The Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1915-19??, November 23, 1915, Image 2

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Bandori Recorder
Published weekly on Tuesday
by The Recorder Publfohing Co.. Inc.
Untered at the Poet Office at Bun
don. Oregon, ai mail matter of the
second cImi.
viake all etvecKi payable ami arWres
all oomrnBnttk)n3 W the emjiT.
HaVsrpn prtee, $10 par yr
. ' advance
The Pacific Mall
mne out of business
- . !i :
of fact It is en of the lew proposiuu..
where profit i poMUHe.
toys, 'V the government backs a snip
uin corporation I believe that it will
operate at . profit and' not at a loss.
v.. a.,.,'t realize what a nervous
..I- . nutting on a man in me
..;,) . Southern Pacific locomo
live eiiieer th other day to an Ash
land automobile driver, "when you
rd a crossing just ahead
m. .in. There he ia in his cab
and he know, that he can't atop his
encrine. There you are in your auto-
mi. .nMrfinir toward the closing
ju,t ahead. You probably know that
you are going to stop just at the edge
of the track and look up r.nd laugh at
u -looun't. He iloesn't Know
that you even see the train. Ho doos
1 not know but what you are going to
l.rv to dash across ahead cf him. It's
I ' . '.rrs il'e n
ajoko, mr.y ne. to yew, "
Steamship C. h'few seconds of the most intense agony.
M. Their axcuaej,. you do it when you see a
it the now federal navigation W-Tne 1 tram coming and know that you can't
real reason is that because of the hold , . .t c-osslnir and doa't even
up rates now prevailing in the Atlantic 0 t t0 lmlke it;why don't you
Ocean, they can sell their vessels, for
Atlantic trade at extortionate prices
Tho now federal navigation laws had
nothing to do with their Pacific oper
ations, and in the opinion of Secretary
ilo i "own and givj Uic engineer me
asburu x-e that his train is not about
to hurl you into eternity?"
"I never thought of it in that light"
iA h auto man. "1 guess wo do
ttcAdoo. they could have operated as . ... , Irit f deviltry, 1
T7ll and with practically no difference n 0M thingi tj10MKi,. pm
fiin profit under, the new at under tnei . (( nanw up nnother en-
old law. There are many business
concerns on the Pacific coast built u
pon the faith of. and depending entire-,
ly on the Pacific Mail Steam ship line
MeAdoo soys: Would we tolorate any
transcontinental railroad company
tearing up its rails and rolling stock !
gineer's nerves.'
"I wish tjiey'd all quit it," said tho
lailroad man, "It hnppons a dozen
times a day." ,
"I'KAK .MliN"
and Belling to warring Kurope, be-' nrndstreet'n is authority Tor tno
cause of the immense profit in sight? itHtenrnt that only throe percent of
Public welfare would prevent". When (he men who go into business for
why should wo i ot hove u government themselves are successful. It is safe
.shipping bill, in which provision is ' to assume that the proportion of sue
mude for government regulation of , cesses in other fields, nrt, music, auth
shlps and shipping, operating them Worship, politics, social work, etcetera,
not necesaaiily where they will make j8 aH small.
the most money, but where they are The failures nio made so through
most needed, and most promotive of, FUAIt. Pear of corsoquencos, fear of
the general welfare. For instance. t tie future, four that wo can not fin
under government regulation an ade- jsn successfully what wc bgin, fear
quate number of vessels, now fled to , 0f 0ur opponent unnecessary, illog-
the Atlantic -would be carrying
lumbar from the Pacific coast to South
America, Hong Kong, Japan and Om
ental ports which have always used'-
I which would how be carrying Ameri
can wheat to famishing Europe, at
reasonable freight rates with high:r
prices for the wheat of American
farmers. Tho chances are that tne
supply of suc'i ships would have been J
UlllVIUlIb 41IIU nil; U.VilllllU i
reasonable freight rates so effective
on privately owr.ed steamers, that
Umatilla wheat would all have been
sold, and the $.1,150,000 bo in the
.hnnnels of trade.
Secretary MeAdoo charged in his
Portland address that the subsidy
hunters, who arc of course the ship
ping combine, caused the defeat of
the bill. He said:
V'.at is the real fight in tldsmer
chant marine controversy? It is n
fight for subsidies. What are sub
sidies? They are .gifts from the
United States to favorite corporations
firms and individuals who operate
Why should wc give away millions
of dollars of tlr. people's mrV, ' each
year to favored ship owners over
whose rates and service we have no
Wouldn't it be more sensible for the
govei nme'-.t to spend these millions in
building up a sp'endid naval auxiliary
merchant marine which can bo con
trolled and operated in the interest of
i-.ll the people?
