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City Hall
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The Recorder covers the
Job Printing!
A modern equipped job
department in connection
X Bandon field thoroughly
Historic! Socltty
Saloon Men Found Guilty in
Municipal Court.
In the case of the City of Bandon
vs. Joseph W. Coach for giving li
quor to minors, which was tried in
municipal court last Saturday, Coach
was found guilty and fined $200.00
and costs by Municipal Judge Kaus
rod. John, Herron, who was tried
later on tho samo charge, was given
a fine of $50 and costs. These two
wen aro operating the Club saloon
and now claim that thoy will appeal
the cases to tho Superior court. Should
they do this is is probable that the city
council will revoke their license at
once, as they have the right to at any
time it is shown that a saloon is not
being conducted according to tho or
dinance governing saloons.
City Attorney Tcradgold says ho
will sco to it that tho law and the or
dinaneo aro enforced and that any
saloon caught 'violating them will be,
dealt with accordngly.
A number of the councilmen have
stated that thoy will stand back of
him, and unless tho law is complied
with 'there will be something doing.
N. J. Crain of the Red Crain Drug
Company, and Wnlter S. Wells, of
the Orange Pharmacy, wero at Co
quillo yesterday where the druggists
of the county met and organized a
Coos County Retail Druggists Asso
ciation, with all tho drug stores in the
county except two or tlireo represent
ed, and it is understood that these
will como in also.
Tho object of the association is to
promoto good fellowship and the gen
eral welfare of the drug business in
tho county.
The meeting was held at the Ko
kcol Klub rooms and a very pleasant
and profitable sosio.ii is reported.
Tho officers elected wero: M. E.
Everotte, North Rend, president; R.
S. Knowlton, Coquillc, vice president;
C. J. Fuhrman, Coquillc, secretary;
J. V. Brown, Marshfield, treasurer.
W. R. C. Events.
OurVntional Aid, Mrs. J. A. Faulds,
was at the Hay, also Coquillc and
Myrtle Point, nearly all last week
working for tho order. Sho met the
Stato Deputy Inspector of V. R. C,
Mrs. Cora McRrido of Portland, who
camo on the Rreakwatcr Tuesday, and
togelhor they secured no worganiza
tions of W. R. C. at Mnrshfiold and
Myrtle Point.
Mrs. McBrido visited Bandon Sat
unlay inspecting tho local corps hero,
and the lunch given in her honor wan
combined witli u farewell given to
Mr. and Mrs. A. M, Sumner, who nru
about to take u trip to California to
upend tho winter.
This orruslon wus mudo inomor.
ubo by (ho patriotic toukt und will
Jontr Iid ri'iiu'iiiltorod ly 11IJ,
II. A. , Vrm Oar.
Bandon Mill Will Not Move
To Toledo.
Since the Geo. W. Moore Lumber
"Company of thisc ity has taken over
tho Toledo Lumber Company's mill
at Toledo there has been much spot
ulation as to what would be done with
the Bandon mill. Numerous wild ru
mors have been circulated as to its
having been sold to other parties,
that it was goin to bo dismantled and
moved to Toledo, etc., such reports
even appearing in the Portland pa
pers. In conversation with Mr. Geo.
W. Moore, a representative of Tho
Recorder was informed that there
was nothing to any of tho rumors
and the fact that tho cmopany had
taken over tho Tolcao mill would
have no effect on the Bandon mill
whatsoever. The mill at Toledo has
a capacity of about 75,000 feet a day
ind Mr.- Mooro says there is no oc
casion for. increasing its capacity at
present, as it is amply able to cut
all the lumber that is required at pres
ent. Mr. Moore stated that just as soon
as tho lumber market picked up suffi
ciently to justify it the Bandon mill
would start up again and bo oper
ated as before. He has an option on
lpenty of timber to keep the mill op
srating for a number of years and
this wlil be procured and operations
started as soon as operations can bo
comenecd at a profit.
