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Bandon By-the-Sea has the Prettiest Bench on the Coast
Itemized AccMHt of Receipt Aid Dis-
hrseHeits Fr Past Fiscal Year
I am herewith submitting to you a
report of tho expenditures and reve
nues of tho City of Dandon for the
paBt fiscal year, from Oct. 1st, 1914 to
and including September 30th, 1915,
which I certify ia a true rnd correct
report as taken from the records in
this office on date of September 30th,
191 5 and are as follows:
Office of City Engineer.
Salary City Engineer .... $ 1,500.00
Chainmen employed 435.15
TeamH 31.00
Clerical work 3.00
Inspection work 1G5.00
SuiiDlies 1045.18
AbsI Engr. for time employed, 200.85
Total ?2,447.18
Expenses in Water Dept. incurred pri
or to time city took over system.
Labor, $193.50
Supplies 307.18
Water rent, 240.00
Freight charges 0.05
Total $74G.73
Office of City Recorder
Salary, . $900.00
Postage, including all special
assmt's Gen. correspondence 17.13
Supplies, 21.75
Total $998.88
Police Department
Salary of marshall $900.00
Sal. two night watchmen,.. 1,570.00
Supplies $12.50
Total $2,542.50
Health Department
Salary, Health officer, $70.00
Supplies, 97.10
Total, $167.10
I cgal Department
Salary city attorney, $900.00
Court ep. filing fees, etc., . . . 83.45
Total $983.45
Firo Department
Bent of fire hall $200.00
Addit. fire hose bought $500.00
Supplies, Misc., $15.45
Labor, Misc 0.00
Total $721.45
Light Department
Service to city, only $1,873.20
Supplies 8.72
Total $1,881.92
City Library During Time Operated
Salary to City Librarian .... $385.00
Supplies 7.21
ilia. Inc. froight charges, etc. . . 3.85
Rent 210.45
Light 15.1G
Total $G27.00
Street Department under direction of
City engineer and city marshal
Labor. $350.00
Supplies, 464.65
Lumber for ropairs and now
work 102.88
Approp. by Council for repair
of Bench walk $50.00
Teams and hauling 79.90
Commissioner, salary paid for
time employed, 51.25
Equipment, 8.50
Total, $1,107.08
Mayor and Councilman Salary
For attending meetings only, $400.50
Fuel for City Hall
Recorder, Engineer and jail.. $31.90
City Printing $280.74
Election costs 45.71
Sower upkeep, $40.63
City Water Department expenditures
since tho city 1ms operated same.
Sularies $790.50
Labor employed, 1,101.75
Misc. Supplies 84.82
lly warrant to Bandon Water Co.
first sale of water bonds . . 970.00
Lumber for repairs, 13.87
Pino purchased, 2,023,57
Fittings purchuKod, ,. 6 1 1.55
Team work, 78.00
Printing 41.00
Freight charge, 14.70
Rent of tdiop, , , 52.50
IntvrvDt on bond, 55.UIO.OO
Tola I fH.iI22.41
Mlwi'llmieoiw JUpiiulllurt
Invurum- on rlty hull und
m'opU, 100.00
lUikmplioii of Muwv of wr.
itiuU W.Ut'.l dm tftk tft. linn, MtM
Mlf tfWfli-JitH of InforuMlon ,
wl.Uli! of iU, CJtik , list
(Ky juiitf int una (mi, .... 6Mb
l'lkimJ )' "" i?"
Telegrams and phone messages
nertainincr to citv business
ull departments, 17.36
Recording fees to Co. Clerk, .. 5.00
Appropriated from General Fund
to meet deficit in improvement
bond interest fund, 400.00
Advanced on salary of viewers
on extension of 7th St. W. . . 6.00
Misc supplies for St. work . . . 25.40
Total- $893.70
Interest paid out by City Treas
urer on general fund warrants
redeemed and park warrants
outstanding $2GC.3G
The Total Expenditures in all de
partments and Miscellaneous
from October 1st, 1914 to Sept.