Every ship owner and every ship
monopolist wants subsidies. They
would profit by them and they are go
ing to make a despornte fight for them
in tho next Congress.
They fought for subsidies and a
gainst tho Wilson ship bill to the last
Congress ami the Umatilln farmers
and all oilier American ft.rmcrs nre
now paying the prico by holding their
wheat or selling it at greatly decreas
ed figures Por'land Journal.
The Big Sale
of the Averill bankrupt stock still con
tinues at the Golden Rule Store. Here
are a few of the many great bargains.
News of Earlier Days
ical fer.r stands between us and snc-
csj and with an apparently impassa
ble arm bars our progress.
Those whom frar rules, we will
American lumber, and would yet if j 'fpnr mor." Localise they are rot renl
they could get it. , ly men at all. but men requiring a
Some onnose the government ar- Mnwiflrntinn mi nnninv.
tieipation in -shipping an the ground; u fa told of Wellington that, be- quarters
that it would not be profitable to the j fore the battle of Waterloo, his knees building
OTernment: MeAdoo aaya. "Can , hook so that ho laughed and called;
afford to ay that tho government j attention to thorn saying: "If they
hll never do anything for. the gene-'knew whore I was goiiig to take them
rr.i wouerc umeee ensu ageing can mey wouiu simKo worse." i nut was
moral courage overcoming physical
(Interesting Item From Recorder Files of
Ten and Twenty Years Ago
(From tho Recorder, Nov. 122, 1805)
Preparations were being made to
have a Christmas tree in the Presby
terian church on Christmas eve.
1 . Lowe moved into his new
alongside the Dyer concrete
The M. E. South church bad pur
chased two lots and the main build
ing on the old school house site and
would transform it into a church.
urn a profit? If w did the govern
raant would and ihould go out of ex
"Ti upend hundred of thousands PAYING THK PIMCE
of dollars for the extermination of Wheat to the value of $8,160,000 is
rats find the plague. We shall never j being held by the farmers of Umatil
aec that money Again but we saved la county for higlier .prices. The casli
Sftn Francisco. Iimgine the govern-j that sale of the stock would yield is and the wharf.
. A. Ik.' . ..l 1 t 04ffA
The editor visited tho shop of Peter
Alvin Munck has had Thomas Hol
land nnd E. A. Rcan at work during
the last few days putting in the foun
dation for a now building which he
intends to start in the spring. It was
located between the hardware store
ment hesitating to act because it equivalent to $150 for every man, wo-
could not see profit, on the operation ! man child on th county,
of taring the people. We maintain j It is an unfortunate situation. So
' a lift saving service at a cost of $2.-. much money kopt out of the channels
800,000 per annum. In VtW w sav-Jof trade has a depressing effect on
d 4,000 lives. Imagine a huHdied men; business,
being drowning and calling for help' It is caused by the ship trust. The
nnd Uncle Sam standing on the shore I trust bat the Wilson ship hill in tho
and .shouting back that the price for, last Congress through tho Senate fili-,and Miss Eulalco Tyrrol primary.
l.oggie and found him busy making
a myrtle mantle which was to adorn
a residence in Hoscburg.
School in this district was expect
ed to start Monday with J. S. Hodgin
prin., J .11. Park-low, hit Jimodiato',
each life saved is so many dollars, and
rufusing uid because there is no profit
in it." Tha revenue cuttor service is
a lasa extreme oh He, but in point. The
Government saved last year JO.000
uuu oi property. 1 lie government i
made no profit in the business at u 1
coat of $2,6)0 uuO. Public welfare re
quires government participation in.
tne shipping I uainets whether thert
is a profit in a or nut, but as matter
buster, nnd thereby gained control of j The steamer llandorille, one of the
tho ocean. It ll.voa the prices of props of local transportation was
wheat charter, and they are now wrecked durinir tho week near the
liijrh a-, b. fov. the war on the Atlantic boat was passing over the Umpipia
hecretary -Mr.Adoo -aitl in In.- Port-; nar whon one of her rudder chains
i.i;id addi":n tilt if Controls had ' parted and the boat was lost. The
I - -- ... ...... ....... ...i ,it vll- n i-vh lir.ll ilie
t four times aa high as before the war mouth of tho Umnqua. The only loss
. on the Pacific crust and ton tMnes as wast he captain J. J. Winant. The
$1.25 Childs Red Sweaters, sale price . .
$1.50 Childs Red Sweaters, sale price . .
$3.50 Mens and Womens Sweaters, sale price
$5.00 Mens and Womens Sweaters, sale price
$6.00 Mens and Womens Sweaters, sale price
50c Mens Working Shirts, sale price . .
$2.25 Mens Flannel Shirts, sale price . .
