Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, January 05, 1915, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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A Total of Over $70,000.00
id Out for Sewer and
Street Work.
V total of $70,714.31 was expended
. ie city of Bandon in permanent
vemonts during 1014.
o above totals $55,410 was for
nrovementa, $12,720.71 was
41, 968.49 to water mains
cnue to Michigan Avenue
T. M. Nielson.
Third Street East from Chicago
Avenue to Brltimoro Ave.iuc, $1578.3!),
G. P. Laird.
Fourth Street E2,t from Elmira
fur a floating dock at the , Avenue to Fillmore Avenue (estima-
.apo Avenue. , ted), l ropoit? u.vnors.
, improvements with the' Fourth Stro.t But Com Fillmoie
mo eontractora performing Avenue to Grcnd Avem.3 (estimated)
to listed below. $?50.C0, Oraerj.
Paving ! Fourth Street East from Fillmore
. -t West from Ediioo Av-1 av-,,. tn r.rnA Awmm s : i9.2i. II.
, .-vlon Avenue,. $10,374.50,
' distraction Company.
M".-t West from E;!ison
i Ov-ean Drive, $2,C9?.84;
. fiom Fourth Street West
. Avenue. $2774.72. Webb &
..g Strata and Building Curbs
and. Side wallcs
First Street iSast from Harlem Av
enue to Michigan Avenue, $1,324.10,
tike Kay.
$tti Street West from Harlem Av
e;.ue to June Avonuo $800.60, fl. II.
Iufort .
Sei'O id Street East from Gran Av-
J. Do?itt.
I Sov.'.th Stve8t at J?e' n ; Avenue,
$ l.'S.Hl, Adam & i lanJi. . .
Baltimore Avenue from Third Street
East to Thirteenth Street, $8,117.55,
Webb & Howell.
June Avenue from Third Street
East to First Street North, $1,' 8.52.
Adams & Flanders.
G'-aad Avenue from Fourth f'treet
Ea.-t to Eleventh Street East, $2,695
34, Ba.idon Construction Co.
Jackson Avenue from Ocean Drive
to Thirteenth Street West, $3,S92.55
Adamd A Fk.nders.
Franklin Avenue from Fourtli St. to Sevonth Struct West (csti-
mated) $1,025.00 .Peopcrty Owners.
First Street West between Bandon
Avenue and Alaf.ama Avenue, $3,7S2.-
73, Bandon Construction Co.
Firjt Street East, Alabama Aven
ue to Chicago Avenue (estimated),
$2,600.00, Property Owners.
First Street East between Chicago
Avenue and Fillmore Avenue, $7,762-
91, Fish & Plymalc.
Sewer District No. 18 and 10
inch pipe, Edison Avonuo to Frank
lin Avanue, et nl, $8,011.37, G. P.
Sewer District No. 2 8 inch pipe
Bandon Heights, $2,140.71, G. P.
Laird;' 8 inch pipe First Strct from
Edison Avenue to Bandon Avenue,
$1,915.81, Longston & Co.; 8 inch
Bandon Aenue from First Street to
River $139.90, Longston Construction
Co.; 10 inch Edison Avenue, outfall,
City of Bandon, $212.95.
Water Maine.
First Street West, from Edison to
Bandon Avenue, 10 inch cast iron
pipe, $1,UGG 46, work done by the city.
Floating dock at foot of Chicago
Avenue, Fish & Plymale, $610.25.
This work wu3 all designed by City
Engineer Sawyer and constructed un
der his general supervision.
Mr. Sawyer lias completed plans
which ha'vo been accepted by the Coun
cil for Sewer District No. 0, compris
ing Edison from Fourth to South end,
Douglas from Seventh to Ninth, Sev
enth from Edison to Douglas, Ninth
from Douglas to Bandon, Douglas
from Ninth to Tenth, Fourth from
Douglas to Harrison. The estimated
cost is $7,392.81.
He is now working on plans for
sewers on Elmira from Second to
Thirteenth; Secod Street from Balti
more to FillnTore; Fillmore from Se
cond to County Road; County Road
from Fillmore to Caroline; Caroline
from County Road to Harlem.
