Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, March 16, 1915, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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SEMt-WEEKLY BANDOJf fifiCt)h DER, 5'JtSIuV, MAiihl 16. 11)15
Gatcbell Brothers, Props.
All kinds of heavy and light drayinir. Phone orders
given prompt attention. .Barn corner First & Edi
son, Fish Property. .Telephone 641.
G. E. W I L S O N
All kinds of light and heavy work. Horses scientif
ically shod. Deformities remedied. Bring in your
cripples and get their feet adjusted by a man that
knows a foot Carl Clifford, the scientific horse
choer. Tie checkers, splitting mauls, and all kinds
of tie makers tools. All work guaranteed right.
Bandon ns Orejron 1
RATES $1.00 TO $2.00 PER DAY
Warm hp hafii room
Believing that the coming summer
will see a greater, movement ofVtour
ists from the east and middle west
than ever before, the management of
the Portland Rose Festival is con
dcting an unusual, and so far, suc
cessful campaign to advertise the
coming event. Individual publica
tions, as well as several newspaper
syndicates in the east have asked for
articles and photographs descriptive
of Portland and its roses. Western
publications of all kinds are carrying
similar stories, trade papers arc fal
ling into lino and everything indicates
that the coming festival will receive
an unusual amount of publicity.
"The whole city of Portland is be
ing organized back of the Festival
committee in a vast publicity cam
paign" said Lloyd McDowell who has
charge of the work and special ef
forts are being made to carry the
publicity into the east as it never
was carried before. We are working
an unusually large field with great
energy and I believe that the festival
scrap books at the end of the season
will show a greater amount of pub
licity for the 1915 event than for all
the festivals that have proceeded it.
We aim to establish the truth of our
slogan, 'the whole world knows the
Portland rose' ".
How a Book Came
to Be Written
with the glowing heat of the
OILH eater
Mother and children need it for
the bath father for his morn
ing shave.
Dealers everywhere
Writ, for boakUt. "Warmth
in Cold Cornmra. ' '
Standard Oil Company
San Francisco
After Deer SlayerH
Game Warden Thomas was in
town last night on his way back to the
Elden country, where he intends to
round up the man that he arrested
some time ago for killing deer out of
season, and who took French leave
of him on the way out of the hills. He
also states that he is after violators
of the deer law. He says that a good
many of them are killing deer under
the impression that it is not unlaw
ful, on account of a decision made by
a judge at Eugene who decided that
there was no law against killing deer,
Mr. Thomas states that he is hunting
these lawbreakers up, to show them
that it is still unlawful tc hunt deer,
For Rtit RttullB
U,m Ptarl Oil
Recorder Print Shop
Dr. Loop was called down from
Bandon last week to make sure that
the diseaso in the home of Bcecher
Jess was actually scarlet fever. He
held that it was, his diagnosis agree
ing with that of Dr. Robbins, and the
family has since been quarantined
The children that have the fever are
getting along nicely, and as yet no
New cases have broken out. Port
Orford Tribune.
How Captain Panter Escaped
Captain Panter of the steamer Do
ra tells the Herald of one his experi
ences .with the Inspectors of Hulls
and Boilers on their last visit here
which indicates that the feeling of ex
asperation and disgust which exist
among the Coquille steamboat men
is not without good cause. It seems
that the inspectors had a "secretary"
along and that th secretary was
even more obsessed with a feeling
of his importance than the inspectors
themselves. As so menial a task as
counting life preserves was beneath
the dignity of the inspectors, they had
the secretary count them. Then that
high and mighty one came up to Cap
tain Panter and anounced: "Your life
preservers are short, and it will cost
you a hundred dollars fine." Captain
Panter insisted that lie hail the re
quired number, and wanted the under
ling to go over them again. Then he
wanted to know how many he was
short, but all the satisfaction he got
was that he was "short" and would
be fined. Marshal A. P. Miller hap
pened to bo standing on the dock, and
Captain Panter called him to him to
bring half a dozen responsible citizens
and come aboard and count tne life
preservers. Marshall Miller with
out lyaving the dock, cal'td on several
citizens and they went aboard and
counted, as requested. They found
103 life preservers aboard, this exact
number lequired 100 for the pa
sengers and "one each for the crew.