30th, 1915 is $23,028.06
BANDON from October 1st, 1914
to and including September 30th,
Receipts Water Dept. from Janua
ry 1st. 1915 to September 30th.
inclusive $0,055.96
Premium by rosale of water
bonds 1,212.50
Liquor licenses $5,000.00
Fines, municipal court, 310.75
Impounding fees 84.25
Show licenses, 99.50
Misc. licenses 25.00
Reimbursement to General fund
for water service connections
made on First street, 58.75
Taxes from, county treasurer, re
ceived ilunnir above period 4,ba&.Hi
Taxes due in September, received
in Uctober too late to include in
above report, .... 2,658.11
Total $20,040.71
Taxes due and not received on
above date from Co. Tres., $1,210.05
Allowing that the above delinquent
taxes will be received, together with
the above revenues, there is a deficit of
$1,777.30. this, however was contract
ed by the Water Com't for extensions
made on the Oregon Ave. water main
and nronosed to bo credited back out
of the proposed $40,000.00 Water
Bond Issue.
Respectfully Submitted
City Recorder
Lady Chicken Thief
Rivals Movie Mystery
Heel Mark By Ilea Hoase Caises Specula
ties. Can Yoi Beat Recorders Solution
to Mysteries; Prints?
Tho identity of a lady chicken thief
is at present the mystery of South
Bandon. Lasc year Robert Kunibo
lost a number of chickens and the on
ly clew he could find throwing any
light on the uisappearance of the
fowls was tho prints of a pair of
French heels in the dirt at tho hen
house. Within the past week Mr
Rambo found traces of what is appar
ently the same pair of French heels
in the vicinity of his hen emporium.
Tho lady chicken collector, however,
hnd miscalculated this time. Learn
ing the lesson of experience Mr. Ram
bo has provided his hen fortress with
locks. Owing to this fact the tracks
this year were found on the outside of
the building nnd not on the inside
The heel marks are creating con
siderable) interest in that vicinity. An
iuformul study club has been organiz
ed and considerable attention given to
tho problem of: Given a poir of heels
produce tho rest of the personage con
nected therewith. Is the lady a blonde
or a brunette,? Is she young and hand
some or has the hand of time dealt
with ruthless severity on a counten
ance, onco trim and bonny?
Is the rest of the raiment in accord
with tho shoes? Wero tho shoes
paid for, or obtained on credit, or were
they begged, borrowed or stolen? Is
tho wearer nf tho shoes a lady at all,
or a Chinaman, a Jap or Hotcntot?
Perhaps it is a rase of mental de
rangement, or there may be a romance
connected with the incident. Chicken
broth for n sick or infirm relative
may drive the lady out of tho (ioiino
on u desperate errand. Or perhnps it
is a wuger, A wagers B that he ran
not don it pair of ladies allocs and a
hobble nklrt uiul steal u Plymouth
Rock roonter in tho ilurk of the inonn,
without detection.
No, these Kuniiliuii urn loo elrmen
t jt. Wd fuel urn the solution to tin
mystery in noinethlng like thUi
A wtulii luily of the dly hud ill
ummiij ring. It w oiw whirl) h
valued highly liuvlng Urn preMiilml
to hr by lur MffUwwl jut w(ti liu
Jg)nl h! ;ixljiitD N HO to tho tfnui.
lull tvttr, A k lliv hjji In lli i)Ul
song, he "never returned" the lady
grieved lor him and cherished the ring
with exceeding ardor,
One day a flock of chickens entered
the yard. The lady saw her cherish
ed yard flowers in process of exter
mination. Bravely she seized a brick
and salied to the rescue. So atro
cious was her aim that the chickens
thought she was throwing at a cat in
the opposite direction. In her zeal
however the lady made such a splen
did effort that the ring slipped from
her finger and fell among the flock of
chickens.. One of the hens took the
ring for a kernel of corn and swallow
ed it .
The lady did not like to expose her
self to ridicule and waited for an op
portune time to get the chickens in n
convenient corner and extract the ring
The chickens were sold to a distant
pnrt of the city and the lady grew des
perate. Nerving herself she made a
trip, secured the chickens and obtain
ed the ring.
She determined that no one should
know of her plight and has kept her
secret but the thing has brooded on
her mind that one night she went walk
ing in her sleep,, Unconsciously her
path led to the scene of her former
visit. Waking she has now become
so afraid she will repeat the trick
that she has herself locked in her
room when she sleeps
This is our solution to the mystery.
If any one has a better let us have it
and we will publish it.
