Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, December 19, 1913, Image 1

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The Recorder is read by more people in Bandon find vicinity than all other papers combined.
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Arrest Suspect in San
Aaron R. Cooley is Alleged
to Have Murdered
Thos. Van Pelt.
Aaron II Cooley, a hewer, was
arrested in Francisco Monday
as an alleged fugitive from justice
on a warrant issued by Judge W.
II. Wood of Cold BeaelK The
crime which Coolcj is supposed to
have committed is told in the follow
ing dispatch from Salem.,,
Salem, Or.. Dec. 15. Aaron R.
Cooley under arrest in S m Fran
cisco for a murder committed in this
slate 15 years ago," is alleged to have
shot and killed, from ambush,
Thomas Van Pelt, Sr.. a pioneer
saw mill man of Curry county, and
it is narely possible that his arrest
will involve prominent families in
tins slate and Washington.
Van Fell was murdeied in .898,
and ever since the crime was com
mitted it has been one ol the un
solved mysteries. Just a week prior
to his murder he had been arrested
for the murder of Al Coolidge, who,
It is said, was a relative of the
Coolidges of Silverton. When shot,
lie was returnim: home from what
was known as Fred Blake's store.
The assassin had hidden behind a
thicket on the road leading Irom
the store to Van Pelt's home, and,
just as Van Felt passed it. the slaver
opened fire with a riflle. lie fued
twice, one of life bullets passing
thr nigh the body of Vail Felt and
another through his head. Johnnie
Van Felt, a relative, and a man
named Savage were at woik a quart
er ol a mile from where the shoot
tug occurred, and npqn hearing the
shots rushed to the scene, whcie
they founff Van Felt dead.
Immediately after the murder Jus
tice of the Peace John Cooley was
sumnvmed and a , Coroner's jury
sworn in. The jifry brought in a
.N.r.lin Van Pell had come to
liw death bv two rille shots fired'b
some unknown .persons'. Since then
the murder has been a mystery A
yeat or so ago Distiict 'Attorney
Brown, of Roseburg, interested him
self in the case, and he and Stephen
Doyle, who arrested Aaron R.
Cooley in San Francisco, have work
ed up the evidence which Imiughl
about Cooley's apprehension.
Aaron R. Cooley was a neighbor
of Van Pelt's living but a few miles
from the Van Pelt home
The course of the bullet, which
took effect in Van Pelt's head, indi
ct ted that when it was fued, he was
looking into the muzzle of the riflle.
Van Pelt, according to formation
given by pioneers here, was married
to an Indian woman, that Van Pelt
and the Coolidges of Silverton,
crossed the plains together and the
Coolidges were interested with Van
Felt in the sawmill business.
While Van Felt was arrested and
accused ol the murder oi A l.oohdge
in Curry county, he was released,
and this crime is another of the un
solved murders of the state, the
murderer never having been appre
hended. A request tor requisition papers
for Cooley is en route and it is ex
pected they will be honored today
by Governor West. t
Western Union Starts Buil cl
ing from Eugene, South
Along the Coast.
There is a wtjll grounded nunoi
that the long desired Western Union
Telegraph office iu Bandon will be
rtality in a short time as a des
patch from Eugene says that the
Western Union Company has ru-
ceivetJ.iwj) car loads (if cons! ruction
1tv1ieri.1l ?it Fugene and preparations
.tie being made to build a line along
the route of the , Willamette Pacific
Railway Co. to Marshticld ami n
down the const and that offices wi 1
probably be established at B.tndon,
Coquille, North Bend and Myrtle
The line will carry four tclegrtph
circuits more than is needed, but the
company anticipates a rafiid growth
of business in the territory along
the coast after the railroad is built.
Although the line is being built
jointK' by the railroad and telegraph
companies, arrangements' are being
made whereby the Pacific Telephone
Co. will piobablv use the same poles
for a .line from Eugene to the coast.
Put on Big Minstrel show 'at
Grand. Wednesday
' 1
The Mardhfield Elks lodge which
is composed of men from all sections
ol the county, held swnv in Bandon
Wednesday night when a bunch ol
the big fellows .swooped down upon
the town and look it into captivity.
The main feature of the occasion
was an Elks Minstrel show at the
Grand Theatre, which was .one of
the hits of the season, and sty, the
way some of tliose big birds perform
ed wasn't slow. The dancing, coined'.
stunts and in fact every part of the
sho.u was a bunch of scrcaihs from
3tart to "finish. .
Xfter the show the visiting Elk:
were treated to a big feed by theii
local brothers and everybody !i:M a
good time.
There is always something doing
everv iniiuile when the I'.IUs.ire in
town and you get the.worth of youi
money if you happen to be in the
Along.The Waterfront
The Speedwell sailed, .yesterday
with 285000 ft. of iumber, 95 coids
of match wood, 2.100 hop poles, and
the following lisfof passengers : A.
MaVdison wife and child, Lillian King
Julia Gassell, J. E. Lawsen. Paul W.
Paul, Edna McDonald, O. E. Wil
liams, Sid Williams, MrS.. Caller
and children, jlra. Catharine Aiilley
R. P. LeBlnnc, Atgust Strauss,
John B. Calleiy. Rirth Callerv, Helen
Gallery, O. Bachiniu, Geo. Lee, J,
Hudson, J. II. Humphrey, C. F.
