Southwest Oregon recorder. (Denmark, Curry County, Or.) 188?-18??, November 04, 1884, Image 7

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for the Hands.
This remedy was given to a lady by a
doctor in reply to what she should do for
the "hard bunches and knots," as she
called them, inside her hands. He told
her to get a small bottle of olive oil
(one-half bottle would do to try), and
Sut in as much camphor gum as it would
issolve, pour some in the hands, rub
them together and heat it by the fire.
She continued in this, usually evenings,
tubbing and heating, and in a short time
her hands were as soft as need be, not a
"bunch" remaining.
A Woman Farmer.
"Yes, my husband has been dead fif
teen years," suid an old lady to a Eoston
Globe correspondent, "and I have run
the farm ever since myself, and, in fact,
I have had the who'e care of it for twenty
one years, lor within a year of our mar
riage ray husband had a stroke of paraly
sis that left one side entirely useless, and
it is over a score of years since we moved
It was an old lc.dy of Kennebec
county, Maine, who made the above
statement, and she seemed to see nothing
remarkab'e about the fact that she, en
tirely unaided, should be running a farm
of sixty acres, in spite of her three score
years and ten.
"Do you do the whole work your
self?" "Yes, almost all," she replied. "I
never hire by the month, but in the busi
est season I hire a man to help by the
day in haying and such work."
" Do vou take care of your stock
"Oh, yes; but I have not as much
stock as I had formerly, having sold
many, including a3 fine a stock bull as
hey had in the county."
"Do you take the daily papers?"
"No, I can find all the lies I want to
in the ordinary story and religious papers
with ut pestering my head with fresh
ones made up every day."
"Are you not lonely in the winter?"
asked the reporter. " I notice your house
is oil the ran in road, and you must find it
hard getting down to the villaga."
"Ye-, you are right there," responded
the old but en?tic lad j. "Sometimes
I can't get out for five or six weeks un
less my neighbors take the trouble to
come anil shovel me out, but I don't
mind much, and manage to get through
all right. Ilowsomever, I don't see any
thing much alout this; but there is a
funny idea about you newspaper fellers,
and people seem to take anything they
see in print lor gospel. For instance, I
knew two neighbors who was always
fighting aout the way to cultivate a
field, and they both declared the other
was a fol. Finally one got his primed
in a farming paper, and the other feller
saw the piece, and not knowing whose
ideas they was he thought he had
learned something and went home and
followed the advice of the man he had
called a fool, just because he saw it in
print. Don't you want to come to see
the farm? it don't amount to anything,
though." she added.
The writer walked out to the door, and
the first thing that attracted his atten
tion was a tombstone in front of the
piazza. He was about to ask if it was
erected in this certainly unusual spot at
the particular request of some near and
dear relative, when he noticed that a
ring was p issed through the top of the
marble stone and that it served the
purpose of an ordinary hitching post.
Therefore he forebore lest he should
touch on a forbidden topic, and even the
broadest hints did not elicit any infor
mation on the subject of the sepulchral
horse-fastener. Everything about the
farm, to use a localism, was in apple-pie
order, just as one might find the farm
of an old farmer with able-bodied sons
to help him.
Fashion Notes.
Black pearls are in demand.
All-feather bonnets are to have a run.
Little girls are wearing very large hats
Fine felts are largely worn for walking
Bonnets for evening wear are small in
Novelties in wool goods all show rough
Velvet and brocade are much used fo.
dress bonnets.
Lizzard and moss greens are much fa
vored in millinery.
Bonnet strings are medium as regards
length and width.
Brown is a leading color in both dress
goods ana millinery.
Square -toed shoes are gaining popu
larity with gentiemen.
Tying the bonnet strings in a square
bow under the chin and making them
into a pert little knot under the left ear
seems equally in favor.
Most of the new Newmarket coats have
the seam at the back closed, but are made
full enough to wear with large bustles.
Braid is tueir most common trimming.
Bonnet to match each costume now
form part of a oridal outfit, and the near
est approach to a white bonnet is that
sometimes prepared for evening wear and
which has a wnite crown and a colored
When the new watercress green is used
for the crown of a hat, the brim is of a
brown with a greenish tinge almost like
olive, for the watercress green could
only be worn on the stage, or with a
stage complexion.
