Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, February 10, 1914, Image 4

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If you'd rather, dance the
jyirginia Reel than Turkey Trot
'.it's all the same to the Victrola.
It is right there with the older-style dances
' as well as the very latest Turkey Trot:;, Tangos,
and One-Steps. v
And no matter what kind of dances you prefer,
you'll find them played perfectly loud, clear, and in
perfect dance time. jrt r
Come in and hear some of the splendid dance music and let us show
you the different styles of the Victrolas $15 to ?200. Victors $10 to
5100. Jiasy terms can be arranged it uesireu.
Sabro Brothers
Manufacturing Jewelesr
Phone 751. Bandon, Oregon.
A. D. Mills
Real Estate
Fire Insurance
Notary Public
Good Lots in Azalea Park, $25 down and $10
per month. Bargain in business lot on First Street.
Order Your Freight Sent by .the Old Reliable
Large Two Berth Outside State Rooms with Running Water ,
Eight Day Service Between the Coquille River and
San Franciscoj
First Class Passenger Fare, $7.50
Freight Rates, $3 on Up Freight
Reservations: Fuhrman's Pharmacy, Coquille; Perkins', Myrtle Point
E. & E. T. Kruse, ownen and tnansgers, 24 California St., San Francisco.
J. E. Walstrom, Agent, Bandon.
Equipped with Wireless
From Portland Every Tuesday at 8 P. M.
From Coos Bay Every Saturday at Ser
vice of the Tide.
Confirm SailingsThrough M. F. SHOEMAKER JAgent Bandon
Phone 142
We want you
For our customer not just today, but tomor
row and for all time to come, if
Right Goods
Right Prices
Courteous Treatment
and prompt delivery
is what you want
-Successor to A. E. White
Notice of .the .Apportionment .of
Cost .ot ..the ..improvement .01
Third Street East.
Notice is hereby given: That the
.nt of the improvement of Third
Street between the East line of Bal
timore Ave. and the West line 01
Chicago Ave. has been apportioned
and Is now on flic in the ofllce of the
litv Recorder and there subject to
examination, the whole cost of said
improvement is $078.39 and is ap
portioned and assessed to Local im
provement district No. 10 of Third
Street East which district embraces
all of the property on either side ot
said Third Street kust between
said points herein described to-wit:
between the East line of Baltimore
Avenue and the West Line of Chica-
ao Avenue from the marginal line
of said Third Street East back to the
center of the blocks abutting there
on. Any objections to said appor
tionment if any exists must be filed
in writing with the City Recorder
within 10 days from the date of the
last publication of this notice, whidh
last date of publication is February
24, 1914, that the same may bo
heard by the Common Council, who
will meet as a board of equalization
on Wednesday the 11th day of Mar.
1914, at the City Hall in said City
at the hour of 8 o'clock P. M. of said
day to hear and cqualizo the assess
ment roll for the improvement of
Third Street East between the points
above described and before the pas
sage of an Ordinance assessing the
cost of said improvement.
Dated Feb. 10, 1914.
City Recorder.
Feb. 10-17-24.
Notice of Apportionment of
Cost of Sewer Improve
mentin District.No. 2.
Notice is hereby eivent That the cost
of the construction of a sewer in district
No. 2, in the City of Bandon. Oregon, has
been apportioned and is now on file in the
office of the City Recorder 'of said city,
and subject to examination, the whole cost
of said sewer is $2,439.48 and is apportioned
and assessed to Sewer District No. 2, City
ot llamlon which district embraces the fol
lowing ilescribEd property: Lots 16 to 30
inclusive in block 14, Bandon Heights Ad
dition to Bandon, Lots 1 to 16 inclusive in
block S Bandon Heights Addition to Ban-
I T r - f t. . ; 1 I I, . n
UUII, 4UIX 13 IU JU 1I1U1UI1VC Ul U1UCK. 14,
Bandon Heights Addition to Bamjon, Lots
I to IS inclusive in block 13 Bandon Heights
Addition to Bandon, also a piece of land
commencing at the intersection ot the ex
tension of the south line of block 4 in Ban
don Heights Addition to Bandon, Coos
County, Oregon, and the west line of Har
lem Avenue running thence south along
the west line of Harlem Avenue to a point
where the said line intersects with the north
line of block 13 Bandon Haights Addition
extended thence west lOOIeetl thente north
and parallel to the west line of' Harlem
Avenue to a point SO feetdue west" of the
point of beginning) thence cast SO feet to
place . of beginning excepting therefrom
Carol'ne Street 60 feet by SO feet. Any
objections to said apportionment if any ex
ists must be filed in writing with the City
Recorder within 10 days from the date of
the' last publication of this notice which is
February 11), 1914 that the same may be
heard by the Common Council who will
meet as a' board of cquilization on February
20th 1914 at the hour of 8 o'clock p. in. to
hear said assessment roll of Sewer District
No. 2, before the passage of an ordinance
assessing the cost thereof.,
Dated Jan. 26, 1914.
