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Win, Rogers and a family party
started out on a camping expedition
to the Elk river this morning.
Otto Sabro had business in Marsh
field Thursday.
A portion of the passengers of the
Speedwell were taken oil" with the tug
Saturday while the boat lay outside in
a smooth sea.
E. 15. Thrift of Dairyvillc engineered
the shipment from that town, of 40
000 lbs from this point yesterday. He
was in town with a big force of men
and teams and the wool represented
the clip from ranches In Northern
Curry and Southern Coos. The wool
went out on the Elizabeth.
C. M. Spencer went down to and rc-
turned from San Francisco with the
Elizabeth on its Inst trip, and was nc
companied home by Mrs. Spencer, who
had been visiting there with relatives,
A real trained animal show Ileeson
Bros, educated horses, dogs and mon
keys... A novelty animal act Grand
Theatre, Wednesday, August 11
The Speedwell, the Bandon, the Eliz
abeth arfd Brooklyn have all been
loading here within the last few days
The Tillamook was also in Sunday
The local Moose lodge ndopted
class of five at their meeting Monday
night. They were Mayor Topping,
Homing, II. and A. Johnson and V
Mr. Bales and family of Tillamook
passed through town Saturday on a
trip through this section.
Deputy Sheriff Laird of Coquille
and family were among the many on
the Whisky run beach Sunday.
Captain Scott left today for the
wilds of Curry county. Ho goes first
to Lnnglois and from there to Gold
E. J. O'Connell of the Multnomah
Athletic club and M. G. Lutsey of
Lnnglois, will wrestle at the Agate
Carnival at Port Orford August 20.
This is considered by many as the
greatest match over pulled olT in Coos
or Curry Co.
On Friday this week the Bandon W.
R. C. will hold a picnic with their fel
low members nt Riverton and the pic
nic will bo attended by members fromi
Coquille and Myrtle Point. The
steamer Telegraph will run on its re
gular schedule and all members are re
quested not only to attend but to be
prompt at the wharf. The members
who attended the meeting at Coquille
an account of which is given in an
other column all unite in saying they
had a splendid time. This is regular
nnd formal uffair but just an ex
change of hospitalities which the mem
bcrs in each city are accustomed to
hold with each other yearly.
Ingersol watches for your fishing
trips can be bought from Sabro Bros.
Price $1.00 and $1.C0. tf
O. K. barber shop, Bandon, Oregon.
Shower baths, 25 cts. Hot and cold
water. W. E. Keithly, prop. Aug 17.
J . E . B I fj K L O W
Contractor in
Brick, Plaster i'iid Cement
If you want Kind lay to tune your
pianos, leave order with the Bandon
Furniture Co. Aug.llx
For Sale One, two and three lots,
all in one tract adjoining II Sehreib
er's and opposito the Moore saw mill.
All cleared. Spring water. Best propo
sition in town. F. II. Mason, 807 N.
Water street, Ellensburg, Wash.
N. C. Divelblss and James Divelblss
wore up from the Sixes yesterdny.
Mrs. J. A.Kennedy returned from
her visit with the Clark family on the
Sixes yesterday.
Take the children to .see the trained
dogs, monkeys nnd poniesj also four
big Vaudevile acts., .ti rand Wednes
day Chas. and Ray Bowman and their
new Dodge auto started out Tuesday
on a trip to the Willamette valley and
Portland. Ernest Bender joined them
at Myrtlo Point.
E. N. Smith now domiciled at Co
quille, was a visitor in Bandon Thurs
day and expects to spend a day each
week looking after his interest in this
.Mrs. M. E. Lafaw of Portland is vi
liting with her son Geo. Lafaw and
wife in this city.
C. J. Cotter is the proud possessor
of a water agate which ho recently
hnd fixed up and Capt. Scott shows
i moss agate in which the figure of a
'iear is to be seen in outline.
O A. Trowbridge and son Spencer
am' F u r Walstrom and F. S. Perry
dep rl 1 overland in the auto of the
firsi. Lamed for a trip to the fair at
San Francisco Tucsdny.
Miss Christina Mcintosh has been
promoted from the local station to the
position of chief operator at Coquille.
Her sister Miss Clara Mcintosh is in
:hargo of the Bandon office.
Wallace II. Lee of Albany College
h a visitor in Bandon.
Ed Gallier, Jr. is working with the
Hatchet company nt present and Joe
Young is running the ranch.
John Elmar wns up from Langlois
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Avcrill and the
and of the Moose are expected to re
urn to Bandon tomorrow. They are
.'raveling overland and have come
from the bay city by way of Crater
Lake which was made one of the
lights of their travels.
