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"Published every Tuesday and Friday
by The Recorder Publishing Co., Inc.
Entered, at the Post Office at Ban
don, Oregon, as mail matter of the
second class. .
IJake all checks payable and address
all communications to the company.
Subscription price, ?1.60 per year, in
Wo are still wondering what tho
city wold got if it voted sixty or eight
thousand dollars bonds for an exten
tton to tho present water system?
It is by the straight line from Bnn
don to the Currry County line about
eleven miles and a thousand feet, or
a total distance from Bandon, to Lang
lois of about twelve and half miles.
Why travel the old roadway and go 10
Peace rumors in the European con
flict are afloat but tho suspicion in
sinuates itself that the wish is father
to tho thought. All agree that it
would be a pleasant prospect to see
tho mills that are idle resume opera
tions and the powder plants closed
down for an indefinite period.
The Port Orford Tribune felicitates
itself upon, the 23rd anniversary of
its publication and looks forward to
23 more years of faithful service to
the community. We extend congrat
ulations to the Tribune and predict
that in 23 years more the Tr'l.unc if
it is serving the community in the
same proportion as now, it will have
assumed a metropolitan appearance.
Tho Floras Creek gravel is far
famed for its road building qualities,
Curry County has buildcd well to the
Curry County line. Why does not
Bandon and Four Mile as consolidated
districts, induce tho Coos County
Court to contract for that gravel
which can bo had at practically no
minal prices and begin building per
mncnt roads of that material North
ward from the county line.
According to a law passed at the
last session of the legislature, all gro
eery stores, meat markets, restaurants
bakeries and other establishments in
which food or goceries arc kept for
sale, must equip their respective plac
es of business with screen doors and
windows. The law becomes effective
on May 22. Persons who fail to com
ply with the law on that date are sub
ject to a heavy fine and imprisonment
If it should happen within five
years that coking coal, iron and lime
stone were brought forth from the
earth in generous quantities, for fac
tories, mill and commercial purposes,
Bandon, Port Orford and Coos Bay
would enter into active competition
for an immense business. Coos Bay
would be at n disadvantage in the
distance particularly from tho lime
stone, Bandon would he the first ac
cessible tide water. Port Orford would
most likely present a situation then
sufficient to interest the Government
in a breakwater.
The nightly prowlers around Ban
don are becoming too numerous. Too
frequently chicken coops and fruit
cellars arc visited by them, and tho
fuint but yet unmistakably discernable
foot step in the back yard long after
the hour of low twelve, and the
stealthy hand that tries the lock are
becoming a nuisance. If it does not
cease, it will behove the citizens to lay
t -
Building material! art
for lit )cari.
Tlic incrcuin demand for building uialcruli ai well a
the recent revition in tlir Canal Tariff, exempting Ameri
can rnaittviie vriteli from paying toll on deck of
lumber, and teoenil other Important reaxmn, will in all
probability ciuttf incieates in pricet within the next (U days.
BUILD NOW AND SAVE MONEY? is the warning.
My )ilein of iiuiufiiiriit "ill tatr you from Irn per
rut in fiflren per rent Why' lltrauir only llir limit i
priinued villi ikillfull ronliai dirt m lliU iniiumily arc
ritfrr in fitfuir fruni my plant slid p ifiiaiiinu, llirt (mm
lliry air roinplrir nd Iratr mi bam r fur a iluimlr mill
llir imnrr, ami riulilr llinu all to imbir m ! Irmrti
J'lir imnrr till mil lur iIom fair, ihiiiIiIwii Millwol llir
mi.r i.f m iiiiliilrd PITS JOUkONAUM' H rji.
of yiitluA iiHi llii'iMrlnal ripnli'mr
M N II II h 0 H I. V 0 N
in o mnnlv of hickory cluba, pepper
and salt, or organize a vigilance com-
mitteo to wait upon tho suspects somo
ether cruilty or innocent,
arc becoming confidential tablo talk
in many households.