Mr. Sawyer urges the building of
these sewers as there is urgent need
for them. He believes the city is
more in weed of sewers at present
than of further street improvenunts.
The lower business district north
of Second between Baltimore nnd
I Bandon. at east, should bulla their
sewer as it is in greater need of them
than any other section.
9 '
Wayne Hollcnbeck is Jn town from
.lis ranch on the upper river.
Win, Doyle came down from Arago
on Monday.
Dinner 25c
rant. 98tf.
at Anderson's Rcstau-
Victor-Victrolas, Edison Disc Talk
ing Machines and Records. Your in
spection invited. Sabro Bros.
The Elizabeth left San Francisco
for Bandon yesterday evening at five
o'clock nnd will probably arrive here
tomorrow afternoon.
"What arc you so pleased about?"
"Dr. Pohl fitted me with Rhudon
lenses and they are sure O. K. Pohl
is very reasonable in cnarges uo and
see him Wednesdays or Saturdays at
Sabro Bros." tf
omplete stock of har
ness, shopping bags,
trunks, suit cases, valises
and traveling bags.
iruU'lmint will be chowrs iK-t Grand Theatre next
Thursday Evening, Jn. 7
' ' kisheid to the back of the
. hivse, is carried at a mad
the upper trail through-the
; and foothills and eventu
al io the desert. Usir;t the
" . :.. 'Allan'" follows the flight
1 ' -a, expecting momertarily
i- ch dashed to death. He
' ar.d Barcus of tho :iffair,
ais own hor) and starts off
OM'tio. Rose and Barcus bre
ind plan to follow,
ntim!, Trine's car, coat infnp
, .liin, the butler, and the :-hauf-arrivud
at Mesa, takes up Mar
phat and jets off in pursuit,
(tevd, a gentleman of Hopi Jim's
1 ' Iney, to put it delicately, happen?
ing the other trail, discovers the
yq horses and is puzzled over the
matter when he is joined by several
othr rough citizon of Mesa, who
have started out to follow the fun
pvoiulsud by what they have already
j'en. Miyder being indicated, th-y
figiiniio h lynching party and .set ell
fur tho upper ti nil.
J ,j Jith's horse, mcantiine, has run
wll oil into the desert. When he
Stent, Judith mainges to release hor
se't. She falls to the ground and the
Hr v ronnis off and finally locates a
'(r hi.. Refreshed, Judith man
tii climb on liis back. The horse
tea oft on the desert trail away
jpi the moutains.
Allan by use of the glasses locates
Jhf aovinr p :' and preases on in
; ':r u:t. By imdaftornoon he is ov
o",.;ie with thirst and heat. Barcus
tnd follow upon the trail and.
V? l irelffi" of hoof prints, they
Uuvn that Allan has pursued Judith
,'nc Ue dungerous itart of the desert
Hey cortmue, followed by the vigi-
cemmittct;, who; e temper prove
Mythirjf but friendly. Trinc'
eventually falU in a poot
1 'lie nice.
tm tal es her to a eunk
i.uitt. 8h diamounta and
' i and reet. Allan who U
.n 'I. daea not obaarve her.
,- !thit the aky darkena
, ,'ty a moment notice, a ler-
i i n liratka forth, Allan
' j iiit iumk 0 ieitMi)
Utir Imtk, puvhai on
i ui.ifi4nt ,lat he eium
, Ju jith. Juittk, rali(iv
. ) r InmuI. AJiaa, mi liMf
fm at iu4ia Uae
avhaustcd down
him, when he fall:
an embankment.
The s,torm is the only thing which
saves" Barcus and Rose from tho com
mittee. In the course of their pro
gress they pass within a few feet of
Judith and Allan, the latter uncon
scious. Judith sees them, but says
nothing and Ites Barcus and
Rose pass on in ignorance. When
the storm falls it is night. Alan
1'inaUy corner uround. He staggers
to his feit, climbs out of tho arryro
.r..! r.taitn off agsi.i acioss the de
sert, paying no attention to Judith.