In the mean time, the inspectors
and their man Friday had gone to the
depot to take the train. Marshal
Miller hurried down therj and told
tho clerk that ho had found lO.'l life
preservers on tho Dora. "Well" re
plied the clerk, "they were not there
whon I was thero." But Miller in
formed him so emphatically that none
had been brought nboard, to his cer
tain knowk'dgo that the representa
tive of the glory and power of theso
United States Iliiully conceded that,
"We will Imvo to let thut flnu go."
If Captain Panter had not Imhui
gifted with prutieiu't) of mlml hu un
ilouhjnlly would Imvit hewi mulched
to I liu tune of ono hundred dollum n
lirt'ly without ruuuu Uiu llirouKh ihu
iiioiiii(l4i)rti of u nwull hvuil, rlollu'd
with u lllllu UU( ulhoilty. Thu In
nullWulilo irnint.iry of mnu i,f lluxu 1
I'oMWiMl Hllihv Vh llilUKldu tlm
mt hum m iwl ally, y,m iy ,ml l,m'1 '
One summer u young mau whose
appearance smacked of the "plains"
stopped at n hotel In tho White moun
tains and. the regular meals of the
day being over, called for a supper to
bo cooked for him. When It was ready
he was called and ushered Into the
dining room, which wua deserted ex
cept for himself and the waitress who
attended upon him. Before lie began
to cat he noticed that she was comely.
Having served him with what he need
ed, she was about to leave tbu room
when he said to her:
"Suppose I need you after you have
gone. What shall I do?'!
There was no bell at hand to call
her, and she took the man's question
for an order to remain. She was evi
dently not pleased at his nctfon and,
taking n position near him, stood first
on one foot, then on the other, looking
pnrt of the tlmo nt the celling, the oth
er pnrt at the floor.
"I'm sorry to keep you," he said.
"It doesn't matter, sir. It's my place
to wait on you."
The young man was sorry for what
he had done. Ho would rather not
have been served than have some one
looking Idly on when he ate. Never
theless thero was something In the
girl's appearance that Interested him
He had heard of college students be
coming waiters or waitresses at hotel
In vacation, nnd he fancied she might
be one of this clnss.
"You're no waitress," he hnzarded.
"No waitress! What do you mean
"You're a lnily."
"A Indy!"
She colored and showed embarrass
ment. Ho fancied that ho had struck
tho nail on the head. Becoming bold
with his first success, he pushed on:
"I've met you In society."
"Met me In society I Where?"
The young man chuckled. Tho ques
tion "Where?" was a dead giveaway
Had she not boon "In society" she
would not. have asked such a question
But ho did not reply to It
"I have bean looking for you," he
went on, "ever since u certain ball at
which I met you. I danced with you
twice during tho evening, nnd you do
not remember me,"
The scamp looked very much cut up
nt her falluro to recollect him.
"Was It In Now York?" she asked.
Another giveaway. She hnd been
In society In New York. Many fuuc
tlons took place at S.'s, 'ou Fifth ave
"Were you not nt a certain dinner
followed by' a cotillion given by a cei
tain lady of fashion one night"
no figured to bo trying to recall the
"Last winter, Just beforo Lent?"
He broke Into a laugh,
"What amuses you?" she asked,
"I am very much pleased with my
elf." "Indeed! On what account?"
"My perceptive faculties. I knew
you for n Indy even In tho garb of a
waitress. I accused you, and yon con
fessed. I linvo never met you before.
All that I have said to you has tieen
made up of whole cloth."
The girl now broko Into a Inugh.
"What amuses you?" nsked tho man.
with a fork nildivny between his plate
mid his mouth.
"My stupidity."
"Your stupidity? What do yon
"Bather, I should say confidence.
You were right In saying that wo met
nt S.'s, and the date I gave you la cor
rect. I was your partner In the cotil
lion. You told mo you would never
forget mo. And now you toll mo that
wo havo never met beforo. For shamo,
Mr. Kennertonl"
"ICennerton, by .Jove!"
"Will yon deny your Identity?"
"No, but you! You arc 1 have lt
you are Miss nillngham,"
"I am."
"But whnt are you doing ns a wait
ress In this hotel?"
"What are yon (lolng In this western
I've been traveling In the west
studying life. , To study life ono must
live among the class studied."