A forcible argument in favor of
bad roads came to our attention this
wnnV. It seems one morning recent
ly the farmers who haul milk to the
Two Mile cheese factory hau an ex
norinnrn with a swarm of bees. One
team under the attack of tho stings,
became unmanageable and ran away.
From appearances the run would be a
long one; from tho way the cans began
to bounce out it scorned as if damage
might bo done ero the steeds were
stopped. But ell's well thit ends ,wcll
The team tried to cross a miry place
in the road and slowed up so much in
the crossing that they were easily
caught. Moral: Don't nllow your
tiam to run away unless tho roads are
Bandon Road District No. 19 ought
to lie consolidated with tho Four Mile
Road District. Our district has an
assessed vnlation of over one million
dollars. The Four Mile District has
less than one hundred thousand, and
the apportionment which that dist
rict gets, would not build a good
bridge. That district is C miles wide.
Curry's good roads arc well known.
The Bandon district's roads arc in the
making, and what benefit is either,
with six miles of poor roads between
If the consolidation takes place, ' it
should be done this summer, in order
that joint road tax could bo submitted
to the voters this fall, and plans per
fected for road building one year from
We understand that at the next
city election is to be submitted the
question of whether or not tho Charter
should be amended, increasing the
power of the Council to vole an an
nual tax, from ten mils as it now is to
a maximum of 1C mills. We believe
that in the administration of the City
uffairs Miat it may .become ndvisablo
at times to exceed a ten mill taxation
but the advisability thereof might well
be vested in the people only. Why not
leave the limitation of taxes to be
imposed by the Council at 10 mills,
and submit to the people at an elec
tion tha question of whether they will
vote the additional tax in excess of the
10 mills.
We would favor such an amendment
but if we understand the proposed a
mendment correctly and it is the pur
pose thereof to leave to tho council
exclusively tho voting of a lfi mill
tax if in its judgment it is deemed
proper, then we are ready to bo shown
why we should not oppose the propos
ed measure.
There is a general discussion in
Roseburg as to whether Kendall
Brothers can build 30 miles of rail
road for $750,000.
This would be at a cost of $25,000
per mile. If steep enough grades and
sharp enough curves are used and
enough distance is developed to pre
vent large excavation, $25,000 per
mile will bo nmple. 'Especially since
the lino is through a timbered country
that will furnish very cheaply all pil
ing nnd timbers necessary for bridges
and timber culverts, and also tho ties.
In such a country as exists between
Roseburg and the Cascades that
amount would not build n first class
lino but it will coifstruct one that will
readily serve all needs demanded of
it for many years to come. No large
terminals will be needed on this short
lino which ordinarily go to increase
l.i- . - - -i t e !i i .
ino cost, per nine oi ruiiruaus.
When Bnndon votes a 10 mill tax
for tho township line road it raises
cliranrr now than tlicy have been
about $12,500. This sum ought in all
fairness and justice to bo augmented
by the County Court from the general
fund for like amount aggregating ?o,
000, which sum should be raised for
three consecutive years. Such a sum
in addition to tho work already done,
would clear, grade, hardsurface, with
asphalt macadam the entire eleven
and one third miles from Bandon to
the Curry County line, and when com
pleted would be the biggest asset
which wo could have. The greater
portion of this sum would be re-cx-pended
in this vicinity, and only a
nmall portion thereof sent away for
the asphalt. Extended for such a pe
riod of time, it would not work a hard
shTp on tho district, while the benefit
to be derived would bo wonderful. The
only additional sums hereafter requir
ed would be small maintenance costs
or else roads in a new locality.