She follows with the same patience
as before. This time it is Alan who
is under necessity of helping tho
girl. When she falte to her knees,
cold and exhausted, ho wraps his
coat around her and holds her in his
arms. Exhaustion overtakes them
both. Alan finally finds comfort in
Meanwhile Trine's car, after being
hold up by the storm continues on the
trail, finally coining up with the vigi
lance committee. Mavrowphat and
friiie i' Hcato that Alan is the mur
leror of Hopi Jim. There are two
i-outes that form the southern har
rier of the dosert. Tho motor car
strikes toward one the committee to
ward tho other. It is Mnrrowphat
that firs spies Judith and Alan. Ju
dith snatches Alan'b revolver from
its holster. She has her own as well.
Alan sleopi. When Mni rowphat,
Jim and fho butler approach, Judith
calmly commands them to throw up
cheir handi. She forces Jim ami the
butler to carry Alan to tho car. When
Trine grows turbulent she forces Jim
o i-ag hun. Thc:i jumping into the
.ar with Alan aid her father, she
irdeitf the chauffeur forward. Mar
rowphat and the butler, left behind,
manage to attract the attention of the
.ommitte. Taking the two men upon
-hoir homes the committee utarts in
pursuit of the automobile. BUt, hi
liot-ae swifter than the olhei. get.
ithn pixtol nhot and puncture thi
lYttr tl' Jttdltl) annwer by nhuot
ng hie i,hIM front unifer him, Th
aar4 mm eripiM me yea alowly, and
the pureulnf mmklao mmm noar
,r. Met and Bmrmi maanwhiU'
iiav mi tim ahtitor of a aruiMi-i
ttf. A-;. overlooUat the The
n i !h M ntd th ikt i(Aw
Urea A ynt4tf tile tiulW.
Un . ft DpttoM (tt lUi4fi
J Am tk if fcj' NM4'
Mm lay (j ti itutmitt te tie kai4
iMAejitt) tMBtukMid aojt k mtMmM m aA UHaJoV
m ''"P' "'"''tiW "Hiew e wljf flp
Commqncing Monduy, Jan. 4th,
the drug stores of tho eitv will close
at eight o'clock every evening except
Saturday and will open on Sunday
only from 10 to 12 A. M., and from 6
to 7 P. M. In cases of emergency
any of the stores will be open upon
the request of the patrons.
J. C. Savage, former editor of the
Coquille Sentinel, but who recently
went to Florida to make iiis home,
has written to friends in Coquille that
tho house on the place owned by him
and his brother was burned the morn
ing he arrived at his destination.
There was some insurance on the
house. Mr. Savage says they are well
pleased with the country.
Boyle Jewelry Company announce
that the winner of the annual prizes
this year are Lex Cope, of Langlois,
who held the lucky number for the
$100 diamond ring and Miss Flora
McCloud, who won the $50 rintr. The
drawing took place Thursday after
noon,, little Margaret Walstrom,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wal
strom, drawing the numbers.
PMP ""aw
With this issue The Recorder en
ters upon its thirty-first year of ser
vice to the people as a news medium
and this issue is devoted to furthering
the interests of Bandon-By-Thc-Sea
among people with whom it will come
in contact vyth in different parts fo
tho country and to sum up, in a small
way, for local readers the progress of
the city during 1914. Although
not aR complete as we had wished
this issue to be, wo sincerely trust
that you will pass your copy along
or get other copies to send to people
in other aprts of the country, espec
ially those in tho eastern stntcs, hop
ing that it will play its part in bring
ing people in touch wth the condi
tions in this part of Oregon and thus
induce them to locate here.
We arc deeply indebted nnd wish to
express our thanks to those who have
assisted in getting out this issue and
particularly those who have contrib
uted articles and thun helped to boost
for a bigger and bettor Bandon.
Stock Disease in the East
A loiter from Muscatine county,
Iowa, savs that tho writer in going to
Tipton on Dec. 21, saw six graders at
work digging a trench to bury about
200 bogs and 90 cattle, one load of
which had been ready for market.
They had been killed by the author
ities on account of having the foot
and mouth disease.
Cedar and Muscatine counties have
been quarantined for some time but
Muscatine is rcloascd now. For over
three weeks no stock could be shipped
and no poultry except dressed. No
one could hold a sale and cannot now
within 15 miles of Cedar county. The
farms one which the stock hcco.uio in
focled nio not allowed to ostock for
nearly n yeor.
