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    Oregon -Historical Socuty -City
Hall . JC
Bandon By-the-Sea lias the Prettiest Beach on the Coast
Official Function to Observe
Opening of Rail Connec
tion with Outside World
The Bridge Carnival at North Bentl
appears to be about the biggcH thin;:
looming up ahead and it is an event
that none should miss. This not for
the sports that have been arranged
for the entertainment of the visitor
but because this will give people of
the section a chance to express to tho
railroad company their appreciation
of their enterprise in opening up this
auction and connecting it by rail to
tho outside world. It is mado tho ve
hicle for the announcement of this
union and citizens of all this country
interested should not be backward in
lending their presence that there may
Ijo no misunderstanding of their sen
timents. It is especially desirable that Dan
don, which hopes to bo the next ter
minus of the track layers nnd, grade
makers should be conspicuous in the
throng. We suggest this in the hope
that enterprising fellow citizens may
take up the thing und see that Ban
don is not only seen but heard in North
Bend on tho day of the bndgc cele
bration. The doings at North Bend October
7, 8, and 0 are divided in'thrco sections
and the feature of Thursday, Oct. 7,
is a Good Roads Convention. Able
opcakers will 1e present and the mat
ter of- roads to which tho whole county
is waking will be thoroughly gone
over. v
Friday the central day of tho cel
ebration will be tho big day of the
meet. There will be sports, races, danc
r. i, etc. Also 'a literary program con
sisting of addresses and features of
aslike naturo. , .
Saturday, October 9th Is given ov
or to the more festive aspects of tho
jubilee which will include sports, op
tend and water and parades closing
with u1 grand masquerade. Mardi Gras.
Modern Woodmen Hold Unique Class
Adoption at Coquille and Plan
An Ao t i v c Campaign
It was a happy, inspiration that
Ld the members of tho Modem Wood
men of America in their lodge at Co
quUle to chooso an open spot in the
woods a few miles this side of that
city for a class adoption, Saturday
evening, September 18th. A clear
ing had been started for a' house that
was never built and there were stumps
in tho right positions to serve for the
ofllcers stations and for tho holding
of the urn with its pebbles.
A class of twenty onu was adopted
representing tho camps of Myrtle
Point and Coquille and which had been
gathered through the efforts of De
piity Counsel Hardosty of Astoria.
Tho grounds were lighted by Japa.
neso lanterns and there was a largo
camp firo close at hand as one of tho
features of the adoption.
Following the adopti6n of the class
there was u barbecuo where the prin
cipal item of the menu was two fat
bucks killed for the occasion.
In quantity of ' membership the
Modern Woodmen is the leader in
the United States having over a mil
lion members. Its home ofllce is at
Rock Island, III. and tho society has
a complete sanitarium in Colorado for
the treatment of members of the order
who are afflicted with tuberculosis. It
is the most popular of the fraternal
insurance orders and over a million
dollars arc paid to its head banker
every month, to bo paid out to the
monthly list of bencfici&rics or put
in the reserve fund for future need.
It Is expected that Bandon will bo
one of tho next places to bo visited by
the deputy.
Tho high school student iccom
panled by their Instructoro made Bun
don Beach tho scoiio nf u bon fire par
ly which wu held Friday night, Kuril
pintle wern fruqucnt hint ymr Hint
(Ills whh lliu first tif many inoio vuru
,o follow (hi wining yiir Onu
HtHlr rt'HMU'ktM I hut fimit ull high
uchool "Mt" Hvr llwr uuvH lhs
Vmhmn, who wnfn frM Ijwy wouM
, iJih'M surf iio funny i( (hum
ih0MtiiJ up,
While the general feeling of op
timiam relative to the lumber busi
ness has broken out again it is hard
to discover just what ground the op
timism rests on. Rumors from the
bay arc constantly circulating to the
effect that C. A. Smith is once more
in charge of the mill in Marshfield
that bears his name and will shortly
begin work every day in the week and
soon work, day and night. This in
volves u few light problems such as
nbility to get the logs but these things
are left to bother the more slow going
Again there are .reports that the
Moqro mill will open up in a few
weeks but this statement can not be
confirmed nt company headquarters,
But it is authoratiycly announced
that the Moore mill at Toledo, Ore
will start in a few weeks and prepa-
tions to this effect are 'already under
way. , .
