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Semi-Weekly Bandon Recorder, December iff
When the Carlisle Indians Outwitted
Harvard's Highbrows.
In football n full Hold run from kick-
off to touchdown Is rare play. Once
It wuh niuilu b.v 11 Ciirllnle li'.illan. who
covered the limn tllatuneo In " Rnniu
iiKainit Iliirvntil. Oct. Jtl. MVS. itntl did
so by tlio craftli-Ht. wlllunt Htriitituetii
over purpctrntpd by it rerlnkin upon
IiIh pnlo fttcetl brother
Tito flint linlf hud cloned with tin In
dians In thu lend live point to nom.
Harvard opened tin buttle by himuIIiik
a Ioiib kick to .lohtmon on Cnrtlli!'
Hvo jwd lino. The ImllniM quickly ran
back to meet Johnson and formed a
eotnpnct IHMH8 around hlin. Within the
nwesnw of this mnuB of iilnyew .lohn
mm slipped the twill beneath the hack
of Dillon's Jere.v. which had been es
pecially made to' receive and hold the
ball. Thun. the ball thus Bccrotl)
transferred and hidden. Johnwin utter
od u whoop such as CnnibridRe hnd in:
heard since the .TiiyB of KiliK Philip
war, nud liidtantly the bunch of In
dians Kcattentl In all directions. Some
ran to the riKlit and koiiic to the left.
Home obliquely and Mime straight up
tile center of the Held. rmllntlliK hi nil
directions like the spoke of a wheel.
The crimson players, now upon them,
looked In vain for the hall, dumfoiind
ed. rtitiiilnu from one opponent to an
other. Meanwhile Dillon was ruuultiK
stralKht down the Held so as to nlve
his opponents the least opportunity for
a side or rear view and conspicuously
kwIiikIiik his arms to show that they
did not hold the ball. Thus, without
beliiK detected, ho passed through the
entire Harvard team, excepting the
captain. Carl IV Marsliall. -who was
covering Hit.' deep hie klleld.
Obeying Instrui tlons. Dillon ran
utralKht at Marshall. The latter, as
minting that the Indian intended to
block hlin. njjllely sldesteppMi th Tar
Ilslo player, and us he did so lie
caught slht of the enoitnous apd un
wonted bulffe on the bark of Dillon.
Instantly dlvinlnc that here was tho
1 lost ball, Marshall turned and spriinu
at Dillon, but tho latter was well on
his way and nulckly crossed the line
for a touchdown. Parke II. Davis In
St. Nicholas.
w " WW
nuntntinnc tn fin
With Christmas Gills
Vail .Motorist Uarker Is a true auto
Krlend Iliid;s-IIow so?
Tall Motorist-lie has tho speedome
ter pi.e and the steeriiu wheel hand
claal. New Vtilk Globe.
, In. 1925.
til llll will iuiiiiuw wiiiw :
1 Jit1'--
A' PRETTY and original loach ma)
be Klven a Christmas gift b.v sic
companyliiKltwith a dainty .-anl
I on which are written the recipient"
name and some apt quotation of an
appropriate nature. A few selected
quotations suitable for different sift
I may be of Interest
I Kor a postal vnrd album:
Kind incKsasca that pass from land to
land. Lonfitellow
Kor a set of books by a well known
The chief Klory of every people arises
from its authors. Dr. JohnHon
Kor a small afternoon tea caddy:
Tea. thou soft, thou sober, sane und ven
erable liquid. -Colley dbber
Kor a useful purse:
The best 'friends lire in tho purse. Ger
man Proverb)
Happy tho man who. void 'of cares and
In silken or In leathern purse retains
A Bpleiidld slillllm: .
. -John Philips
With a pack of cards:
Notice of Street Work.
' Nitk-e U hcrrr giv-n: That the Common
Cou til nl l-e City oi Htd.-n. Coos County,
Or-,;cn, ilitiiu it expcdirn. and ncoissaiy to
imjiovr C,-in.l Avrnu (Formerly Coquille
, Ai iiu.-) him he south 1' . of Fourth Street
1 (l-trtntity f-irtt Iftrrct) to tli- Ncilb line of
', Llnt-nlli Sliect t f-'ntmcrly f.ili f tice.) all in the j
Woolen Mill Addition lo the City ct Hindoo,
i Ortgon, said improvcnif nt is lo be dune at the
' coil nd cxpertc ol the owner ol the loll, p.nli
j o( Ids and tracts ol Imd embraced in the (ol
' lowing Improvement District to he known as
' Lical Improvement D'utiict No. 19 which dis
! ttict includes all c( the property on eilh :r side
I o( said GrandAvenuc and abutting thereon be
I tween the south line of I-'oullh Street (Formerly
I First Street) and the north line ol Eleventh
Street (Formerly 6th Street) from the marginal
line ol said Grand Avenue back to the center
of the blocks nbulting thereon.