Public Stenographer.
Arthur G. Cronlngcr, 128 West 13th
Street, Phone 104 Rural. It3x.
Sometime within the last couple of
days a party or parties threw a
chunk of wood threw the window of
the pilot house of Captain Wiren's
gasoline launch, which was tied up to
the dock just back of tho Timmons
building. The Captain says lie would
be perfectly satisfied if the party com
mitting the act would merely show up
and hold the frame while he puts in
a new glass.
VV our tcleDhonti operators n
holiday remembrance to
tied bubsenber said he had yet to
make his first complaint of this com
pany's service. He uses the lines all
over the system, probably more than
any other individual. We know the
service is not perfect but we believe this
man's experience is the rule and not
the exception. We try to cut out the
exceptions and we ask the co-operarion
of our subscribers. : : . : : : :
lgneeeiefr frefr efr Xm
-O i i .i .. . e a, m. a a a aaA.i a.
T'H'TTt TttTttTTTTtt TTTxTT'i "?
Mr. and Mrs. Graydon T. Trcadgold
were host and hostess at a very pret-'
ty wedding reception introducing Mr.
and Mrs. Manton E. Trcadgold New i
Year's night, at the Treadgold homo
on Second Street. About 75 people
were invited to meet the newly wed
ded couplu. The house was prettily
decorated in greens and flowers.
Dainty refreshments of punch and
cakes were served by Mrs. Smith J.
Mann and Mrs. Harry Walker, who
assisted the hostess.
Spruce Valley.
C. H. Neal had tho misfortune to
cut his hand very badly while split
ting wood the other day.
Mr. Post is building a new house
on his place here.
Mr. Armfield is improving his place
by putting up several out buildings.
Lura Morgan visited with Flor
ence Recce New Year's Day.
M. E. Church South
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Preaching, 11:00 a. m.
Ep worth League, 0:30 p. m.
Preaching, 7:30 p. m.
Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 7:30.
Missionary Society, Friday, 2:30.
W. B. SMITH, Pastor.
Victor Victrolas
New Edison Dise
Pianos and
NO. 751
Nollce of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that thu mi
1ernigned lias flled hie final account
a lh County Court for Cooa County
Oiegon, in the matter of the t-tli
f John William Hammerbuig , dw
waned, and the County Court has aet
Monday, the ftth day of PWimry,
IMA, at the day for kaerin objttr
tion to said final ateount and eelU'
atent of Mild taU.
Naw therefore, any and all jw
mia ketrintr aLjertiwita to sk final
avewuiit or eatltaMmtt tkaiwof are
'' to epuaar ih4 file tke
mme i eai4 tutdy (W mm pr fe
or ti eU tfc fey t rair,
I-mmmm l4iiiLJaekaka
Episcopal Church
Sunday School, 10:00 a. m.
Pronchimr. 2nd, 4th nnd 5th
days at II a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Methodist Church
Sunday School, 10:00 a. in.
Public Service, 1 1 :00 a. in,
Evening Service, 7:30 p, in.
Mhl-Weuk Service, Tliuredny, 7iH
All (hove who do not womlilp &
A'litiro lire Invito! to mum with ya,
IP lib - t JltMiUi JMkaa
11 m m. i IVwtfMiw
tm ym... I' 11 J'ray,
m m, .
TBifiiir, fan v, m IHm mk
Grand Theatre f
No. 12
The relentless pursuit of Allen Law by Seneca Trine
in the great American desert forms this two part
installment full of action and sensational escapes.
Read the complete story on another page of this is
Thursday, Jan. 7th
public to attend thufo keivlces
IhiplUl Cliurih
Jiiiii,lNy Ki'lif-ol, 10(00 A. M.
I'Mwchliig XervUti, lli(K) A. M.
t'liviii 'f Hit' llrrlliini
mif luMaaei JkUaJwy Hmi
Htm f. Mi IVeajWa wim pi II
m. Bi 1 itt) p. tit.
Mrs. Geo. Geisendorfer
I'upil ol Ijhh lliiliiKim
I'Ihih) Theory