Tno people of this congressional dis
trict concede that Southern Oregon is
entitled to furnish the material for
that olTice if she can first capture the
office, and when Southern Oregon is
mentioned, tho importance of Rivers
and Harbors to Oregon, and the im
portance of such a subject in Congress
naturally brings Coos county into
prominence; yet one from this coun
ty may be only slightly known in the
remaining portion of the district. We
do not wish to take up the candidacy
of any one man to the exclusion of
others , but when a suitable man for
the place is found we arc constrained
to point him out. Such a man is Judge
.1. W. Hamilton of Roseburg, his qua
lifications can not be denied, nnd his
circle of friends like his acquaintance
ship extends throughout the District
Wo have not tho slightest intimation
that ho rspires to such office ,but are
firm believers in the coming political
niillinium, when the office shall seek
the man and only twelve month hence
we will bo called upon to attend the
prinirics for the selection of n full
set of candidates from presidential
electors down.
The wholesaler is not only n con
tributing cause of the high price of
living but a hindrance to the unstrain
ed marketing of the products of the
manufacturer. And his field of op
eration includes among others the
timber and lumber productc of our
own community. As an illustration,
a local shipment consisting of 200
items wns received at Bnndon by a
representative of a commission and
jobbing firm in one of the large cities,
and a representative of that firm til
lied the shipment onto the ship carry
ing tho same charged the manufactur
er with 140 units shortage out of 200.
This notwithstanding the capain's de
nial of loss. This is no an isolated
case. It will never bo regulated un
til the commission man is eliminated
or else strictly regulated by the In
terstate Commerce commission or
other competent authority. Produc
ers and consumers should co-opernte.
The middle man should lie on a flat
salary and under bond. If he vio
lates his pledge he should lie sent to
tho penitentiary, under laws special
ly enacted for the purpose. Chambers
of Commerce are in a peculiarly ad
vantageous position to co-operate
with each other and promote these
The County Court usually votes 10
mills county tax for road purposes.
Of this road money which they collect
one half thereof is returned to the (lis
district contributing the tax and the
balance thereof paid to a general road
fund, to be expended when and where
the County Court will. For two yours
this road district has voted a 10 mill
tax for the improvement of the town
ship line leading toward Curry Coun
ty. The matter has been before the
people on several occasions for a ote,
and in each instance the voice of the
people has been consistently about !
to 1 for the township line road. Under
adverse circumstances, and in the face
of litigation, the people with dogged
narsistunce nro oncninc up that
road, and what a road. It is. clear
ed and slashed, and graded, but not
rocked. The county has not, so far,
contributed one red cent so far us wo
know to that road in addition to the
special tax voted by the District. Tho
road money rightfully belonging to
this district, is expended on othoi
roadii of lens coiicuru or moment to
tin people. A very great portion
if it Ik expended on the old County
Roiul lending- from Bandon to flurry
Count)', which by (ho wny in addition
to biting from 2 to I iiiIIkh fin Hut
Hiiiii Hit straight Him, it not, iicionl
ing to ndliiblo Infoi million ntfolvwl,
nvnn bunted mi tin iroHir right of
way, iillluuigh It iloiw mm It In
JUW HC tWH. Tho IIMNlll will be in
l ymi it v0 wuUwiu ul tit jhmmmI
wu umi m will ww tm ywy
would be an tidsurdity nnd it will
come to pass if the tax payers who
furnish the money permit it. For tho
past two years the pcoplo of Bandon
nnd vicinity arc expending their good
money on tho townline road under a j
special tax, while the county general
i unci is contributing money lor rock
ing, planking and otherwise hardsur
facing the old roundabout way which
will of course be ultimately abandoned
by the through traveler to Curry Co.
and which at best can only be used
for local purposes. This evident un
fairness we expect to comment on
when over we feel like it, nnd we ex
pect to feel like it often.
Strange 'tis 'tis true for truth 'tis
always strange stranger than fic
tion. Victor Hugo was without a
peer as a writer of fictions tragedy.
Still nothing he ever imagined forth
from air, nothing could rival the sad
experience of his daughter Adole.