Something We Missed
Mrs. Guy Dippel who was the guest
of Mrs. J. L. Kronenberg at her home
in Sausalito, Cal. this fall reports
that the latter had a chance to put on
the Klukuhma pageant at the fair and
thought seriously of doing it. The
fair management ran a seriei of folk
and semi-historic pageants and paid
for each feature. There was ono va
cant date for which they wero willing
to place the Bandon presentation but
only five days notice was given and
undi!.' the circumstancss the time :is
not long enough to assemble the
.'haractcrs and costumes and get all
to San Francisco. There was enough
offored to pay the expenses of the
trip but gathering the party in the
time allotted could not It?, thought of.
Otherwise the local actor.? might
have chartered the for one
voyage and made the trip south in
James McGinity is a recent addi
tion to the population of Bandon,
coming here from Brookings with his
con who is one of the Coast Guards
Mr. McGinity recently moved to Or
egon from Southwestern Virginia,
where ho lived two years. Previous to
thnt ho lived in Nebraska and South
Dakota. He was a newspaper man in
the former state in the early days
and printed the first paper in Boyd,
Neb. in 1883 on nn army press. The
press was set up out doors and the
process of printing was an object of
interest to every one in the town.
The Bandon Camp fire Girls will
give a program party Friday evening
at Dreamland. The program will con
sist of dances, folk dances and Indian
dances. 160 invitations are sent out
but ull are invited to attend the event.
Parents are welcome. These dances
is in costume are vory pretty and it
is a program well worth attending.
Admission 10 cts. Mrs. Guy Dipple,
Guardian; Mrs. Ralph Dipple, Chape
roue. "Gretna Green" was Good.
Ono of the best feature that has
been presented nt tho Grand in many
a day was the Paramount "Gretna
Green" produced last Wednesday
night Mnrguetite Clark was the lead
ing lady nnd the part for which she
was cast allowed full play for her par
ticular talents. Perhaps tho finest situ
ation was that where after by acknow
ledging the hero, tho Earl of Bnssett,
masquerading as u grooniHinan, was
her husband, tho acknowledgment con
ntltute.l n murriagu uccordlng to the
law of tho border. Then u divorce must
be hud und (die tnttUtcil on it, Hut when
tho doninu'iit was ready for her vig
nature, (ho tune wan of n dilfiri))it
liuture. She tried to uxhuunt the vtm-k
of quill by shewing or touring them
up und when (lit ulrulegein fuM,
(oid up Him mriliinnt. It wu up) lug
of h itifhVult nH but wui imturally
Kiwi uIJy Jyjif un fhu nlnloriuj rn.
iivtiiiti'i hv i m wgJ u ih IJv
$4,666, THE EXCESS
Mayors Estimate For Ensuing Year Dis
doses Amount to Be Raised Above
Present Revenues
Four thousand six hundred and six
ty six dollars is the amount above the
city's present revenue that must be
raised to maintain the city for the
coming year on tho same scale as that
now in effect. At a meeting of the
council November 17th the city coun
cil will take up the problem of in
creased taxation to meet the estimates
of the budget and tax payers may be
on hand to make suggestions or com
ment. During the past year the expense
of conducting the cities affairs was
$1548.50 less than last year's estimate
fhe following are the figures of the
mayor's estimate as presented at the
Meeting of tho city council last
Wednesday night.
For recorder's office, including sa
lary, postage and supplies, $1141.00
For city engineer, including salary,
chainmen, supplies and equipment . .
Salary of city treasurer, together
with necessary office supplies and
books, $375.00
For salary of city marshal and
night watchman, and supplies nnd
axtra officers if necessary. .. .$2000.00
Estimate for health department in
:ase of contagion or emergency
To cover salary of city attorney
md estimated cost for defense of li
tigation now under way including
Wltnss '.fees'. .. $1125.00
For rent of buildings for fire ap
paratus and extra hose and supplies. .
For labors supplies, sidewalk, teams
and hnuling lumber, service of street
commissioner and equipment. $1000.00
For salaries, supplies, rent and
light of public library $850.00
Service for city at large including
supplies for light $2000.00
Printing and advertising including
legal and other notices $500.00
City Water Department For sa
laries, labor,, supplies, lumber, pipe,
fittings, team work, printing, freight,
rent, nnd interest on bonds. .$8,500.00
Salaries of Mayor and Councilmen,
based upon two meetings a month,
and the average special meetings....
