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    0regon lineal Society
City HnU t
The Recorder covers the
Bandon field thoroughly
Job Printing!
A modern equipped job
department in connection
Congressman Hawley Writes Encouraging
Letter. Relative to Location of Cape
Blanco Wireless
Tho commercial club Is mnkitiR
Borne progress in the matter of secur
ing the government wireless station
for Bandon ns is indicated by a letter
received by Secretary J. W. Mast
from Congressman W. C. Hawley.
This is in response to a telegram sent
tho congressman by the club several
weeks ago.
Congressman Hawley says ho has
taken the matter up with the depart
ment. He says the reason the wire
less station is to bo moved from Capo
Blanco is that a site may be secured
more convenient for obtaining sup
plies and getting into communication,
etc.. He thinks that the bluff south of
Bandon offers a very acceptable site.
Secretary Mast is requested to write
the department giving information
as to how well tho requirements of tho
department can be complied with.
The donation of a suitabid sue 10 thy
department would be especially at
tractive as tho government has only
a limited fund to devote to this pro
ject. The area required would lc in
dimensions about .100 feet by 800 feet
or about six acres. Tho government
would like a larger area up to 20
ucres. The prospective site must have
a permanently unobstructed frontage
on tho ocean. Tho government wib
consider only proposals for locatior
where an absolutely good title in fee
felmple can be given. Mr. Hawley con
pludes his letter with tho remark
that there is a feeling in the depart
ment that tho9ridcfl-0utl,ofB:,,ulor-would
make an ideal location for the
Will Start Box Factory.
Two gentlemen from Marshfield
are now in this section looking over
conditions with a view to starling a
box factory on Sixes River near the
bridge. It is reported that the gen
tlemen have been offered a site and
considerable spruce timber free, and
that they are so well pleased that
the factory will be built in tho very
near future. The box material, when
manufactured, will bo shipped from
Port Orford I'ort Orford Tribune
Mr. McConnell, who owns several
shares in tho Randolph, was down
from Langlois last week talking with
tho businessmen of tho town with a
view to putting that boat on tho run
again between Marshfield I'ort Orford
and Rogue River. He received con
siderable encouragement and it is now
announced that the Randolph will be
on the run by April 1st. This will be
good news to tho people of this place
as tho Rustler is unable to carry the
Roirue freight and give this place
good sorvico at tho same timo, and as
she is under contract to carry for the
Weddorhurn Trading Company, when
ever more freight ncumulates than she
can handlo Tort Orford is the one to
Buffer. The Randolph going on the
run again will relieve this situation
I'ort Orford Tribune
lliirrv P. Pnvnn. tho female illipor
sonator with the Jubilee Quartette
makes a big hit in his act, trills like
n woman nnd has all the airs and
graces of high born "culored lady"
Seo him at the urnnu next auiurnuy
and Sunday nights.
Judge Watson of the juvenile court
took up the case Monday of 10 year
old Ivan Gardener, accused of rob
bing the Keeley confectionary store
nt Coquille. Tho boy was later sen
tenced to tho reformatory.
Men from the construction depart
ment of tho Western Union were ov
.... ih.i Willamette Pacific this week
They propose construction to keep up
with rail laying.
Robert Mursden, Sr. of Muishfleld
U .Irrulutlmr n petition for the pa
role of liU won from Iho peni'tentliiry.
' Bear, u gasoline lulling be
loiiglllK Hiolliers, Jogger "ll
Hie !iiiillln liver, nunk lut IVhluy
.d to ilii lUmWU Mill Vii'l
Um Jut l"fJI fy&MM "!W U gpJH
Will Have a Boat
Harvey Dunham, who was yester
day shorn of a pilot's license on the
steamer Telegraph, had a roll of bills
on his person, today, that would fill a
quart measure. This money was fur
nished him by Coquille and' Bandon
parties who gave him open orders to
iro to Portland and buy a boat that
will outrun anything on the Coquille
river. Harvey is well known here
and was engaged as a brakeman on
tho railroad sevcrrfl years. He is
a young man of good qualities nnd in
telling of his intention today, said ho
will bring back n boat to liven up
travel on the Coquille. That the bus
iness men of the valley fortified him
with funds to purchase a fast boat is
sufficient approval of Hnrvey's ability
to ofset whatever effect the temporary
loss of his license will have.