B. W. Bates and family of Rose-
jurg are among the visitors to Ban
Ion thisivcek stopping at the Gallier.
'Jr. Bates was raised at Port Orford
jut left this country many years ngo.
Ho was formerly publisher of the
News at Roseburg but sold out a
couple of years ago. lie is now en
gaged in the job printing business at
Bee.son Bros trained animal eIiow
offers a delightful diversion from mov
ing pictures At the Grand ne.t Wed
nesday, August 11.
Geo. Erdman bought the J. C. Lo
'inn property this week, E. E. Oakes
engineering the deal. This property
consists of 1, 4 and 5 and half of
block 8 in block 80, Woodlown additioo
Geo. Bryant with a bunch of camp
ers had a break down near Whisky
Run Sunday.
An auto stage on the Seven Devils
loute broke a wheel at Bullards Sun
day afternoon and wcro delnyed for
three hours there.
Harry Pearce and C. F. Pape trav
eled by auto to Merchant's beach Sun
day nnd enjoyed a day's outing al
that pleasure resort.
T. W. Chatburn, father of the al
der man left for a trip to San Fran
eisco and the fair yesterday.
II. W. SHAW, M. I).. Eye. Ear.
Nose and Throat Specialist will be in
Bandon on August 1 Ith, Tuesday
Glasses Fitted.
Going and Coming
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Trcadgold and
children started for the fair yesterday
Mm. .T. A. Bvrne returned Saturday
from Conuille where she has been do- Tnc following is the passenger list of
inc stenographer work for a firm of tho Speedwell which arrived Saturday
that city while their regular sttnogrn- from tho soutMl A' H- Hacknrd, F.
nher was taking a vacation. Hicks, D. W. I'roemnn, Mrs. F. Reas- l,n Imll m, Snmlnv cn N Kagan, Miss Euchard, Mrs
afternoon in tho park with the Bun-
don team on one
Sesane, Chas. Sesane, Florence So
side and some good 8, M"lt.c',s ''"J lly, Tony
Ajax, R. Fairfoull, W. Welsh, F. J.
Johnson, M. Carr, L. Carr, C. A. How
ard and wife, Mrs. W. Sullivan, Mrs.
M. Wood, L. Bertram, Mrs. W. F. Ber
tram, Miss Flora Shaw, Mios -A. Cabot
Airs. Em. A. Smith, Miss D. Wyntt,
S. Witney, A. E. Gray, J. Hannen, 1).
bmertlierg and wife, R. Smith, A. C
Mrs. Flom and her sinter, Mrs.
Market loft this morning for Marsh
field where they will visit for a few
..The Marshfield Record .says The
HccKOii Brotheri) trained animal and
Vaudeville show gave an entertaining Thomas, k. Carpenter, B. Nelson
performance.. . At the drum! next The following is the passenger list
Wednesday, Augustllth. 0f the Elizabeth which arrived in this
Buy your wedding gifts at Sabin city Sunday. C. M. Spencer and wife,
Bros. We handle goods of the best Mis. Selma Thomas, Miss Elica Thorn
quality at reasonable prices. tf
Architect Karl School is busy with
a design of a house for Lowe and
Laird up the river,
Mrs. Candlin and Mrs. Tim Seeley
and children enjoyed a camp on the
beach Thursday and Mr. Candlin, ar
riving from the southern trip was just
in time to have lunch with them.
E. J. Lowry was over from the Bay
Victor, Victrolas and records ati
Sabro Bros. tf
Sam Barrows in his Ford started
for a trip into the Willamette yester
day n'orniui; to be gone a nook or ten
as, Mrs. G. R. McNair, Mrs. W C
Hudson, Mrs. B. Gray, Mrs. F. FH3
and three children, M. J. Kern, M. E.
Kern, R. M. Kern, August Schmager,
K. Leslie, J. C. Hockey, T. W. Cu'ian,
Geo. F. Melzen,
The Brooklyn came in today with
the following passenger list: R. J
Sacchi, J. R. Saml, Jerome Keiser,
James R. Bnrton, F. J. Feeney.
Tho Elizabeth sailed yesterday with
the following passenger listi Lois
Wells, Grace Wells, Carl Kennedy,
R. S. Knowlton, Camilo Barry, Miss
N. Kerrigan, Mrs. R. C. Beyerle, Mrs.
Geo. Jensen, G. T. Trondgold, Mrs.
Claire Tredgold and 2 children W.
dayi he 'as accompank-il hj hi.s inolli- Barrows, W. D. Reedy, R. F. Jackson,
orer who will go as far as Eugene, al- Mrs. S. Hondecn, Mary Swan Dorothy
so by Mrs. Anna Barrows and son Darling, J. J. Dubs, F. O. Reed, T. W.