Said improvement is lo consist substantially
of grading and filling the roadway side dilche
and side banks, the constructing ol wooden side
walks 6 feet wide and tlf construction ol wood
en crosswalks 6 feet wide, all of said Improve-
m.nii Are lo he built upon the established grade
ot Tirana wenue ami in himiiiii.ii
ancn with the pUnsoind specifications lor said
Grand Aienue as prrpirol by the C'it En-
. 1 1.. iU Pnmi..nii Cniim-il. which
Lady Boll
H1 I
Mrs Dlzzle Doctors say tlutt the
modem baby shouldn't be rocked to
sleep In a cradle
Mrs Dazzle No We send ours up
In an aeroplane and have the aviator
do spiral slldos.-Chtcaso rows.
Nothing Doing.
Wonders of tho Frozen Grotto In the
Dnchstcin Mountains.
A few years ao some members of
the Austrian Speleological soclfty dis
covered In the Dachsteln mountains
some caverns which are anions the
largest. In Kurope. One of these rot
toes, the louKltudlnal axis of which Is
fully 0.H00 feet Ioiir. moreover turned
out to offer additional Interest by Its
truly enormous Ice masses and was
found to be tho largest known Icecavo
in the world.
Though a scorching sun may ln
burning outside on the lift re mountain
rock, there Is nlwnys an Icy wind
bhfwlng through this underworld,
freezing everything within Its reach.
Only sometimes, when the outside
temperature ranges between 02 and
11 degrees C. and a comparatively
warm rain penetrates through the lis
mires of the rock, entering rlirhf Into
the cavern, will there be a temporary
calm and distinct melting f I he Ice-
The Dachsteln Ice cave comprl-tes
several domes tilled with lee. which
communicate with one another through
n number or frozen gnllerUjs An Ice
crevice St) feet ditp ami lid' feet In
width traverses the lloor of the cavern
Mi." feet from the entrance. Olgantlc
ico pillars were found to tower on
both edges of this chasm. In the depth
or which there ttisfolds a fatry-llke Ice
scenery. Iloond the nbyss the cavern
widens out into a mighty dome (Tris
tan dome, as It I called), where a
plain Ice sheet reaches from one wall
to the other, currying Ice stalagmites
of the most fantastic shapes.-ScIen-tltlc
A Hopeless Job.
Gordon I.e Suuur In his bonk on
Foutli Mrlea tells an excellent story
about Cecil Rhodes.
Ithodes was very cnrelew In tho mnt
.,! ,ir,,io rin lino occiihIoii Sn old
and favorite coat of his wns sent to be
cleaned and mendtd. Soon after It
came back just iw It had been trout,
together with this note from the clean
ers: "Dear Sir Herewith the Itlght Hon
C. J. Ithodos' coat, uncleaned and tin
mended. Wo regret that all wo can do
with (lu garment Is to moke a new
sonl to match the buttons."
Wanted the Solids. ,
Tommy went out to dine at a friend's
house o'no evening. When the soup
was brought Tommy did not touch his.
Mid tho hostess, looking over, said:
"Why. Tommy, dear, what's the mat
ter? Aren't you hungry tonight?"
"Yes." replied Tommy. "I'm quite
hungry, but I'm not thlrsty."-.ridgo.
Subtle Scheme.
Klrst Jowolor-Aren't you afraid to
leave those diamonds In a front win
low at night? Socij!d .lewolur-Not
with my schemo .lust tierore 1 go
home 1 put In a little sign on thorn
rending. "Anything In This Window
10 Cents" Chicago News.
r'h.i-i; rlnnklni? for a raise) I am
thinking of getting married next
month and
Kmploycr You are lucky. I'm golntt
to lire you tomorrow, add you can't!
mi. n.iu i,.... i nil ihn nlnvers. b they i r nili.ntetl li the Comii.on Council, wind
, ItU u.. ...... - " ft I ' . .
ever so skillful. -Kincison . ; (JI1 fa in lna omCo of the City Ut-conl-
j er of the Cily ol ll.indon, Oregon, and at said
j oM-n to die inspection and examinalinn
I l ll .,r.nni inlorlPfl lIltTfin. 1 llC lOl.ll
cost of said improvement is oslimaicd to lie 3,-
629.24. Any objeclions to wild improvemeni
Ml mi n,lt mint be fiird in 'writing with rlie
City Rccordrr'of said Cily by the owners ol
two-thirds in the' nie ihe propeity wilhin the
... . .-it
above improvement district i alnvc tliscneeu
on ir before January 5th, I9-T4.
