Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, July 10, 1914, Image 6

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ly one more day, jn which to take advantage of the great money saving bargains
offered yon at this extraordinary event. We are determined that all our damaged
goods must be' removed from cur shelves and are making the prices accordingly.
In addition we - are giving a libera! discount on all staple goods, which means a saving
to you on your every day purchases. All we ask is that you pay cash to help us out.
We still have a large stock of
shoes all of which are cut way
.down in price. Two large binsful
at half price. Here's a chance
i to save.
One of the largest assortments
of hats, style and service con
sidered, placed on sale regardless
of whether damaged or not at
half price.
Our. fine new line of up-to-date
sweaters an all year round com
modityin coats and ruff necks,
at 20 percent discount.
Rare Bargains Offered You in Every Department of the Store
Your Last Opportunity
Dependable Merchandise
Don't Overlook It. !
TO I Pis
. coaiK ubfo m: the voters
Salem, prr.,- -c.,on vtcrs will bo
required to vol ' on twenty-nine gen
eral measures .'vi two local ut the
comin;? election in November, the in
itiate! s of thit :umlur having qual
ified !y filing i;ii;utt!(l petitions.
Thii i less thai. tin. number voted on
t the general ' i mi of 1912, there
being at that o ih'i 'y-eight gen
era) meureH i. , ' -en lo-,il.
The initiator!
considered the .
urn failed to
Boturuo, Jr., W
petition for I
to prohibit pai l
tionij u did G- t
measure to en .
to Vamose from :
nejrs, aiiritr a
Attorae; Gencr,
' . 'in' of what were
' i 'i liniment meas
., i iif., . Jonathan
' i lie completed
t'i'i)iosid measure,
mentation of poti-
r West for his
it the Governor
! .i i district attor
I constables, etc.
A. M. Crawford's
two measures also went the way of
those which had not sufficient sign
ers to qualify. The bill initiated by
the Oregon Manufacturers associa
tion providing for a 5 per cent dif
ferential in favor of Oregon inanu
factured products on public contracts
was another of those for which com
pleted filings wero not made.
The qualifying measures which will
be voted on at the November clcc
tion aro as follows:
To abolish the State Senate.
For proportional Representation.
Oregon Dry Constitutional- amend
Abolishment of Death Penalty for
Crime in Oregon.
To Establish Department of Indus-
rtrv and Public Works.
Consolidation of the Office of Cor
poration Commissioner with that of
State Insuranco Commissioner.
Abolishing ollice of State Engineer
and Desert Land Board.
Equalizing Terms of County Offi
cers. Fixing Compensation of County Of
ficers of Hood Uiver County
Law to Provide for Commission to
Draft Tax Code.
To Itoquiro a Two-Thirds Vote to
Enact Unequal Taxation Amendment
Supplementary Primary Act.
To itogulato tho Practico of Den
Woman's Wage and Eight Hour taw
$1500 Tax Exemptions on Homes,
Personal Property, Livestock, etc.
BfMffWH 'HI HllliMIHIM ' ii 'J. L .
ilwniM he isvuvh worn by those born in July. We
a i a fu I asMMtmeiU of these stones in Mock with
I Mi.atutiiijs ti tit or have them net in your own jewelry.
$2 50 per carat and up
W. Jiun. Mgr.
Amendment Providing for' Non
partisan Judiciary.
. Tidal Land Constitntional Amend
ment. Law Authorizing Cities to Con
struct Public Docks.
Referred Bills.
Referred by the last legislature:
Amendment to Require Voters to
bo Citizens of the Uuitcd States in
all Elections Unless Otherwise Pro
vided for in the Constitution.
To Create Office of Lieutenant
Governor to Act as Governor and as
President of the Senate.
T Provide for the Consilidation of
County and City When County Coun
ty Contains a City of Over 100,000
To Enable the State to Incur In
debtedness for Road Building, etc.,
Not to Exceed a total of Four Per
Cent of the Assessed Valuation.
Taxation Amendment Omitting the
Requirement That all Taxation Shall
lie Equal and Uniform and Providing
for Levy, etc., and Prohil iting the
Surrender of the Taxing Power
Amendment Changing tho Exist
ing Rule for Equality of Taxation,
Authorizing tho Levy of Taxes as
Proscribed by tiic General Laws, the
Imposition of Special Taxes, etc.