Kidnapped from her home in Paris
by an English army officer, Guern
sey deserted and found demented in
New York, she either could not or
would not relate her sad experience
but kept the talc to. herself.
State school authorities throughout
Oregon nro cooperating with the state
board of Forestry and Oregon Forest
Fire Assocation in carrying forest
fire lessons to public school pupils be
fore the 1015 danger season opens.
Over seventy thousands little booklets
ire being distributed containing n
story entitled "The Friends Of The
Forest" written by E. T. Allen, which
weaves into attractive story form,
with a boy and squirrel as heroes, the
age-old prevalence of fire in these
states, the struggles of the trees for
self-preservation and the interest of
men and children in our forest re
sources. If the council lias Its way all the
sidenecs of tho city will bear their
houses of the city will bear proper
numbers. Lack thereof is found to
cause great confusion in keeping city
records, especially those of the water
department Many of the houses are
listed by description. To remedy this
matter the council ordered the city ut-
torney to draw up an ordinance forc
ing owners of houses to fit them up
properly with street numbers. It. wns
demonstrated to be an expense of on
ly a few cents each, and it was calcu
lated that considering tho conveni
ence the numbering would result in,
the work should be done.
A. McNair is nursing a badly bruis
ed eye and he says you should see
the other fellow.
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one reached in a hand nnd shook
hands with me.
Yes, its over now, nnd I wouldn't
caro to go through it again."
Tho wrecked Randolph was built on
the Coquillo river several years ago.
As a sea goer it had a checkered ex-
ncricncc. It is reported to have been
aground at different times on several
bars on tho coast, once on Rogue river
and once on the Columbia liar. It
was valued at $0,000 and carried no
insurance. The boat wns sixty feet
lotnr and was considered seaworthy
although some alleged it was too flat
bottomed to be trustworthy.
Last year it was commanded by
Captain John Anderson who lost his
life while attempting to board her at
Port Orford last Autumn. The dock
is considerable higher than the dock
of the ship. The gang plank was run
from the dock to a place in tho vessels
ratlines. A sudden wrench of the
boat lot the plank fall whiio the cap
tain was crossing nnd lie fell, strik
ing his head against the vessel's rail
ing. The trip ending Saturday wns the
first of the season. Last winter nego
tiations were nearly completed for the
sale of the Randolph to citizens of
Port Orford but fell through because
of complications that arouse through
the death of Captain Johnson. All
this past winter tho vessel has laid at
Prosper undergoing repiiirs.
The battered hull laid on the bench
Sunday where it was tho object of
interest to many spectators. Its
musts cuino onto tho beach in one
place, its rudder in another and its
booms and sail in still another. Tho
hull itself righted and nt low tide wan
left so it could bo reached between
waves aliuoiit dry Hhod. But no clew
to the missing iiitm wuh found in the
hmit. A Niiivuy hau been kept of the
nIioiu hut no fur no wave Iiiih wimhed
tin ii body.
It Ik Nlntml un likely tlml Hit bollt
nun not lie found. Mlioulil llioy liuv
iiiil; In llio drifting wind nt tho imnilh
at tlm rlvur tlwy wuuhl mmml
vwr In u lwit linw mi wuubJ jufvw
Big Headline Attraction
The Famous
Male Quartet
Now playing to packed
, houses everywhere. Will
appear in a two hour
concert at the
One Night, Only
Wednesday Night, April 21st
The biggest attraction
ever presented in Bandon.
Scats now on sale til
ADULTS, 50 cts
Doors open at 7;(0 p. m Pictures
A Show Worthy
.The Well of St Koyne
A well there is in the went country,
And a clearer one never was seen,
There's not a wife in the west coun
try But has heard of tho well of St
An oak and an elm tree stand beside,
Behind does an asli tree grow,
While a willow from the banks above
Droops to tho water below.