With this fact jn view all who have
been so fearful of tho mill moving
away, or shutting down permanently
may rest easy. As an indication of
the real condition of the lumber mar
kot it is stated that there are 117
mills between tho Rocky mountains
und tho Pacific ocenn, and of thse
13 arc nhut down, 10 aro running oc
part timo and 58 on fu'l tuno. It will
thus ! Feen that loss thin half of
tho lumber mills aru running full
time. It is not expected tl-nt this con
dition will lost long ans as soon as
the market becomes noltcr 3omo of
tho mills will start up ami tho Mooro
mill will bo among thu first ones, aa
there is no better plant on tho cou3l
and none that can operate moro eco
nomically. INSTITUTE V. R. C. CORPS
After inspecting the local Women's
Relief Corps here Saturday, Mrs. Mc
Bride, head officer of tho W. R. C. in
this state, was accompanied to Myr
tle Point Sunday by Mrs. C. B. Zeek
of Bandon and tho members of tho
Coquillc W. R. C, whero sho insti
tuted Col. Jewel Corps, No. ,10, with
a lnrgo membership, The officers of
this corps will bo Installed Friday by
Mrs. Strang of Coquillc.
Mrs. McUrido also organized link
er Corps No, 11 ut Murshfluld lust
wiwk. This makes four good Jlvo
Carps for Coos county. Mr. Lundy
mi vary Wnd to thu nrguniitullon ut
UM jiluw ut!l H"V" thorn llio (iw
mat lihkuti far ihm month, Thu
flerjw lm U ill )ih)-Ji(iw)m und
liW mm Id ila mmr h v(hkh li
Late War Bulletins
(By Long Distance Telephone from
the Coos Bay Times)
Paris, Sept. 8 The French claim
that the Germans have been defeated
around Paris.
Washington, Sept. 8 President
Wilson has set aside October 4th as a
day of prayer for peace in Europe.
Rome, Sept. 8 Tho Tribune claims
that 250,000 Russian troops have
been landed in France.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 8 The Rus
sians claim a victory over tho Aus
trians at Nicolaics and Nikelajow in
Berlin, Sept. 8 The Germans are
claiming that tho Austrians have d-o
feated the Russians on the east boun
dary of Prussia.
London, Sept. 8 An agreement
has been reached by tho Belgian and
Russian governments that tho Bel
gian reserves were to attach them
selves to the Russian army. This
Two masked bandits robbed the sa- in the saloon wore Tom Edgar, J. C.
loon at Empire belonging to Tom
Edgar, last night. Thero were six
men in the saloon at tho timo an
the bandits secured $921 from the
bunch and tho saloon till. Tho men
Tho twelfth installment of tho in
teresting serial "Lucillo Love" will
bo shown at tho Grand theatre Wed
nesday, Sept. 9th.
Tho story of this part Is as follows:
"True it is that Lucille has regain
ed possession of the priceless docu
ments still she is in a more danger
ous position than over before. She
again finds herself in the power of
Hugo Loubequo in his San Francisco
house. Her position is especially dan
gerous because Loubeque is now tired
of tho extreme bother she has caused
him. She realizes that ho is now in
deadly earnest and when ho demands
teh return of the papers she prompt
l yhands them to him in fright and
misgiving. A fortunate incident to
dvert Loubequc's angor occurs when
Tompson enters tho room. Lucillo
accuses him of stealing her jewels,
and to provo it takes the stolen jowels
from his pocket. Loubequc's pent up
fury then breaks out on the butler.
Thes py knocks the man down and
strangles him into insensibility. While
Lucillo s watng for her fate to be de
eded she looks out of tho window nnd
there sees Lieutenant Gibson, tho
man she loves, and who is in tho sama
predicament as her father in that
both will bo dishonored unless tho
documents aro recovered from Lou
bequc. Lieutenant Gibson lias track
ed Lucillo to this house. Howovor
Loubeque sees Gibson almost as quick
as doos Lurillo und ho ut onto gives
orders to his men to got ready to meol
tlio Mttuck. Gibson Is just us quick
us thu spy, however, und liufora (ho
Dion In lliu houso urn leudy Gfhsoii
bnnU down ho door und lagl"
flgnllnr in Hut rorldors und upon l ho
Mulifc Tio my mMits ihul hU
would seem to confirm tho report
that the Russians had landed in
London, Sept. 8 The - Africnn
World claims that Emporer Francis
Josef of Austria died 12 days ago.
