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Handon Hy-the-Sea has the Prettiest Beach on the Coast
Myrtle Poinl Transportation Company
sorbs Coquille River Co. Anil
Makes New Schedule
II was announced Saturday that the
(oquillc River Transportation com
,.,iny had sold out its interests on the
liver to the Myrtle Point Trannpor
l ition company nnd that the latter
would handle the business of both
companies, The move will also mean
tiiu end of the warfare that has iVs
uirhed river business for some time
putt. With the purchase the boats
Charm and Coquille pass into the
hands of the Myrtle Point company
and will be opernted by them on a reg
ular schedule.
The complete schedule- of river
transportation will bo as follows:
The Charm, with Allen, I'anter as
pilot and Sherman Huliord as engin
eer will leave Hamlon nt (5:!10, a. m.
and at 12:30, I), in. connecting willi
the trains to Marshfield. The Tele
graph with Walter Panter as pilot and
Wm. Panter as engineer will leave
liandon at 8:00 a. in. nnd will connect
Willi the train to Powers, leaving Coquille-
for the rot urn at 2:00, p. in. and
making only one trip a day.
The steamer Coquille will leave Co
quille nt 7:00, a. in. and returning
will leave liandon at 2, p. m. making
oio trip a day. Stacy Panter is the
new pilot and Carl Donaldson the on
j'ineer. The only opposition on the river is
the old, reliable Dispatch which will
kc ip its usual schedule, leaving Han
dui at 7:00 in the morning. x
The stock of tho Coqiiillu Uiver com
pany was'C.;W'XBhtQnia!Hl
W. Schctter. O. It. Wilianfwas
formerly interested in the company
tuitl was pilot of the Charm during the
i ij-s of her newness, but parted with
1 s interests Inst summer.
The hopes of the Myrtle Point com
j iny have centered in the steamer
j degraph which in speed and ease of
1 nulling has proved herself able to
l icet most any kind of competition.
ra ho control of tho Myrtle Point com
) any is vested mostly in the Panter
family which is large enough to ofll
car a whole licet of boats. They have
proved competent to hold their own in
uver trallic. A strong clement in fnv
a" of this company is the mail con
tract. They have had undisputed pos
. ssion of the trallic from Coquille to
Myrtle Point and now becomes domi
nant in passenger Unfile all along tho
Tho Pronto which was bought last
summer for use where speed was need
ed will be laid up during tho winter
and will not bo used except by special
Alleged Thief Released
Geo. T. Wickline was arrested Mon
day on a John Doe warrant sworn out
I y II. W. Donahue and charged with
having robbed the till in the Donnoy
Coffee House, taking therofrom $7.8!
t.nd a w.itch and chain. The watch
uiid chain ami part of the money was
recovered and volutarily delivered to
the Marshal Frank llolman.
The man appeared to be unfortunate
in securing work, and was both 'broke'
nnd hungry at the time the act is al
leged to have been committed. There
h emed to be no evidence to connect
him with the crime other than his own
i utements procured by the ofiicers,
huh statements npHured to hat
been made by tho defendant either
tnrotigh fear or hope of immunity, and
i.t the time of the preliminary hearing
o one appeared to pro the prnsecu
ti in, ami many statements wore made
in hi i behalf by those who happen!
to know the defendant. Tim ease win
il'sml-ssi-d for want of prosecution, ami
(lie defendant aut nt liberty.
Half Hi ill mi nt Golden Rule
Tie tiohhm Ruin iww Uoki very
i mfoiinble in iu uw limit. Hy taar
mit I In- Imrb H4ltUkMM Ut Ml )Mii'
V i f Hie JllllftMH iMlihlltltf l fT'.lll .
i ijiki'l but tin wlttd l AUl full
I Th' HIV lll olfalMtf faftfgMM
i mi i he ...l.U-i. HuU a way
fMiiu iUi i-U mi mu l
I', a JWl.ii' 1 1 ( mi$U aa
') Hy Major Ceo. I'. Topping
A &i
A Proclnmation
WHEREAS, tho President of the
United States and the Governor of the
State of Oregon have set apart
Thursday the ttlith, day of November,
as a day of Thanksgiving, and
WHEREAS, it is customary for ex
ecutives of tho various cities and
towns throughout the SUito to issue
Thanksgiving proclamations.
