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    Semi-Weekly Bandon RcorrJer, Qctoher 33, 1913
Page 2
Published Every tfuesdjiV and Friday by the Recorder
Publishing Company.
t- i .1.. i.,.,.ir; -it Kiiiilnn. Oi'ccon, aj Mail
r.iucrvu nit '
" C. E. KOrF,
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Eight -Hour Law May Be
Taken Into Courgfl
Salem, Ore, Oct. 22.
or not the eight-hour law is arfplic
aDlc to laborers employed at the stole
institutions is the question whirl, is
puzzling members of the State Bor.rd
of Control, and which it will be
called opon to decide when it holds
its next meeting.
Contending that the measure ap
plies lo all persons who perform man
ual labor, whether they are employ
ed directly by the state or by con
tract, the Labor Commissioner a
tveek or more ago asked the board
to comply with the law. The board
asked for time in which to examine
the law, and make an investigation
as to how much of an observance of
it would increase the maintenance
cost of the state institutions, and
with these now completed, the board
will hold a meeting when State
Treasurer Kay returns Irom South
crn Oregon.
The members of the board seem to
take issue with the commissioner in
the construction of the law, 'and
everythfng would now seem to indi-
' cate that they will not comply wfth
his request. They contend that it
was only intended to apply to labor
employed by contract, and that
where the state directly employs la
bor, no matter what its class, the law
does not ' apply. The Labor Com
missioner siys that he has carefully
.examined the law and is satisfied his
position is correct, anu 11 is uareiy
possible that he and the members
will carrv the controversy to the"
Insurance VCdmpany has
been climbing lilefireJiruurance
ladder until to-dav'it "Minds at
( ,. .i--'m ti
the itop. Mn the volume' of fire
protection Its gives theAmeiican
people it llstandsaDove every
joiner fire t'msurancecornpany.
$lftienvyou peed fire iriranoe
Bnndon Branch Office of
Title Guarantee and
Abstract Co.
(Henry SeiiKstackcn, Mgr.)
McNair Hardware Building
In charge P. H. Poole.
Economy Promptne Reliability
Cedar Hill
Dairy Farm
J. F. VanLcuven, Prop.
Fresh Milk and Cream de
livered daily at your door in
any part of Bandon. All
orders given prompt attention
. Phone Rural 29
veare me 11 ur l iuitll it ue
Matter of the Second Class
Managing Editor.
courts for adjudication.
According to the superintendents
of the various institutions the ob
servance of the law would so increase
t'icir maintenance cost that all at the
end of the biennial period would (i d
themselves confronted with large de
ficiencies. Myrtle Point Items.
Mrs. Mary Dietz, widow of Chas.
E. G. Dielz, died at her home in
litis city Tuesday evening October
21st, 1913 at 9 o'c'ock after an ill-
npsi of three .vetks Mrs. Dielz was
66 years. 5 months and 21 days old
at the time of her death. Mary
Ellen Wilbur was born in Boston,
Mass.. Aoril .to. 1847, came to
California with her parents at
. .
age of five years. She was married
t Chas E, , Qictfjin . Sacramento
county, Cr:;Wch 3. 1868,
they movecf'io Gbbs county, Ore
gon,' in July ot the same year, and
resided on the lower Coqnille river
until the year 1882, when they
moved to Myrtle Point where she
h?s since resided. To this union
eight children were born all of whom
survive, except an infant Jane E
who died August 15, 1881.
The living are Joseph E. of Sac
ramento county, Calif., Mrs. Chasj
Dodge of Oakland, Cal. Mrs. Lewis
Sculley of Berkley, Cal. Mrs. Fftd
Kirk of lone, Cal., and William E.
Samuel Eand Gustave E. of this
The children were all with her at
the time of her death. Funeral
services were held Thursday, Octo
ber 23 at 2:00 p. m. at the Latter
Day Saints church, the sermon was(
preached by Elder E Crumly,
assisted by Elder A. A. Baker.
Waste From Desks Goes
Into Brushes.
Waste wood in tke manufacture of
school desks :s now being used for
the backs of cheap brushc, accord
ing to the statement of the forest
A large manufacturer of school
desks in Michigan had a consider
able amount of waste material in
sizes which weie too short to enter
into the manufacture of the smallest
desks, and could not be utilized
further with his machinery or in his
line of work. This material was all
h ircl maple in piecrs an inch thick,
a foot or so long, and about three
inches wide; for a long time it had
ben consigned to the waste pile and
sold as firewood. This waste
amounted to from one thousand to
fifteen hundred board feet each day5.
A nearby manufacturer was using
practically this quantity of maple,
which he was sawing up into small
pieces for making the backs of cjieap
Members of ie forest service,
investigating methods of elimina
ting factory waste, conceived the
idea that the blocks used by cthe
brush factory could be readily se-J
cured from the waste ot the school
desk manufacturer, and on this
basis got the two together. Ar
rangements were made so that the
brush manufacturer now places or
dess witu the otner tirm lor its raw
material and what was formerly waste
is now a source of profit.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our heart
felt thanks to all the friends and es
pecially the I. O. O. F. who so
kindly assisted us durng the sickness
and death of our beloved father and
Mrs. Helena Cremens,
Mrs. Joseph Rassette,
Mrs. Anna Clear v,
New orders of bicycle repairs of
all kinds constantly arriving. Will
take orders for bicycles of any kind,
9otf S. D, Barrows.
