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Petition Presented Asking Council t
Build City Dock at Foot
Chicago 4A venue.
The City Council mot in regular
cession at the city hall Wednesday
night with Mayor Mast in the chair
and all Councilmen present.
After reading the minutes the
Council proceeded, to the regular rou
tine of business.
An ordinance appropriating $200
for the maintenance of the Bandon
Public Library was read and placer'
on its final passage as read.
An ordinance adopting the plat of
the city engineer on the opening of
Seventh Street West from its inter
section with Oregon Avenue to its
intersection with Jackson Avenue
was read and ndoptcd.
An ordinance declaring the assess-.
ments on June Avenue in Bandon
Heights was read and plnccd on He
final passage by a unanimous vote
of the Council.
An ordinance declaring the assess
ment of Seventh Street West from
the enst line of Jnckson Avenue to
the west lino of Jackson Avenue in
West Bandon was read and duly
An ordinance declaring the assess
ment for the cost of the improvement
of 'Jnckson Avenue from its intersec
tion with Ocean Drive to the city
limits was read and placed on it?
final passage, excepting the emer
gency clause.
An ordinance declaring the assess
ment of First Street North from its
intersection with Harlem Avenue to
its intersection with June Avenuo.
was read and adopted by a unani
mous vote.
The report of the City Engineer on
the widening of First Street from
Elmira Avenuo to Fillmore Avenue
was read and placed upon its final
The question of the purchase of
tho Bandon water works was brought
up but nothing definite was done.
A motion was mado to rcviso the
city charter so as to allow tho city
to do their own street work after
having advertised for bids, if tho bids
are considered too high.
Geo. P. Laird asked that something
be done whereby he might get at
least a partial payment on the sew
er work already completed. Tho
matter was referred to the city at
torney to report nt the next meet
ing, J. M. Adams was granted 30
days extension of time on June Av
enuo, Jackson Avenue and Seventh
Street West, for completion of the
Contractors on First Street were
granted an extension of ten days in
which to completo their work.
W. II. Webb asked that something
bo done on Eddy Street. City Record
er Kausrud said that every effort was
being made to collect the assessment
without bringing the property to snle.
It was moved that tho property
owners of Eddy Street and Twelfth
Street West be notified thnt if the
assessments wore not paid by March
10th, tho city would proceed to ad
vertise tho property for salo.
A petition to build -a floating dock
at thu foot of Chicago Avenuo sign
ed by a number of property owners,
wna prcsonted to thu Council and tho
City Engineer was ordered tu pro
pure plans and HpecillenlloiiB and es
timate of thu cost for said city dock.
A motion Instructing the City ito
renter to auk the Government Engi
neer for it permit to liuilil a dock at
thu foot of Chicago Aviume, wiia tai
rlttil. Tim Munthwl whm nrdtrnd in put u
hunt) mil i) tlm tsmilli hln of nnro
lint) HI nut, wlmrn Hit' HUlttT rwiw
ywlwr Dm yliluwulk.
DkIiU wr wIitH In mi Ninth
tflH't't Wtl din) JIuhIbuii Avunuu
Mini on Jllnmilll rillWl W'M HlJij
Hmhm Awnm
corner and Felter corner was refer
red to the light committee.
Tho City Engineer presented planr.
for the pavement of First Street but
did not have his specifications pre
The city attorney reported that the
court sustained the city's position in
tho demurrer in the water case, after
which Atty. Peck for the water com
pany, asked until July 1st to file an
answer, and was granted thirty days,
He also rcnortcd that a Mr. 'Stoll
had filed a suit against the city t o
collect $250 for attorney fees and
that the answer had been prepared
and would be filed in due time.
It was moved the bill of George P.
Laird for extra pipe for draining
Hitc pond be disallowed, and that
the extra bill for a manhole be laid
on the table until the next meeting
A new industry which will probab
ly be called the Bandon Box Factory
is being started in the old shipyards
building by Geo. Gciscndorfer, for
merly manager of tho box factory
near Lyons-Johnson mill.