One encouraging thing is that the
price of lumber has advanced suffi
ciently that an expert is able to de
tect the same with a microscope, and
a general feeling- that lumber is nc-
quiring n greater demand is passing
up and down tho line.
Lumber appears to be looking up.
Curry County Yields
Large Droves of Sheep
Bandon Vacation Party En
counter Herders. Road
.Improvements Made
As genial a party as ever set out
was tho one composed of W. J. Fry
and wife, James Nygren, wifo arid two.
children, Charles and S. D. Barrowu
which',, left Bandon nbouttwo weeke
ago. They went in autos belonging' to
Burrows nnd Nygren and Mr. Bar
rows team went along to care for the
camp equipment. They camped at
Euchre creek nt Geo. Miller's place
at the foot of Brushy Bald. They were,
out nine days in all, and stopped it
part of the time at Corbin where
they met Mr. and Mrs. Flom who an
nounced that thoy were having the
time of their lives.
A new road is being built past Mil
ler's place up south Euchre creek to
Rogue river. It traverses n narrow
pass through -the mountains and
comes out at tho Bagnell ferry. It has
an easy grudo and escapes some eight
or ten miles of sand whore tho old
road now is kept constantly blown
ThoV fished in Corbin creek and
Euchro creek and caught many trout.
All the venison .they had was what
was given them by friends in the
neighborhood and 411 tho deer in the
neighborhood heard they were com
ing und kept carefully from sight.
One of tho products of the neigh
borhood which they also had placed
before them was sweet corn ns fine as
uny thoy ever tusted anywhere.
The farmers of that country raise
numerous hogs which nt this time of
tlio year fatten on the mast or sweot
acorns. The deer also feed on these
acorns and may usually "bo found
whore the bearing oaks are most
.Dement, sheep buyer from Myrtle
Point was in this section at tho tipio
buying sheep und had collected a hoard
of 2,000 us well as 75 cattlo which ho
was driving northward. These flocks
would eventually bo driven to Roso
burg and from there shipped by rail.
This would have been ono of tho pro
ducts of Bandon hnd( the. railroad ex
tended that liar. Tito flock will pass
through Bandon on its way east.
When tho party met tho sheep they
wcro in the neighborhood of the Six
es and tho flock had been driven from
Gold Beach that far with only tho
loss of three sheep. An other stock
buyer from Eureka who had bought
u drove lout twouty in getting started.
Thoy paid $1 n head far tho sheep,
One of the stock buyers said they
could buy cattle cheaper In Portland
than In Curry county, Thl BMcrllon"'0"1! niwdlng to tho 'nurvlvorM'
U given fur wlwt It In worth, ;M,,n rrlurnwl hut vnnlng from Km.
I'. J. J''my m ilUpwfd nt Mm
properly nttivW III Jlandon, uiu htm MiucL, m bur mid Owm weru p(d
ib'flniltdy dochlitd In Jocuti In (,'iil.ii Iho xop duckiovt-rcl wild oil,
fWlllli, frill jlUlHj QJ!J; iiSjl'K Hi
..I..- t i J- ii ' 77"... !....
Charles Hall of Marshfield and Commissioner Arm
strong Present to Help with the Discussion. Gravel
Roads Favored by Many as Proper Material
Good Roads was tho subject of dis -
cussioiv at a special meeting of the
Commercial Club last night. There
was a fair attendance, .and among
thorn Charles Hall of Marshfield,
President of tho Coos county organ
ization. Mr. Dickey explained that the last
meeting of the bounty organization
decided to entirely wipe out all previ.
ous'plans and start over, that n coun
ty "committee had been selected con
sisting of a president, secretary,
treasurer, nnd seven vice presidents,
all representing different import
ant communities of the county, Jhat
tho duty of eacli is to call special road
meetings in the respective district,
and ascertain the ideas of that dist
rict as to whether good roads were
wanted, and where and - what kind,
and the best means of financing thorn.
Tho committco will endeavor there
after to outline a plan representing
the composite' collective,, idea of the
majority of the County's citizens.
Similar meetings will be held this
week all over. Coos County. Bandon
held the first last night. All present
favored good roads,' and went on re
cord unanimously to that effect, but
thero were many opinions as to me
Mr. Hall explained that thfc State
law permitting counties to bond, for
only two percent of their assessed
valuation would raise about ?370,000,
which would build 30 miles of perma
nent toad? Then began discussion as
to whaj; section of the county would!
get uie mirty miles.
