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j Paramount Pictures
The most celebrated production ever present
ed by the Oliver Morosco Photo
Play Company
'The Wild Olive"
In Five Parts
Featuring beautiful
"Myrtle Stedman" and "Forest Stanley"
The brilliant scenes of this famous story of the
New York Aristocracy shift from the lumber regions
in the Argentine "Buenos Ayrcs". A sensational
play that will hold you in fascination to the ending.
Jan. 27th
COMING "Theda Bara" in "The
DeviPs Daughter"--Friday, Jan. 28
" t.) (?) ft '
The Elizabeth left San Francisco
Saturday afternoon at four o'clock
and arrived off the harbor Monday
Miss Leonn Fullcron was called last
week to A I sea, Denton county, where
a brother is very ill. She went in re
sponse to a telegram.
Elihu Fry is opcratr.g at present
the best boat service tho Rogue river
has ever had. He has a boat in which
the pacscngoi can make tho trip com
fortably. Mr. Fry carries the mail
on Roguo river.
Dr. ami Mrs. I. L. Scofield arc pre
paring another chair and pinto .it tho
Water in tho Coquille is at a freshet
stage and water covering the tide
flats is yellow with tho soil of tho up
per valley. Even the foam of the
breakers that prevail on the bar has
changed from white to a brindle color,
m . i .
irain service was discontinued on
tho railroad between Myrtle Point and
Powers because of wash outs. Tho
river vns over tho track in the vicini
ty of Schreoder's landing, tho same
place where during the latter part of
November the river roso 2G feet and
washed over the track three or four
feet deep.
Jack Pfenningor is rusticating with
his father at Prosper.
Chester L. Adams, representative
of the linotype company was a visi
tor in Randon last Saturday. Ho came
family dinner tab'o to accomodate a I to this section to install n machine in
seven pound young Irdy who arrived tne office of the Coquille Sentinel but
at their homo voiy early last Friday imaKcs this territory every cix months
morning. The young lady will have 'He has recently returned from a trir
through east Oregon, Idaho and nor
thern Utah and reports everybody
flush in tho wheat region.
The statement that Mrs. Crockett
nad moved from Bandon to Rogue riv
r ic cvrei cous. While Mrs. Crockett
nade a trip to GoIJ Reach recently to
look after her interests there, she had
o inter tion of remaining and can be
till found r.s usual at her rooming
muse, known as Traveler's Rest on
'2abt Second street.
"Theda Bara" in "The Devil's
Swindler is Sentenced
Daughter" at the Grand next Friday,
January 28th. The best Fox produc
! ion yet chown. Come early and get
i good scat. Admission 15-Cc.
Only the letters arrived, of the east
irnmail, Sunday, Monday we had no
mall at all and today everything was
back on scheduled lime with three
lays papers nnd two days letters,
The Dandon creamery has not run
since last October and tho prospects,
according to the local managers that
the plant will not run again. Lack
of milk is given as tho cause of the
shut down.
Mrs. Katherine Wcddcl, who
been living in tho ' Hotel Vale
closed out the furniture in that room
ing house and left for other parts
She held an auction last Friday and
Saturday of the furniture and succeed
ed in disposing of the whole of it. The
sale was held in the Hartmann build
ing ncros3 the street with B. B. Strau
hal as autioneer and Sam Goff as en
ginccr in chief. There was a good at
tendance at tho sale and things sold
as well as could be expected.
Al Marsh and son Donald wore up
from Elk river yesterday having some
dental work done.
Eldon Toaney and Miss Clara Mc
intosh were passengers south on tho
Brooklyn Sunday.
"Tho Rug Maker's Daughter" a Pa.
ramount Oriental pic'.ure of wonder
ful sp'mdcr. A romance of Corstan
tinopl. Scc.ce in a Turkish Harem
Maude Allen the famous dancer is the
star. A picture surely worth seeing.
Grand Theater next Sunday, Jan. 30
From the prcparatoon in progress
it seems likely that the book shower
to be given at the library Friday will
be a social event. Mnny have offered
to bake, some are contributing flowers
nnd furnishings. The second-hand
man has blacked the stove for the oc
casion, baliro llrcs. will furnish one
of their latest phonographs for enter
tainment. Some have sent books, al
ready. This is an opportunity to
take an interest in Bandon and the
Bandon library that you should not
over look. Send a book or the price
of a book for bits.
Mr. and Mrs. Fern Lundy came up
from Myrtle Point Inst Wednesday
for a visit with the Chr.tburn family
Mr. Lunday operates a dairy ranch
near Myrtle Point.