This is oiven in accortlance wilh a resolution
ol the Common Council passed on the 29th day
of October 19T3 and piovidcVlot the improve
m, ..I f.mnrl A vf line. between points above
described. '
City Recorder.
First Rjibl. TX-c. 1 6, '19 1 3.
Last Publ. Dec. 23. 1913..
With a nair of gloves:
Oh. thai 1 were a Klove upon hat hand!
-Borneo and Juliet
With a sliver handglass
The henrl. like a mirror, should reflect
nil objects without .belna sullies by any
-Confucius ,
With a "tear off' calendar:
Tho longest day ntust have an en.-
Itnlinn Proverb
A Christ mas gift ot i) ring for a thin-
cr;e or wife:
So let our love '
Ah ndlesntiiovc
And pure as Kold forever
-Itobt'i't llerrlck.
Kor the last" baby:
.Much Is she worth, and even rnyre Is
made of tier -W E. Ilsnloy f
With sjti uuibfi'lla.
The year, most purr. deforrm'ds Ith drip
ping rains. Cowpcr.
With a cookbook:
Tho taste of the kitchen ts befter than
tho smell. Old Proverb
. With an electric torch lamp
To a urcafnlKht n ert-at lanthorn -Old
Wlt'h a needlecase:
Who hath need of n huudred eyes.
Old Proverb
With a photograph:
Generally music fecitcth the disposition
of spirit which It fltidt-tli.-Hacoii
In the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, in and
for the County of Coos.
Arthur K. Merecn,
The unknown heirs, of
(jeo. W. . Ncal, also
I.I10WU as George
Wotl.lml Ncal, de
ceased, William Itailcy,
also known as Win.
Itailey, J. C. Kowan,
also known as Jonas C.
Rowan, and all other
persons or p.nta-s iin-
knowu claiiuing any
tight, title, estate, lien.
r interest in the teal
est ate (li'scribt-d in llie
Co in pl.t it 1 1 h ere i n.
Jlabol-What ato you laughing at?
llarrj Your tiew hat
. Mabel-Oh. dear! haveii't I got It on
Harry-, fes. That's why I'm laugh
lntf looks funny on stralght-Chi
en go News.
Boat Kindness.
-Ciet a tip from tho rich
Suit m lupiity
to Quiet I Ulc,
. Summons.
Porter (Javo me a tip that If I over
have a million to Invest not to buy
doldplated i-oti.mon. .'tew York (Jlobo.
Her Troubles.
Verbal Brand.
'How do you tnanag to keep such
t, chtan record with so many of yotir
cranky relations r
".lust use
soft soap." llaltltnore
Be Slow to Throw.
After a umu has thrown a rock ho.
nine tluieH out or Um. wUht he had
It hsiek In his hBiul.-PhlUidolphla Usl-
"Is the new nurse kind to your chll
-Oh. yon. Hut one uloays has tron
bio with the nurses. Tho new one
takos such good caro of tho children
that they won't come to me auy more'
-Meuseudorfcr Ulutter.
To, till" unknown heirs of George V.
Neal, also known as George Wetland Neal,
deceased, William Itailcy. also known as
Win. li.iilcy, J. C. Rowan, also 'kiiown as
lonas C. Rowan, ind all persons or pirties
unkiiovMi claiming any right, title, estate,
f- .. .. -i. i i :..
lieu, or uiiert-si in int real cmiui- iicicui
ilcM-rilicil, Defend. nits.
In tUc name of'tlie State of Oregon: you
ratal each of you rc hereby notified mat the
plaintitf, Arthur Mereea, has coininenced
a hiiit in .the Circuit Court of the Stateof
Oregon, for the County of Coos, against
you, and that in pursdatice of an ordenuade
aud catered in .said, cause and Court fry
Honorable John S. Coke, Presiding ludgc
of said Couit, on tin' 4th day of December,
1913. ou and each of vou are heicbv re
quired toappear in said cause and couit and
.mswer the complaint of the plaint ill filed
therein, on or before six weeks from the
lirt publication of this summons, which
first publication will lie npoa the Uth day
of December, 1913, and that for want of
answer thereto, on or before said time, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in the Complaint, a succinct
statement of which is as follows- taat it be
deglnrcd and adjudged that the plaintiff is
the owner in fee simple of the following de
scribed real estate, situated in Coos County,
State of Oregon, tu-wit:
Lot Nine in Mock Three in South ll.m-
don ..Addition to the Town of llamliin.
