Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, October 13, 1914, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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beMI-WeeklV flAittouN ftEcoa fcfeh, tuesdAV, 6ei 13th, isii " " ---
J Kenyon's rubberized single and double J
: texture cloth Styles Raglan and Balmacaan j
1 J-i"M"frM"
Prices $5.00$9.00$12.00
- Black Oil Coat, Price - H5
;: Rubber Coat, Price
Oiled Hata Children, Price, - 25
n;ior1 Hnf Misses. Price
J Womens Poplin, Price - 50
Haberly Discusses Measures
(Continuation of the discussion of
constitutional amendments and mea
sures, by A. Haberly.)
Ta Abolish State Senate
Answer -To. '
Tho :. double chamber
system of loggia -Ion is an integral
purt of representative government.
To abolish the senate would destroy
this principle, and remove a check or
balance against ill-considered or vic
ious legislation by the lower house of
our legislature. Hotter give tho gov
ernor the power to veto single items
or purts of bills passed, but keep the
senate the safety valve of our leg
islature. To Create a Department of Industry
and Public Works
Answer No.
- This bill nicknamed the "hobo bill"
apparently has some merit in that it
would provide work for any unem
ployed at ?3.00 per day, but it ii. too
radical and umeasonattio in its pro
visions, and if enacted would draw
tramps from everywliere to Oregon.
Then too, it would be an injustice to
one class of- estates. A la wsbould
bo fair, and the burden of tuxrtion
should bo fairly and equaly distri
buted, with the distinct principle that
thg honest industrious poor should
always have first consideration. This
bill puts a premium on loafing.
Primary Delegate Election Hill.
Answer No.
This is our old corrupt party boss
convention or assembly coming back
with a now name. This bill would de
stroy our primary system and cost
tho tax payers thousands of dollars
to help the bosses get back into pow
er. In conclusion I wish 'to thank tho
editor of the Bandon Recorder for
If your clothes don't fit you,
they're not good clothes. A
perfect fit is the first essential.
Then, comes stirring style.
Collegian Clothes
arc built under a carefully
prepared set of specifica
tions. They fit at the neck,
shoulders, waist and at
every crucial point. Won
derfully ualislying.
the privilege granted mo in discuss
ing these bills and measures through
your paper. It was not so much my
purpose to advocate the adoption of.
some nnd the defeat of other meas
ures as to get the voters especially
that large class, the ladies who vote
for tho first time on state issues this
year, to read up and thin kover these
bills and measures. This itself will
be of immense educational value and
will enable them to exercise tho fran
chise with intelligence and judgement
If I have in even a small way contri
buted to this end, I shall feel amply
rewarded for my effort. A. HABERLY
The Board of Equalization, consist
ing of the county assessor, county
judge and county clerk, met Wednes
day to take action in regard to the pe
titions to have the valuation of the
standing timcbr of the county reduced
What tho lumber companies request
ed was a reduction of 25 per cent in
tho assessment of all standing tim
ber of tho county. This was not grant
ed, but the board by a vote o ftwo to
one did cut the valuation in the first
four ranges that is for all tho lands
lying cast of this city. In Range 9 a
cut of 10 per cent was made; in Range
10 tho cut was only 5 per cent. Again
in Range 11 there was a reduction of
10 per cent a dnin Hango 12 of 5 per
cent. These reductions bring tho fig
ures bnck exactly where they stood
last year, after the equalization had
been made.
The aggregate reduction these cuts
mako from the total valuation as re
turned by the assessor is just about
A few other changes in' valuation
of other real estate were mado, the
principal one being a cut of 20 per
cent in the figures of the business
property on Front Street, Marshficld,
from Central Avenue north. This
lakes $55,700 off the tax rolls. Some
lots in Hay City were also reduced.
Paul Dimmick, of North Rend, had
been called as a witness to tho pres
ent value of lumber nnd testified to
having mado a largo purehaso at
about $2 per thousand.
Among the representatives of the
lumber companies who nppcared be
fore tho board were George W. Mar
shall for tho WVyerhnuKer taml Com
pany, (Jus Ailelsporger for tho Smith
Powers Interests, nnd C. II. Lint of
Portland, for the Oivgon-Ctilifiirnlii
nillroml. Coqullle Sentinel.