The information was received from
a reliable source and it is claimed the
news was suppressed because of the
situation in tho interior of Austria.
Bordeaux, Sept. 8 Tho Italians
are expected to join against Ger
many and Austria. The strained re
lations between Italy and her' former
allies has been greatly aggrivated
during the last three days and public
opinion in Italy is becoming insistent
for tho dcclaraton of war in support
of Great Britian and Franco.
Paris, Sept. 8 It is unofficially
anounccd here that tho Germans east
of tho city have asked for an armis
tice to bury their dead and caro for
their wounded. It is understood that
tho request will not bo granted.
Jennings, Tom Jennings, Fred Trot
ter, L. Jennings and Coy Ellison.
Tho robbers shot twice at Edgar.
They made their getaway and up to
this evening -there has been no trace
of them found.
Lucille with them. In covering the
retreat of his men Loubeque is cor
nered by Gibson, who holds him up
at the point of a pistol. Loubeque
holds up his hands and leans against
a door, which revolves and tho spy
disappears. He escapes with Lu
cille in an automobile and return to
Loubequc's Mexican ranch. After
their arrival Thompson, still smart
ing under the beating given him by
Loubeque takes the chauffeur nto his
confidence, nnd between them they
plan to liberate Lucille and escape
themselves in Loubequo's automobile.
They decide that night at thet hird
hoot of an owl they will make their
start. Loubeque becomes suspisious
and pretending to go to sleep he
watchos the three people out of the
corner of his eye. Tho hoot owl sig
nals twice, and everything is in read
iness to escape, when Loubeque jumps
up and graples with Thompson. As
they aro fighting tho spy drops the
documents, and Lucille picks them up
gives tho third signal herself and
jumps into tho automobile which
speeds away. After overpowering
Thompson, Loubequo dashes to the
front of the house just in time to sec
Lucillo being whisked away in his
automoble. He calls his men togeth
er, and mounting their horses they
igvo chase
Tho Speedwell arrived Sunday with
a" small corga of freight und tho fol
lowing passengers: Miss L. J. Hub
burd, Miss Muymo Hubbard, Miss
lltilen Hoaglunil, Miss Anna Houg.
lund, Mrs, Geo, L. Messlck, 8. T. Gar'
lylf, Mrs, Morrison, I), II. Munii,
Mrs Horry, (J. W. Ilrown, wlfo und
tliild, Mr. (Wllrk und wire, a A.
Aym id nlfo ,
Fish Coming- in Faster Than
Ever Before.
Tho run of Chinook salmon in tho
Coquillc raver this fall has been bet
ter than for any previous season in a
long time. Yesterday tho Coquillc
River Co-operative Canning Company
put up 150 cases of Chinook and will
have about the same pack tomorrow.
This is far in advance of any pre
vious season at this timo of the year.
With tho weather conditions settling
tho deep sea fishing will also begin
and it is probable that the run of
silvcrsides will begin in a short time.
Sam Ness, proprietor of tho Pros
per cannery arrived yesterday from
Astoria with his crow and will start
operations nt once. Present indica
tions are that this will be one of the
best fishing seasons in the history of
the Coquillc river.
Salem Tho State of Oregon, as a
political corporation, Oswald West,
as Governor, and A. M. Crawford, as
Attorney General thereof, .arc made
defendants with the Southern Oregon
Company, a corporation, successor to
the Coos Bay Wagon Road Company,
in a suit filed in tho United States
District Court by T. S. Minot, n San
Francisco attorney, representing 158
claimants to quarter sections of tim
ber land in Coos county, now held by
the Southern Oregon Company.
