated on. The
number of cases put up was 11,000,
while from 13,000 to 15,000 was looked
for. News.
Alex H. Syder of Myrtle Point had
his left arm broken, between the
elbow and the shoulder, at Rocky
Point last Tuesday. He went there
to see Capt Littlefield on business
and was not aware of the blasting
operations going on, the consequence
of which was that he went within 50
or 60 feet of a blast just at the time
of its explosion, and was struck on
the arm by a flying rock. Mail
Mrs. Sally Gilmore, aged 74 years,
was so seriously burned at her home
on "Willanch slough, last Saturday,
that death resulted in a few hours.
Mrs. Gilmore has been blind for 14
years, and the - supposition is that
while moving about the house she
got too close to the fire, which was
burning on the hearth, and her
clothes were caught by the blaze.
"When found, her clothing was nearly
all torn of showing that she had
struggled hard to save herself.
The first 4th of July ever celebra
ted in Coos county was celebrated in
Bandon on the 4th of July, 1853, by
Capi Harris and the little band of
heroes who left Jackson county with
him on the previous 10th of Juna
The Democretic principles planted
here by the old hero on that occasion
have held possession of that place
ever since, and at our lato Pesiden
tial election, Bandon has proved it
self to be the Democratic banner
bearer of the county. News. Our
fellow-townsman, Alex Thrift partici
pated in the above named celebration.
The prohibition vote in New York
is fully 25,000. .
It is reported that Cleveland will
soon marry a young lady of Buffalo.
Tne reappearance oi cnoiera m
France causes great alarm through
out Europe.
St John was burned in effigy at
Topeka by the Republicans on the
7th, amid great excitement
George Leslie of Marion county
has in three years raised 16,500 fish
from an original stock of 11 carp.
Martin and William Mackey, of
Josephine county are undergoing
trial at Kerbyville for the murder of
Mike Purcell.
Loss by the high tide in the province
of Quebec on the night of the 5th
is estimated at 1250,000. Waves
mounted to the height of 60 feet
on the shores of the Gulf of St.
The wife of Dr. Schuyler Gardiner,
of Chicago, shot her husband and
young child, killing both instantly,
and then shot herself, with probably
fatal result She was driven tempo
rarily insane by her husband having
charged her with infidelity. ' .
J. M. Fry, of Illinois river, was in
town this week. He is still engaged
in packing in his "Winter's supplies.
Messrs. H, Nelson, J. N. Langlois
and M F. Shoemaker of Denmark,
arrived here on the 14th on land busi
ness. Mr. George "W. Miller presented
the North Star Hotel with a very
large and nice squash last week, its
weight is a little over 51 pounds.
The Cleveland banner at the North
Star presents a beautiful rooster this
week. He is a stately bird and is
crowing, "Turn the rascals outP
Miss Ellen Bailey closed a three
months' term of school in District No.
5 last Tuesday. "We hear her school
spoken of in the highest terms, and
Miss Bailey is conceded to be one of
our most successful teachers.
Butler, the wily old chieftain, has
run his race has finished his labors
and will retire to peaceful rest, leav
ing his party very much in the con
dition of the mule "Without pride
of ancestry nor hope of posterity."
The tug Pelican after about three
week's stay with us, returned to Smith
river on the morning of the 13th tak
ing as passengers, "Walter Sutton and
Mr. Joslin, who has been clerking in
Mr. Hume's store for some time past.
Judge "Woodruff of Euchre creek,
was in town last weeK, being called
here to assist in canvassing the
election returns of the county, and to
attend the Blaine funeral. He says
all he asks of the coming Democratic
Administration, is for it to be just as
honest and pure as the last three Ad
ministrations have been. This re
quest is very moderate.
The news of the election of Cleve
land was received at this place very
quietly by the Democrats the news
being what they confidently expected;
and we must add that a majority of
the Republicans we have talked with
view the Democratic victory as a
God-send and admit that we need a
change. Still, some of the hopeful
ones who had political prospects
ahead look careworn and dejected,
and fear that the "grand old party"
cannot recover from such a defeat.
Stripped of its Federal patronage the
old hulk will fall to pieces of its own
dead weight
S. N. A. DOWNING, M. D.f
Physician and Surgeon,
Galls promptly attended in any part of the
Uounty ana adjacent parts.
Will practice in all cf the State and Federal
ewa Buildinp.
Particular attention 'will be paid to Land
busisiness. .
Real Estate and Collection Agent,
Denmark, Curry Co., Oregon.
bought and sold for a fair commission,
taxes paid and a general agency busi
This House is centrally located, roomy, and
generally adapted for the convenience
and quietude of its patrons.
Meals, 37J cents. Board by the week at
corresponding rates. The publio
are invited to call.
A. M. GlLLLSriEv