"So you told mo when I met you In
New York. You wero very enthusiastic,
I, being a society girl, tired of the shal
low llfo I- led, resolved to study life
too. I havo learned a lot hero more
nbout the class Into which I was born
than tho dims Into which I wan not
"And I have Just served a three
mouths' term ns a cowboy. But I've
hnd enough of It. I'm going to bo n
gentleman ngiiln."
"Ho am 1 tlrd of being n wnltnn,
I'm going to bo a Indy once more,"
"When? Whore?"
"I leavo for Now York tomorrow
"So do I."
"I'm going to writ" I wok ntxuit
my I'jpiTh'iiffM nit ii wiillrritK in it mini
iimr liolt'l "
"And I'm going to wrlln a hook nbout
my 'i'rlnMfon iin u noM'lioy ."
"H'olMllT If Mil Mlldll'l lilllliM M
IIIIU'I out of Din I ho"
"I'll! gulllf I" IMW "Jl Hllllt muj I
inc district Forester at Portland
Oregon, has just inaugurated nil nv
haustivc study of the production and
consumption of forest products
Oregon and Washington.
3.,; , ,
""""j picpareu scneuuies are
being mailed to all producers of and
dealers in lumber, shingles, piles
poies, ties, pulp, fuel wood, boxes
oasKets, trunks nnd other similar
wooden products, with a view to do
termining the quantity and value of
these products made and used annual
ly in these two states.
The last summer survey of th
nuuu-usnig nuiusmes ot this region
was made five years ago. It is be-
neveu mat since then surnr sine-
chages have occurred in the various
industries. Old plants have been
built and many entirelv new Imbm.
tries have sprung up. Because
these facts have not been trennmllv
known, it has frequently happened
that eastern products have been pur-
gnasecl or specified in contracts:
whereas the buyer could have ob
tained tho product locally. The
general assembling and publishing,
ny the Government, of information
along these lines tends to promote
the use of home products. Further
more, it is felt that those interested
in developing the resources of the re
gion will find the statistics resulting
lrom this study of great value.
It is expected that the forest ser
vice will receive tho co-operation and
support of all firms called on to fur
nisii reports in connection with
this study for it is obvious that to
to be of the highest value the figures
should be complete. There are near
ly four thousand firms in Washington
and Oregon utilizing forest product;
directly or indirectly, in connection
with their industries. Hence, thorn
will be u lurgo volume of correspon
uence 10 nanuie, ami much work to
be done in classifying and summa
rizing the individual schedules that .... i i . ...
iu KO to mane up me completed re
port. It is hoped that the results will
uo avaiiauio lor general use soiup
time next fall.
WANTED One of the large maga
zine publishing houses desires to nni
ploy an active man or woman in thih
community to handle a special plan
which has proven unusually profitable
Good opening for the right party.
Box 155, Tunes Sq. Sta., New Yorl
Dinner U5c at Anderson's Restau
rant 98tf.
An Expert.
"Weren't you surprised Unit tho cus
toms Inspector didn't find those things
you smuggled In?"
"Oh. no J My sister stowed them
away. Sho can pack things In n trunk
where she enn't even And them her
self." Kvchnnge.
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I was worried sick until
he told me
WHEN he was put to bed, I
couldn't figure out how we
were going to mnke ends meet. It
takes almost every cent he earns
to keep us going.
But the next day he sn!d: "Don't worry,
clear. It coat mn so little that I forgot to
tell you I'd tnlten out tin ETNA ACCU
Doctor nys lie's n pretty sick man, but
will pull through nil right. And that policy
brings us $50 a week while he's too tick
to go out and $25 a week afterwnrd
while he cuu't attend to his work.
You can't imagine how relieved I am,
With that money coming in regularly, we
don't have to worry.
protect yourself nnd your loved ones.
Write or telephone, nnd let us tell you
nbout this poliry.
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partment t.
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Miss Billie Burke
Your Pv orlte
Aclross.says, "It's
the best I havo
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soft and won
derfully a d h Q -slvo."
Popular Mechanics
A GREAT Continued jStify of tho
World's Progress? wfclcll you
may begin reading at Anyjjimc, nnd
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The "Shop Notif'' 'Def"lmiH& (20 pages)
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