50c Mens Suspenders, sale price . . .
25c Boys Suspenders, sale price ....
50c Mens Silk Hose, black and tan, sale price 29c
Laces and Embroideries less than 1-2 price
The Golden Rule
promptly p;is-.ed tbo fillip piii-ciine bill
List winter, it would have brcn easy
to have rocured plenty of : hips, jhips
Paramount Pictures
t oiemost Feminine Favorite
Blanche Sweet
In a PicUtrizAtion of the Thrilling Drama of
BUian War by Cecil B. DoMille and
Jtntnie MAcPharson
1 lie liilliutulilr
W )ii 1 i.i Mci i jnc a I'
4ii( tin ! ..I Vli iilcnri
1 nil i . i.i.i rlc-ti, in
I i ui 1 1 ii i
(he 5vitn
nvr Ni.m ol ,i uilxl-ll N.iii-
I'll 'lll l 1. 1 .11 .mil , 'ti.
'. .ii , I .mil Kn
"lir i (hi nit itlll!'.
iilll llr lC )JIM er I'lr-M-utrd
GRAND, Ttalay, Nov. 25
llnidorille was unseawoithy and was
Novcmher Kith witnessed a tern
peratiire or 72 c;i the hoach in the
1 l mi. - .''i.. ...
aiiaue. i no lexi niRliest of the year
was in July, 78 degrees.
(From the Recorder, Nov. 2:1, 1905)
I'lU's 10 cts a dozen and scarce.
A hht of powder in the quary last
.-nuuruay nroiiRlit clown a five ton
one in the contractor's blacksmith
"nop and .scattered several rocks of
Inruv su,. ahnur the road.
Hie rrosper cannery packed 11,000
ea-i's diiruijrt he songon.
I lie now iiroprietors of the North
H.'i I rurniture factory had taken pos
s.oi and i-eter I.ogL'ie was to ho
the ma tiger.
('allied al glass is being put ill the
IWhWeimn church windows.
- had Hiispncted fiat Mr. Hnll
Lewi.. ur ex-douhle-barroll-siir-namo
loHdin.i-.i..r had no frnonds loft in the
nut v luii the following from tho
(''- M.i lliirlmr woul liullaile that
t.r liil- ill li-Hht o.
I'I.In i:ilir dfllliirun tlin fart llml
..ii.i imu uiul one-lwlf yaur on Iho
I"'-. ..ui Kouilimulor U uhllKtMl to
I ' '" "'""r Ihthumi his wlury is not
-..wMii in nv UM. Alllwwirh (ho
..! k.mhiimI tu Mr. IIhII-Im-wU Iwa in. irMMHJ in VflllilH, ml liio
m. i4j.i.i niiriiw u, th Hm4mlr
tut luii. mui lrvi. all Vr tlm
..ui.l) h HirrMMiMl rrpinHMUliiJy
(! MUllllHir fwy ,tlk u( jl,
IM .! . I, HtU ti mm II tw
if tu tppmimt n- itw utm,
the County Court in the matter
admitted that after his living and
travellling out on county
business ure out of $150 allow
ed biin eacli month for "salary nnd ex
penses," the best he has been able to
make as a "salary" for his services,
has hen ifSl.OO ami from that down to
$00.00. This not being enough to en
able him to meet his responsibilities
he sought other employment and ic-
signed and Coos County loses the in
vestment it has in Mr. Hall-Lewis' ac
cumulation of knowledge and infornia
tion on County road masters, amount
ing to several thousand dollars, which
doesn't sound like good business.
Pressed to further particulars, Mr.
Hall-Lewis said "under the circum
stances, I prefer not to discuss the re
lations between the County Court and
myself further than to say that Judge
Watson and Commissioner Dement
have nlways been just and reasonable,
candid, courteous, and open and above
board, and there has been no friction
whatever between these gentlemen and
myself throughout my term of ollleo,
As to Commissioner Armstrong, it is
merely n matter of business with him
to oppose mo, because I have always
been to n greater or less extent in his
wny, so to speak. That is wore there
no Hoadnnster, many details of road
work should fall to him to look after
a id provide him with lucrative em
ployment, f;r th? Commissioners get
$5. p?r day and their mileage travel
ed in addition. The law doesn't re
quire that the Court shall employ a
Uoudiiiaster, it sny it may. The ex
orcise of hoj functions by a Commis
sioner lining ited by the Court, is a
good thing, where by trnin'i.g and ox
porijncj that olllcor bits roino engin
eering knowledge, but where it Is
merely a proportion with him of got
ti ig in time without ronni'lorutioii of
competency or ciipulilllty It H onvioiis-
ly u inisUkn."