Cuos County, Oregon, according to the plat
thereof on file and of lecord in the office of
the County Clerk of said County and State,
and that you, anil each of you, have no os
tate, right, title, lieu or interest whatever
in or 'o said premises, or any part thereof,
and also that you and each and ciery one
of you, be forever delurrcd from asserting
any claim whatever in or to said land or
nreinises adverse to the nlaintiff. . and for
Mic! other and fnrtlu relief as to the Coutt
iQiy seem ctpntabie. -L.
A. Robcins,
Claude II. Giles,
Attorneys for I'laimilf, residing at Myttlc
Point. Orecon.
Date of first publication r?crcmber
12th, 1913. , '
Dec. 12-Jan. 25 F
Notice to Contractors.'
N'..i:.... w krM.v niirn- That scaled bids Will
be received by the Csimmon Council of the Cily
of Bandon, Coos County, Oregon, until 1iall
past seven o'clock p m. Wednesday llsc 7th
day of January I9I4 (or the coryjftuctKxi of a
server along the center lint of Wall blrett Irom
a point whertj the east line of Lot 2, Block 2,
Commercial Addition lo Bantjon intersects with
tfie center line of Wall Mrecr lo the center of
Alabama Avenue: thence along the center Jtnc
'of Second Street East lo the center Imeof Chica-
eo Avenue, thence norlhcrly alonj the center I
line of Chicago Avenue lo low wyiler, accotrd-
ifg to the plans, profile's and specifications on
file in the office of the Cily Recorder and there
open to the inspection of all persons Interest
ed therein.
Bids will be received for the work as follows:
1. Excavating and back filling per cubic yard.
2. Vitrified sewer pipe S inch laid per lineal
eol. ,
3. Vitrified sewer pipe 20 inch laid per
lineal loot.
t. Y, branches 8 inch x fi inch,
5. Y, branches' 20 inch x 6 inch.
6. Manholes. ,
7. Flushtank.
8. Concrete per cuhit yard.
All bids must be is accordance with the re
quirements accompanying the specifications for
said work and upon Uanks; for that purpose
which will be supiJicd upon request at the office
ol the City Recorder.
A certified chuck of five per cent ol the
amount ol the bid must accompany the bid lo
be forfeited to the Cily of Bandon in case the
contractor fails to enter into n contract with
the said city within five days from the dale con
tract is" awatded The Gimmon Council re-
serves the riLl to reject any and all bids.
Dated at Bandon, Oregon ihis I Olh day ol
Deccmbar 1913.
City Recorder
First Publ, Dec. 16. 1919
2nd Publ. Dec. 23, 9I3 .
3rd Publ. Dec. 30. 1913
llli Publ. Jan. 6th. 1914
Oregon Agricultural
Farmers' Week, December
8th to 13th.
This will be a notable event in the edu-
rational history of Oregon.
Farmers' Co-operation will be the leading
topic of a stimulating seric of lectures.
The week will be crowded with dbcusMons
and itNtunutratimis ia cvcrytljiiij' that makes
for the welfare of the tanner ami home
Winter Short Course
Jan. 5 to 30, 1913
The college has spared no elfoit to
make ihis the most complete short course
in its history. A very wide range of
courses will be offeicd in General Agricul
ture, Horticulture, Animal llusbatulr),
Dairying, Poultry Keeping, .Mechanics
Arts, Domestic Science and Art, Com
merce, Forestry, and Music. NumOrmis
lectures and discussions; on Farmers' Co
opcrutioiij at home aatl abroad, will be a
leading feature. Make this a pleasant and
profitable winter outiin'. No tuition. Ac
mmimTatioiii reasonable. Reduced rate, on
all railroads, i'ur further information ad
dre 11. M. TKN N A NT, Registrar, Cor
wllis, Oregon.
Farimffs Husfliuit OuHnu by corrcspon
ence without tuition.
The "Minaret"
sire ia tNCHts
1 I
flL E E !
We ill give a nttcrn of this
benutife! doll' tlretu. to every
clu'sl call . at our Pattern
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at-.-oitinent of
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Pattern Counter.
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' .
Bandon lid we. Co.
sttwum v
i inn iiiiijiOTii film .1 r wmm xmfvrimrtmtrr in r.i".- -i r-r,-i,"-'--",- '
It is cheaper to talk than to travel. We haw
stations in Coostinfi C'urrj counties and conneet
the Hell sj stein at Kosehurj.
j i immi nmn m imiiw mi 1 1 m ti wtt r rrir i -rnr r -m rr rir-rtifn-rnnY-n'iiiin
Job . Printing at the
Recorder Office