Mr. Gciscndorfer has his machin-
sry installed and started up yester
day. Ho is using the same boiler
ind engine that the shipyards used,
and has installed a new circular re
saw and a ripsaw. Ho is. now work
ing on a big order from a San Pedro
:ompany that will take a month to
All, and has other orders on tho books
is soon as this is finished. It would
rppear from this start that the now
jnterprisc would bo n success, from
;he Istart'. Mr. Geisendorfer is. a
practical man in tho business and is
iblc to make good any place.
The factory will bo run on a small
icale at first, but if the business con
tinues to increase as the present in-
lications appear to warrant, it will
not be long until the mill will be
jrently enlarged.
High School Entertainment.
An entertainment in honor of the
High School faculty will bo given at
ho Wigwam baturday night, and is
icing financed by the businessmen
ind citizens of Bandon. There will
)0 dancing and other amusements, as
veil as a good musical program, so
,hat those who do not care to dance
vill have entertainment anyway,
rhe .entertainment will also be nt
:cnded by n number of patrons of the
ichool and the occasion will no doubt
)o one of the most enjoyable of tho
Little social functions of this kind
icrvcs a good purpose as it tends to
iring the people and the schools clos
!r togethor.
Didn't Recognize Father.
A rather amusing incident occur
red this morning nt tho depot just
ofore tho train left for Coquille.
Fred Gago was going to tho county
icat and was to meet his father, the
dieriir, at the train and visit with
dm on tho way, since they had not
icon each other for eight or nine
iionths Fred walked down to tho
lepot and scanned the faces closely
)ut saw no sheriff. He proceeded to
.he ticket office and supplied himself
vith transportation and then roturn-
)d to tho platform and again survoy
ul tho congregated passengers. Ho
'hen turned his face Uiwnvds town
jxpecting to seo Sheriff Gago coming
lown tho tracks, but when his fath
er accosted him and all hands laugh
id, It took Hovornl seconds for Freil
o recognize hif parent.
The sh'erfir recently removed IiIh
hoard and the .son had never seen
'lint without the appendage, no IiIh
failure to recognize him wan not to
be wondered utMurlillt'!d Uncord.
Given HIkmuI Honor,
J'urlflc Tplliplu Nn. ), Pyllllun
J5Mim, liu Ijduii IioiiomuJ hy one of
In iimmbwm, Mm. Wilbur Hoover,
Mini unpointed iMwty (J i Mild ChU'f
ut thu ulv of OrvKi'ii. TliU U u
lilub limine Iwlh u (hi loiiiil Imltfv
Mjul lii Mi. Iliiuviu'i u It myimyt
mmmm mu in im iiw'gmy mi
uLilllty at llin jHlM(tv,
Twelve pair of Hungarian part
ridges will arrive on the Breakwater
tomorrow and one-half of them will
be liberated on Coos river, and tho re
maining one half will be liberated on
the Dement ranch near Myrtle Point
These come on application made to
Wm. L. Finloy, State Game Warden,
and are sent here by Gene M. Simp
son, superintendent of tho state game
farm at Corvallis, Oregon. It Ms to
be hoped that the residents of the lo
cations where the birds are to be lib
erated will seo to it that they are
not destroyed and that every protec
tion possible is given. Mr. Finlcy
also heretofore sent some China
Pheasants, and wants a report in re
gard to them, ahd it is requested
that parties knowing of the location
of any of these pheasants will kind
ly write to J. W. Bennett, who has
taken an interest in the matter.
Coos Bay News.
Trouble Over Marshficld Theatre.
Joseph Juratsch and C. F. Dooley
have instituted suit against Chas. E.
ToWcr and Leverno Tower for $1579.-
)0 as a result of Tower Bros, dispos
sessing them of the Orpheum Thcat-
jr. It seems that Towers sold tho
moving picture show to them and the
ourchasers paid $1000 down. When
the next payment was duo it is al-
'eged that the money was garni
died and then Towers bodily ejected
them from the show house. In ad
dition to the $1000 paid down and
imall sums . expended in improve
ments; -they want- SGOQ-fdarnages for
being deprived of their business.
Coos Bny Times.
Still Moving.