Some of the new costumes have their
skirts almost covered with mohair braid
sewed on in perpendicular rows, almost
but not-quite touching. The braid is
sewed on its edge, so as to stand out
frn the surface, and a border of braid
set still closer finishes the skirt at the
A Sea Atmosphere for the Sick Room.
The solution to be used and diffused
as spray consisted of solution of peroxide
of hydrogen (10 volumes strength) con
taining 1 per cent, of ozonic ether, io
dine to saturation, and 2.50 per cent, of
sea salt. The solution placed in a steam
or hand spray diffuser can be distributed
in the finest spray in the sick room at
the rate of two fluid ounces in a quarter
of an hour. It communicates a pleasant
sea odor, and is the best purifier of the
air of the sick room I have ever used.
It is a powerful disinfectant as well as
deodorizer, acting briskly on ozonized
test solutions and papers. Mr. Carl R.
Schomberg has recently invented a large
spray producer, which will diffuse the
artificial sea air through a hospital
ward. B. W. JticIiarcUon, Jf.D.
Whooping Cough.
A correspondent writes: "Will you
not give your readers an article on
whooping cough, stating what it is,
and whether there is any k nown remedy ?"
The disease is a peculiar form of bron
chitis, attended, in its first stags, with
6ome fever, and, in the second, with
spasms of the glottis, the vocal cords in
the upper part of the larynx. It is highly
infectious, and since few children es
cape it, and it generally destroys one's
susceptibility to a second attack, it is
largely confined to childhood.
At the commencement it resembles a
hard cold, but the acts of coughing are
more violent and last longer. At length
it may be in two or three days, or in as
many weeks the spasms of the glottis
are developed, and the well-known
whoop settles its real character.
The whooo is due to the fact that it is
imnnssihln to takn hr:ith durinrr the
rapid cousrhinsr, and hence, on its ceas- I
ing, there is along and labored inrush of
Moreover, as the blood cannot freely
enter the lungs during the paroxysm, the
impeded blood causes the veins of the
neck to swell out, gives to the face a livid
look, and sometimes occasions various
hemorrhages of the noise, stomach and
lungs. But there is no danger of the
patient's dying of suffocation, as is so
often feared.
The diaeiisa may be quite mild, or
J . .. 1 . '
severe. Uccasionally the person ,
gets well in a few days, without any
medical aid. But generally the disease
lasts six weeks. Sometimes when neg
lected, it runs on many months. As a
rule, the paroxysms gradually become
less severe and frequent, and then cease,
though for a time an ordinary cold will
be attended with a whoop.
The most that medicine can do is to
palliate the symptoms., and shorten the
duration of the disease. Alum acts well
on the inflamed bronchial tube; bella
donna on the iritated nerves that cause
the spasms of the glottis. A doctor
must be consulted for the more danger
ous Dut emcacious remeuies. JNo one
medicine meets each case, nor any case
in all its symptoms and stages.
Tne only wise course is to employ an
intelligent physician who can study its ; 1 he brig proved to be the F. J. Mer
peculiararities and watch its tendencies, ryman and the four men were all that
Tnis is the more important since there is was left of her crew. The Merryman
always danger of grave complications had sailed from Boston for Sierra Leone
acute bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy
and other lung difficulties,
indirectly, often fatal.
It is thus,
Unless where there is serious compli
cation, it is best to have the child as
much as possible out of doors. The diet
should be nutritious. This should be
looked after more carefully if the child
vomits much. Food should be given
often, and as early as possible, before an
expected paroxysm. Youth's Compan
Dr. Brown Seouard believes that the
conversion of venou3 blood into arterial,
accompanied by alteration of color and
plentiful admixture of oxygen, which
takes place in shock, is due to a nervous
inhibition of the circulation of gases and
their passage from tissue to tissue.
Possibly the habit of blushing at every
slight surprise, common to many people,
may find its explanation in the same fact.