Marshfield Evening Record
Captain H. J. Dunham Made Goat and
Loses Skipper's License lor 60 Days
The steamer Telegraph is now in
charge of a new captain, the third in
mcccssion who has had charge of that
oat since Feb. 1st. The last change
s ns the result of the decision in the
icaring given the'crews of the Tel
graph and Charm becauso of their
ollision a week ago last Saturday.
rhe hearing was before Inspectors
"ieorge F. Fuller nnd E. S. Edwards
it Coquille Tuesday and Wednesday.
Judge Sperry acted as counsel for
ho Telegraph and Attorney Tread
;ohl of Bandon represented the
'harm. According to the evidence
roiight in the inspectors were con
vinced tlfat the collision was largely
.1 the nature of an accident. It was
,hown that a deck hand of theTelo
jrapli'liad the wheel at the time of
ho accident. The deck hand wan ac
nowledged to be competent to steer
.he boat but, as ho had no papers his
.ct was in violation of the regulations
'aptain II. J. Dunham was made tho
;oat of the proceedings and was de-n-ived
of his skipper's license for a
eriod of sixty days.
Judge Sperry, attorney for Captain
Valtcr Punter, assures that gontle
niiii that there is excellent prospect
or a rehearing in hiscaso with tho
hances good for a lifting of tho 20
noiith's suspension of license under
which he now is.
Captain Punter of the Telegraph
isked the U. S. steamer inspector to
Ix a schedule for the boats, Charm
,nd Telegraph, making their running
ime fifteen minutes apart instead of
acing along together. The inripectoi
uiid that he lacked authority to en
force any such regulation.
Land owner along tho river as well
is the port commission have protest
id against the speed maintained by
these boats in their race two and fro
from Coquille ever day. The swell
.hey create washes down the banks
lestroying land and filling up the
The new skipper of the Tclegrapn
s Captain T. W. McCloskey, an old
tnd experienced river mnn whose
'eat, in the main, has been between
Myrtle Point and Coquille. Captain
McCloskey was granted his license
ast week.
The punishment meted out by tho
.nspectors is considerably lighter than
ind been generally anticipated as it
vas thought, being a second ollonse
that all sides would bo severely dealt
with. But the evidence presented was
very tame and the punishnicrt was
in accordance with tho evidence.
The Sjieedwell got to sea Wednes
day morning. She could have gouo
out Tuesday morning but tho Brook
lyu and Elizabeth, having been loaded
first had first claim to the services
of the tug. There was not time to
make three tripit mid the Speedwell
did not like to go out under her nun
It. A. Topple of Mnrslillidd in In
town till wsuk nUmdlng to the tni in
fer of tJwt ninth of tint liundon Dry
(Inod l!e. to III Ouliltui Hull) Hlore
vklitno it will luirmuJ al ifiil uu
ho&J vpali ai jw "il In tliU l,u
(Jlrt. Imm Hlmm, gag 10 is &
u wMiy iw Ht iummii
George Cbalburn and Mary Donaldson to
Represent High School at North Bend.
Good Program at Benelit Entertainment
George Chatburn and Miss Mnry
Donaldson will have tho honor of rep
resenting the Bandon high school in
the oratorical contests at North Bend,
April 1st.
Three girls and three boys entered
the competition before a large audi
ence in the auditorium of the high
school Wednesday night. C. R. Wade,
F. J. Fecney and Miss A. A. Henry
acted us judges and rendered the ver
dict ns above.
Tho contests were unusually good.
The girls especially had paid particu
lar attention to the interpretation of
their selections, had them well com
mitted to memory and wore easy and
natural in their delivery. The boys
also had good selections and present
ed them very effectively. .
Tho "stunt" from Shakesqearc at
tracted perhaps the most enthusiasm
of any feature of the evening. The
droll situations of "Pyramus and This
oe created much merriment. Consid
erable pains had been devoted to the
make up of the different parts. The
'luman wall and the moonbeam were
idmirable and the human lion whisk
ed about the stage and roared in so
ifelike a manner that it was difficult
io keep the real dog who at times was
i stage companion, from snapping at
lis heels. The tragic self slaughter of
uhc hero and heroine.took with the
rowd immensely and only the fact
that they had made such positive as-
uirnccs that they were thoroughly
lead, .preventedthe.audienc,jCcpm re
questing them to come back and kill
themselves over again.
