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! I The Recorder covers the
Bandon field thoroughly I
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Job Printing!
A modern equipped job J
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Portland Capitalists
Are The New
The Coos Hay Harbor says the
Coos Hay Home Telephone Co., with
exchanges in every city in the coun
ty nml lines reaching into Curry coun
ty has 1'i'cn sold to n company of
Portland capitalists. A recent issue
of the Portland Journal states that
local men had formed n company cap
italized for $150,000 for the purpose
Company 'of Coos IJay. It is staled
that there is rd.ont $100,000 worth of
stock issued nml that the price
agreed upon is par, thus it would seem
that the Portland company would
have to pay about that amount for
the exchange and it In presumed that
they would go to work at once to im
prove the system with the remainder
of their $150,000. It is believed that
when the railroad reaches this sec
tion next year that there will be a
great increase In tho telephone busi
ness us the result of the natural In
crease in population.
Rev. Hnberly jif Banlc2..':nkc na
advertised on "Oregon Dry" In tho
church nt this place last Thursday
'evening. Owing to tho stormy weath
er the attendance was not as large as
It otherwise would hnvo been but it
did not deter the speaker from an en
ergetic handling of his subject. Mr.
Haberly is a forceful speaker and lutn
dies the liquor question without
gloves. He proceeded to show that
man Is better off morally, financially
and physically without liquor, and
backed his position up with an impos
ing array of figures, and he also went
on to show that man Is better off spir
Uunlly. The cause of prohibition
would do well to keep such men as
Sir. Hubcrly nctivo between now and
election. I'ort Orford Tribune.
It U stol.-1 that Or. Walter Culln
county health officer, Is going nftcr
tho physlciuns of the county for not
reporting deaths promptly. He state
that tho physicians have been very
derelect and In many Instances have
fulled to report at all. -
The law require that they shall
report pioinptly nil dentil, and In a
number of instances b la recehed
inquiries from foreign consuls In this
country asking about the deaths of
of countrymen and he would have no
record whatsoever.
Dr. Culin is considering taking tho
matter before tho giaml Jury.
Tuesday evening a nuinlwr of the
friend of .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sen
man, who have gone to Toledo to make
their home, gave them a fervwell sur
prUe party. About fifteen erwn
were present, ami u very pteusnnt ev
ening was paused. Mr. .Seaman has
len head filer at the Gen. W. Moore
Mill and goc to Toledo to take a
uilur position with the mill recent
1 bought by the Moore at that
pUre. The lt wishes of a large
rirel of frlrndt will follow them to
their new homo.
Business Men Get
Behind Local
Articles of incorporation with El
bert Dyer, J. Ira Sidwell, A. F. Der
ringer us incorporators, have been
drnwn up and will be filed in a few
days for the building and operating
of the Bandon Steam Laundry, which
was destroyed by fire last spring.
The plan is to put up n building nt
once on the site of tho former one and
get it in operation us soon as possible.
Mr. Derringer went to San Francisco
some time ago and arranged for the
machinery so thai it will be all ready
for Installation as soon as the build
ing is completed. The new laundry
will have a larger capacity than the
old one and will be abc to turn out
considerably more work. Tho capi
tal stock is $5,000 fully paiil up.
A. G. Erickson and Harry Wnlker
have secured the contract for driving
tho piling for tho foundation for the
Lnird-Lowc building and will start
the work soon. This building is to bo
a two story concrete structure and will
havo over 5000 sqaro feet, of floorj
Bjiacc. It will be irregular in dimen
sions on the outside, but will have
four good store rooms on tho first
Lets Contract
For Pile Driving
Cnpt. Robert Johnson has let tho
contract for driving tho piling for the
foundation fur Ids building on First
Street. The building is to be 45x00,
and of re-inforced concrete. Cnpt.
Johnson has not decided whether he
will build ono or two stories yet, but
t will probably be a two story struc
ture. He is going to put the build
ing up by day's work instead of let
ting it by contract und Ira Zch is to
have charge of the wtk as foreman.