All fishes that live continuous! v at a
depth greater than two thousand feet T,ie March to the Grave,
are carnivoious. This results from the! A statistican recently stated that if one
fact that, owing to the absence of light, 1 could watch the march of 1,000,000 peo
vegetation gradually disappears as the pie through life, the following would be
depth increases, and consequently all" observable: Nearly 150,000 would die
species of fish that do not ascend to the first year, 50,000 the second year,
within five hundred ieet of the surface
the point at which the last algiee are
found are obliged to hunt for animal
Some very minute inquiries have re
cently been instituted by M. Ilaslam, of
Derby, England, to determine the tem
perature best adapted to the preservation
of fresh meats, eggs and other animal
products without absolutely freezing
them. The result has been to fix upon
a temperature of from thirty degrees to
thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit, as the
surest and safest for refrigerators, ice
boxes, etc.
Samples of green peas, from a lot
alleged, to have caused sickness and
diarrhoea, have been found by Dr. John
Muter to be affected by a fungoid growth
on the inner surface of the outer coating
of the seed. When boiled with water
the peas have a sickly, pale-green color,
with yellow spots; but when the water
contains a little soda they show deep
violet-brown markings, and emit a fra
grant odor on keeping.
M. Aime Girard, regards the grain of
wheat as consisting of three parts, the
shell, (which forms 14.3G per cent.,; the
germ, (1.43 per cent.,) and the far
inaceous layer, (84.21 per cent.) In a
recent paper on the chemical compo
sition and Nthe alimentary value of the
various parts of such a grain he considers
that the introduction of the shell and
the germ into the flour is onlv of an in-
significant utility, and is attended with
serious inconvenience.
Diving for Sea Eggs. .
The "sea eggs" are a species of the
family Echindse. Diving tor them by
the Fuegian women is one of the most
painful and dangerous ways of procur-
t j t.' tn ,fii-
mg food, as they often have to follow it
when the sea is rough, ana in' coldest
weather. -The following description is
taken from Mayne Rcid's serial, "The
Land of Fire."
The savages do not long remain idle,
another resource engaging them & feat
for which the Feugiun native has ob
tained a world-wide celebrity namely,
diving for sea-eggs. A difficult, dan
gerous industry it is, and just on this ac
count committed to the women, who
alone engage in it. Having dispatched
their poor breakfast, half a dozen of the
younger and stronger women take to
the canoes two in each and paddle out
to where they hope to find the sea-ur-
cnins. Arriving tnere, sue wno is to ao
the diving, prepares for it by attaching
a little wicker-basket to her nip, her
companion is intrusted to keep the canoe
in place, a task which is no easy one in
water so rough as that of the sea-arm
chances to be now. j
Everything ready, the diver drops
over, headforemost, as fearlessly as would
a water-span'el, and is out of sight for
two or three minutes ; and then tne crow
black head is seen bobbing up again, and
swimming back to the canoe with a
hand-over-hand stroke, dog-fashion, the
egg-gatherer lays hold of the rail to rest
herself, while she gives up the contents
of her basket. Having remained alfove
water just long enough to recover breath,
down she goes a second time, to stay
under for mimutcs as before. And this
performance i3 repeated again and again,
till at length, utterly exhausted, she
climbs back into the canoe, and the other
ties on the basket and takes her turn at
Thus, for hours, the sub marine
egg-gathers continue their arduous, per-
ilous task; and, having finished it, they
come paddling back to the shore. And
on landing, they make straight for the
wigwams, and seat themselves by a tire
almost in it leaving the spoil to be
brought up by others.
rerils on the Sea.
Many strange stories are told of the
sea, but few of them surpass the expe
rience of two crews who reached New
v- i. ; t, i;1 t ivro..rnn n
u l"- ulls 'c"Jmju'
tain xiunscmeu satiuu m cuminattu vi
the bark Friederick Scalla, loaded with
, salt from Stettin, Germany, for New
York. He had a crew of eleven Ger
mans. The ship met with baffling winds,
but one day she encountered a terrific
hurricane that lasted forty hours and left
j the vessel disabled, with her rudder and
masts gone and a big leak in her side.