The meeting went on record as fa
voring the bond issue provided an
equitable part be sot aside for the
ISnudon-Langlois road. This decision
,as reached nftor a lengthy discus
sion which brought out the fact that
Stones of Quarry
Damage Beach House
Blast From Quarry Sends
Stones Into Residence
of H. M a s k e y
Tiio home of II. Maskey in Break
water addition suffered considerable
injury ns the result of-ono 6"f .the
musts irom tlio government quarry
laat Thursday afternoon.' "A number
of stones fell uround the house but
two of thein are responsible for the
main damage. One 1100 pound stono
went through the wall of tho house
striking n lurge, Wheeler and Wilson
tailor sowing machine and utterly anl
hilating it. Another broke through
tho roof of tho pantry built on to tho
house. It landed on the fumily stock
of preserves and canned goods smash
ing up tho whole thing pretty
Tlio most serious result of tho ac
cident however, was to Mrs. Ma6key
She is recently from, tho hospital
where she underwent a difficult op
eration, that of having a new outlet
madu for her Btomach and whp
has been recuperating and tho shock
'of tho accident brought on a nervous
shock that threutens serious results
AkhInIh in Wrt-cking of Rarkentinc
Northwt'Nt at Coon Hay Last Week.
Vt'Hkfd Set Afire and llvuclu-d
Her upper works aflame und head
ed bow on tho old barkentinu North
west plunged ushoru In thu Breaker
lit Miiksel Hcvt Lulu ycMtenluy after-
ipiitt. I'MiUimim and deck plunU
wur? yankwl up before thu old eruft
und HtrMl by (JhuuiU'iiy (Jurpt'iilur
Hunter wwi JurjiMj Juum) M thvjfl
1 said road from Bandon to the countv
I lino could be completely cleared grad-
uu uuu Kuveieci lor UDOUt !fiU,UUU.
There was considerable argument
to thcfcfToet that gravel roads are
superior to either plank or rock. That
plank gradually dctcriorated,!"-nnd fi
nally gives out ull at once, whereas
gravel, with occasional repairs, is
permanent and continually packing
and becoming firmer. Mr. Armstrong
said in his opinion, gravel was super
ior to rock, because usage had a ten
dency to loosen the rock thnt each pas
sing vehicle not only pulverized, and
killed tho gravel, cushion or other top
covering between tho wheel, and rock,
but slightly moved the rock in its po
sition, permitted earth and other sub
Btance to work under it, and in the
large rocks gradually works to the
surfneo, und that with rock foundation
the gravel or other top dressing would
not cement to tho rock or become com
pact, whereas, with each base and
gravel top tho gravel gradually pack
ed into the earth and continually re
paired and used would finally become
a firm and solid foundation.
Mr. Breuer favored good roads
built of anything but plank but de
sired to build it by direct tax, and eli
minate thu bonds, and thereby save
interest. Also he favored nn amend
ment of the state law reviving the
poll system of labor and tax.
Many present favored postponing
an election or action for ono more
year. More meetings of the samo
character wilhbo held in the near fu
ture, when a larger attendance is ex
pected, tho meetings to be held at the
call of the President of the Commer
cial Club. It will be the object the
creato among the citizens, and to ob
tain more ideas on all' phases of tho
went over the side ,' into the
boat of the Coast Guard.
That tho vessel would not burn to
the waters edge is the belief of tlio
men who saw her wreck. Too long
beneath the waters of Isthmus Inlet,
they said had loft her planking water
As the vessel struck bow on the
waves, tho surf gradually turned
her broadside to tho beach and thero
she started to pound to pices.
- It was about 3 p. m. when they
reached the bar and everyone with
the exception of Carpenter and A.
Skogg wont aboard tlio Roamer and
she went ahead of tho Rustler with
a second tow line, which was mado
fast to the lattor.
There was a heavy "nor'west wind
blowing and nn ebb tide" running so
that tho plan of drifting tho hulk on
the north spit had to bo abandoned.