E. B. Jones, who arrived last night
from Roseburg, having visited Ban
don after getting back to Coos coun
ty, says the stockholders of the
Woolen Mill arc being advised of an
increase in the company's stock and
the negotiations for removal of the
plant to CoOjS Bay. This notification
is required by law. Marshfield Re
cord. Odd Fellows (o Coquille.
A largo number from Bandon
Lodge No. 133 I. O. O. F. will go to
Coquille tonight, hnving chartered
the Lassie for the occasion and will
return after tho exercises.
Coquille Odd Fellows are preparing
to entertain them royally, and Judge
John F. Hnll of Marshfield, Grand
Warden of the State of Oregon, will
be present, and there will bo degree
work and a big banquet.
Coach vs. Cody Lumber Co.
In tho Circuit court Judgo Coke rcn-
lered a decision Monday in favor of
the heirs of William Coach against
the Cody Lumber Compnny, dismiss-
ng the Cody Lumber Company's suit
for nn accounting.
Tho Cody Lumber Company are ap
pealing the suit to the Supreme court.
fho questions involved affect a settle
ment of a long account between tho
lumber company and tho Coaches.
Among tho cness tried and taken
by the court under advisment are Mae
Walker vs. City of Bandon, tho At-
wuter street assesments, City of Ban
don vb Bandon Water Co. et al, involv-
ng tho cancellation of the Bandon
Water Company franchise, and the
State of Oregon vs. the Port of Ban
don, a suit to test the incorporation of
our port. TliCHo will probably all bo
lecided In a few dayB, except tho Wat
er Company's caso which will not bo
ncted upon furthor until after tho wpc-
clal election In Juno, when It Ih to be
hoped thoro will bu no further nuc
cmilly for artlon by tho court.
M, K, Cluirtli fknilli.
To (ho mother whoao Imbiim tire
on liu i-rudlu loll of (ho M. E, churrli
Hoiith.Mr. Wheeler wlnlun to unounct)
llu.t Im U lulflng Mr. Hill' urn) In
iwly in mlw iht (J, Jt, pliiim tlm
in mid uk Mr. Hill illil, W would
Ul'M Ui ki'I ilivm nil (nun during Hil'
nn'iilli If jonil
w h mm mm
Citizens of twomile pesire
The people of tho Twomile coun
try are considering the proposition
of changing tho name of the small
creek ' bearing that name and inci
dentally changing the name of the
locality that goes by the same name.
The words "Twomile", "Fourmile",
etc., do not sigify anything so far as
such names are concerned, as they are
neither two miles or four miles from
any place in particular.
R. M. Pressey, one of the residents
of Twomile called up tho Recorder of
fice Wednesday and stated that the
people of that community were prac
tically unanimous in their desires to
have the name changed and that they
were open to suggestions for a new
name. If anyone has a suggestion to
offer land they will send same to the
Recorder we will be glad to publish
the same and to help the people in
any 6ther way possible to carry out
their desires.
It is understood that, the creeks
have never been officially named by
the state or government and tho only
thing to be done is to get the peo
ple to' agree on a new name and chris
ten with the same, and the place will
lie known by tho new name thereaf
ter. March to Be Stormy Month.
San Jose, Cal., Mar. 5. Father J.
Ricanl, tho weather prognosticator
at the University of Santa Clara Ob
servatory, has issued his for cast for
March, in which he predicts a
stormy month, and that two or three
storms will devolopc into unusual, in
tensity along the Pacific coast. -
, Everybody's Doin It !
North Bend has let the contract
for ten blocks of hard surface pav
ing. Laird Not a Candidate. .
Geo. P. Laird of this, city, who,, had
contemplated entering the race for
the nomination for County Commis
sioner before the. Republican primar
ies, May 15th, has decided not to run
as some business complications have
come up since which ho must look af
ter, and consequently will not have
time to devote to his campaign.
Mr. Luird is a popular young mail
and would no doubt poll a big vote
if he hud entered the.'raco.
Laverne Tower, manager of the
Orpheum theatre, and Miss. Lois Pow
ell were married at Coquille Wpdnes.
day, Rev. Thomas of tho Methodist
church of that city officiating.
Tho bride and groom have known
each other for a long time, having
formerly been residents of Eugene.
