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rr n Aiirn iiri
Mm. Foreman. WhoGit Into
Trouble in Curry County,
Again in Trouble
Mrs. Flora,' Foreman, ''teacher
whr 'got into trouble in Curry county
la st over her Socialist)' teach
lugs hi th Denmartc solu.ol "am I
who was (Minify discharged "before
the year ended there, is now in
troi' near Chtskanie. A dispatch
(ton:, there says:
" The neighboring srlionl district
of ,iiirney is in the midst ot in ex
citing campaign as to whHier or
not the principal 61 the schorl, Mrs.
Flora Foreman, shall lx; r lained.
Mis Foreman is an avowed 55 cialil
a dmciple of Kinir.a Goldman,' nnd
she :s charged with carrying these
doctrines into the school room:
OikI of the patrons of this school
brought formal charges agn.nst her.
' Abe llerschiu, Socialist, l Port.:
Line, and S, Nuorova, jlor oi
the Astoria Toievi, were present in
the'liiiterests ol Mrs' Foreman The
prrvk-cutioi) asked .an adjoii'iimeiH
of the ase because itsaltonniv could
not he present. There wciu n num
ber rf charges all leading ii to and
cuhjiinating in llie specific rhirge of
tea(lnng er.iisteiitly tne doctrines of
Sojalism and atheism, am ' that
theleis no God, and that CliitSiwa
not, the son of God but a leader of
the workingmeti."
Sthe was also charged with riding
thnlmgh the district in compai y with
thnv young men with the r : flag
railed over the carriage. Mm,
Foleman proved herscll full ible to
champion her own ciuse,
i, ! ... .1... l ( ........i.
lifgaromg uie ciii.'m-- hi nmi
inc Socialism she exp '.lined her
imlhods ol teaching history, iViting
tl.t she "told her pupils tt' .t thi
irolernmcnt was rotten to the core,"
del bring that was the truth a ui that'
sh? would not teach at ll il she
cfinld not the truth; -lh it she
blamed the knowledge which caused
, arrive at this cnnclnsif n from
i ' i lv papers.
!, tul I. the directors .they might
In , hf r -.emcee 'or pi 5 per .hontli,
bul her -pinions were not Irtt , sale.
Slie evaded entirely the ,rb rge df
tewlnng alhmsm.
She .uknowledgeihitli'i t rough
t'nrdist'irt with the ted J ig up.
ra'sed ami ridiculed ' W id- of the
charge being a s'uioiiij na She
ai .ngn.d the comity J.Yx,. siipar
mlen.lent, eiilling li.lm "ji llyfuU
with the backbone . ol n igle
wprm." Just what the outcome ol mm pro.
bledmgs will be is haul to l' ocwit.
The lormal trial befote '.h 'icjiool
board, with an aliorney ii'id r mnly
superintendent previa. " UM
s leu Coos Hay T.iKts.
Apple Py in Binclon,'
Lverybod' apples Tuoday
Apple pie, apple !timpling, apple
fobblcr. apple jell, . ,,pte switfe.
fipples, apple, a))hii.ffe theordur
ol the day Applen arc ;he llie ImwI
Inut tlut grow and t":rymy stli
'hem It it piohaho thai moru
i.pples were Uen in lumlnii Tuw
,Iav than " any oilir one tUyin
l he history of the ci.y
Coos county appIuaru.l'-1fcloun!y
lavored, and we can mine pi, ol
m Although Tuerfi., 4
.ipple day thiouglwut the I l, yitf
every day could be apple v III
Coos county.
Some Plnn Should be Ar
ranged Whereby the Work
. , Could Go AhontJi.
As has been previously announced
the good road- bond ;ssiih for Coos
comity scums to le up in the air at
present, and yet the fc lnt ws
need the l)nds an nreit ike tom)
arc still .staring ; in tbr ct.
There vrill le meeting in .Co
(piille Dt'Ceinlver ant) at which time
it is hoped that some plan may In
decided upon wlwreby .we can get
together. '.Ve need a road to the'
Douglas county . line from Coos
county and we need a road from
II andon to the Curry county line,
and uuIcms'uw get this latter null,
the people from (his uxtiau oi the
county will met l.uor (he ImwuI. It
would seem that soo kind of a plan
could M.' voikfd out whereby we
could get together on tin; projxwi
tion ami tuve the' bond election yo
ahead as Mtm ; prnhible. .