. o
E. M. Zuren of San Francisco npost
1c of high finance who made a speciali
ty of swindling country producers ou
of their butter, egg? nnd poultry, was
called on to pay the fiddler last Fri
day morning. On Thursday he plead
ed guilty to the indictment returned
against him by the grand jury at San
Francisco and on Friday Judge M. T
Dooling sentenced him to two years in
the penitentiary.
Tho proprietors of tho Bandon
creamery are especially interested in
the sentence as it is perhaps the only
satisfaction they will receive for an
account cf ?250 duo them for butter
sent to Zuren lost August.
J. u. Maker of the creamery com
pany has a letter from the govern
ment prosecutor in which ho states
that Zuren will be convicted but that
the prospects of any one recovering
nnything arc slight. The man has
numerous creditors and few assets.
Ho appears to have conducted a busi-
hns ncss on the mail order plan, without
has any regular place of business, dispos
ing of his stuff at what his price which
was all clear profit as ho made no re
turns to tho people who supplied him
with produce.
When Gentle Zephyrs Blow
The wind storm of Friday night was
one of the most severe that ever visit
ed this section. The velocity of tho
wind is reported at various places a
long the coast from sixty to eighty
five miles an hour. It swayed the
houses in Bandon in grand shape and
nervous people found it tho reverse
to a lullaby. Many arose and dress
ed when tho speed of the wind seemed
to increase towards morning. One
Bandon man tells nbotit hanging on
on to the bedpost in order to keep h
feet while getting into the clothes.
seemed like riding on the Lizzie on
choppy sea. The court house swayed
in the wind like a rocking chair am
tho old school building on tho hill
threatened to take wings nnd drop
on the Recorder office. Tho telephone
lines in various sections of the city
wore out of commission Saturday
morning nnd tho electric light peopl
found plenty to do to keep their wires
in commission.
The smoko stack on the plant of the
power company blew down and
through tho woods many trees gave
way before tho force of the zephyr.
Urges Highway Bond
Vote at Primaries
The placo that pays you to investi
gate is the bquare Deal, op. Grand
Theater. Tho shoes wo sell are ab
solutely guaranteed to be solid leather
thruout and prices lowest in town,
Shoe repair shop in connection.
E. S. Turner wau
Beach Saturday.
up from Gold
six brothers aid nbtcrs. Mother and
chi'.d are reporSjd as doing nicely,
The following i the passenger list
taken Out by tho Filicld last Sunday
on her trip to Sar. Francisco, Sar. Pe
dro and San Diego.'Mrs. H. S. Loomis
Leon Loomin ai.d two ch'hiroi, Mrs
Conrad and child, Mra. Geo. Day, C,
Smith, Thomas Ncrmlc, Yfm. McCloud
I'. V. Moon, R. Moon, R. L. Kennedy,
E. I. Kennedy.
hrcd Monett loft of th ctaga south
yesterday morning, bound for Port
Orford nnd Gold Beach to lcok aftor
the interests of tho Thomas Music
and Piano Co. and also business on his
own behalf. He expects to be gone a
. Tho Charm picked up the cable of
the ferry at Coquille on day last week
and was out of commission several
days before the wheel was in running
order again.
The following aro the nrrivnls on
tho Elizabeth v ich arrived from tho
south Monday lorning, J. L, Leslie
and wife, Mrs. S. J. Mann, Miss R. E.
McKenzie, C. M. Hollmen, W. H.
StoinlinlT, B. McDonald, A. W. West,
Wnv Stewnrt, B. E. Beddilo Mrs. E.
Lewin, B. I Miner, Chas. Fuller.
Tho Comilllu Sonti ol cflina out
thiH week in a now d-o of type, tho
produrt of n No. ft Hi otype
placed recently in Unit ofllen. Tho
Sentinel i a good paper nm! n credit
to tho community in which it it Iku
i-d and IU urtifulntNM will bo gruutly
iniuu'il by iu unplug) wufin)0Ht.
Coul!!i in prvjwrtHg u di Ihrtw
I'Jihikf of I'livliiK, Um mm ImpAmjj
loiMij tllUiOWilJHHJsi.
amiw a P. m a hi
1'iom letters received by Bandon
friends of J. B. Bodin formerly with
the btandard Oil hcio, it is assumed
that Mr. "Bodin is not exactly struck
with conditions in his new homo. Ho
is in a communiy where there are a
bout a hundred while people and two
thousand Chinese and .Japanese. He
says if the walking were betier he
would be tempted to start out for i
return to Bandon.