Thorcforc in following up a well
established and splendid custom, I
hereby take this opportunity of urg
ing the people of liandon to celebrate
in some fit and proper way as may
best appeal to their conscience, the day
of Thanksgiving proclaimed hy our
President and Governor and among the
many things for which we ought to
be thnnkful I would respectfully sug
gest the following few:
We should first bo thankful for be
ing citizens of a Christian Nation
where all may worship according to
tho dictations of their conscience.
For health and tins benefits of
comfortable homes and life in a com
munity whore suffering for want of
proper food and clothing is seldom
For the fnct that our nation is not
one of tho belligerents in the worlds
bloodiest war. ,
For life is a locality where crop
failures arc never known and the boun
tiful fruits of the land are available
to all.
For the fact that our community is
neither stricken with contagion or epe
demic. t
For this fact Hint we live in a lo
cality where greed or avarice play but
a small part and where all men arc
equal who live just and up right.
Mayor City of Handon
TliVhwnnecda which has beoiiTo
ing nothing for several days of the
week past because of a broken wheel
will take a load of coal from Rivcr
ton to Portland.
Movement to This End Made At Meeting
Tuesday Night "
At tho meeting of the business men
of Coos county held in this city last
Tuesday night Mr. Merrick of tho
state credit association was present
and held forth tho advantages of a
connection with tho larger organiza
tion that it was formally voted to in
corporate the Coos coilnty association
and go in as a part of the state organ
ization. Nominations wcro also made
for members of the executive board
and as vice presidents, to be acted on
at tho next meeting of the association
in North Pond in February.
The following are tho nominations
for the uxecutivo hoard: Ilorton, Wol
gast, Mapes, Powers, Montgomery,
Lewis, Mulonoy, Rotnor, Harvey, Cop
ule. Vico Presidents: O. A. Trowbridge
John Dickey, Hondo: W. Ljjons, II.
Furnhum, Coquille; Dr. Johnson, J.
Iluling, Myrtle Point.
An interruption occurred to tho
meeting when the alarm of flro wn
sounded and many wont out to ascer
tain tho extent of tho trouble.
There will bo no school on tho Fri
day followi'ig Thanksgiving. In the
past so many pupils Imvo goi.o home
for Thanksgiving .ind Imvo not boon
able to gel back, and so many others
have Um-ii u I lowed to remain nt homo,
that the school work has been grwitly
disorganised. As a result, the anme
work must lx gone over Mommy for
the benefit of those who are absent,
and so were utrble to go on with the
advance. On this account, moat of
the public school throughout
I Jv country found by txM'riiHt) thai
Mliu umk i Imi.illiHl to bttur advanl-l-.ur
if u II I hi- rlillilren ur- viu-ummI,
illhi-i lliuii li IiiiVi1 nllly lliootf trck
,( mIhim i Hi-Hi., ttill mil f IV ii liii'lil
ii. - 'in I'll,- i liir Mini, I iiArli'il
;UmJ. aid tana- K w uiUjiiltUint,
fur nil turn to ii with l hi uw itr-
fill 4lid 'HltlUllHI.
Otlter Items ol Interest in City Schools.
Preparing For Debafes And Basket Ball
The annual banquet of the School
masters' Club was held Saturday even
ing at the Odd Fellows hall. About
(hirty atte-ided and the affair was a
decided success. The banquet was
served by the ladies of the Presbyteri
an church who had spared no pains
to make it all that could be desired not
only in planning the menu, but in the
excellence of cooking and serving.
The table was tactfully decorated with
yellow chrysanthemums aial green
vines, yellow being the color scheme
which, obtained throughout. Hand
painted place cards completed the ef
fect. Supt. Turnbul! acted ns toastmastcr
filling this difficult place in an admir
able niunner and many were the jests
nnd jokes anJ jibes appropriated i nd
adapted to sharpen the point as it was
aimed as "p'-ofessor" and "profession"
The foil swing toasts were respond
ed to:
The Eye of the World Miss Dunphy
At tho Foot of the Rainbow Rev C. M
After School; What? Mrs. Corson.