The law- limiting (he hmuls to tco
ptT cent iti the f'4xlif mMy, is
an unfortunate one inrirct!, but we
have it and must abide by it until
such liifte'aslhc liwcan ln'clungcd,.
The one thing to do. no is ' to go
alnviit and builit u)i at roads e cm
by hondiug (or the umin4 allowed.
It if lo 1ms 10 wd iIa4 idnt liviiR
gation rori liandno ami vicinity
will attend the iiM.xting M Cjuilb:
Drcemlef juil,
CoiitKy .Sukerin4r(Mitiit lUber ht
inforwril tbc kuxA clriksi lt tl;
census ota4 lie fake ike Ia1 wrtk
in this month and that Ike reports
must W. in within ten ihy in order
loget in no the lax approbation,
Tit be. ewtilli'd to tutMueratiou the
youth iTtMal lc over Unit thi miib r
i yuan ol age arwl nu't (x n
actual xrlnni o4 itw iWilfict. The
pareiilK or guardbttk iimiiI aUo
lioua lute HsiidentH uhIism the jwjiil
It. cll mijipottfn). It Is alM tM-rri-WIS
Ut hve ich'KJ si ivwintht ia
the yiuir iw oikr ti enlille tkit
liict to it appotl()oiMyr4 ol (hr,
Gwul V'dmn rv1 t W GtsuwJ.
Sliifday utrt Sunday night' a
mill M!lpnd..prixfrain oi foiw rrl
nl liremHl H lur" vil' be lio'n.
Special MiyntUM u drAwit In the
luii reel i.iib"i irMutv for SaJurdry
dight, "M Ifeio Xiuoii Mwi." ilv
i llg 'tutt. (nil ni grippiag wifuiral.
Htiig a mn trail in .Glacier I'rU
I aunllin ol lke iwtiuilar Hrii'n of
Mimic pictures. "See jiiiu'iica Timt "
lllografi proMifilna uuglnldr urce l
cimnrily. Good fllrii Sunday nielli.
No advaff 'n'prkc 10.5c. '
. It. W. Dmn w idc'a Arip lo'Gnlil
llirh kiM wok mi oonniwtion n'tvli
hi pWlkw air (JiejMity ' kaHfl in
duifi l iJb UaMtw' frrojwilaffur
.. .. a . It-A.t .. II .t .
llie mmhhwx mm ai ww) 1 mwu 1
yt u UatUAm uhouj $ yontaV
tf. MHl twwrt 4M ,wUtlA ill
litiiMlsly po.uoo-VmxOilmAl
Tribune, )
' The city ol lt.iudon is negotiating
with the Haudon Water Company
with the idea of purchasing the
system providing the necessary ar
rangements can I ; made.
The, price that is asked by the
company Is $.19,500 as against $10;,
oao asked List summer at the
sH.cid election.
. The city, has secur'cif the sei vie'es
(d'R. H. Coi:y, engineef for the
Coos Hay Wats .Conpauy to' con'
lei with City Kngineer P. A. Sjlnd
In-rg and make an inventory ol the
plant, and if in the estimation of lhe
Airrntinl For Gtnb!iny at
ilttxxi liny AccmiiHi; ,
to the Rcpxirt.
Tamp Oshoinc. ifiu base 'Ivdl
pitcher who started the Veaso'n with
ilaiiilou list .-iiimmer. but w!is later
discharger Ivtc'ause .itwas alleged
(hat he ' threw a game jro North
HetMl, ix in trouble again accotdlhg
to a report in the Coos iKay Tiiucs,
which Kays that tibome was atre
ei'l for gambling and bound over un
der frvl" Uu'ids. tsborue declares
Uv. 'i ma' guilty alllmngli i man
taittj tUtf testifii'it lie.tore Judge
iialf m court at, Corinlle that' they'
luil Imyw gambliuc atu( he lost is
watch to OibiKiM; who afteiwatiK
rclutiml 11,
(iK4e will te' coiUfwitel in af.
(tear fefofc tiae giait jiwy at tfve
nei( session!
Atttr G. T. Treadgotif aitived
home today fnmi Salem wlu-re He
had been aiguiitg some cins in the
supreme coutt.
Keep the Home
Dollar at Home
fc. $ $ ft
. '
J0f'4 jk&il ttia TX)LLAli 7iI RotiA it it ywt'f hfrtn tWitl
X DOLLAlf ;mt in ciretiliition hr.tti iz wvtik y aitxJUt fa tlio trisii
09 ill U10 mail ordbr homHj'B pockoi. ,
Vlion 7011 fond llntt DOLLAR r7 Vin oj ovmmufiy
KiJiit the profit lliat'ijiiit jutt w
will le inndo by yotiM.
y)iv lftr'Ilty "tiotlirr 1)011. A It
Vtjl crinr Oonrisrwil, cvc9j
1)01 A AH thr.t U runt riYfuj h
putliiif; pow 011 .ruip'lliitr X)0lr
U.U tlmt Lb left hthlM.