A stranger came to the well of St
Pleasant it was to Ills eye,
For since cock crow lie had been trav
eling And there was not a cloud in the ftky
He drank of tho waters so cool and so
For thirsty and hot wns he,
And ho sat him down upon the bank
Under the willow tree.
There came a man from the neigh
boring town
To the well to fill his pail
He rested his pall upon the brink
And bade the stranger hail.
"Now, art thou a bachelor, strang
er, For if tho i lmat n wife
The liappii'i .. di aught thou hast drank
this day
That thou ever didst in thy life,
Or lias your gi-od woman, if one you
. have
In Cornw ... rver been,
For if she 'isa, I'll vontiiro my life
Sho's dra..l- of ti.o well of St Keyne
"I left a f.ool woman who never wan
The stranger made reply,
"But that r. j dniiifht should bo bet
tor for thiu
I pray . niiHwer tno why."
"St Keyne' wild the cuiintryinun,
"Mini" n t mo
Drunk of UiU tryntnl well,
And win tho hi A fttiimiuimtd Imr
Mhn lull) hi (lie, ii iiioll-
f th h...4il f i lita giftiKl wt4l
MmM dri ll. Ua wtf,
A li)lw nmh kmmtarLli to lm
JW tin dU ii MMtor tm Ut.
Hwl V U wit MmtUl 4fUi4 uf H r4
Boyle's Jewelry Store
CIIII.DHKN. under 12 years. 15 els
at 7:30. Concert starts at 8:30, p. in.
of your Patronage
"You drank of the well, I'll warrant,
He to the countryman said.
But the latter smiled as the stranger
And sheepishly shook his head.
"I hastened as soon as the wedding
wns done
And left my wife .on the porch,
But, faith, she had been wiser than
For she carried a bottle to church."
Robert Southey
The text of the decision in the port
of Bnndon case by the supreme court
is unusually terse nnd direct in it j
comment on the situation of the Co
quille. After stilting that inncc i
racies might occur m the maps pre
seated is says there is no evidence to
prove that the vote of the section
which might be tributary to Coos Hay
had any direct hearing in the election
and said if the tax payers so wrongly
included in the district should rcfu.'e
to pay their taxes the courts would
give them relief, not by declaring the
whole district illegal but by declaring
their property outside the limits to
which tho port could legally extend,
regarding the upper port,.
Tho city council at the meeting
Wednesday night promised to co-op'
rate with the coininericai club in Ms
efforts to get the beach walk in simp.'
for use in lie near fuure. Mc
Wade nnd Sullivan waited on the con
oil to explain the part the common al
to ask for cooperation with the n
Kocintion by the council. The plan
presented by Mr. Wado was llu.l lie
club would furnish the labor if tl
council would furnish the 1'iin
This last, was a small Item -tin' lie
thought ffiO would about cover it
Without dissent, the council vo I
to most the club on the propositi ) i
hiii) tho allowance was duly m ' l' '
sum allowed, not to oxccd "''
The bunch wulk nnd IU icImi.
Is wdii.lUml to he nil InipoilMiit ui.i"
for Uh hwII bhiK of Hsniloii. I'"
Utt WMIMI UlO CIWWll of Vl.llm
lrn mjmJ I'MivfiitajHUi fwi thi'iii l" i
imUi Uts i U i h n'Mily 1 1
WtfjfMiiNl Umi Uiv wmIIi m lui'i 1
r Umi Mutt wtwiv it -HiUi I i'"l
irfc mid, di' iiiiiWi fixio '
lA4 !.) UU "f I 'It'll ut 111 I "I
Ufa mu UMI t ajuJ iuatr mu lw
Urn mmi it" uummm Umu,
Tim xtttutfi1 uiMipMj Ut ikm M Hi
Aid td Urn k"
mm mm, mi m mm mumrmu
Kim JNti'jrf. Tmm It m mm
tlMMjr M fa MWIk gMtf 9mU lt)l iU
inn turn UMjkJi milk