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Semi-Weekly Bandon Reorder, February 10, 191
Published Every Tuesday and Friday by the Recorder
i , Publishing Company.
R,edattheP..tofficeat Bandon, Oregon, a. Mail Matter ofjhe Second Cla
cun il.qo ner Year in Advance. Advertising rates
made known on application.
The bidding for the city prmtoig has reachede serv
sr.t onal stage, ana trie oiuy uuu,,,. , ' r"""f thev Eive
things if they give it to one paper, and worse it tney
it to another. . QCOf mfi. on which
will, therefore give the greatest return to the city foi trie
"""g this connection it is well to state that the courts
Vim vp -PnGatedlv held that bonafide subscribers, insofar .s
X have ordered the paper and are not ove y
arrears and all must be subscribers for a period not le.
than -ix uiontns. . llhmittin(r its
with rnis in view xnu u,uiuwi ... , , . i -v. i.
bid, X r tailed statementitscircda ion and that
it was bonaiiae. rso ouie ici ---- -
paper can cio tnis aim muw "v;r. 7" Tup TjPPordcr
circulation as this paper. In a PJJ
has twice as many readers as its neat comp etitoi , and
on this list are readers who have taken the jjapei tor
fifteen and twenty years-many who have been with it
fr Sentogout papers to everyone who will take them
out of the post office and subsequently claiming the larg
0 , L i AyL ,na nno hv one Bandon paper, is a
eSC CirCUlUUUii, co vvo v.. j -
. .. i . iniivna lief hnr. in trie nres-
favonte piay among amaicui jUUi..u..u.-, -
ent instance will hardly have the desired resu t
The Recorder has no quarrel with the City Council,
but if the printing is given out on the merit of circulation
ii i ii 1.1... j. wiiofnlro io tnnnP
we win see io it uuiu nu uuBian-
But to save further distressing details, we submit
the following proposition: We will authorize the local
post office authorities to give the City Council or others
interested, the figures of postage paid by The Recorder
iat Hip other Handon Da-
ior tne pusu siau uo, pum, v.
pers will do the same.
Spring will soon be here and if Bandon is going to
this season it is hierh time that the neces-
sary preparations were being made, as. the earlier we get
at the work the sooner and better it win De aone. dhiiuuu
is the only town in Coos County with no paved streets
and the deplorable condition of the streets this winter is
a living argument in favor f hard surfacing of some kind
The down town streets should be paved with the very best
hard surfacing that can be had, and if we once get start
ed, the benefits derived will ie so plainly in evidence
that everyone will be in favor of extending the work. All
are in favor of pushing ahead in other lines, why not keep
our municipal affairs on an epual basis with other im
provements. First Street should be paved at once. As long as it
remains in its present condition it will give the town a
"black eye." We understand the plans and specifications
have been ordered by the Council for the improrement
of this street, and if such is the case, the sooner the work
is commenced the better.
The petitions for a bond election to secure m6ney
for the improvement of Coos county roads have been
filed with the county court. The number of signatures
are greatly in excess of the number required to call- the
election, and if the petitions are found to be all right
at the court hearing tomorrow, why hesitate about call
ing a special election ? The sentiment in favor of better
highways and prompt action is overwhelmingly in the
majority. If the bond election is held off until the regu
lar primary in May, it will mean that no real road work
can be done this year.
As the population and industries of Bandon increase
water front property on the river will increase propor
tionately. It certainly will never be cheaper than at the
present time. Why, then, would-it not be a wise plan for
the city to purchase a site for a municipal wharf? The
river traffic is increasing rapidly, and the need of bet
ter wharf facilities and especially a waiting room for pas
sengers, is apparent to everyone who lands or embarks
here in the rainy season.
A candidate for governor recently got into print in
a great many state papers by furnishing to publishers
a gratis plate service, which ostensibly was a good roads
story, but in reality was a boost for this particular can
didate. Thus does the wiley candidate get in his fine
work on the unsophisticated country editor.