A I 0 IX A 15 uptrrf In yoxti
liowc iowp nlp4 to nuiko 'yoy
iioL'liboht jiKt tlnV fntColf tnoro
KfOMxiroui. . To that sxtnnt. nlan.
1 ' ' - 1 1 .
it tiinkon tho cn,niunlty mor prnirii, And It tnnkca you profttln
jiut tlm Mfnp way tlinl Ilia aommtuilty doo,
Wlion tlior h plenty of tnonoy In clroulntjon ovcryLody lencfit.
TJmt'ii why you houlJ krep junt m tunny i)OI.I,AnS lioro nil you enn
Initial of Pondlr Utom nwy.. Ily VAIllbtfl'AXO HOMIW'
DUS'j'nfKft yeu enn do thin. . 0 '
Isn't it; worth while thinking .over ?
engineers th"e company's properly
is worth the- money, then further
negotiations will I mi made but, if the
engineers re port the plant to he of
less value, then it may In' necessary
lo'strfri other proceedings. ' ,
So4iie linn: ago the city instituted
suit against the company to annul
the 'franchise .because ol alleged
.Violations and the (ale negotiations
have U'tu'tUe outcome of tliis suit.
The ejig-ineers have nol yet hand--ed
in.thc'ii' figures, so it cannot be
told at this tune whether, or not 'the
proposition will Ik carrietl througli
Anunl Affair Given at (he
High School Building
Lat Night.
The animal reception by the'
juniors' lo the rest ol the high school
'and alumni was given at the high
building Last night and . was one of
the most vojoyabk' vocial -affairs of
The evening's entertainment cw
sisleil of ;t track me?t in the loner
hall ami other Amusements, among
which was to make .sciiinix of the
fvi'shtuen aiwl freshman of tiie seniors
and faculty, and I lieu a sclliiig
match was held by the freshman,
wllkh n4 course causeal great amuse
ment as a (renhmen'is not supposei
to Im: able to spell
A chafing dish Innclieim was
:vd by I Ik juuiorx and all presenf
aie loud in tkeir jiraise 0 the ex
cellent eulrntaiuiMciit furnished by
the ciotf.
1 ;
Harry Sieinati'n of California is
visiting his brother A. Y. Sieman
and'lamily' of this city.
' ' ' . L. .
- . rCJ"U
School District Provides For
Maintenance of Schools
For Ensuing Year.
At a meeting of the .voters 'of
School District No 54. comprising
llandon, Tuesday nighf "of 15
mills was" voted for the inaiiiteiiance
0 llie schools for the ensuing year
And transacted other important
.business lor iIm: school. There was
only a light attendance there being
but 2.4 voles cast.
J. W. Mast, clerk ol the bpard,
rci.d the following budget which
was the estiulate ol the cost of main
tabling the schools for the vear
Teachers salaries
. $1260.00
. , $680.80
. . $150.00
.',$09 j.-1 1
. $1250.00
Janitor salaries .
Furniture ; . . . .
TyH?wrilers .
Domestic Science1
Sundry Kxpenscs
Interest on Imlehtednes .'$2'855'.5o
Time warrants rel'iption $1250.00
Cement Walks $757. t'2
Stieef Improvement . . . $650.00
Total . , . . . . $23,oy7.53
Souucr.s ok ukvicnOr.
County fund, estimate . . $6650.00
State .fund, estimate . . . $1850.00
SfK-cial Tax, 15 mills on
valuation ol $08 1 , 31 1 $14 , 779. 66
Total $23,279.66
Making a balance of $182. 13
Mrs. l-ovioa C. Rockwell died at
her home near this city Wednesday,
and the funeral is being held this
afternoon the At. R. church this af
ternoon, , Lovina C. Mapes was
born in Crawford county, Pa'., .Oct
ober 13, 1847 where she grew to
womanhood and rat married to S.
C. Horkwett Janualy 30, 1864. , To
thi union four chiU'ren were born,
Chan. S. ti.ockwelt,' of Cle.irlleld,
IV, WillC. Hocliwell.'of.Sl. Johns
Vsli Gecrgc .11. Rock well', of
British Columbia tul Mrs. R, II,
YoiMig of ttandon.