For nine days the sailors worked at the
pumps while the ship drifted helplessly
over the sea. On the evening of the
ninth day they say a large brig appar
ently drifting like themselves helplessly
on the waves. Fortune drew the two ships
together, and in response to cries from
the Scalla two blacks and two white men
j on the brig lowered a- boat and took the
crew of Germans on board.
ma aiscnargea tier cargo ana men pro-
ceeded down the coast of Africa to take
on another cargo, when the African fever
' began to kill off the crew. The first
mate and several men died. They were
buried at sea. Then after lying in a
primitive quarantine for thirty days off
Bathurst, Africa, they were allowed to
load a cargo of hides and start home
ward. They fortunately secured the ser
1 vices of the two blacks 10 take the place
of their dead seamen. On the voyage
. home Captain Nickerson and the second
I mate and another of the crew were strick
' en down with the fever. No one was
left who could command the ship and
she drilted aimlessly on the ocean until
the crew of the Scalla were taken
Captain Iloffschied, before he had
straightened things out ou the African
brig, saw his own bark sink with her
cargo beneath the waves. Taking chargo
of the Merryman he turned her bow ir
the direction of New York.
28,000 the third year, and less than 4,
000 the thirteenth." At the end of forty
rive years 500,000 have died. At the end
of sixty years 370,000 would still be liv
ing; at the end of eighty years 97,0o0;
at eighty-five 31,080; and at ninety-live
years there would be 223; at the end of
108 years there will be one survivor.
The Bastinado.
The bastinado is still one of the author
ized punishments in Egypt, and is so
terrible that even the silent and much
enduring Arabs scream with pain after
the first few strokes. First the victim is
laid on his face on a stone and held
there firmly. Then his legs are raised j
till the flat soles of his feet are upper-
most, and secured in that position. The I
lash is a species of cat, but with five
strands instead of nine and it stings
iiuu cuts ingutiuiiy. mv tunuie is
inflicted for very slight offenses, and
maims the sufferers for many days.
Crater lake, Oregon, is inhabited by a
dreadful monster. It is said to be as
large as a man's body, and swimming
with about two or three feet out of
water, and going at a rapid rate, as fast
as a man couid row a skiff, leaving a
similar wave behind it.
The United States now makes one
fifth of the iron, and ens-fourth of the
steel of the woild, And it furnishes one
half of the gold and one-half of the ail-
j ver o :he world's supply,
Jt ,. . w.nder
that w many 8mr into untimely
graves when we consider how they neglect
their health. They have a disordered I-aver,
deranged Bowels, .Constipation, Piles , or dis-
eased kidneys, but they let it go and think
th wiU over it It wor80 other
and more serious complications follow and
soon it is too lata to save them. If such
people would take Kidney-Wort it would pre
serve their lives. It acts upon the most im
portant organs purifying the blood and cleans-
mg me system, removes miu prevents mese
di&orders and promotes health.
2 A Cents
Will buy a Treatise on the Horse and His
Diseases Book of 100 pages, valuable to
every owner of horses. Postage sta . ups taken.
Bent postpaid. New York Horse Book Co.,
134 Leonard Street. New York city.
"Ilacha Palba."
"I.,.-,.!. - -II L'iJn T?1 AA-
Bnti Urinary Diseases, Scalding. Irritation,
fetone, Gravel, Catarrh of bladder.$LDruggists.
Chicago has 292 Chinese.
A Great Victory
A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's
"In the wintne of 170 I wa attacked with Scrofula.
in t ne of the most aggravating forma. At one- tims I
had no less than t hit teen large ascessesover and around
my neck and throat, continually exuding an offensive
num of bloody matter disgusting to behold, and almost
intolerable t.lendure. it ia impota.bie to ,uiiy d. aoribe
my sultenngs. a. the case waa complicated with Chr. nio 1
Catarrh. Alter three ye rs of misery, having been
tr.s.ted by three physicians, I waa worse than ever.
v;n.ll ..r. W .1 11 tint, I
drucirist. of Lockuort. 1 waa induced to try UooU's
S ina,iarilla. And now. after having taken twelve Dot.