Notice of Street Work.
Notice ii hereby given: That the Common
Council of the Cily ol Bndnn, Coos County.
Oreaon. dccm it expedient and neeej.nry tn im
prove l:in."T STREET FAST from if in
twetinn wiili theFnit lin ol AILilumi -v n
ue in ihe Additpn lo B'nd.m mi
tefly to ihe Wot line of HUmorc ' enue nl
the cost and expense of the owners ol lt,
pitlt ol lots and ttaclt ol laud included in the
improvement district lo be known as Jo"' ,n
provement district No. 17, which dislr'ct em
braces all ol the property on either side ol siaid
First Street East and abutting theieon between
the East line of Alabama Avenue to the West
I n. n( Killmnrf. Avnn ftnm In mnnnnal line
of said First Street East back to ihe center of,
Ik. blnrt or blnclct abutting thereon. Said im
provement is to consist substantially of building
on elevated roadway (bridge) on the same in ao
cordance with the plans and specifications for
said improvement as prepared by the City En
gineer, adopted by the Common Council, filed
in the office oft)hei Cily Recorder and there
open lo the inspection of all persons intrrcsted
therein, all of said imptovements are lo be built
on the eslabliihed grade of First Street East.
The total cost of said improvemfhts is estimated
to be $10,743.90. Any objections to said im
provement (if any exists) must be filed in writing
with the Cily Recorder of Dandon, Oregon, by
the owners of TWO-THIRD.S in the area of
il.c nrnrwMv within the abovO assessment district
pas described on or befote Nouember 14, 1913.
Tlii nnlicp ss niven imrtuanl. to a resolution
of the Common Council passed upon 1 fit
day oPOctober, 1913, at a regular meeting
thereof. o
Dated this 28th day of October, 1913."
E. B. KAUSKUD. Cily Recorder,
First Publ. Oct. 28, 1913.
Last Pul,l. Nov. 4. 1913.
Notice to Creditors.
.Notice is hertfliv iriven to the creditors
of, and all persons having claims against
tl.ivr rloiiiitn. cnmrtim., t nntVIl HS
.1 ..iblllbll. miiiivuiu.a
ph enrv Chlciucns. deceased, that the. under
i ...i ' .I...:-:.. 2... : ..r
Rigticu lias ccu aiuHiiiiii'ii auniiiiiauaiiiA i
the Sstate of said deceased by order of the
'CouiitCoutt of the State of Oregon fur
Coos County, and has duty qualified as
sucn auiuiiusiniiix, ami un pcr&uus ii.i.m
claimso'igainst said deceased or against his
estate are hereby required to present
them with the proper vouchers within six
months fioni the date of this notice to the
undersigned at the office of G. T. Tttnii
gold, attorney for said administratrix in
Itandon, Coos County, Oregon.
Dated and published for the first time
his t24th day of, October, 1913p
Administratrix of the estate of Henry
Clemens, sometimes known asjlenry
Chlemens, deceased.
Oct 24-Nov. 21-F
In the Circuit Court of the
State ipf Oregon for Caos
Geo, W. Moore Lumber Com
pany, a corporation,
vj 0
D. R. Bascum and Anthony
Beeler, and the Coquille Mill
Ac Tug Company, a corporation
To D. R. Bascum and the Coquille Mill oc-Tug
Company a Corporation, Uetendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you and
each of you arc hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint tiled against you in the
above entitled court and cause, on or before the
last day of the time prescribed in the order, for
the publication of this summons, and if you fail
so to appear and answer said complaint on or
before the last day of the time so prescribed, the
plaintiff lake judgment atraint you and will ap
ply to the court for the relief demanded in lis
complaint, a succinct statement of which is as
For iudsement reainst the deiendanls Bascum
anr. Beeler foi the sum of $139.80, with interest
at the lgal rate from and after Septemer 24th,
lyiJ. togetherwiUTS? reasonable attorneys lees
and the costs and disbursements of this suit and
a decree (orclosing ihcplaintiff's lien, as against
all of the defendants in this suit upon the prop
erty described as a shingle mill, constructed and'
being upon a portion of Lot one, in section
thirty, township twenty-eight, south pf range
fourteen west ol the Willamette Meridian,
standing on the right bank of the Coquille River,
opposite the sawmill of the Ceo W. Moore
Lumber C?omtiAnv. near tn lhr. Town nt Ban
don. Coos County, Oregon, together with the
land upon which same is constructed, including
a convenient tpace around said mill
as may be "Vquircd Tor
ihe conventient uses and occupation thereof, de
scribed substantially as commencing at a point
one hundred feet north of the said building,
running thence east to the Coquille River, thence
southerly along the Coquille River one hundred
feet, thence to a point one hundred feet sdutn
west of the said building, thence to the place of
beginning including all appurtenances, fixtures
and hereditaments for ihe satufaction of ihe slid
judgment, and the lien of plaintiff with costs,
disbursements and attorneys fees. 0
This snmmons is served upon you pursuant lo
an otder of the above entitled Court, mafle and
entered on I6lhday of October, 1913, and re
mitting the publication hereof in the Bandon
Recorder, a semi-weekly newspaper, once a
week for 'the period of six weeks; the dale of
ihe fust puhlicatiortidrihis summons is October
24, 1913. 0 o
G. T. TREADGOLD. Attorney for
Plaintiff Tost office address, Bandon, Oregon.
Oct 24-Dec 5F. 0 o
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