On her last trip to Portland the Mi
lium had to break ico in tho Columbia
on her way up nnd back. For her pro
locuon the lioat was provided with
iron plates in front and spruce timbers
on mo sides, inesu latter wore put
to such constant use that thov had to
bo renewed on tho passage.
Will Remain in Office Under
Hall. Two Days of Each Week
Will remain in ofllre undor Biml:
hall, next to Western World. Bandon.
nil day Wcdesdays nnd Saturdays of
e.acn week-. Othor rinyt of tho wook
will bo at tho olllco part of tho thus.
mid hatunlay nights until i) o'clock, in
onier to give till a dunce lo reirUUr
1 II 4
am loruignors miiat kliotv thoir flnnl
naturalization impr or tholr Tilm'
final jmpora. All Aowrlcnn Kjrlt
iiiurHod to furoln.ii man muui rgiur
iindm their htiftbrnul'i mtturallulfctn
llipon. All JlfttuJon rwWwii. muui
ttiv tlwlr Hwt am) Imnuw fluoiUm
All mmntry wMmU muu rive Dm
uwUcu, tWMl)i)i umj mi. it, wUUtt
lUtf jive ,
, AM f , r.i '$d.
Chestcr Tee Garden, senior of the
Bandon high school returned Snturday
from a trip down the coast, walking
from Langlois. He had been visiting
with his brother who is mining in
Curry County nnd reports good luck.
Chester took n vacation of several
weeks. He has credits to spare in
his work at school and will be able
to graduate without difficulty, des
pite tho layoft".
A telegram received this morning
announced the death of Miles Fuller
ton, brother of Mrs. C. I. Starr at his
home in flscn, Benton county. Do-
ceased was a young man with a life
ll . . . ...
iuii oi promise, aged I(i years. Ills
sister Miss Leona Fullerton left thi
city Inst Wednesday and arrived at his
bedside before he died
Tho library acknowledges obliga
tion to a country friond who during
tho past week brought up a whole
buggy load of magazines and taper
Here are somo of tho now books
at tho library: Money Master Parker
and tho land of tho Lopor by Holman
Way in tho rent shelf and a sot of
Stovenaon'a works; Hans Brinkor nnd
Iwo Aigor book, tho latter gifts
Chaa. Landora, tho man. who was
KnocHod inlo unconaciouanoaa bv
mow from n falling treo and who
hovored botwoon life and doath In a lo
cal hoapiUil for novoml duya Jut pri-
or to uirtatnw, la ahlo t bo around
bkhIii urnl raawHw work, llu hua
itwvwl iiia family u, uwt mid tuUtm
raakltituw in Uio WkJow timlth liuuto on
u eormr of KInMm Ave. und-Biiaoml
VruHt Maiar rupr) 'rt Or
fWJ in Jiu4un Mu t4ay,
Iwi III,! I ,,,,,, HmI ul li.-
Mrs. Fidelia Oilman, grandmother
of Mrs. I'. B. Robison of this city died
nt Coquille last Friday morning. Sh
was over 88 years of age, was born in
Vermont nnd married to John Oilman
in 1852. They came to Coos county
in 1871. Mr. Gilman died in 1890
Funeral services woro held Saturday
Coming "Gold Rooster Plays" at
tho Grand look for them. More par
ticulurs later.
Five copies of the Mineral Resour
ces of Oregon from the Oregon Bu
reau of Mines and mining have been
furnished tho library by O. A. C.
James Walstrom returned yester-
Ulay from a trip to Portland.
Capt. Willard got tho Wolverine in
shape and ran her a couple of days
last week, but the boat is tied up at
A food sale was held by the Ladies
Presbyterian Aid at McNair's store
last Saturday with tho windows of tho
store for the display of their wares.
Tho sale was well patronized. ,
Mrs. Leo of Myrtle Point has been
visiting during tho past week with
Mrs. Gatchel.
Chas. F. Papo had business in
Marshfield from; Thursday to Satur-
day of Inst week.
J. E. Ford Marshfield butcher was
in tho city Thursday. lie was mourn
ing tho loss of his cattle dog, an ani
mal which ho valued highly.
E. E. Oakes reports tho sale lust
week of lot 21, block 5, West Bandon;
Mrs. C. F. Hunnicut to Ilia M. Long,
consideration ?!00.