A. G. Erickson and Harry Walker
have tho contract for driving the pll
ng and will begin ns soon ns they
tan get the piling anil driver on tho
ground, which will probably bo next
A New Feature In order to supply
the demand for new fiction, tho Ban
don Public Library has just Installed
tho "Ten Cent Shelf system. We
are leginning with six of the newest
lxoks, as follows "The Eyes of the
World," "The Port of Adventure."
"Barnabettn," "Nancy the Joyous,"
"Cross Trails," and "Our Mr. Wrenn."
Theae aro "seven day" books and we
ehargo ten cents for eurh reading.
As soon as a book has earned one
dollar und forty cents it goes on the
free shelf. Each mouth this rental
money Is to bo used to purchase more
NEW hooks. This system is In use
tn many libraries and we trust it will
prove popular lien'.
ilev. Knight anounres that his sub
ject next .Sunday morning will U
"Home." Circulars furnished by the
Social Hygiene Society will be given
out to any who desire them.
The Presbytery of Coos Bay met
in the First Presbyterian church of
Bandon Tuesday, and the following
officers were elected or continued: Rev
A. Haberly, Moderator; Rev. Jno. W.
Hoyt, stated clerk; Rev. J. F. Ver
non, Permanent Clerk. Standing
rules were adopted for governing the
body and the permanent and stand
ing committees were elected. Rev.
' S Shiimin nt") l?v .Inn W Hov
gave splendid addresses at the pop
ular meeting on Tuesday evening.
The church at Bandon was reccom
mended to the Board of Church Erec
tion for a grant of $2,000. The Homo
Mission Committee is organized, and
will act for tho Presbytery in the
matter of securing aid from the Home
Mission Board at New York, to assist
Home Mission churches toward the
salary of tho ministers. All churches
oxcept Marshfleld are thus aided.
Rev. J. F. Vernon, tho chairman of j
the Home Mission Committee, wasj
delegated to represent this Presby
The Treadgold and Walker families
held a beach picnic at the lagoon on
the north side of the river Sunday.
Cnpt. Johnson and wife of tho life
saving station were also present.
Thcro will Iws no meeting of the
Commercial Club tonight, but there
will be a regular meeting next Fri
day night, October 2nd, at which time
all members arc urged to lie present.
Born, Thursday, Sept. 21, 1014, to
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thos. F. Hnggerty, a
QVi pound girl.
Mr. Martin, representing tho North
western Life Insurance Co. of Mil
waukee, has arrived in Bandon and
will make this city his home. He will
have charge of the Southern Coos
und Curry county territory for his
The Central school nt Marshfleld
has .been temporarily closed on ac
count of nn epidemic of scnrlot fever
and dipthcria. It is said that there
ire no serious cases but it was
thought best to close tho school a short
tinio ns a precaution.
M. E. Treadgold received papers of
appointment as United States Land
Commissioner for this section yester
day and subscribed to them the same
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Trowbridc, Mrs.
W. E. Craine and Miss Helen Whit
ford went to -Myrtle Point today in
tho Trowbridge auto und will tako in
the fair .
Tho Elizabeth left San Francisco
for Bandon yesterday and will prob
ably arrive hero alout Saturday and
sail again Sunday or Monday.
Earl Wntkins left yesterday to en
ter the N. P. D. C. at Portland where
he is taking a course in pharmacy.
He has also taken a position in a
Portland drug storo and will work
out of school hours.
E. B. Thrift received a now gasoline
engine on the Tillamook and took it
out to his dairy ranch near Lnnglola.
Mist Nettle Gibson and niece, Miss
Junctto Thrift aro in Bandon calling
on friends.
E, K. Oakes returned yesterday
from a two day's buaines trip to
Marshfleld. He reports conditions nt
Leintr lively In that city,
Brief Local News
tery at a conference with Rev. Dr.
Fullerton of the Home Mission Board
nt Portland October 9th.