Bill for an Act to Levy i Tax of
1-10 mill on all Property for the Con
struction and Support of a Normal
School at Ashland.
Amendment to Add a Section Au
thorizing a Law to Enable a Town
to be Merged .with another Town.
Bill for an Act Creating a Tax Levy
of 1-10 mill for tho Construction and
Support .of a Normal School at Wes
ton in Eastern Oregon.
Providing for tho Compensation of
MemberA of the Legislature to bo ?5
a Day with 10c Mileage
garb of gray and after escpaing from
Sheriff Gage he traded off his trous
ers for a pair of overalls to a hobo
he met near Oakland. For this of
fense, Vaughn was given tho 20 days
on the rock pile. Vaughn says he did
not proposoto wear prison garb when
trying to get away. After being re
captured Vaughn looked on the affair
in a philosophical way, saying he
wanted to get away to so his family
and said no one could blame him for
attempting to escape. Vaugh told
Sheriff Gage and Condron he consid
ered hi.nself mighty lucky to be alive
as tho deputy fired at him at short
range and had his aim been directed
towards him he surely would have
been slain. This was when the hobo
ho sent out to rustle a meal for him
returned with the officer. In discuss
ing his attempt to escape Vaughn
said tho officers would have had a dif
ficult time catching him if ho had
been successful in getting only one
meal. He had been through the
brush for ten or tyvclvo miles and hib
clothing was nearly all torn to xhrcds
Vaughn did not follow tho roads, and
fell in with tho hobos when ho got
m the vicinity of Oakland.
Mnrshfiold Record: Sheriff W. W.
Gage and Walter Condron have re
turned from their trin to Knlom In
charge of the quartette of prisoners
and reached Coon county lust even
ing y way of Itovclmrg and Myrtle
Point. Mr Hugo Mopped in Coijulllo
und Mr. Comlnm emtio lioinu to Mandi
fluid. Mr. Condron u) Frank
VhdkIiii, who dkcujiwI from Hlmrlir
(Jauu. not mi (klru done nf hard work
tdng rwUirnwl In (lie jieiilUeiitlu ry
u w I'ui hu iw iw win for W
We need hot o so far baek as the
eighteenth century to li ml Englishmen
who held Unit shaving win "agon "d
and nature." In the nineteenth. James
Ward, It. A.. In a "Defense of the
Heard," set forth eighteen reasons for
retaining It, mainly Scriptural, re-eu-forced
by artistic consIderaUons.
"What would n Jupiter bo wlUiout a
board?" As Into as 1SC0 Thclogos pub
lished a treaUso entitled "Shaving A
Breach of tho Sabbath and a Hindrance
to tho Spread of tho Gospel." Ou'o of
bis points wan that "Providence had
manifestly designed the beard as a pro
tection for tho throat and chest." But
what about tho woinnn'a throat?
Nowhere wan there more prejudice
centuries ago aguliiNt beards than at
tho inns of court. The "black books"
of tho Inns tell us how offenders were
lined for wearing hoards, ami homo
times wero even coinpulorlly shaved
by order of court. And the prejudice
ugulimt tin) bearded barrister Will
linger. Vice Chuiicellor liucoii curried
hi dUII lie to bundled or inukluclied
bunUti'i to fur Ihut ha always rcfus.
iJ o bear (hem ICveu now (hem nrp
nry few lending roiinoel with Mrd.
and I run ("member only one uindmvH
burrUlur of iho yitaii vmUnwv, iUu
Is lo JmiIhIi I'Jtllj" Hunjuiulii, f ii
Wlw iujikuhsJ Pmimiii, who r
Ladies and Gents
Tailor Made Suits
The American Woolen Mills have opened
up for business four doors east of the Tele
phone Office, and will offer some good in
ducements for the next ten days. We make
up your own materials for you. We car
ry some exclusive patterns. Come in and
make your selections before they are pick
We are now closing out all odd pairs and lots in
ludicH, childraiH and mens .shoes, Come in and
we If you can find nnylJiinjr. lo wuil and vu will
inahu Hu; price fif your pochcUhoolt.
Jump i mm ai u wUmm Id lii"
mm mm qv w mw m pirn