HoiiM-Kcoping ltomn; Also Tran
sient rooms by tho month, cheap,
Travellers' Rest. :il(5 Woat Second St,
I horohy announce myself as a dum-
ocratic candidate for County Clerk
aubjeet to tho action of tho people nt
the Primary in May. ,L W. ODDY
The following is from n letter which
Charles Hall of Marshfield is sending
out to people interested in good roads
throughout the county. The "extracts
from the minutes referred to may be
found in another part of this paper.
"At this time, I wish to call tho at
tention of the Executive Committee of
the Coos County Good Roads Assn.
to the highway situation. Enclosed you
will please find extracts from the Min
utes of tho State Highway Commis
sion of Oregon which aro self explan
atory. The writer attended each of
these meetings and state officials nrc
disposed to give us considerable as
sistance. As their nvnutos state, no
extensive appropriation may bo ex
pected by Coos county before 1917.
However, recent developments have
made it room possible that our com
pliance with their conditions, name
ly, tho voting of bonds for permanent
improvements, at an early date, would
enable us to receive SuUo Funds dur
ing the present year for road building
in addition to the survey.
At their meeting for November 11,
1915 when tho funds for this year
were appropriated, the largest single
allotment wns ? 15,000 to Hood River
and Wasco counties, contingent upon
the latter voting bonds.. Wasco coun
ty has not called its election and re
cent advices I have received nro to tho
elfect that they will not call an elec
tion at a very early date, because of
tho inability of the citizens of the
county to ngree upon tho rondo whoro
the money is to bo spent.. If they fail
to vote bonds there will bo $15,000 a-
vailable for the commission to allot to
other sections. Individual members of
that body told us that if Coor. county
should vote bonds this spring, it was
their personal feeling that at least a
part of the Wr.cco allotment for 191(5
could bo diverted for the benefit of
Coos county.
This is nn opportunity which we
should not overlook, as prompt ac
tion will enable us, not only to receive
tho definitely promised aid for 1917,
but to get some immediate assistance I
this year. It is my idea that things
should be set in motion for a success
ful bond election to be held nt tho time
of tho primaries this spring. The state
commission has been asked to begin its
survey of tho proposed trunk routes
in this county at the earliest possible
date and wo hope to have this work
under way within thirty days.
President Coos County Good Roads
old stiind
v i . . . .
LVj 1 ill 111
From the
on Sccoiu
the Laird
Building at First St.
mill Willi Kfriuilv- ll-
posite to Hank o
where we
pleaeed to
patrons ant
.. :n i.
iii in
meet oitl
I new.
Hardware, Electric
Fixtures and
Good, Cooking Apples; from 10 c(h
a box, up. Also Sweet Cider." .Losh
baugli'H Variety Store.
Back to the Grind
zabeth Monday morning from a t
to various places in Califonx'n.
reports a quick and fine trip up. 'I
vessel traveled before the wmd i
ado quick time. Mr. Stcinhoff
sited for while with his family
Kllll ltV:mpi3fin Mini Muif.ul llw. .......
tion which is being dismantled.
and the fair at San Dioiro but hnrm
nT tlwi linntii, ... ,1 11. .
not able to proceed further on
coast railroad than finta Bark
wllf.rii hi flirnnil nt-miml n.i.l u.....! 1..
. .. ..(uaa(.a .lulu in
to Sun I.iiis OKIhiwi Tl
daughter living ami spout a wool; w
her. lie reports lusiiuR rnnilif
... Uw.b.., hii; rwiiihi; tin III1
Evorythinjr is quiet hut people are
porting things to pick up in the nt
fllttim. A llimiluif ilf tlwt nvldl.lin
- .. .....v.. w uiv. U.tllllMLO
flwt itVtmai Inn nf.i cilll I. II
ully admired the Oregon building w
tta dtfltnltr Anlniiii. I . f I-
Willi:....! If,. -I. 1... 11... -1 I
ii iiiiu ii iii it iv i ii iv iir in
R. C. Runde, Phone, Dfiii.
. w.i LWV tl VVfllllllllllLlllIl III Nl
oui yitu in nnuL-M uihii nine, i mi
.... JUU. II1UIILY till V WIIUI I! I
in town nt the Square Deal, op. Gin
III. ...I.... Q.,1 ;C,I ! i t-i
V..V...VV.. . t..ti..t.v,if U.ll jlfUC'i:!!. ill
repair shop in connection.
Coming Moving
Picture Attractions
Another Good Paramount
Lie on tho sun bit kjuhI.