Rev. A. Haberly was elected dele
gate to the General Assembly which
meets in Rochester, N. Y., next May,
Rev; Jno. Hoyt is alternate. Elder
A. McNalr was elected as the lay del
egate and Elder E. Marsh as alter
nate. The General Assembly is the
highest court of the Presbyterian
Church, and meets annually in some
large city.
Marshfleld was represented at tho
Presbytery by Senator I. S. Smith,
Myrtle Point by Elder A. W. Jones,
Bandon by S. D. Barrows, and Co
quillo sent Mrs. C. R. Barrows to pre
sent the condition of the church nt
Coquille for Presbytery guidance.
Tho ladies of the Bandon ehurch
served a fine lunch to tho delegates
in the church parlors Thursday noon.
Tho Presbytery adjourned to meet
at North Bend the 2nd Wednesday in
April, 1015.
Jack Cook left Wednesday for Spo
kane to visit with his children who
nro living with their grandparents
and will probably bring them back
with him.
II. F. Morrison drove up to the.
Myrtle Point fair today in his Studc
bakcr. He was accompanied by El
bert Dyer, Misses Ruth Reynolds,
Tressie Mnncict and Miss Simpson.
The Speedwell sailed yesterday af
ternoon for Coos Bay with a miscel
laneous load of piling, ties nnd lum
ber. She will sail from Coos Bay
for San Pedro Saturday.
Attorney G. T. treadgold is at Sa
lem this week where he has some
cases before the Supreme Court.
Mrs. C. R. Barrow of Coquille was
in Bandon Wednesday and Thursday
as a delegate to the Coos Bay Pres
bytery, which was held In this city on
those dntcs.
Attorney Geo. P. Topping was at
the county seat n couple of days this
week attending to court matters.
II. E. Folsom of the Bradley Can
dy company of Coos Bay, came over
yesterday to call on his customers
Walter Pomp, representing tho
Agricultural Insurance Co., and E. C.
Morgan representing the Providence
Washington Insurance Co. were in the
city Wednesday looking after business
in connection with their companies.
The new plate glass, for the Hub
store, to take the place of the one
blown out in the recent storm, was
put in place yesterday.
C. S. McCulloch, the Republican
candidate for county surveyor, left
this morning for the Myrtle Point
fair and will take advantage of the
opportunity to meet n lot of Hie vot
ers of tho county.
Elbert Dyer, Democratic nominee
for County Comt.iissioncr, went to
Myrtle Point tenia y to take In the fair
and will look ufter the Interests of
hi campaign among the voters of
the county who are there. i
Mrs. W. J. Sweet left this morn
ing for Norway, this county, where
she will visit relatives for a few days.
She will alto take In the Myrtle
Point fair while away,
Fishermen Are All
Making Good
There has been n good run of sal
mon in tho river the past three days.
The gill ncttcrs nrc all making good
catches ns well us tho drag seines.
On Tuesday tho Coquille River Co-
Operative Canning Co., look in 2000
fish, Wednesday they received 2100
and Thursday 2000. The Prosper
Canning co. also had big icceipts each
of these days. F. A. Ilolman has
been getting from 200 to .100 n day in
his seine, and tho pttrso seino went
out over the ba yesterday nnd made
n couple of casts getting nbout 40 or
50 fish.
Tho present indication is that thcro
will be one of the best runs this year
that has boon in this rver for a mini
her of years.
The Bandon Constructon Co. has a
big scow loaded with lumber, cement
and other material which they aro
waiting to tako to Chctco for uso on
their big bridge contract as soon as
tho woathor conditions will permit.
l in new try t Mtj!r n smooth
water as possible- outside beforo it is
safe to venture to sea with n scow.