City Recorder,
Jan. 27th
Feb. 3U0
. 7r
Mrs. W. W. Wolfe entertained
number of her music pupils last Sat
urday aftcrnon at her home on
Franklin avenue. The afternoon was
spent in music and' games. Dainty
refreshments were served.
Warner's feature are the real
tiling. Shown at the Grand next
Sat. Feb. 14 with Gentleman Jim
See Jim Coibett in '"The Man
iom the Golden West," four reel
feature, Grand, Sat. Feb. 14,
Value of a
Bank Account
A bank account
with this
strong, conservative
institution is
worth a great deal
to you in
and security.
It leads to many
privileges and
broader business
Open during Nooa Hour and Satur
day EyaBiBgt.
Official Cow Records. i
In order to le admitted to ad
vanced regisrry a cow must produce
a certain amount of buttrrfat within
a given' period. The rules are made
bv Om .f!ociations and differ with
tbi d fh-rr-iu brt i ds. To Ik- i ligihle
to the Holslein registry a cow, ral- j
tMnri rM tir linfftrn rl'ttt i - ...- I
vui wm w 1 I'vuni. iui vimj ,im." I r I W .t
years old, must make :i record of
not lew than 7.2 pound.s of butter in seven consecutive days This
is the cquivajeui ol about 8 pounds
of butter per week. For every day
that the cow exceeds two years of
age at d ite of calvirg the require
ments for butter fat record are in
creased .00439 ()' a pmnd Tnis
rale holds until she is five years of
age when she must produce not less
than 12 pounds of bpMer fat in seven
consecutive days Kn't-s lor jthe
other bieeds var in,lh' miotint
ol requited but die ptin
ciple is the same in all. The value
of t lie test is vo iienetallv rc-
knovl d ibid, .UK d.iirx nu'ii
ill ii' piin-h.i-ie a pure ' l ed -ire
uiile-.s leStV have been m.ule
on his nicest nrs
State Press Comments.
lion't it make you tired to receive
a large bulky lei fet sent you in a
franked envelope and with the time
worn prefix "Honorable" tacked
onto your name? Then (torn
cliriousity morcTthan anything else
you carelessly peruse a page o. r two
of the manuscript to find that some
Congressman or other official has
suddenly taken an inserest in you
jnst because election tinme is draw
ing near. Ziz bang, goes the lid
to the waste basket. Coos Bay
Another Argument
That it Pays to Deal With
$30.00 PER TON
We Lead in Reducing Prices
Others May Follow
Neighborhood Gossip.
The Lockhart hotel in Empire
City, a landmark of pioneer days,
is being torn down. It was recent
ly purchased by Wtn. Saundeis,
who secured H. Ingersoll to raise
the building. Much' of the lumber
is as sound as-when it entered the
structure in the early '70s and the
workingmen find it a difficult un
dertaking to remove-it. Marshfield
Vernon Rarker, formerly of this
city, is in serious trouble at Eureka,
California, being charged with
violating the white slave law. Bar
ker was once a saccessful logger of
the Upper Coquille, and a man of
good repute and excellent reputa
tion, Marshfield Sun.
John D. Goss, who came home
today trom Salem, s.iys the South
ern Pacific will put on a full force ol
men along the Willamette Pacific
within thirty days, ;Miirshfield Re
cord. The stockholders of the Bank of
Myrtle Point held an election of
officers Wednesday. J. R. Benson
was elected president. C. C. Carter
vice-president, and R. Morris, John
Carl and George Shelly, directors.
Ed Racklefl resigned as cashier of
bank and R. A. Annan was elected
to take his place.
A. D, Loud, formerly of Maple
ton and Eugene, and at one time
reporter of U. S Federal Court in
Minnesota, has wired Judge Coke
his aceptance of the appointment as
reporter in the Coos and Currv
county courts. Coquille Sentinel.
Frederick Hollister, of North Brnd
a lawyer and banker, is out for the
Democratic nomination to congress
from the first district.