Following is the program in full.
Piano duet Mrs. Bodinc and Mrs.
-atorical Contest
"Regulus to the Roman Senate"
Chester Tegarden
'Return of Regulus" George
"Lincoln at Gettysburg" Richard
From the Land of the Sky Blue Wa
tersGirls' Glee Club
)aclamatory Contest
' How Girls Study" Jessie Bell
"The .liners" Forest Matheny
"From a Fashionable School"
Mary Donaldson
Goss May Bring Suit
Action of the City Council of Ban
Ion in tabling indefinitely the motion
,o pay to John D. Goss the remainder
if a fee of approximately $1000 may
''csult in a suit against that city
Previous to the big fire suit was
nought by Bandon to annul the fran
.hiso of the Bandon Water Company
then privntely owned, and City At
torney Treadgold was authorized, as
.he attorneys state, to secure aid in
lushing the suit. Work was started
several examinations held and all nut
n readiness for the suit, when tho
fire came and after this the city pur
hased the Water Company; the suit
s still on the docket and not dismissed
A wnirant for $ 500 was paid Mr.
Goss. the remainder being held up at
the last meeting of the City Council
The attorney points out that W. T.
Stoll, aiding City Engineer P. A. San
boerg, of Bandon, the same case, sued
ind secured his legal fees. Coos Bay
Hit by the Train
Eighteen year old Victor Block, an
jmployeo of tho Smith Lumber Co.
was struck by tho Southern Pacific
train coming from Coquille Wednes
day and was seriously injured. He
hud a leg broken and sustained a bad
scalp injury. He was riding a motor
cycle at the time he was struck by the
PuhnIiiii Week Service
Appropriate services will be held
at the Methodlkt church on Tuesday,
and I'lldny evening of next week.
A upeeiul sermon Jinster Suiuluy.
All member mill friend me urged
to be Willi us mint riunduy, the yh
Muynu KiiImIiI, puvlor
iMtflii J'ulr of Mmr" tlioi, tint JP
fiinj IJ, ItM Mild UM galliiii iww
Dr. H. D. Sheldon Finds Deeper Truth in
Novels Than in Works of Biography.
Gives List of Boy and Ctrl Heroes
The combination of an extra good
program and a free feed thrown in for
good measure proved irristable as a
drawing card and there was a laige
turn out at the Patron-Teachers' facet
in the high school audjtorium last
Tuesday evening. Preliminary to the
address by Dr. Sheldon, which wns
the feature of the evening, there was
a mandolin solo, a selection by the
young ladies' glee club and a solo by
his honor, Mayor Topping. All were
roundly applauded, and Mr. Topping
was compelled to respond to an en
core. When ho had been presented by
Mrs. Lewin, president of the associa
tion, in a neat little speach.'Dr. Shel
don began by felicitating the school
patrons on the interest they took in
the association. People he said, were
apt to shy at the word novel, associat
ing it with dime novels and the five
cent shocker but he had feelings of
pity for people who refused to read
novels on the ground that they were
untrue. While novels deal with ini
maginary persons, he said, they deal
with real emotions and traits of per
sonal character. An author can cre
ate a fictitious character and endow
him , with real characteristics and
..'motions such as ho would
perhaps be ashamed to reveal in an
ictual autobiography and would not
dare to tell In a biography of n friciul
or acquaintance.
Thus it comes, explained Dr. Shel-
Jonjhat the student of human char
acter' can find much better "material
for study in the characters of novels
than in tho narrations of real exper
iences of- actual life.