Notice of Apportionment
r A
Cost or June menuc
e in.
i Bandon,
i now
.. .. 1... nlirnVlfTtiSttt
IN once 7
. . f - a .1 .lia imnrnv'in.l
pori.onB.cii. ; -' ,"v - -:,
i a in Rimlnn Heiphts to Ik
junc nv"v : :. p . ,
V .. I... l.iant annartioneu ana is t
file in the office of the City Record
were suojcti -
cost ot saiu ii..i.ruc'"-". .,.-''.
a . I .. .1 . c f 1 t n T nral
-r a rf.....rt. Wi Ifi nf Tlll1f An
provemeiu im"""" - ,,'
' I i:.t,:i itilinrii all of the nrni
nn either side of said street and ahutti
thereon between the north line of 3rd
.v.... .,,! fl,- Kmith line of 2nd street
from the marginal, line of said June Avenue
hack to the center of the blocks abutting
tliprrnn. Anvobiections to s.tid apportion.
inent if any exists must be filed in writing
with the City Recorder within 1U days
the date of the iast publication of this i
lOlh. 1914 that the
,,v he heard bv the Common Council
who will meet as a board of emiilizalion
Februarv 20th, I9Mat the hour of 8 o'clt
p. m. before the passage of an ordinance
assessing the cost of. said improvement.
Dated Jan. 26, 1914.
City Recorder.
Jan. 27t'H
Feb. 3-10
i notice
Notice of Apportionment of
Cost of First Street No.
Notice is hereby given i the ap
portionment of cost of the improvement of
First Street North in Bandon Heights to
Bandon, Oregon has been apportioned and
is now on file in the office of the City Re
corder of said city, and there subject to ex
"apiination, the whole cost of said improve
ment is 5850,50 and is, apportioned and
assessed to Local Improvement District No.
15 of First Street North which district em
braces all of the property on either side of
said street between the East line of Harlem
Avenue and the' West line of Juhe Avenue
from the marginal line ,ol said First Street
North lack, to the center of the blocks
abutting thereon.
Ann tn said amiortioiuiient if
any exists must be filed in writing with the
City Recorder within lu uays irom tne
date of the last publication of this notice
which is February 10th 191 that the same, I,. Imnl liv tlir Common Coonc'il who
will meet as a board.of equilization to hear
the assessment rod ot first ptreei worm on
EVliriinrt 71)1.1. 1914 at Hie hour of 8 o'clock
ii. m. before the passage of an ordinance
assessing the cost of said improvement.
Dated Jan. 26. 1914.
.City Recorder
Jan. 27
Feb. 3-1Q
Sale of Rcnl Property for Unpaid
Street Assessment.
Whereas on the 11th day of October, 1913,
there was entered in the docket of Cfty IieoS' of
the city of Bandon, Coos county, Oregon, delin
mirnl uieuments as assessed by Ordinance No,
,J06 ol the ordinances ol the city of Bandoa, for
the extension pf .Oregon Avenue (formerly .Alert
nalhy street) into Wall street (formerly extension
ot, first street) as'assessea wun (menu in nam
of,Lot,2,Block I. Fisher, Addition io Baddoa,
Oregon, in the sum of $13,15 and assessed to
Edward H, Fish and Ada A. Fish. Said as
sessment has neyeibeen, paid, boc the lien. dis
charged nor satisfied
Now, therefor notice is hereby given that by
virtue .and iq pursuance of sec,, 122 of the charter
of , the city of Bandon. Coot county, Oregon,
directing me lo collect said unpaid useMaient by
sale of said property to; satisfy the said, lien of
$13.23 with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per
rent per annnm from the of October,
1913 and penalty together with, cosU of adver.
tiling and sale, thereof . I will on Wednesday
the Uth day of February, 19.4 at the hoar of
2 o'clock p. m. of uU. day at. the front door of.