The bill of complaints alleges non
compliance in tho execution of the
terms of tho land grant made first to
tho Stato of Oregon by Congress in
1809, on condition that a military wa
gon road bo constructed from tho nav
igable waters of Coos Bay to Roso-
burg, in Douglas county. This grant
was made on condition that tho lands
"should bo sold to one person only in
quaptities not greater than one-quar
ter section for a price not exceeding
$2.50 a nacre.1'
Tho 158 claimants named in tho
bill of complaint offer to pay into
court $2.50 an aero for the lands they
claim, and further offer to reimburse
tho Southern Oregon Company for all
sums rightfully expended by it as
trustee, with offsets for "all timber
unlawfully removed and- all lands
fraudulently sold to other parties."
Tho work of laying water pipes
and sewer pipos on First Street was
temporarily stopped by tho rains but
with a day or two of clear weather
thow ork will bo commenced again.
Tho Bandon arrived Saturday night
with 1C0 tons of freight and sailed
uguin Sunday for Toledo whero she
will lake on loud of lumber from
tho Goo. W. Meoro mill ut thut place.
Mrs. Q. II. MMa!r ruUmmi on iho
JBlutbUi U4y (mm Uhkth, Gullf.,
wfcitt st h4 imm vmiig liur m-
mlM, Mr. M Mr. A- i WmUJ. tor
J' J'. lldUt Hi HitfUktU m i
Is Thrown From Horse and
Miss Kathlyn Torres, who lives
about four miles this side of Coquille,
met with a terrible acdent early last
Sunday mornng.
She was coming homo from a bas
ket social on horseback and when
sho was nearly homo her horso bo
camo frightened, throwing the young
lady off and dragging her about a
quarter of a mile when sho somehow
was jerked loose. She lay in the road
n an unconscious state until 7 o'clock
n the morning when she was found by
Mr. Young of Pike's logging camp,
woh happened by at that timo.
Tho fact that sho had not reached
home did not alarm her folks as they
tlipposed sho had stopped over night
at S. W. Olsen's place and that she
would come home in tho morning.
Consequently thoy knew nothing of
the accident until they wore notified
about eight o'clock Sunday morning.
The young lady has a bad gash in
her head whero sho evidently struck
a log by tho side of tho road and is
otherwise badly bruised up. Up to
last night sho had not regained con
sciousness and it was feared that her
injuries might provo fatal.
Tho following arc the law suits be
gun in the Circuit court of Coos
county durng tho past week:
Aug. 2G John G. Jeffreys vs. I. T.
Weekly and Q. V. Weekly.
Sept. 1 William O. Olson vs. Gor
don C. Gill and Vcnuo Gill.
Sept. 1 Alonzo A. Schriefor and
Millie Schiefer vs. Thomas Barklow,
Ann E. Barklow, Manly Barklow,
Nannie Barklow, J. D. Barklow, Sar
ah Barklow ct al. Suit in equity to
quiet title.
Sept. 1 Herbert A. Standish yb.
same defendant ufe in case abovo. Suit
in equity to quiet titlo.
Sept. 1 Agnes Collins and Frank
lin A. Collins vs. samo defendants as
above. Suit in equity to quiet title.
Sept. 1 Frank A. Piorson and Cla
ra A. Pierson vs. samo defendants.
Suit in equity to quiet title.
Sept. 1 Willametto Pacific Rail
road vs. Southern Oregon Company.
Sept. 2 W. C. Laird vs. P. M. Hall-
Sept. 2 Frank Timmons vs. Edna
Timmons. Suit for divorce.
Sept. 3 Z. T. Johnson, executor of
tho estate of Job. II. Matheny deceas
ed, vs. T. G. Sumerlln, E. C. Sumer
lln, M. P. Sumerlln and Sumerlln.
Sept. 8 Samo plaintiff vs. Moses
Endicott. Coquille Sentinel.
Tho houso occupied by ii, L. Trucy,
on tho old county mud between Hun.
und Oregon uvonuos, cuught flro
through soma unknown cuuso esrly
Monday morning uwl ronsldursblo
iJiiiiukii wm dono to th Interior. Tim
lo Imyt ut rived on lliu mm In (line
l fWt thu fiulliUng,