Charlie, the latter chalTcur, and Chatburn, S. Hondecn, G. G. Swan,
daughter Mamie. The party goes first I'orest Green, Alice Ceelia, Ermu
to Roseburg where relatives wil be Ceclia, Frank O'Connell, Joe M. Cash-
visited. Then to Eugene and from in, Ernest Barry,
there perhaps to Monmouth and Carl
Trained Animal Show
Consisting of
Trained Ponies, Dogs and Monkeys
B 1'rcsciitrd by a company of four people
- - - ONE BIG SHOW - - -
Grand Theater
1 Wednesday Night, Aug. 1 i
Hnnrc Anon 7 n tn admission adults 25c
uoors upen p. m. aiil(lrpn mill,r l2 )nn 15c
A clean meritorious TVoupe of entertainers
See the famous Bucking Ponies.
Albert Garfield plans to leave in his
automobile the latter part of the week
for San Francisco, accompanied by
Mrs. Garfield, Mrs. W. E. Craine and
daughters the Misses Erma nnd Pearl,
and by Miss Nora Solve, to be gone
for a two or three weeks trip.
Geo. Topping plans to visit with re
latives at Grants Pass, leaving here
with his family the latter part of this
week returning to Bandon about Au
gust 20th.
a. u. i unit nas purciinccu a new
Studcbaker automobile from 'Al. Gar
field. He is busy learning to mani-
A u gust 1st, 1915
Editor: The rainfall for the month of
July was 0.9C. Dayd rainy, cloudy and
partly cloudy, 15. Days dear lo.
The rainfall for the corresponding
month of 19M wa3 0.07 in. a differ
ence of .89 in. excess over last year,
Architect Ostlind is over from the
bay this week to sec the pouring of
tho concrete in the B. B. building.
0 Niuu 3foU ittnurhi Arc Nutu tit
Prices: $1. to $3.00
Lace Front: $2.00 and $3.00
Hiirrji ifiilr (tiuiiMiilri'ft !STn GJn Uul
Marries Arago Couple
Robert F. Munford and Sarah E.
Rook both of Arago were married on
Kllllltjiv nvnniiur Amviiol Oil. r. I 41,,
inilate the machine preparatory to lak- home of th(J pa
ing an extensive trm with Mrs. Thrift c t,-,.
.juiiii o. hook in ino presence ot near
ing an extensive trip with Mrs. Thrift
and children to various California
points of interest, including the "Fris
co fair". Mr. Thrift who has been
troubled some what with reumatism
will seek health as well ao pleasure
His fire insurance business will be in
tho hands of B. W. Charlesworth.
miss noiison leu tor nor home in
Washingtoon Tuesday, going by way
of Roseburg.
Mrs. Ella Nelson loft today for a
visit with friends at Salem, going by
way of Roseburg.
Several autos from Seattle and Al
bany on their way down the coast pas
sed through town today.
iNexi wook unariie Ulinplin, in n
big comedy "By the Sea".
At tho meeting of the port at Co
quille Saturday the port formalized
tho bulkhead for the Oregon avenue
improvement. This is to start at the
Anderson property on the north side
of First strcst following to Alabama
friends and relatives. Rev. L. B. Over-
holser of Bandon officiated,
M. E. Sunday School Picnic Friday
Preparations are now complete for
the annual picnic of the M. E. church
Sunday School. The Klakahma ground
has been chosen as the scone of the
picnic. Tho children will assemble at
the church at 10 o'clock and transpor
tation wil be provided for the little
people. The older people will walk or
use the jitneys. Each family will pro
vide its own eatables. A irogram of
races for tho afternoon has been ar
ranged and a good time may be de
pended upon. All friends of the church
are invited to come whether patrons
of the Sunday school or not.
w (.) w
Miss Louise Clausen and her pupils
r 11... - r . r-
ui me upper near ureeiv scnooi en-
avenue, crosses to the south side of tertained a crowd of visitors Friday
the street, east to the east line of the "'ternoon with the following program;
Ellingson building and south to the
rise in land.
Now that the bulkhead is regularly
established the improvement of Ore
gon avenue will proceed with greater
The last installment of the books
purchased through Mrs. Hopkin's ben
efit entertainment aro as follows:
New Century Perfect Speaker,
Voting American Speaker
Boys' Life of Lincoln,
With Carson and Fremont,
Little Black Mingo,
Gifts received during July were:
David Harum,
Leopard's SjKits,
Arabian Nights,
Song "Kind Words" Alta, Thelma
nnd Paloma Randleman, Millio Sneed,
Mien Prowett,
Recitation "What is Ice" Viol
Geography Lesson Lawrence Snead
"Spelling Kidlin" Margaret Albert
Dialogue "The Mind Your Mother
Club" Josie, Millio and Arda Sneed
Paloma, Alta and Thelma Randleman
Ellen Prowett.