the Gty Hall in the city of Bandoa, Coos county'
Onroon. sell at Public auction to the bidder
riffenng the least amount of penalty and interest
all of the right title, inleiest and estate which
the said Edward H. Fish and Ads A. Fiih and
all persons claiming under Ihcm may have in the,
aid described property mentioned which li de
scribed ai lollows. to. wit: Lot 2, Block 1, Fisher
Addition to Bandon. Coos county, Oregon, ac
cording to (he plat thereof on file and of record
in the office of the county clerk of said Coos
county, Oregon, 5aid sale being made subject
to redemption in the manner provided by the
charter of the city of Bandon.
Dated this lth day ot January,. IV 1 4.
Treasurer of the City of Bandon.
First Publ. Jan. 13th 1914
2nd Publ. Jan 20th 1914
3rd Publ. Jan. 27th 1914 !
4th Publ. Feb. 3rd 1914
5th Publ. Feb. 10 1914
Notice of Apportionment of Cost of
Sewer Improvement in Sewer Dis
trict No. 1, City of Bandno.
lotico is hereby given: That tho
cost of the construction of a sew
er in Sewer District No. 1, in tho
City of Bandon, C003 County, Or
egon, has been apportioned and ib
now on file in the ofilce of the City
Recorder of said City and there sub
ject to examination, the whole cost
of said sewer is $8,011.87 and is ap
portioned and' assessed to SEWER
DISTRICT NO. 1, City of, Bandon
which distsrict embraces tho follow
ing described property:
Lot 1, Block ID, Azalea Park Ad
dition to Bandon.
Lot 11. Block 5. Azalea Park Ad
dition to Bandon.
Lots 1 and 12, Block 14, Azalea
Park Addition to Bandon.
Lots 11 and 12, Block G, Azalea
Park Addition to Bandon.
Lot 1, Block 1, South Bandon.
Addition to Bandon.
Lots 1 to 12 inclusive, Block 7,
Azalia Park Addition to Bandon.
Lot 11 to 22 inclusive, Block 8,
Azalea Park Addition to Bandon.
Lots 1 and 12, Block ',' Azafe'a
Park Addition to Bandon.
Lot 1, Block 11, Azalea Park Ad
dition to Bandon.
Lots 1 to 12' Inclusive, Block 9,
Azalea Park Adition to .Bandon.
Lots 1 to if inclusive, Block 10,
Azalea Park Adition to hpnilon.
Lot 1, Block 3, South Bandon.
Lots 1 anil 18, Block 2, South' 'Baln
don. o o
Lots iUnid 4, IliocR 1, HiQ-sfcU Ad
dition to Bandon.
Lots 3 to 9 inclusive, Block 2, liort.l
fall Addition, to Bandon.
Lots 1, 2, 4, G, Block 18, Dunhams
Additon to Bandon.
' Lots 8 to, 20 inclusive, Block 18,
Dunhums Addition to Bandon.
Lots (3, 7, 10, 11, Block 20, Dun
hams Addition to Bandon.
Lots 12 to 22 inclusive, Block 19,
Dunhams Addition to Bandon.
Lots 1 to 8. Block 17, Town of Ban
don (formerly Town of Avcrill.)
Lots 1 and 8, Block 12, Town of
Bandon (formerly Town of Averill).
Lots 1 and 8, Block 0, Town of
Bandon, (formerly Town of Avcrill)
Lots 5, 0, 7, Block U, Town of Ban
don, (formerly Town of Averill.)
Lots 1, 2, !1, 4, 7, 8, Block 20,
Town of Bandon, (formerly Town of
Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 3, Amended Plut
of Breakwater Addition to Bandon.