Asked whether or no tlm County
('mm would nppi !nt u cireiMHir, Mr.
lUII-lwu mUl, "I ivuiiiwt a n win- Unit
I do mil luww. I have iwuimimiukIwI
llutl th riwilur uf urn trunk Umni U
4rwJ ill tlx liuwli uf tlin (Mule lllnll
wny Ittwinmr't ulll, HtJ iw m-mnt
tlUHHM wai, iiwittiJiMK tiw a U$.
Mm mi i$imb ! Uit Ulrl tmtl,
IJJmi "(mim? i Ok Utt i4) h
pUmi mi& i- 4m H 9
you wish to construe it,)) upon the
Hoadinaster by the law. Plenty of
competent men can be had, but you
will have to piy them a decent snlary"
Clint's Calm ClearheadediiChS
We are puzzled to know whether
the following item from the Curry
County Lender can be classified under
the heading of wit, humor or sarcasm:
Clint M.I.L'horn, while bucking a
heavy south wind Monday with four
four passengers for Port Orford sav
thom by his quick wit nnd ready hand
from being soivuisly hut when the
car skiddid and turned over on a pile
of scrap iron "far Iinglo;s. As the
car skidded Clint shut oti the power
and set the emergency brake which
hiought the car to a full stop, and it
sMtlod over easily..
A paroled convict of South Dakota
must serve out his term because he
got married while at liberty. Pretty
hard lines for n man who was taking
the best way to behave himself St.
Pnul Pioneer Press.
When Christopher Columbus sailed
Upon his famous quest
To find a passage to the east
By sailing to the west,
He found I.imls and there alike
ii nown the man and bczst,
Hut wont it blind and did not find
The west way to go oast.
Succeeding enrs they kept it up;
Hi ave HmKon and tho rest:
iiil Prohishcr and Cartier tried
To tlnd (!. oust way, wont;
They hunt ! north and found it south;
No itll'oit was tho least,
They only found tho way iirouiul,
No wot v. ay to go emit.
And haviii ' sunruliiHl tho ocoun wide
Upon th famous qiient
Wo hit iihiii it ilill'iiront plan
To llml Iho mitt way wmt.
giiicti un tui I'hurtwl mtu It wus
To in i his giMl ilumtiul
Tli wny u rtiMj w wtirti ImIiimhI
To hunt fi r II on UiihI.
Ma limtlmU UHcJurUmk Hit itHinh,
'IIhi trail ku nubbly mw,
Kulmmti tin fuU wmw in
Willi Hi mm. -tm4 U9 Aug U Wl
At4 ( hi UjMi4
Manager Sellmer has received mtue
from the Mutual Film Corpomtio i
releasing Tho Diamond From tho Sl.y
serial story that the theatre in Mai -field
and North Hend had ordered us
cancellation and that it would I u
possible, to send tin films to liable i
only. This means that no nuir. i
stallments of "The Diamond Fi i
The Sky" can be shown at the Gra' d
In justice to my patrons and my.-u'f
I wish to state that this action w.m
taken without my consent, howover a i
majority rules I am forced to abide by
the wishes of the other exhibitors c
Coos County and accept the ca ice
Intion of "The Diamond From Th
I have mads nvrangeme i' with tl'
General Film Company of Portland to
show a serial cpecial thro- or fair
reel feature every Tuesday ir phuv of
i"The Diamond From The Sky" so th .t
patrons of tho Grand will be assu I
of a first class program on th .1
The famous Keystone Comedies UI
be shown regularly every Tuesday al I
Saturday night as heretofore
( W. C. S. Hi,, r
Christmas Is Coining!
"I've tried I lie icimly placc-M tint
make the folki hilieve They're all
there is In llaudon, Without lliem u
can live. Hut ihey are gone Willi all
their emit, And still one plnrc reiuiiius
To lui yyoiir iiyn uiul nolioim, In huh
hhine as in ruins. The,' mnU mi In i
nor fi'iilhiTM mid don't lly very hli-li
Hut tlicrc my good mri uhii)-m find
And they're never cry iiIkIi.'TIic old
ri'lisble llitrki't knri, .M) ilepnl of Nup
I'"". And llml U liul u grallc Imil
To (ill the good u ml wM., To ,uy nur
ClirlktiniiN fikfiigs, Vnr mliirc mint
uiul your ilnlU, A rmiklrr for nur l
key, our liiH mill ruMier ImlU Oi
llil in) fdlllifiil kifninl, Wlm'i uIhu i
mi I In- job, Willi prlii-M rlii lit mi I
ihiiffnl fmi, Hut ptilliiil il ii k Jni-
)W Pillmuni' Hollillnl, Kiikfu.
(Ion vimf mid n,
l .all" llil -Hi" IM