Mr, Tower is a rising young busi
ness man, and Mrs. Tower is an ac
complished young lady, Sho has un
usual talent as a vocal soloist and is
popular among her associates.
Mr. and Mrs. Tower will make
their home in Bandon.
Library Benefit Tonight,
There will be a .card party at the
K. of P. hall tonight for tlio benefit
of the Bandon Public Library. Score
cards will be 25c and the public is in
vited to attend and .help a good
Lumber Yard at Gold Beach.
Moss Avcrill has arranged with
Coos county lumbermen, to put in a
lumber yard at this place. The first
consignment of twenty-fivo thousand
feet of lumber was received on tho
Randolph Saturday. Mr. Averill
will also carry a stock of brick in
connection with his lumber yard,
This entorpriso will (ill a long felt
want, and bu the meaim of the town
forging abend at u much livelier
pare, Gold Beach Globe.
A bail ucrldi'iil occurrud at tho
mouth of the north fork of thu Clit
ru uL Wwlnekdity. It uppeur (hut
A. Iwiilmrt ml I'loyil Vutrvw r
luniliiK from UinoMiw uiil Mtui'ipt
ml tu funl thu mvr ul U mpum ut
tlm imi Hi fork, urn) M iliw iijljfun
wv l diowjj n low i'n ut liMMi.ij,
-fluid (kuili (iluU',
Booster Convention Postponed.
Portland, Ore., Mar. 3. On nc
Count of the fact that a large num
ber of the delegates slated to attend
the big meeting in Portland called for
March 12, declaring it will be impos
siblc for them to be present nt that
time, it has been decided to postpone
the meeting until Thursday, Marcl
20, a date exactly two weeks later
than originally set.
It is expected that this change
in the date will make it possible foi
a great many people from all ovci
the state to attend this conventior
who would have otherwise been ob
liged to miss it The subjects to be
discussed are of great improtancc
nnd a full attendance is desired.
Tho Bandon lodge, Loyal Order oi
Moose is particularly prosperous at
this time. E. M. Baker, special dep
uty assistcdy Mr. Ordway, is ir
tho city working up enthusiasm foi
the lodge and at last night's meet
ing twenty-five candidates were in
itiated into the mysteries of the
Moose lodge. Next Thursday night
another big class will be taken in ana
n big banquet will be served.
Mr. Baker and Mr. Ordway have
been hero about a week and will prob
ably be here two or three weeks long
er. Curry Bridge Held Up.
The concrete bridge has received a
blow, according to rumors thnt arc
going around, that will probably be
the end of the bridge question nt the
present time at least. While this
rumor may be without foundation it
came to us upon good authority, that
the U. S. Engineer refused to grant
a. permit for a solid bridge at the
place designated, holding that the
Chetco at that place was navigable,
nothing but a draw bridge could be
permitted. The rumor also says that
friends of tho bridge have got busy
with the engineer in an effort to get
him down here to look tho situation
over and reconsider his first state
ment. Gold Beach Globe.
Port Orford News.
(From Port Orford Tribue)
County Treasurer Frank Caughell,
who ,was bad off with appendicitis a
couple, of weeks ago, has about recov
ered his iormcr health.
Dr. Loop came down from Bandon
Monday and he and Dr. Robbins per
formed a quite serious operation up
on Mrs. J. H. Zumwnlt. Tho patient
is doing nicely.
Two new cheese factories will start
operations in Curry this spring, one
by Cope & Guerin at Langlois, and
the other by S. P. Merrill on Euchre
creek. The factories now in opera
tion in northern Curry arc owned by
Miller & Bowman of Langlois, Dr.
Weatherbee of Langlois, Frank Mc
Mullen of Denmark and C. W. Zum
walt on Sixes River. Cheese mak
ing is growing in popularity, as it
is claimed the farmer gets 2 cents
per, pound more for his butter fat at
tho factory than he does at cream
eries. E. L. Loney returned by Monday's
stage from a visit to Portland, and
brings tho welcome news that R. L.
Macleay will rebuild the wharf at
this placo at once. It is Mr. Mnc
leay's Intention to build u better nnd
moro permanent wharf than tho old
one ever wag, and for this purpose
has bought tho jioint just west of tlier
present wharf from Messrs. White,
Lonoy nnd Meredith, nnd will build
thef main part of tho new structure
nlong It, where it will not bo disturb
ed by the waves.