In crossing outt ho Northwest heeled
to tho south and for a time threat
ened to strand herself on the south
Carpontor is ono of tho survivors
of the ilUfnted Randolph and is now
aboard tho Rustler. Neither he nor
Al Skogg were in any danger when
thoy wcro takon into tho life boat
Coos Bay Times
Mrs. Fanny O'Donnvll Relieves Her
Bondsmen and Appears Presents
Herself to Sheriff at Coquille
Among tho pnsscngurs on the last
Elizabeth was Mrs, Fannie O'Don
null who has achieved more or less
notoriety through her prosecution for
selling liquor without a license at. Em
pire. Tho first thing sho did after ar
rival was to .seek transportation to
Coqulllu where she culled on tho slier
ilf and Jinouncod that tdio was ready
und willing to tvrvti her lime In tho
county jail according- to tho uilgitiul
tornu of ioiivIcIIoh for threo month
Mm, O'llo iiiollu was i-oiivlrt'tixl two
y'in ugo and mIiicu thut Hunt her vufu
Iium hi-fi) In tho rouilMi from lj or
Jgfiuil roui t to thu Hupramtf K'Uit und
Iwdk ukm In tu thu I'll cull nuit.
WJillu Hi (wyul )Kb( Mng
A letter has tbcen received from
Chicago by the' commercial Club stat
ing that ?10,000 to $15,000 is available
for investment in this section, "in
some good, highclass enterprise that
will have the unqualified endorsment
of the bankers of your town. Tho
Investment must be safe, tho men to
handle the enterprise must hnva un
questioned reputations, and they must
lie able to show the possibility of c
nandsomo margin of profit". The
Commercial Club will confer with anv
who can suggest or recommend such
provided all don't speak at once.
M. G. Pohl Visits
A Mexican Fair
Finds a Rival of San Diego
and Frisco Affairs South
of California Boundary
San Diego, Sept. 11
Editor RccorderrUnder no circumn-
3tnncc3 would I impose my experien
ces unduly on "you and your renders
But, knowing that many of your read
ers do not know that beside the Sai.
Francisco and San Diego fairs Iherc
is another fair in full swing nt Tia Ju
anno, Mexico, about 25 miles below
San Diego.
Yesterday, I inadvertantly met nr
old friend from Pennsylvania. Natur
ally we botlr were much pleased and as
he had passed several weeks in seoiup
the sights hero and soon wished to gc
on to San Francisco, nothiug would do
but, we must visit San Juano in Mex
ico together.
Leaving Broadway and Third street
by electric car we passed National
City, a pleasant, small town, five milec
below. Chola Vista, Otay, San Ysidoro.
Neston and, arrived at the lipejbetwcon
the United States and Mexico, an int
eresting point to any ono. The division
was marked by a barb wire fence. The
wires have rusted out and it'is'ln a
stato wouhj not turn an -old
horse, much less would it stop anyone
wishing to smuggle. ,
Tin Juano is aplace very near as
largo as East Bandon. I shall not say
anything of tho streets or building;
iou might not believe mo. Neither
should I treat of the transactions in
business. Thoy are up to snuff and do
not forgot it. I speak from experience,
Before us laid tho entrance to tho
fair, 10 cts admission. It was paid and
wo entered tho grounds,, about fi acres
large. In tho first hall we entered was
a room filled with about twolve gam'
ling tables, eaclrwith a different game
and all in operation. What money, I
saw circulated wont in favor of tho
gambler. Of course wo did not take n
hand. From there wo wont to the danc
ing floor: the music was passable! Tho
girls? Will you pardon mo if I say
soniethipg of tlio scnoritas. They look
ed nice enough with Uicir keen spark
ling black eyes and long black hair
Some looked to me ns if they had eye
trouble. Now and then they would
smile, looking at a person and then
they would closo one eye. In my hum
ble judgement it was an invitation to
go io tho bar on tho sido of tho room.
Wo wero not thirsty and passed on.
From bad to .worse. Here wo came
to a tent arid behind tho curtain was
Sonoritta Ros'sala, a la Eve, this too
wo passed. .
Tho drinking nnd eating stand was
not greatly rushed. Yes, it was too.
The bull ring, no, thut game is too
i cruel. It i(tho Bport only of Mexicans
nnd a class of Americans which can
find cruelty and torturo a sport.
Tims ended tho fair in Mexico.