He went on to show how the teacher
and parent could acquire understand
ing of how character developos in
children by reading novels ami in
stanced David Copperficld, by Charles
Dickens as an illustration. Ho recall
ed how ardently David would study
his lessons and master them only
to have it all leave him in a panic
when confronted by his stern step
father, Mr. Murdslone. Murdsione,
tho speaker explained, was a disciplin
arian, one of the sort of men who fix
a mental schedule of action in their
minds and insist that the pupil must
measure up to it in every particular,
who are mindful not only of the re
sults attained but insist that the joui
ney to the goal must follow paths
laid out in advance to the minutest
Pendennis, Thackery's hero wa3
brought forward as an explanation of
to erratic actions which sometimes
possess boys between the ages of 12
and 18. Ho instanced the changeful
ncss of young Pendennis. He would be
seized with a passion to become a par
ticular variety of hero, following up
the ambition for a short time, only to
grow tired of his aspirations and to
throw them off for something no
that had freshly attracted his alien
tion. The story of Pendennh' love
uffair was humorously related frcin
its inception to its inglorious termi
nation. Other books more briefly
touched upon were "The Ordeal of
Richard Claverel" by George Meriditli
and "Stalkey and Company" and Cap
tains Courageous" by Kipling. As an
illustration or type of girl character
he delineated Maggie Tulliver in "The
Mill on tho Floss" by George Eliot.
Dr. Sheldon represents the univt-r-
sity of Oregon extension department
and Ids presence in Bandon war. he
cured through tho influence of the li
brary board. His address was listen
ed to with marked attention ami at Its
conclusion hu was enthusiastically ap
plauded. Superintendent Hopkinn then look
occasion to present the story of I ho
oratorical aspirations of the 4oho.l
and Invited uttendanru t the luiiutllt
progrum to he given on I he following
nvening. Ill iuiiihiI; wort) wittily
phiue) and ut their uonoliisimi lw
was roundly vlieonul. HitfrotkuwiM
in (lie liull billow, wmipiotHil uu pre
ttrum of Dm; ovmiJiw-
00 ';J
Bones nnd Tarn are hunting
up their otarched collars, wigs
mid fa'vn eolnrcd vesta and
supplying themselves with v
burned cork preparatory to an
appearance In Bnndon. Several
new jokes have been discover-
ed, which are now reposing on
ice to keep them fresh. Fur-
ther particulars later. w
Mrs. Clarence Russell wus released
Monday under five thousand dallars
bonds signed by R. S. Knowlton, Geo;
Moulton, Frank Burgess, Captain
Pnntcr nnd Miv McCloskey. The
amount of bonds, originally set at
three thousand, has been raised to
five thousand dollars. The raising of
the bonds is taken as an evidence that
additional damaging evidence has
been found.
Perry Veneer Plant is Busy and Plans
Further Activities
The Perry vcneernull is the scene
of industrial activity these days. Mr.
Perry now has arrangements with the
logging camp just started up to se
cure all the spruce logs needed. Had
lie known six months ago that he
would have the supply of logs, now
.lvailable, ho could have secured many
more contracts. Not being suns of a
og supply be refused much offeree
business. There has always boon a
letnand for the Perry mill output und
U the trouble in running has been
caused by a short supply of logs.
The financial success of the mill it
largoly attributable to the elimination
jf the middle man. The output i
.'.old directly to the fruit growers as
sociations and other users. The re
cent addition of broom handle inn
jliinery is not now being run. At pres.
nt they have no equipment for paint
ing the handles. This will be instal
led soon. Then tho broom handles
can be sold direct to broom manu
facturers and the useless middleman
bo eliminated there also.,
Commercial Club Takes up Project
and Plans to Finance the Work
At the meeting of the commercial
club fast Tuesday night it was deter
mined to take up the work of restor
ing the walk to the beach which has
been interrupted by the government
making use of its tramway which had
formerly been a part of the walk.
As one means of raising money it was
proposed to hold a minstrel show in
the near future and a committee was
delegated to make the necessary prep
arations. Date and details'will be an
nounced later.
Messrs. Sorcnsen, Best nnd Boyle nre
tho committee who have this project
in charge.
R. M. Fox of the Roach Lumber
company nnd the Sutherlin, Coon
Bay and Eastern railroad states that
work will be resumed on the grading
for the railroad as soon as the ground
is sufilciently dry and that the work
will be carried on rapidly.