Fuel for city hall, offices and jail..
Insurance on city hall and records
Meals for prisoners $50.00
Telegrams, telephones, etc.. $100.00
Miscellaneous fees to county of
ficers $25.00
Miscellaneous for street and sew
er work and repairs $500.00
Cost of election $100.00
Interest to be paid on general fund
warrants $100.00
Interest on park fund warrants. . .
City pound rent $75.00
Estimated Assets of tho City of Ban
don to Apply on the Foregoing
Estimate of Expenditures:
Receipts from general taxation
real and personal property within the
city $8,500.00
Estimated receipts from water de
partment $8,900.00
Receipts from licenses, concessions,
etc $200.00
From fines, etc., from municipal
court $300.00
Revenue from miscellaneous sour
ces $200.00
Total estimated expense of city for
tho fiscal year $22,760.00
I'otul assets us estimated. .$18,100.00
)firiency to bo rulsod or retrench
ment mude. $1,606.00
Istlmuted Current, General Fund
Totul nxpciue $22,766.00
Wider depurtiuent uxpeiueo to be de
ducted .fH.riO0.oo
(uving general tlnmte of uxpen
I'M ?Hi'"MMI
MuUng u ruduillon of fBOIft.lO
under lut yurV mljiimltid ukpuiimmi
lujuuluM from the fuel lb! tliw Mil
mlJlriUoi) tau!'lyi!iwj Wis
imt 1 n fuyinu of ttttef) lm liiUJ
Visits Former Bandon Teacher
Mrs. II. M. Morrison returned Inst
week from her trip to the grand lodge
of the Pythian Sisters at Portland and
reports a fine trip and and excellent
time all through. Besides attending the
sessions of the grand lodge she stop
ped nt Eugene nnd Monmouth. M tho
former place she visited the state un
iversity and was warmly greeted by
Bandon students there among thsm
being the Misses Pearl "rnine and
Louise Clausen. The faculty of the
university spoke in high terms of tho
work of their students from Bandon
saying that all, practically, who had
come to them with certificates from
the local school were industrious nnd
capable and worthy of their credits.
One of the best of these is Fnest
Watkins. Mrs. Morrison also visited
at Monmouth where she was the guest
of Prof, and Mrs. II. C. Ostein, for
mcrly of the Bandon high school, in
deed under whom it took its greatest
strides to its present position
Prof, and Mrs. Ostein spared no
pains to entertain Mrs. Morrison. They
took her riding nnd showed her the
sights of Monmouth and vicinity and
nftcrwards had her to dinner in the
girl's dormitory. Here ninety girls,
nil of them nice nrc housed and Airs
Morrison met most off them. She met
Miss Lurn Morgan, n Bandon girl ui
the normal. Prof, and Mrs. Ostein de
sired to be remembered to old friends
in Bandon and would like to have them
call upon them in the normal town.
Coos Bay Company
Gives Fine Concert
Entertainment Given By High School Stud
ent Body of Good Quality
There wus nothing common or me
diocre about the entertainment given
by the Gjerdrum Conservatory faculty
of Marshfield at the Orpheum Friday
night. Every number on the program
was high class and was presented with
the skill of talent that bordered close
on genius. At the piano, with vocal
music nnd the violin the mcchanicnl
execution was in the superlative de
gree. Henrik Gjerdrum, pianist, appear
ed in all the numbers as an accompan
ist and in three of the numbers ap
peared singly as a soloist on the piano
His finger work was a marvel to be
hold and he won prolonged npplause
nt the conclusion of each of his solo
selections. His work was that of a fin
ished artist and to listen to him was n
Gerald Hunt tho Baritone soloist
delighted all with his selections. He
had perfect control of his tones and
was repeatedly applauded and encor
ed. The music of Jcno Seveley was n
revelation to many who did not think it
possible to wring such music out a
violin. Seveley is evidently a Hun
garian by birth as well as training
for he has the stature of the people u
cross the Danube Short and swarthy
with a shock of black hnir he lool.
cd the popular conception of an artist
Every pass of the bow across the
strings of his Cremona aroused melo
dy of the sort the old masters dream
of. Seveley's selections were a musi
cal treat and wero appreciated by nil
lovers of violin music.