Tho tug Klikyam will tow tho scow
Heaviest Rainfall
For Ten Years
Cnptnin O. Wiren, co-operative ob
server, told tho Recorder this morning
that tho rainfall in September had
been tho heaviest for this month in
ten years. The average rainfall for
September has been 2.02 inches for
ten years, nnd the heaviest in that
time prior to this year was 4.21 in
ches. Up to this date the rainfall
for September has been nearly eight
inches or almost double that of any
previous September in ten years, nnd
as wo have several days yet in this
month thcro is a chance yet for tho
previous record to bo more than dou
bled. REV. W. B. SMITH
Rev. W. B. Smith, pastor of the M.
E. Church South, has just returned
from the conference which was held
at Tangent, Ore., nnd will bo pastor
of the local church for another year.
The first sendee for the conference
year will be held noxt Sunday.
Rev. Smith informed Tho Recorder
that Rev Thomas, who was pastor at
Coquille last year, will go to Mod
ford, and Rev. W. E. Wnlbeek come
to Coquille. Rev. W. M. Anderson,
pastor at Myrtle, Point, last year was
returned to the same church again.
Benjamin Ostlind, architect, will be
over from Marshfleld Mondoy with tho
completed plans for tho new Biggs
Buckingham building after which bids
for the contract will bo called for at
once nnd the work of construction
will begin al-out Oetol-or 10th. A. G.
Erickson and Harry Walker will drive
tho piling for tho foundaton.
C. J. Doylo was up from Weddcr-
burn on business Wednesday,
A. Ellingson Tells
of Leggett Wreck
Arthur Ellingson of Coquille, and
proprietor of the Bandon undertak
ing parlors, was In tho city yesterday
nnd informed Tho Recorder that he
was nt Gardiner and helped to em
balm nnd prepare tho bodies brought
in there by tho Tillamook from tho
Leggett wreck.
Mr. Ellingson says there were 3
men and one woman. Tho woman was
about 22 to 25 years old and from ar
ticles found on her person it was
thought her nnme was Parks. She
had on several rings, ono probably a
wedding ring with the engraving F.
J. to J. P. 8-24-12. Thcro was also a
diamond ring nnd gold locket and
chain, with a dinmond setting in the
locket. There were no marks at all
on the woman and only .few on the
Tho bodies of the men were also
searched. Tho first one revealed a
small watch, $3.00 in silver tied in a
handkerchief, and in a pocket book was
tho name Harry C. Chesley, J. B. Co.
R. 57, pier 0, Seattle. He was prob
ably a member of the crew,
The se"ond body cxamined'itlsclot-
cd n bank look on the First Nation
al Bank of Seattle in tho name of H.
F. Davis. A diamond ring and $1GG
in cash wore also on tho body.
The last body had on a button of
the order of Railroad Engineers nnd
letters addressed to Wm. Walker, 720
Spruce Street, Seattle, and several
receipts bearing tho same name. The
man had $59.35 in cash in his pockets.
These were tho only means of I-
dentificntion found on the bodies, but
Mr. Ellingson says all the bodies were
in sufficient state of preservation so
they could be identified by friends or
relatives if seen, and it is probable
that they will be held until such time
as persons knownig they had friends
on the Leggett can be heard from.
Spruce Valley.
Henry Neal is enlarging his house
by raising tho roof and making it two
stories high.
Mrs. W, M. Griffin and two sons,
Norman nnd Claude, aro sick with the
Mrs. Jess Bright Is recovering
from an nttack of the measles, but
their little daughter is now sick with
the same disease.
The Packnrd stage to Johnson's
mill is now running so as to accom
modate tho school children who at
tend tho Bandon schools from this
Mrs. John Wclbns has been ill with
lagrippo for iome time but is better
Mr. Welbas has built an addition
to his house, adding a kitchen and
store room. He also put a new floor
over tho entire house.
Tho S. 8. Shield family, who have
been afflicted with tho measles are
all better except Ray, tho youngest.
who has just taken them.
The Johnson Mill Co., lost a valu
able horco Saturday. The animal was
thrown Into the river by the upset
ting of a truck load of lumbar.
Mrs. M. I'. Walker hat returned
home after a two months visit with
friends at Port Orford and in Del
Norte County, California,