tlas, within the last twelve montns, the scrofulous erup
ti ns have ent re.y ceased, and the abscesses have ail
disappeared, except tne unsightly scars, which ara
daily becoming 'smaller by degrees and beautifully
less.' 1 do not Know what it may have done f r others,
but I do know that in my caso Hood's Bareaparilla ha
proved an r fleet ne xpvcitio indeed. As an evidence of
my r .t tude I send these facts unsolicited, and 1 am
r any t v.trify the authenticity of this cure by persona!
correspondence with any one who doubts it." CHARLES
A. Rouebts. East Wi.son, N. Y.
This statement is confirmed by W. J. Huntley, drug
gist, oi Lockport, ti. Y.. who calls the cure a yrtat vic
tory for Hood's barsaparilla.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. $1; six for $5. Made only
by O. I. HUUU i. CO.. Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
. IOO Doses One Dollar
fVen! GiTS Rrlief at
WcioZ fl n r t.
Once, luorougn
Treatment will
Cure. Not a Liq
uid orfennff. Ap
ply wit Ji Finger.
MAY-FEVEK Giveit a Trial.
50 cnts at drugzists. 60 cents by mail ieitred.
Bample bottle by mail 10 cent. tLY liKO 1 HtRs.
Dr l grists, Owego. N. T
Consumption Can Be Cured!
DR. 03 fl S 1 9
Cure Consumption, Colds, Piieuiuonln, In
llueirs.u, lSroucliial i illicit I lies. Urourliilis,
Hoiireiic, AhiIhiiu, Croup, W'kuoitiiiff
Cough, ami nil Diseuwen t" itae Itrealuing
Orgiuis. It tootbea aud heals the .Heuibraiis
ol l lie liillu mod and poisoned by lue
tiuht uerta iiri'kn the cheat wuicU accompany
it. Consumption is not an incurable inafudy.
JiAll,'S will euro you, even
tuouKU vroleautitinul aid tails).
Paynes' Automatic Engines and Saw-Mill.
W offer an 8 to lit 11. P. mounted Engine with Mil),
S0-in. tol d &aw, 60 ft. bolting, cant-hooks, rig c mplete
foroprrtion, on ours, $1.10'. Kngine on ski is, till
loss. Sn.l for circular (B). B. W. PAYNE tfc
SONS, Manufactu rers of ull styles Automatic En
gine, from 2 to 3-41 H. P. : also Pulleys, Uaugors and
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Greatest inducements ever of
fered. Kow's yourtimn to arnt np
ordeis for our celebrated Teu
and CoM eea.and secure a beauti
ful GolQ Band or Moss Hose China
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Goiu l.ud JtoEe Dinner Set, or Uold Bund Moss
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r. O. Box 31 and St Veejp St.. New York.
AGENTS WANTED for th. livfs of
InlVol-bvT. W.Ksoxl In 1 Vol. bv Hon. A. Barmim.
Authorized, Authentic. Impartial. Complete, the l't snd
Chrajimt. The leudinK Campaign book of 1834. Outsell all
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notorial llooks and UiblfS. rrtces reaucea &iy
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Complete abstract ana gunrumy of title accompany
ing each mortgage, j nturetit and principal payable in
Kew York C.ty or forwarded promptly to lenders ad
dress. The cxperienoe of 20 years shows that there is
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gages. We have nsver lost a dollar.
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mAM ATEIIBC Send ns address if yoar prog
AitlH I CUiid. ress is unsatisfactory. Land
scape SKETCH on canvas, with fail instruction!. Send
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HAM. Att y. Washington. P. O.
Best Cough syrup. Tastesgood.
U an in lime, hum oy arumtwts.
The Greatest Ciscovery of the Age.
Ihib Gheat South American Compound
was discovei by a person traveling in
Brazil for bis health. The astonishing Cares
wrought by t h i Compound are trsil v wonderiul.
It has cured huncr his in tbe last six months, as
E3ftty '
I mm
Words of Warning: and Comfort.
"If you are suffering from poor health or
'languishing on a bed of sickness, take cheer
if you are simply ailing, or if yon feel
'weak and dispirited,
'without clearly know
ing why. Hop Bitters
'will surely cure you.