Who's Who and Why Mr. Quigley
Raskot ball practice was begun last
Friday evening, Dreamland hall hav
ing Loon secured at last for this pur
pose. These now seems to bo every
prospect for some good games this
The Senior class is planning a liter
ary program to be given very soon in
the high school auditorium.
Many students - are studying the
subjtfctfef-the ndoftion of the Swiss
Militaiy System with a view of enter
ing the subject in debate. Material
iias been secured from the library of
the state university anil much that is
'"eded and helpful is found in feri
ulieals nt tho Randon public library.
We are fortunate in having so vital a
,uostio-.i to work upon.
The class n public speaking is do
ing creditable work. All who have
eiiollod and taking it move because
of u genuine interest in the subject
than for the credit as only one half
i-redit is given for tho year's work.
The work last month was mainly at
tempt at 'xirmiporaneous speaking in
wh'ch several acquitted themselves by
leachirg a degree of success that was
suprising. This work will be devoted
to the rendering of memorized "piec
es", and this in turn will bo followed
by preparation for a play to be given
before the high school assembly.
Tho class in sewing has complet
ed thoir sowing aprons nr.d arc now
busy with guest towels.
These w'll be -n exhibit of work in
domestic art, sometime in the spring.
A down town candy sale will be
held hy the domestic science girls
during the week before Christmas.
The candy salo given by the class
i.i cooking rer.lizcd a neat little sum
which will ho urcd to purchase sup
plios for this branch of domestic
Hy C R. Wade
The Citizens of Handon have large
and abundant reasons for Thnnksgiv
; ing. If tho numbor of bounties seem
less in comparison witli othor years,
full and ample measure of what we
lwve is all tho more thankfully to bo
received by us.
Oui most gmeious thanks nro of-f-ril
Lecaiise tho city wo call home is
touting in blissful repose under the
protecting wing of the great Arncr
r.n oaglo which has vouchsafed to
us n state of ponce with honor.
Thut our fathers and hrothsrs and
sons, free from tho blight of munlor
tms warftrn. are physiixilly well nnd
niif iiml Iwvtag lifn nnd limb, me
vitfi.roualy wngntwd iu tlm piiratiit of
liu-iiy mm) hapjNiisa uihJ thum Mpjiiru
iiu4l a linf,
Hi-i w Uatw Utm Um (mm
imtik, (tmitm, itogut Ami mm ulto
Mnl Mfvn vMIimI our ,
Thai utfWuttf hiuI wmtH ggg
i all utihttwwii Id our mlnirt
TU4 ix Uuf mmn( (imuUmji Uwu
Encouraging Reports of Economic Condi
tions in Central West
The Omaha World-Herald, Chicago
Tribune and Portland Journal are
authority for the statement that there
is a scarcity of labor in Chicago at the
present time. That contrary to the
usual situation there in he monh of
November, when under all kinds of
times bolh good and bad, theie are
usually from 100,000 up, idle and job
less men, now there is a scarcity of
labor, and labor employment agencies
and bureaus are unable to supply men
to those desiring to employ thorn. C.
J. Hoyd, head of the Chicago free em
ployment office opened and maintain
ed by the state reported that each
night he was closing his books with
100 jobs unfilled, and unable to se
cure man to fill them. Other labor
agencies, private agencies nnd the
Chicago public welfare bureau for wo
men, all report similar conditions. The
demand and likewise the price for la
bor is steadily on the increase. With
the advent of spring it is expected
that the situation will become serious
because of he great scarcity of labor.
To tho foregoing statements, the
Cincinnati Inquirer adds that the re
tail merchants will do the most busi
ness and the distribution of goods dur
ing tho next six months will be the
greatest in quantity and in value in
the history of the nation.
That by reason of the general em
ployment of all available labor at the
present exceadingly high price, the
purchasing power of tho working men
and alsj of tho merchants and busi
ness, mju-genorally through tho Unit
ed States is the greatest in our history
The foregoing statements apply fore
ibly to every section of the United
States not given principally to timber
and lumber industry.