Passed by the
National Board of Good Dressers
Styles for all ages, all tastes
all shapes and every one
bearing the O. K. of
.;.- ..-2. J. O
Endorsed by .good dressers
everywhere. Made for
the (53 out of every 100
men who want to
dress well at a
medium price.
B S3
VI jpilJS
Mil II IHI'I'Mllli'l Mlllll HI' Ml I 1W"II11
" The same price the world over."
When the great American public from Maine to
California puts its stamp of approval on one suit of
clothes it ought to be worthy of your consideration too.
STYLEPLUS CLOTHES $17 have earned this honor.
Unless you intend to pay more than $25 for your
suit or overcoat you can't afford to pass by this
opportunity. The least you can do is to look.
Scientific manufacturing in a big plant on the one quality policy is the reason
why STYLEPLUS looks better and is better than the price. Suits and overcoats
both guaranteed.
Every style, every size.
Specials for young mrn.
Hub Clo. & Shoe Co.
Bandon ' Marshfield Myrtle Point
Humluy Kvhool, 10(00 u, in,
Piihllu Hi-rvlcn, JliOO a, in,
ISvi'iilDK Borvlru, 7(K0 ji, in,
AJJiLWunk Hiin1c, Tliumluy, Trfjij.
AU Hi'" who do iiut wfliJjjii tJstfe
Mrs. .1. C. Slavic is entertaining a
number of her lady friends nt a
card party this afternoon.
Tor Sale Laying liens and P. H.
anil B. L. roosters. East 10th Street
778 or Hox G02, Bandon. 7912.
Dr. II. M. Shaw, eye, ear, nose and
throat specialist, of Marslifield, will
e at Hotel Gallier Thursday, Oct. 15.
Glasses fitted. 78tl
Little Archie Allen, son of Mr.
nd Mrs. Wm. Allen, has been quite
ick the past week, but is reported
letter at this time.
For Sale Pure blooded registered
American Fox Hound puppies. $15.00
each, male or female. Address W. S.
Snyder, Bandon, Oregon. 78t8x
With new shipments of shoes and
gent's furnishings continuously ar
riving, I am now quite endy to please
every man, woman and child, if fine
styles, best qualities and low prices
will do it. Shoo repairing in connec
ton. At O'Con's, opposite Grand
Brown & Gibson
The heading Conlraclors
f and Builders
We furnish plans and speci
fications and il you arc go
ng to build anything, no
matter how large or how
small, we can save yon
money. Let us figure on f
your building
Notice to the Public.
The undersigned linvo taken over
the Hotel Bandon, formerly operated
by E. G. Cassidy, and all bills out
standing against tliffl hotel must bo
presented nt tho Bank of Bandon,
within fivo dnyji from the publica
tion of this notirn.
Put oil at Bandon, Oro Odtobor 11).
Mhriiry NoU',
After Hi" flfli'vnlh of thU iwinlli
I Jin l.lliwry will l ojmiii from tf i
l) it. in. I l Im tivuiiliiu bum, 1 U V, u
UiUHl. Thf JiiWfllfilf JIuhiii Mill I"'
aim towluy Hi Urn mm lmn u-
M. G. POIIL, Optcmetcrist.
Test freo of charge at Sabro's
be baving a savings
account. Save wbat
you can bave an ob
ject in view. Some
day yon will want to
go into business for
YOU your savings
will not only supply
tbe needed money but
will also be a firm
basis for credit and
credit to tbe business
man is of more im
portance tban ready
Open during the noon hour and
Saturday evenings.
We are now offering a Skin Hisurance Policy (hat really protects.
It mini's neatly dune up in .'I nz, hollies and we call II Unit
II is iri'i;ircil by .Mr. AlrCrnry and wt can Hindi fur its cxt'ellriiir.
Malti'H mid kri'px Hie fine mid IiuiuIh mifl mid niiiooIIi, I.iiiIIch should
line liifuri' cuIiij: out In I lit mIiuI or iiflir luivlng IiiiikIk In wimh
'vuilrr. (li-iilJnnt'ii ulioulil u II nfli r hluivlnn.
i '
Bandon Drug Co.
,fribro IliiililuiK
wkui tut lurtUal la mm vAlh m,
18 May 14 ui nam ymr mm um