If von are a minister, and
have o ertaxed yourself with your
pastoral duties, or a mother worn out
with care and work, or a man of business or
labor, weakened by the strain of your every
day duties, or a man of letters toiling over
your midnight work, Hop Bitters will most
surely strengthen you.
If you are suffering from overrating or
drinking, any indiscretion or dissipation, or
are young and growing too fast, as is often
the case,
"Or if yon re in the workshop, on the
'farm, at the desk, anywhere, and feol
that vour system needs cleansing, ton
'ing, or rtirnulatina:, without intoxicat-
' 'ing, if you are old,
'blood thin and impure, pulse
'feeble, nerves nnsteady, faculties
'waning, Ii)p Bitters is what you need to
'give you new life, heaith and vigor."
If you are costive, or dyspeptic or suffer
ing from any other of the numerous die
eaves of the stomach or bowels, it is your
own fault If you remain ill. If
you are wanting away with any form
of Kidney disease, stop tempting death this
moment, and turn for a cure to 11 op Bitters.
If you are sick with that terrible sickness,
XT .,, 7t ,. , . 4-,i'
IS ervousness, you Will tind a ".Balin in trU-
ead" in Hod Bitters.
-vf uixvota.
If you are a frequenter, or a resident of,
a miasmatic district, barricade your sy.
tern against the scourge of all countries
Malaria, Epidemic, Bilious and Inter-
inittent Fevers by the use of llop Bitters.
If you have rough, pimply, or sallow skin, had
breath, Hop Bitters will give you fair skin, rich
blood, the sweetest breath and health. $500 will
be paid for a case they will not cure or help.
A La-iyVwish.
Oh, how I do wish uiy skin was as clear and
soft as yours," said a lady to her friend. "You
can easily make it so," answered the friend.
"How inquired the first lady.
"By wing Hop Bitters that mkes pure, rich
b'o d and blooming health. It did It for me as you
pr ne genuine without a bunch of preen Hops
on the white label. Shun all the vile, poisonous,
tuff with 'llop' or "Hops" in their name.
For the Cure of Kidney and Urcr Com
plaints, Constipation, and all disorders
arininsf from nn impure state of the BLOOD.
To women who suffer from any of the ills pecu
liar to thoir sex it is an unfailing friend. All
Dru2ititi. One Dollar a bottle, or address Dr,
David Kenned y, Bondout, N. Y.
Our mother, wives and daughters ! Home is no
home at all without the n. Vet they may die and
leave the house silent and sad kny d ty. llnsbandi
and fathers, a word in your ear. '1 he ladies are nol
always too blame when they are low-spirited and
"cross." They ore sick. 1'iit a boitla of DR.
theshelf, and tell them to i se it The color wiB
ome back to their cheeks and the laugh to theit
lips. Go and t;et it at once down town, or mail on
dollar to the Doctor s address at Rondout, N. Y.
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Beam Box. Tare Beam. Freight
faiU. 1'rre Pries Li.t. Every S.ia,
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J. M. MURRAY, Publisher. Elizabeth, N. J. 4t'-p-
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Every Farmer and Horseman
hould own a book descriptive
of the Horse, and the Diseases
to which the noble animal is
liable, that sickness may be rec
ognized in its incipiency and
relief promptly afforded. Our
book should be in the hands of
every Horse owner, as the knowl
edge it contains may be worth
hundreds of dollars at any mo
ment. If you want to know all
about your Roree, how to Tell
his Age, how to Shoe him, etc.,
send 25c. in stamps, and receive .
the book, post-paid, from
134 LewnaH St.. N. Y. City.
Testimonials will show. It needs bnt a trial to
convine th most skeptical f ti efficacy in
cunn ine aisnse, even in its last stages. On
r two doses will arrest Nivhft Knti rwitar.
he Appetite, give tone and strenirtii tJ the sys
tern and give an earnest of the rxwiuve and ter-
t'ect cure which will b effected by the nse of
box ft this Compound. For true history of
this discovery, and testimonials of persons who
have ben perfectly restored to benlth by tbe use
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