Recitation "Cnssabianca" Palom:i
Recitation, "One Thing Lacking"
Elfrcdn Randleman.
Recitation "William's Spcach" Orin
Dialogue "The Milk Maid" Thelma
Recitation "When Mother Makes
an Angel Cake" Thelma Randleman
Song "Happy School Days" by the
A large crowd from Bear Creak,
Bandon and Lampa met at Ralph Le
neave's new barn last Thursday even
ing for a party. All played games and
sang songs 'till midnight when a nice
supper was served of cake, sandwich
es, salads, ice cream and coffee. "They
nil hnd a good old time hope there'll
be another".
Frank Flam and Misses Blanche
and Rosella Flam motored to Marsh
field for a day's outing Tuesday
Mrs. Dora Snead and daughter Mil
lie were Bandon visitors Sunday.
George Johnson is testing on Bear
creek this week.
Tho Flam family and Millio Snead
drove tn Langlois Sunday. They will
go on to Denmark Monday.
Bedding Field and Tomos Dever
eux with a big bunch of Bear creekers
took an old time straw ride Saturday
Evening and landed at Doyle's pavil
lion where they took in the dance.
There has recently been I!0 feet added
to the pavillion which improves tho
hall very much. Come to Doyle's for a
good time.
Miss Clare Sneed returned horn
yesterday from her visit with Mr. a'
Mrs. C. Cariuichael of tho Domnigi
ie ranch, near Lampa.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Beach of It -don
are visiting at the Frank FI.h
home on Tuesday and Wedne d'iy o
this week.
(Last Week's News)
Hay is about all stowed away in the
barns, the rains causing no great dam-ago
The dance held at the Van Leuven
ranch Saturday night proved a great
success. A portion or the crowd was
from Riverton and Bandon. In all, over
i hundred people wcro present.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Long nnd fam
ily of Lampa Creek were visitors on
Bear creek Sunday.
New Stock of Hardwar
Just in
See our display in
Acid Proof
general line of
See us before you buy
H ard ware
Phone 371.
Tho Nearer and Farther Eust.fA sto- UamjPlnalli iMUrtmee Snea,i
ry of Missions)
Three volumes of the American Bus
iness Manual, and
Seven sets of Elbert Hubbard's "Lit
tle JourneyH"
Tho evangelistic services, conducted
by Eviiiigullntn Bunch nnd Llmron-
felter In the largo tent on Ocean Drive
mo wi patronized, a good niidliuico
of attentive lutiiiuiH lining pioKont
each nvoiiliig. Tho imjMti tiiiu'it of a
Ihoiougli knowlndgo of llm bi pro
pluwlM U itiiipliuimti. 'j'lio imt tow
I'VimliiK "H f tlni KTwtl llnr nf
jiiupliiwy in tho IkHtli uf Dunltd Iuivk
IWWI IWtMlllliltfcl, HIUl Utilltr JlllpHllillil
frMjiluM'i Imtiuu tin Uim MmwimI jiii
W uf t 'UiUl.
Recitation "Voso Mito Jim" Elmore
Recitation "What Kitty Said" Loar-
leo Prewett
Recitation "Iiisca" Joule Snead
Dialogue "Oh Dear" .Millie Knead,
Ellen Prewett unit Alta Itaiidloman
Recitation "Suppose" Merry Oilman
Recitation ".Spartlnw to the Glad
latum" limine ('uiimii
IteilUitioii "The Cloud" Anlu Kneud
llli w Ir rwir Sj iuy
iiinl Ki'jwi'nutf A bj ' ulii
J' II II... I '1
S, D, Bnrrovn
JIAMiuto M1 1, OK
MiDl. mUtt lm (i.... ui M
Try the C. C. Cash Store
for Groceries
New, clean stock, good goods at
bedrock prices. Also full line of
Notions Glassware, Silverware, Enam
elware, Toys, Hosiery, Underwear, Embroid
ery Cotton and many other things.
Honorable dealing and courteous
treatment guaranteed at Carpen
ters old stand on 2nd St., one half
block south of Post Office.
We respectfully solicit j our business.
D. W. CARPENTER, General Manager
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lllfKlxl Klollliila, mill llllllll llillllli' I t l II
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