The entortninment which was for
the benefit of the high school student
body was given a fair patronage.
Patron-Teachers' meeting next Fri
duy. More in the nature of a recep
tion Uj givo patrons opportunity of
meeting the teachers, many of whom
are now this year.
The class in public speaking is
making considerable heiidwuy. Exer
cises are given in tho presence of the
rluHH only, und criticism, nre given
fully und mutually. A program will
Ixi rendered lief out the high school as
sembly dome time during this yenr,
nnd pomilbly u public entei Utlnment
will be glvi'ii.
The uonu'il givuii lMt Friday night
under Him nuih of the high mIiooI
M4u. The ktddttiil body fuudl wind
tunim iIsiiiJmIwJ by Ui mibsmu!
to (JbIImj.
TLj ifiiM) mulkm 1a Iks uhwte
G. Pohl Draws Lesson From Con
ditions in Sonthern California
San Diego, Oct, 3, 1915
Editor Recorder: With the nrivnl of
your last interesting paper I inn re
minded that I have not reported re
cently. I will try and give you some
thing this time thnt should hold a les
son for a certain clnss of people 1 met
while nmong you.
There is alwnys a class of growlers
and fault finders the same ns we have
sick people and well people. The sick
may be cured with medicine or they
may get well as soon as they find that
to be sick is expensive and nn unprof
itable habit. Growling is not so easily
to be corrected. There nre two classes:
the chronic growler, an incurable
specimen with whom the less we have
to do the better. The complainer when
ipproached in a proper way may per-
hns be taught something. This latter
is the class I like to interest in this
correspondence. How often have I met
such men in and around Bandon.
This thing was not in accord with
their icas nnd something else was a
drawback that did not exist in the hap
py land from which they had emigrat
ed. In every direction there was some
thing to harp on.
In my short travels here, not for
pleasure, but trying to do some small
business, 1 have been among the farm
ers and by remarks mnde and the
fault found have been constantly re
minded of that grand chorus of knock
ers in good, old Bandon nnd vicinity.
In general the fault lies in many
things the price of land, the condi
tion the land was in, the lack of fer
tility in the soil, and who knows and
can remembers all the objections?
Now no section of this country could
be found but what there is something
ono could wish otherwiso.
Even here, around San Diego, wher
there is a climate second to none 1
have found anywhere, where most all
conditions are extremely pleasant and
which in most respects has all that u
sound mind could ask for, even here
we have drawbacks as I have been
told by people living here, most of
them small farmers.
Now this is not an cpistlo to cor
rect men; I am over that habit long
ago, not is that I wish to expose things
that others have told me. It shall be
only an encouragement to some of
your friends of Btindon und vicinity.
Of prices of Innd I mentioned be
fore, there is us far as I can learn no
land to bo hnd for less than $250 per
acre and this is land on which there
is no water yet. Water is a necessity
for the gardener and farmer.
Pour water on this land by irriga
tion, either grUvity flow or the water
pumped from a well and prices raise
from $000 to $1500 according to loca
tion. In my humble opinion I should
prefer the rich soil nnd general con-
litions of Coos county.
The harvest may be the result of the
climate but if you should try to work
here the same way as is done in Coos
county you would make a failuro of it.
It takes work here and water, water.
I am told the cost of irrigating per
acre is -a dollur u month for each acre
the price being set by the water com
panies. In addition to this the party
getting the water is ordered by the
company to use the water only at
specified times. If they say you shall
use the wuter from twelve nt night to
six in tho morning, that is the timo
and there is no sleep thnt night for
that rancher. If you do not use it nt
thut time you go without and you
must pay or tho wnter privilege is Ink-
en from your bind. How would you
like this, Mr. Growler?
Prices for products uru considerably
ess than thoo you receive r pay.
and products in general are not quito
so good; us perfect In quality owing
to tho moist4r iitiiKupliero whiuh you
Your pirnr and upplo uru wny
uhoud of what I find luiiu.
Now, Mr. (irowlur, don't nuy thill
CifHi imunty U not gnod (iiioug)i for
you? Kmip u Hilly ijuliit uihJ you wlJJ
not oio your Ignominy,
m, a j'oijj,
Tim aujijHir ntaui W ihf JWlirv
teu IMu Am mi mtM jiai