The itockwdl family came to
Haiiilon in 1906 and arc welfktiown
in this city. ' MrsRorkwcll was a
womyn ot n4le c)urclera kind
wile and motlwr rnrf a good neigh
hor, Siie wait much loved y all
who knew bef.
At the time orfsjerr death Mrs.
W orb we'l vsu 66 years, one month
nfutMi ily,i' oV1, Site had .been
iJJ only abrwi fwo weeks and her
drjsihc(A)ie.H in a great shock to.her
family, a'1 0I.0I10111 have tlif sinci-re
yniM'h)f of 11 large circ of friends,
, , f
. a
The Coifillc Scnliti:l reports that
ther were 6,000 bunlielH (A grain
rained til's year by Albert .Schroedcr
on llie place formerly owned by J,
I'red SchroeiTer. 'I lie crop averaged
tid.ifly'75 busjicld o llie acre.
Twenty rtcres ol the Ki acre In grain
averaged 90 bunhtU lo llie acre,
AHer rt'lmrtlng miMi a prolific croo.
Iic Senllnel nayWIl In a wonder why
(ho farniutN ol tlif) ,o(i)lll(i Va lev
donol lainu'onoiigh of cvtmUU)
ii)ply homo coiiMiuipiiou, liiMoad
01 ImfulnK grHln Iwm other )luce,
Interviews Florence Business
Men Concerning State ,.
Deportation There.
, Florence, Or., Nov. 20, Capt.
Metcall. interviewed a iiuniler of the
1 lading citizens yesterday concern
ing the I. W. W. deportation here
last Friday. It was stated that he
had . not obtained much evidence
iigainst arty" ol the citizens. ' .
There is less excitement in Flor- ' ,
ence over the matter than there is
outside concerning it.
Capt. Mctcalf has not made any
intimations of declaring martial law.
or tlic necessity of such an action.
I Ie U ill make a report to Governor
West, and the latter will take any
action that he may deem advisable .
but Capt. Metfalf will not do auy-
thing nor will he give out any of
his 'findings before' submitting tlietn
to Governor West. Owing to mat
ters being quiet ami peaceful, here,
it is not expected that he will make
a hasty preliminary report like Gov'-,
ernor West intimated he . wanted, .
but will probably go. direct to Saleui
and report vdrbally to Governor
West, and possibly folldw Ijup with'
a detailed Written report. .
The two hundred men who took
part are not in the least frightened, .
nor are they willing to' acknowledge"
even to the Gouernor of .the state
that they did otherwise than right
in removing these undenirables..
There arc very few'here who actual-,
ly bejieved tliil the governor in
(ends to do anything in the matter. '..
The citizens who were instrument
tal in the reinoving ol the I. W. W.
received the justification ol their
action- when the vacated headquart
ers were searched and a bunch of
correspondence found wliic1i'plainlp
shows the plans oj the organizatibn
and the methods they pursued in '
attninimr their ends. . i
Married November? 1.3'tTts
m Mr. Fred Lorentzen ol this city
and Miss Edna Hodge oi , J'roHpir,
were married, at Coquille, Novem- '
Iwr 13th. The groom is one -of "
Handon's popular young men and
has been employed with the Dndon
Water Co, for some time. The
bride is the youngest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Marfan Hodge gl
Prosper and one ol the most popjilar
young ladies of that little city. Sh.e
is also welknown in Handon being
.. :... f .. r a ir
a s'sicr ui nirs. j n. iveuneoy ami
litis spent a good deal of her lime .
here where she h;s many -friends. ,t
the happy young couple will
have the congratulations and best
wishes ol a large circle ol friends.
Dufort Gets Contract.
About the only businc. ' ot jta-
pgrtance at the City Council meeting
Wednesday night was the letting
of (he contract to ' II, II. Dufort for
the iniroviiig of I'iist Street North
in Handon Ilcightii, ,
The measl-s and whooping cough
are mill prevalent In the Rogue river
country. There are nix cases of
muahliM In tin; home ol J. C, Porter,
field nt Kuchrr creek. Miss ICdith
Ijikk, who has been teaching the -Gold
Ileach Kcliool, will resign her
tKsiiion on tho account ol a nevoro
allacl: ol the omkihIoh and raltini to '
hor A5ytlo-l'(li)i, while liar
nUter will floniilyo nj iiiifiiUlied
tcrib Port Orlonl Trlliiinu,