Tho Coos Bay Times announces that
beginning with December 1st, next the
schedule of the C. A. Smith Mill will
be increased from 4 to 5 days a week,
and tho Times alco quotes the follow
ing encouraging extract from the
Philadelphia Ledger.
Tho railroads of tho country are
at last coming into tho equipment
market with a rush. The movement
is the heaviest in years, and should set
the wheels of industry humming in all
It is estimated that the railroad buy
ing for his month alono will approxi
mate $100,000,000 nnd it can readily
be seen what this enormous homo ex
pansion means aside from any foreign
Mr. Cutten who for some time has
been an exponent of the art preserva
tive of arts for the Coquille Horcld
has decided that it is about time to
take charge of his patrimony located
on tho Isle of Reautiful Dreams and
has secured passage on the Elizabeth
on the first lap to that alluring haven.
Although we havo Ijad some wet
weather recently, Mr. Cutten has been
considerably wetter thun the weather.
when desolation and death hovers ov
er so largo a portion of the earth's
surface, when vague uncertainty, lack
of confdence or even fear strikes at
the uttermost parts of the non-combatant
world nnd the moral balance
of the world appears in doubt and
threatens civilization, itself and stays
for a time, the hnnd of progress, we
rJitiou of all nations, statu of all
states, city of cities, people of all
people, are least harassed, most care
free, and who will gainsay, the most
And as the bright rays of a pros
pective dawning of u new era is even
now, steaming athwart our land, and
the fuller splendor of the immediate
future is almost ut hand, who of us
are not strong In faith, buoyant In
hnjkt, and loud in Thanksgiving for
the benevolent destiny which hus led
Tim hout nnd lot In U'Nvll's ud
illtluH, u!d ut hj1ir' null hut Hut
Ultla)' ImhjkJu !' J II Ouuhl In
atliftUtt a lib) Mm T lt'!"l
gum iwW w ?7tWii whiiii h
ilttjji imam pi lukmi mi t'
ny Rev. C. Mayne Knight
Thanksgiving day was originally a
day for expressing thanks to God for
temporal blessings. At that time peo
ple had suffered so much from priva
tions that there was a need of a spe
cial tabulation of blessings. They were
thankful to be alive nnd to have reas-
onblo assurance that they would not
want for the necessities of life. We,
in this day arc less appreciative of the
luxuries which have become so com
mon, than were our forefathers of a
modest sufliciency. Our luxuries have
tended to our profligacy. The more
we have the more we exact. The first
step in Thanksgiving is tho recogni
tion of our many blessings.
Tilings we should be thankful for:
Our friends the kind -that forgive
our mistakes and overlook our faults;
or better still, help us to mend them.
The things about us that cause us
to look up and to take hope and to ns-
pire to nobler living and higher des
tiny. Life the great battle of life, with
its rubs and jolts, and problems and
tests which are helping to make us
The lessons of yesterday by which
we are profited today. The blunders
and falls which lie in the past and
have made us wiser and stronger.
The hopes we have for that good
day which will come to every man
who is truo to his best self.
There will be no vemng service at
the Methodist church next Sunday ev
ening but there will be a union ser
vice with tho Methodist South church
and the new presiding elder will be
tho speaker.
The Rebekahs spent a social evening
tonight after their regular meeting
when they elected offlcers and in
stalled L. Ii. Lowe into fellowship in
the order. A supper was had and also
a social time enjoyed with cards and
dancing as the central attraction.
St John's church will have services
on Thanksgiving day at 3:00 o'clock
in the afternoon.
To Consider Municipal Revenues For Com
ing Year at City Hall Monday Night
At the meeting of the common coun
cil last Wednesday night a committee
of city fathers was named to confer
with business men and discuss and
prepare plans for a reduction of city
expenses if such can be made.
The committee has called a meeting
of citizens of the city to meet at tho
council chambers next Monday night
to sec what can be done iu the matter
of taking care of that part of the city
expenses that has been taken care of
by revenue derived from saloon li
censes. This special committee of the city
council consists of Johnsan, I 'ape,
Mast and City Attorney Tieadgold.
At the meeting of the city council
last week a levy of 1,'J mills was made
3 mills being for the purpose of meet
interest on a scries of water bonds.