Talk About
Solid Comfort!
You just want to get one
of our DICTATOR cigars
between your teetli and light
it. There may be other ci-ga-is
as good as the DICTA
TOR but they will cost you
more money than you may
care to pay. The price of the
DICTATOR is only 10c and
when you have smoked one
you'll wonder how it can be
so little.
Bowman Cigar Co.
Notice of Livestock Im
Notice is hereby given: That the
undersigned, pound master of the
City of Bandon, Coos County, Ore
gon, has this day January 31, 1914
impounded in the City Pound in the
City .of Bandon, Coos County
Oregon, the following described ani
mals found by me to be rurning at
large within the corporate limits of
the City of Bandon, Oregon, which
is contrary to Ordinance No. 227,
entitled an ordinance prohibiting
livestock from running at large with
in the corporate limits of the City of
Bandon, Oregon. Description of
animal impounded is as follows: One
cow, red fn color and white spotted.
Notice is further given: That un
less the owner or owners having in
terest in said animal as above de
scribed shall claim possesion of
same and pay all costs and charges
of the keeping and advertising there
of, together with the required im
pounding fee of $1 50 and officers
fee of 1.50, said animals as herein
described will upon the 12th day of
Feb. 1914 at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m. of said day, at the front door
of the City Hall in B.indon, Oregon,
be sold at public and ion to the
highest bidder.
Dated and posted this 2 day of
February 1914.
Pound Master City of Bandon.
James J. Corbett at Grand.
"The Man From the Golden
West," a four reel feature drama by
the Warner's Feature Film Co.
presents Gentleman Jim Corbett in
the leading role. This is the first
time that Corbett has ever posed
before the camera and he has proven
himself as skillful an actor as he was
a fighter. This picture is a typical
story oftfie wild and wooly west in
Notice of Apportionment of
Cost For Improvrmcnt of
Jackson Avenue.
Notice is hereby Riven i That the cost
of the improvement of Jackson Avenue in
west Kaiulon to Hamlon, Coo County,
Oregon, has been apportioned and is now
on file in the office of the City Recorder
of said city and there open to the inspection
of all persons interested therein, the whole
cost of said improvement is $3,892.55 and
is apportioned and assessed to Loral Im
provement District No. 13 of JacUou Ave
nue which district embraces all of the pro
perty on cither nide of said street and
abutting thereon between the south line of
Ocean Drive and the north line of Seventh
street west and from the south line of Seventh
Street West to the north line of 13th stieet
west fiointhe marginal line of said Jackson
Avenue lark to the center of the blocks
abutting thereon.
Any objections to said apportionment if
any exists must be filed in writing with the
City Recorder within 10 days from the date
of the last publication of this notice which
is February 10th 1914 that the same may be
beard by the Common Counoil who will
meet as a board of ctiuilizalion to hear said
assessment of Jackson Avenue roll on
Friday l'ebmary 2l)lh 1914 at the hour of
oorlu il-iuo onH rnntnins manv sen-
, , , .,. ., ' 68 o'clock p, m. before the passage 6f an
sauonal and thrilling climaxes. ATrjinaucc a,seii-wt, ,i,e rost f ;,.
feature ,hat is different, and will,
prove enjertaininp jb 0Qvery0 photo
play fan. At the Grand next Sat
urday, Feb, 14.
provemcnt. o
Dgcd this Will day of Jan. 1914.
City Recorder.
Brown & Gibson
The Leading Contractors
and Builders
We furnish plans and speci
fications and it you are go
ing to build anything, no
matter how large or how
nnll, we can save you
money. Let us figure on
your building.
Contractor Jand
Bandon - Oregon
Jan. 27th
tfeb. Ml
Do you want pure drugs anil
drug sundries, fine perfume ,
hair brushes and toilet art -cles?
If so, call on
Bandon, Oregon
Hotel Bandon
American Plan, 1.00
and 1.50 per day.
European Plan, rooms
50c, 75c & 1 per day
E. G. CASSIDY, Proprietor
City Transfer
S. D. Kelly, Proprietor
Light and heavy hauling
promptly done.
Contracting and grading
Trantient trade solicited.
.Morses hoarded
Office in Dufort Building
Phone 1151
Bnndon Brunch Office of
Title Guarantee and
Abstract Co.
(Henry Sengstackni, Mjr )
McNair Hardware Buildinp
In charge P. H. Poole.
Economy Promptness Reliability