A faw more words of tho Hotjpl do
Paris nt ono end of tho town, It wus u
structure not quite as good ns sonm
old horso stable. Inside wo wishiy) to
have others judge.
By 12 o'clock, noon wo returned.
Passing the lino wo wero stopped by
tho custom lioiiso ollkor rather roughly
mid they examined its to whether or
not wo hud been smuggling.
' I tell you when wo landed wrifcly on
American roil wo idinok bund with
one another for not Ixdng token cleur
Ull I Uild Vtjiiij) il wuj fljMJlJy mill i)
mmmy qwM last Ui
w'st; iuir nii Moo vmuHtf )ir yif
Question Selected For 'Dis
cussion by High School
Orators This Season
Schools that intend entering tho
Oregon High School Debating League
this year arc requested to hurry, 6!
lober 15 being tho closing dato for
enrollment, Earl Kilpatrick, Univcr
nity of Oregon is secretary. '
The state debating cup, known as
the University of Oregon cup, iahow
held by Salem which beat Entoriujse
a last, spring's finals. The year be
fore Pendleton held it. Last year's
league had 41 high schools and Secre
tary Kilpatrick thinks this year's .will
KUvo CO.
Much thought was given to selec
tion of this year's subject. Ar topic
that wus timely, that was of general
interest nnd that was not beyond tho
range of high' school pupils was sought
some pruvious subjects having bean
of distinctly colleco irradd. Tho
eominiUeri finally evolved tho follow
-Resolved, That tho United Stiilos -should
adopt tfte csential featured of ,
the Swiss system of military servjee
training." , ' la ',
Tlio stato is divided into thcai
eight districts for league purposes:
Umatilla, Eastern Oregon, ' Lowei
Columbia, Upper Columbia, Ndrthorn
Willamette, Southern Willamoltj,
Southcyi Oregon, Coos Bay. . B, L.
Kirk superintendent of schools at
Springfield," is secretary. 1 ,
So far this full La Grande, Union
Enterprise, Vale, Marshfield, Astoria
Salem, Roscburg, 'Oregon City,
one. or two others' have enrolled. The
University of Oregon pays tho ex
panses vof tho two tcamsthatxiinbV'
annually to como to Eugene to settler
tho finals.
John Landers, Who died Sunday
Leaves nn Estate of Nine Lots
and No Known Heirs
John Lnndars who wns for 20 years
a resident of Coos county died in the
hospital Sunday of Brighl's disease.
Landers who was in tlio neighborhood
of 5G years of age was American born
nnd came to this county from Jeffer
son county in tho neighborhood of
Orant's I'ass.Hc lived at first in tho
vicinity of Fish Trap and had boon
accustomed to spend tho summers
mining and his winters logging in tlio
Of tato years, Mr..Landcro has lived
exclusively inBr.ndon. Through a mnti
named Adams he bought nine lots in
Ilnberly's addition and these appear
to represent his sole nssctt, financial
ly. As far ns known Landers left no
relathcs. Ho was intimnto with no
ono although perhaps M. Bruor knows
ns mudi of 'his affairs as any one.
Sometime ago' Landers was quar
antined for small pox in a small room
on tho west end of First street nnd at
that Mr. Breuer cared for him.
Landers has lived in asmall house
on his land to the south of town. W.
R. Taylor, a neighbor has looked af
ter him and when his ailment, Brights
disease grow bud, Taylor had htm
taken to n local hospital,
The funeral took pluco Tuesday af
ternoon at tho Ellingson chapol with
Rov. C. M. Knight officiating. ; J
A notice posted in tho window of
the Johnson building announces thai
the Averill stock is for snlo in var
ious clasifications inventorying at - a
total ofill,20.22. Tho notice is signed
by R. L. Su'btn, assignee and is dnteil
at Portland, Oct. 11th, Bids for t'lui
stock :ue to bejoponi'd Oct. 11th.
1 . ,
congenial party consUtlng oT
MeKrs. Mngley, KoJthly, Mlnot, oiid
,S)irr went down with U'hltwl f.
rort (morn bumluy on a fWhliig if
riiMloii. Thoy flkheil in Port Orfiinl
)uk, Caught ph'jily.of flub iiiii'l )m nn
nil around good lliAit,
Um tut II Judy con Id not h fmiuj
Jluully hu wn lowim Ii Kt
lm in.