Tho lifeless body of tho 7-ycar old
Littler boy, missing a fortnight, was
found floating under the wharf at the
foot of Market avenue. Tho body
was badly decomposed. It wus
thought when ho was first reported
missing that tho lad had perished by
falling overboard, and searching par
ties had dragged the bottom of the
bay in vain near where he was acci
dentally found this forenoon by Cecil
Holland nnd Diinciiu Ferguson Hun
Coquille will soon sturt work on n
water pipe line, n new one.
Not III Hmid I lo huvo u nu sup
orintuiiduiiL tin old iipiirinimluiii,
I 'i of. fluuh liuHnjf mIkihI.
'IVimlyfmii nulls at LuuW Hlioi
aaJ iifi lM& lfi fid whm
awwUMWftM. am mm i
Committee Named to Confer With Two
Mile Citizens. Will Consider Business
College Prospects
A number of matters of public In
terest were taken up at the meeting
of the commercial club Tuesday night
Addresses were made by Messrs.
Wade, Crain, Hartman, Tcegarden
and others..
The matter of the establishment of
a business eolege here by A. L. Pear
son was taken up and a committee
wns appointed to look after the mat
ter, consisting of Messrs. Sorenson,
Felsheim and Chatburn.
Another committee was appointed
witli the citizens of Two Mile over the
highway that bears that name. The
ommittee consisted of Messrs Best,
?ulivan and Sellmer. A number of
cpresentntive citizens of Two Mile
,vere present at the meeting and the
lub pledged its heartiest support in
'llping them to carry on thoir improve
Thomas Tennison, a Bandon line
nan for tho Coos and Curry Tele
ihono Company, was a principal in a
narriage last night in Coquille, and
he happy bride was Miss Mabel
Uevenson, of Coquille. Mr. Tennison
ume over to Marshfield this murn
.ig on business and returned to the
iver on the nfternoon train. Tho
ouplo went down the river this aft
rnoon to Bandon, where they will
eside. Mr. Tennison was tho recip
jnt of congratulations in town today
luring this short stay. Rev. Walback
.f the Methodist Church South, per
formed the ceremony Marshfield
The steamer Fifield has been char
ered by tho Brookings Lumber and
lanufacturing company to haul lum
er and passengers from Brookings to
5un Francisco. There is talk of hav
ng mail carried on the boat which
vould improve tho service for south
rn Curry county.
Captain W. C. Harris, a Marshfield
uionecr nnd former member of the
itoos Bay Port commission, died sud
lenly of heart failure- Monday. The
funeral was Wednesday morning
with burial in the Odd Fellows ceme
ery. Mr. Hnrris was 05 years of
jld Mr. Harris was sixtyfive years of
ige and lenves a widow and five child
en. The children are Mrs. Rose Mats.
;on, Mrs. Clyde Barker, Miss Ruth
Harris, Miss Waldo Harris and Clar
nce Harris.
Solomon Lando of the dry gods
drm in Marshfield hearing his namo
Jied March 10th. He was born in San
.'rancisco in 1863 Ho had a talent for
,rt and studied in San Francisco and
n Germany. He opened a studio in
ian Francisco but came to Coos Co.
:n 1890 and embarked in the mercan
tile business. He was a Mason and a
member of 'the order of Woodmen of
the World.
Marshfield theater goers turned
out by hundreds Monday night to lis
ten to the much ndvertlseil California
Jubilee Quartette. The big Orpheum
theater wus crowded to capacity and
those iitUJiiiling tho ahow Imd nothing
but praise for the ontertninment giv
en by this quartette of talented sing
ers. I can positively state that the
Jubilee Quartette is the heat show of
its kind that I have seen behind the
footlights in Coos county since I have
been collected with the show j'ume.
I made a special trip to Marshfield to
see and hear these Jubilee tdu , in H
I would be in position to toll my pat
rons ut the Grand, tho absolute truth
about the ipiullty of the performuuru
of this troupe,
The ftillfoniiii All Klur Juhlleii
Quurtcllu mom lliun mukou good und
if you w I tend I be tliow, I know tljut
you will ugM'o with mo Unit, iim od.
mvi lioys know bow o e!ng.
vy, a, Mum
ttsby thm dm b in Sttat Im
h lm wktf lia ftomf i
s, sal i Jiiww u
In (opimuMoiv