E. J, Ioney, banker arid hunfnexH
man of Port rOford will iiiako tlio run
before the Republican primarieH for
joint rupreiiuntMtlvo from Dion and
Curry countlcn. The Joint rupruitciit
ntlvu Ih iilwayii conceded to Curry
county, or ut leukt Iium boun In tlm
Ciimimriliil Club TwiIkM
Tlm Jlnndiiii (iiMimrt'lul QUih wllj
liold U "JuJMtJiL'K WM 'illJ
ty'HlvMi0tTrImpt4J u Qjm
Is assured of the Support of Demo
crats From the Coos Bay
Voters of Bandon have recently
been promoting the candidacy of El
bert Dyer of this city for County
Commissioner at the coming election,
and Mr. Dyer hns recently consent
ed to accept the nomination if ten
dered. It had been previously ru
mored that there would bo opposi
tion from the Bay side of the county,
'jut the following letter has clarified
the situation, and is largely instru
mental in determining Mr. Dyer in
tho matter:
Marshficld, Oregon, Feb. 27.'
Mr. C. R. Wade, Bandon, Ore.
Dear Sir: Your communication in
regard to the candidacy of Elbert
Dyer for County Commissioner at
'land. In reply will say that I do
lot think there is a more available
man for that ollico than Mr. Dyer
ind while my name has been men
tioned for that placo I assuro you I
.vill not stand in the way, and fur
.her rrjore will be pleased to have him
iet the nomination. Mr. Dyer is a
lioncer of the county and had much
ixpcricncc in its development, nnd I
.hink can quite thoroughly apprcci
ito the wants of its people. He has
nade a success of his owii private
'lusincss and no doubt will npply the
;amo business principles to public
iffairs. I have associated with him
n county work for nearly two years
ind my knowledge of his ability and
areful consideration of public intcr
ists warrant the above statement.
Ie will get my hearty support. As
'et have not decided whether or not
I will be a candidate for any office.
ours Truly, Z. T. Siglin.
Mr. Dyer will run on the Demo
cratic ticket, and petitions will bo
:irculated among tho registered
nembers of that party ns soon as
.hoy can be prepared.
Dr. Withycombe Candidate.
Dr. James Withycombe has tender
ed bis rcsiiration as director of-the
Oregon Experimental Station of the
Agricultural College at Corvallis, to
,ho board of Regents. Dr. Withy
:ombe is a candidate for Governor bei
Tore the Republican primaries and de-
lires to devote his whole time to ins
:ampaign . He is well known
.hroughout the state, and will make
i strong run, especially among the
Mrs. Charles Mcllrido of Oakland,
Calif., is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.
L. Conger. Mrs. McBrido is very
much pleased with Bandon
md its surroundings.
George M. Laffaw, who is the lo
al representative of the Northern
Pucific company, returned last night
from Coos Bny ,where' he had been
ihecking up a shipment ?f ties for
his company.
Dr. S. C. Eridkott left today for
Coos Bay and will be accompanied
homo the first of the week by Mrs.
Endicott and tho children, who have
been spending the week visiting at
the J. S. Lyons homo,
SUito Game Warden Finloy has
,cut to tho Bandon Public Library a
pamphlet containing direction!) for
preparing HcientUle tipuoiniotiM of
largo and Hiuiill mammalH, hlrdti, figh
roptilen, etc. The book Ih by 8tnn
ley G. Jewett nnd contains much use
ful lllfol IMIltioll.
Dr. J. It. WwitliwlMio nt tho tflurr
ranch ut IjiiiuIiIh. in lilting ill) ma
of Dm llnwtt dairy fnna In (Jib? Mli
ut tllU Ull. Ill) llUH HMWilti' ItutU
vwn 000 tn Jlu, tutt4w with oUj
r uji'tij'iluU? niirtiMJUMrt II (
UlMj it iUUUillilH Umimmdl tU (llUMi
nt lit imtuy tiifti Ihivu Winn-)
lmn w Urn