Lots 5, G, 7, 8, Block 1, Amended
Plat of Breakwater Addition to Ban
don. A piece of ground described as fol
lows; Commcncinir at the intersec
tion of the center line of Jackson
Avenue, extended, with the north
line of Ocean Drive; thence north
easterly alonir tho north line
Ocean Drive to its Intersection with
the west line of Block 20 in Town of
Bandon; thence northerly ulong the
YVeBt line of Block 20 ,in Town of
Bandon 195 feet; thence southwest
erly and parallel with Ocean Drive
to the center line of Jackson Ave, ex
tended; .thence along tho center line
of Jacksbn Ave, extended, to place
of beginning.
ALSO a. piece of ground described
as folfiJVves: Cefcnmcncing at the in
tersection of the cast line of Jack-
Ron Ave. with the South line of
.Ocean Drive, thence easterly along
the' south line of Oc6an Drive to the
west line of Lnncrlois Add; thence
south alone the west line of Lang
lols Add. 120 feeti thence westerly
and parallel with Ocean Drive to the
east line of Jaskson Ave; thence
north' along the east line of Jack
son Av. to place of beginning.
Also a niece of cround described as
. ,
follows: Commencing at tho inter
section of the west line of Harrison
lAve. with the South line of Ocean
(Drive: thenco south 112.85 feet;
west 80 feet; north 60 feet and east-
nrlv 9f..flR feet to nlace of bctrinnintr
" ALSO a piece of ground described
as folowea: Commencing at the in
tersectlon of the east line of Harri
sdn Ave. and the South line of
Ocean Drive; thence South along
' i : .. . .
Harrison avo. 100 it; tnence east to
west line of Cartwrights Add. to
Bandon; thenceNorth to. South line
of "Block 20 Town of Bandon; thence
Northwesterly along the south line
p said Block 20 to the south line
of Ocean Drive; thence south wester
ly atontr the South line of Ocean
Drive to place of beginning.
'A niece of mound' described as fol
lows: Commencing at the intersec-
tibn of the south line of Ninth St.
West, and the east lino of Franklin
Ave. running thence south along the
east line of Franklin Ave. 257.3 ft;
thence cast 132.G ft; thence North
257.3 ft; thence West 132.G ft. to the
place of beginning.
ALSO a piece of ground describ
ed as follows: Commencing at the
intersection of the east line of Edi
son Ave. and the North line of Se
cond Street, West; thence Northerly
along the east lino of Edison Ave.
to the South line of First Street,
West, 200 feet; thence easterly along
the south lino of First Street West
50 feet; thence 'southerly and paral
lel to Edison Ave. 200 feet to the
north line of Second Street, West,
;hence westerly along the north lino
of Second Street, West, 50 feet to
place of beginning.
ALSO a piece of ground describ
ed as folUws: Commencing at the
intersection of tho south line of
Second Street, West, and tho West
line of Edison Avo; running thence
southerly along tho West line of
Edison Ave. 4G0 feet to the North
line f Fourth Street, West, thence
westerly along tho north line of
Fourth Street Wost, 510 feet to the
east lino of Garfield Ave; thenco
northerly along tha east line of Gar
field Ave. 100 feet; thenco easterly
and parallel with Fourth Street,
West, 440 feet; thence northerly and
parallel with Edison ave. 3G0 feet to
the South line of Second Street, West
thence easterly along tho south line
if Second Street, West, 100 feet to
place of beginning.
(Any objections to said apportion
ment if any exists must be filed in
writiag with the City Recorder with
in 10 days from the date of the last
publication of this notice which date
Februarv 24th. 1914. that the same
may be heard by the Common Coun
cil who will meet as a board of equal
ization on Wednesday the 11th day
of March, 1914, at the City Hall in
said City at the hour of 8 o'clock r,
M. of said day to hear and equalize
tho assessment .roll in sower dls
trict No. 1, bejore the.pasago of an
Ordinance assessing the cost of
said BKHxr improvement.
City Recorder.
Dated Feb. 10th, 1913.
Feb. 1M7-24.
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