Tho Vampire Woman Uikes cruel ti
Her blood-red lips are smiling lie
That lull her fools in her while arm
And mock them v. thoir parlii
And laugh and see their fell work do
As, Cursing, gulls go dow i lo ilea
Grand Theater, Friday, Jan. 28
I 'or Kvi'lii'iiKe Pur Dniry I'urin on
or niHir tin cim nM-two good ginlu nnd
I nek fnnim nn Miillniur luku, Orgii.
All ili'lt. Ivnl lllHll, iu whmIo, 100 ur
r wild glow Imy Uiiwl. llliinH Milt-
U fur Kwf uwl uirir. Oh mtuif
rii, nwll iwjUi um ldttimtm im
KIT r Im ull tmmiL tuiMlUHn,
' ..-.I, l.."i" HnjyM ft J 1jiMltf MA U
-' 1181' f iaMlMllirMW' Ibwtim
tUt wImh m Us in am lur. Ad
"The Wild Olive" tho most caborato
production ever presented by the Oli
vcr Aiorosco rlioiopiay Company, is
adapted from tho celebrated novel by
Hasil King which took two continents
by storm.
The brilliant scenes of this famous
ovo story of the New York uristocra
cy shift i.i kaleidoscopic succession
irom mo grandeur ol iiio lumlier re-
ions in tile forests of the Allcghanies
to tho coHnuipo'itnn charm of Iiucnos
Ayreii, the gay capital of the Argen
In view of the intcnue interest now
being shown in tho Uitad Stales in
the South American trado tha promi
nent part pi; ycd by tho immense docks
Ilueios Ayros in "Tho Wild Olive"
i;ive it particular timeliness.
"ilio wild ui'vo presents Myrtle
Stedmnu and Forest StrHey in their
first appecrancc L; a co-stiirrlng com
bination. Myrtle Stclnui: mnks among tho
five most 1. 1 .tl' fu! women in moving
pictures. She iccimtly won first
placo in tho Koiiwitlonnl Popularity
content, coi.iliieHul by tho New York
Tologrnph. Tho rolo of Miriam in
"Tho Wild Ohvu", ono of the iniiht
yiiii;itlietle nil oh in modorn fiction,
priiviilos ;itlo .Slednmn tho oppor
'unlty of In i' curuor. Her grout bo
initlfiil Murillo eye and bur Mplsmlid
phynlquu ti'inhiuo with her glowing
periuinallty to mai n tho Moionco pie
tn i ii a mktrp.M- uf iliiitoiliiiia
wliirh ran iinvor lw nuriuiu,
Mmi thin iiirtuid nt lli Ormiil
TIhmiUii, 'I'kumlity, JNiiimry 'ii.
'itii WMwfam Vtut mUUtt'lM Uiumi
Uu I. ILI fkUAlA
The Devil's Daughter
Wonderful Gowns Worn by Theda Ii
ra in D'Auminzio's "The Devi
Every woman should bo on tho loo
out for the wonderful i-mraa win,
il. i u;. ih..i.. ii
IIVIW .1111.1, .u l.ll-lUlll
Vamjirre Womr.n of tho A itoino Th
ator, Paris wears in tho n-w rcrt
. I urni t-k . ....
uiiinui ino iievirs lUiugliter" e
eially written for her by Gabriele I
Annunzio, the noU'd author of Cal
riu, which is producted by Willia
Fox, who brought ftlllo Rara to tli
ountry; and under whose manai"
iiii.'iit vlio has appeared iu th" faiimi
iiccohsob, A Foul There Wait. Tl
Cleinonecau Caso and tho Two O
pliniis D'Annuiizio bases hi film di,
ma of tho Vampire upon hix Iwi
conda which, when Elea .ora Du
created tho character, m.idi- a work
wide Kiiiiwttion inn) was the mi.jt lull
'd of drama over written .
draco of lino nnd n gmcrnlly "Van
pirUh" eirnct Ims been liought fo
tho Frneli netriMM in w lei ling h
kiiwiis for thin ehunii ler The i in
in ktiiitling ill iU kniumtioiuil nit I'
ry woiiuin who mh ihi'.i womluf
fllHllilMI It going to IUV OVll lll'l
AliuNily Mile Ikuii Utt n lm u
mkUoii lit Um lloliimiil Vuih tu ii ,
Niul Nt thu fMallllllUllilo i (if. n
Uf )wr wwubji fully tiUi v y .-.
Hut Iu Tho Mwir. M,iuk ' i '
VMifioftU wUk In wiimj-i k ir
rfihiH m Im m !
Hm Umb HtJini4 H- r, i:,