Barrows, L. Bollard, E. E. Clayberg
Henry Grady, J. VV. McLeod, J. L.
The Fiefield saded from San Fran-j
cisco tor Bandon last night. Her
entire passenger capacity has been
sold for this trip.
riuuvvin a auav
Builders and1' Tradesman
Unite on Plans0 for. Eight
Hour Day.
A new organization was launched
in Bandon Jast night which was
named the Bandon Builders and
Trades Association, and is composed
of the carpenters, plumbers, painters,
and brick layers. " 1
t he mam object of organizing
was to get iggtther on a proper
schedule of time for n day's work
aniL other points of vital interest to
the tradesmen. o
0. V. Gibson was elected tem
porary chairman ayd Mr. Giogory,
temporary secretary, after which
they proceeded with the petmanent
organization,, and Claude Starr was
chosen president, and E B. hish,
At the business meeting whiih
followed, lt'was decided to have a
univeisal eight hour day for all
i I trade-men,, ibid other points of ill"
teiesi were discussed ..tul will be
taken up at the next meeting, which
will be in the City Hall, next Tues
day" evening December 23rd at 7:;,o
There wore 18 present at the meet
ing lat night and there will be still
more coming in at each .meeting
as several more have signified their
intention 0of ioinina. "
Coquille Pioneer Dead.
Myrtle Point, Or., Dec. 17 A.
H. Snvder. an old resident and
pioneer of Coos county1, died Mon-
day night near Coquille at the homeJ
of his daughter, Mrs, C. H. Bunch.
The funeral will be held at Myrtle
Point today at it a. 111. and the,
services were conducted in the
Brethern church by T. G, Bunch
of tlie-SevcntlDay Allventist cliurj;
of uliieh he was a member. Coos
Bay Tunes. 0
Pythian Sisters Initiate Ten
At Meeting Wednesday
At the regular session of the
Pythian Sisters lodge Wednesday
eveni ng a class of ten were initiated
into the mysteries ol that order.
Following the initiation a bounti
ful banquet was spread to which all
did justice. The new members are:
Dr. Gale, Sherman HufTord, Sam
A. Briggs, Chas. P. Kidd, Mrs.
Rebecca Kidd, F. T. Eugelke, Mrs.
Josephine Engelke, Mrs. , Rebecca
Briggs, Mrs. Mamie Clinton and E.
O. Clinton. o ;
Mrs. M Danielson ol Myrtle
Point wa in Bandon the first 0 the
J. L. Kronenherg Will.
Finance Movement
Plan is to Get at Least Two
Carloads of Famous
Cattle From East.
A plan has been suggested by J.
L. Kronenberg of thi city, wlfich
if ii materializes will be one T of the
gteatest movt s lor the development
of the country that has yet been
tnoughi of,
Mr. Kionenbeig proposes to fi
ll mcc a movement to oring out at
least Iwo 'carloads of the famous
Ilolstcins cattle to ibis country.
The plan is to send some competent
judge of stork east, to Wisconsin,
Minnesota and pcihaps oilier states
lo buy the catile and ship them out
here. This plan has been suggest
ed to a number of the dairymen of
the community and some of them
are very enthusiastic over the im
position and will undoubtedly, take
hold of it. .
The Hnlstein breed of cattle are
the greatest milkers on recoid and
at the same time are a good bi.'ef
cattle, so the combination is one
that will be a good one and if the
proposition gets a go'vd start ft will
no doubt develop rapidly as the
people will soon realize great retui ns.
The Star Ranch neat Langloi's
whirh is now being operated by Dr.
Wetherhee has been breeding Hoi.
steins for some time and now have
a very fine strain of cattle. Dr.
Wetheibee recently went up to the
Sound countiy and bought a fine
pedigreed bull and a heifer of the
very best, strain of Holsleiiis that
cm be had and wtll head his herd
with these, .
Mr Kronenberg's plan is to let
eacit ranclu r have any amount of
cattle he may want at just the price
getting them here, so this will be'
an eCLllvnt opportunity for the
rancher, and al the same time will
bring a race of cattle into the country
that will be second to none.
'Ceos and Curry are essentially
da'fry. counties and in the future a
large amount ot the development
ol the county will 'depend upon the
dairy business and with the proper
stajt in a well known breed of milk
cattle there is sure to be rapid de
velopment. Ends Life in Railway cCamp.
Myitle Point, 'Or., Dec. 17.
Daniel Rakovsky, of Medillion, U.
S. of Colombia, South America,
who has been working in a Willett
it Burr camp on the Smith-Powers
line on the South Fork, shot him
self witli a 32 revolver, the bullet
entering the mouth and coming out
at the top of the head.. He is re.
ported to have said: "Lite to me is
not worth the struggle." On his
person were found two letters ot
recominendation in Portuguese and
SI. 1 5 in cash. He had ihe appear
ance of some degree of culture. In
terment will be by the county.
Coos Bay Times.
Mrs. M. B. Callery and family
left on the Speedwell for River Gar
dens, Calif, near Sacremento, where
they will make their luUirehome