Coquille Corn Carnival
The Korn Karnival in Coquille lust
week was nn event in the history of
that city. A surprising feature of it
was tho quantity of com put on exhi
bition. The past summer has been
warm and favorable to corn and many
of the ears were over a foot long. The
merchants of Coquille took advantage
of the show to put in attractive dis
plays of their own merchandise.
The races outside the hall were ulso
interesting. One was a slow auto race
on a distance of two blocks which wus
made by the winner who kept his Ford
on a constant nuivo mid won in 27 mln
utis. A pumpkin nice where the win
ner rolled u pumpkin (or u block with
out tuklng his bunds on" of the vugu
lublu wua ulo full ut intarot to Ihu
Thw tallowing In Ihu 111
a Dim aiwdl w!Mi univwl in Dm
liuiltff ywlyrlyi ii. i. Ckuni"U,jlji
Schmidt Hansen Discovers Dead Whale on
Two Mile Beach. Other
Whales Reported
Schmidt Hansen announced the dis
covery of a whale upon the beach u
half mile below Two Mile creek Sat
urday. Ranchers in that vicinity tell
of three wlinles fighting in that lo
cality but whether this resulted in the
death of the beached carcass is not
Hansen, as the original discoverer
has carved his name in tho body and
i'os his purpose to set some one
at work trying out the blubber for the
oil for which he expects a heavy de
mand for purposes of boot greasing
to make foot wear impervious to wat
er. However if the genial Hansen ex
pects to realize anything out of this
project he must set his men at work
speedily for the carcass bus begun to
work on its own account, the effect
of which is observable to the olfactory
nerves at some considerable distance.
This whale is a small one, a littlo
over thirty feet long and not to be
compared with the ninety footers that
at times are cast up by the waters.
The whale is of the baleen type so
called because it has no teeth ! ill
strains minute forms of sea life
through tough flexible plates, the
same from which whalebono is ob
tained. Theso plates have a fringed edge
which in rubbing of the water and
sand have tho appearance of fur which
probably gave rise to the story that
a similar whale cast up on Merchant's
beach was a prehistoric remains.
It is reported that there have been
two whales cast on the Merchant's
beach, both like the Two Mile whale,
small ones.
Whales are quite numerous along
the coast and a small one is said to
have entered the river recently.
A Fine Entertainment
Tho girls class in the Presbyterian
Sunday School havo taken it on them
selves to fit up onu of the rooms in
the church building nnd gave nnd en
tertainment at the church last Friday
night. The ro was a fine attendance and
a very enjoyable program was render
ed. The Camp Firo girls in costumo
snng one of their songs and there
wero two colored choruses especially
imported from Georgia, apparently,
for the evening. One of the choruses
was composed exclusively of young
colored gentlemen and the other of
colored maidens. They were strong on
the comedy business nnd made a hit
going and coining.
The following was the program:
Two Violin Solos Mrs. Adams,
Tho Fate of tho Indians Mildred
Indian Drill and Songs by the Class
Vocal Solo Mrs. Arthur Sweet.
The New Organ Roso Leibbrand
Hoys' Coon Song Fatima Octette,
Girl's Coon Song Hy Class,
Recitation Dora Anderson,
Vocal Solo Ila Johnson
Dialogue Klvu Webb, Eurydico
Lee, Blanche Cuthbert. ,
Hoys' Coon Song Fatima Octette,
Vocal Solo- Ha Johnson,
Japanese Diill Hy Class.
The Japanese drill with the bright
costumes and marching was unusually
good. The girls, constituting the 1:13
class realized something like $lfi by
the entertainment.
Hoyle's Offering for the Holidays
This week the Hoylo Jewelry Co.
starts in with a campaign of holiday
advertising thut is to continue to the
conclusion of the season, according to
un agreement entered into h couple of
weeks ago. The Hoylo company will
use u quarter of u page in the Record
r lo place lsforo our reudora the ut
tructiomi they have for tlm holiday
jtrudu. WiiUh lepuiriiig ami u high
Jgiado of good un tint piullii of
I Ihu Hoylo compiiuy uml tliu gaiufuj
alwiior will do wJ to ohjervu llmlr
Mm q, iti MiKai Jiuj mu ufllc