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The People of the Coquille Valley Are Prosperous—Their Bank Accounts Are Growing
Considerable Time Devoted
To Discussion of
The City Council met in special
session Wednesday night with all
members present.
Ordinances providing lor the im­
provement of Ocean Drive and 4th
street west from Edison Avenue
were passed, with an emergency
clause in order to expedite the work
before rainy weather. Bids will be
advertised lor immediately.
Also ordinances providing for the
improvement of Baltimore Avenue
and 3rd Street east between Chicago
Avenue and Baittmore Avenue, were
also passed.
An ordinance embodying the
viewers report on Oregon Avenue,
formerly Abernathy street was pass­
A resolution of specifications pro­
viding tor the ins:allation ol a sewer­
age system in the d strict in the
vicinity of the new school building
in Bandon Heights was passed. The
laying ol this sewer will commence
as soon as the necessary proceed­
ings have been gone thru with.
Specifications were presented for
the laying of a sewer in the western
part of the city and as it embraced
a portion of 1 ith Street West, Frank­
lin Avenue and 9th West, the
council concluded that it should em­
brace more territory and the speci­
fications were referred back to the
City Engtnenr to come up again
at the next meeting on the 17th inst
The Health officer was present
and made a verbal report on con­
ditions of sewers, cesspools and
other matters pertaining to the
health department. An investiga­
tion hsjs just been completed regard
ing the sanitary condition of the
differeut private sewers now being
flushed upon the tide flats in the
block includ ng the Bank of Bandon,
Oakes Building (¡rand Theatre and
others. These sewers are not with­
in reach of the t:de wate. at certain
times of the year- With that end in
view, the counc’l at this meeting
directed the City Engineer to pre­
pare specifications for sewers in that
Council adjourned to meet on the
Cameron is Under Arrest.
Deputy United States Marshal
Jackson arrived here today from
Portland and arrested F. B. Camer­
on, formerly assistant editor of the
•'Agitator,” on an indictment char­
ging him with selling liquor without
a federal license. The arrest was
made on an indictment returned last
June when some of ’he Wasson
boys and others from South Inlet
were called to Portland to testily
before the Federal Grand Jury.
Cameron is to be taken to Portland
for trial.
Cameron is now out on bond
pending an ap|>eal to the Oregon
Supreme Court on the charge of
bootlegging.—Coos Bay Times.
Wm Winsor, the last veteran ol
the Rogue River Indian War alive
tn Curry county, passed up the
coast last week on his way to North
Bend for medical treatment for what
seems to be ¡taralysis of the muscles
of the throat. Grandp?. Winsor is
well along in the So’s and up to the
present time has enjoyed remark­
ably good health. —Port Orford
Maine Election.
Augusta. Maine. Sept. 11 Maine
R rpul hcans are jubil.nt over the
election to congress of John Peters,
.-.peaker ol the Maine assembly, to
succeed the late Representative
Forest Goodwin. Peters' plurality
over William Pattangall, a Demo­
crat, is 553 John Lawrence, the
progressive candidate, ran
votes behind Pattangall.
President Wilson's plurality over
Colonel Roosevelt in 1912 was 1456
and a I eavy Progressive loss is
shown in yesterday’s election. The
Republicans say it indicates disap­
proval of President Wdson’s tariff
policy, bot Peters declares it merely
means that the Republicans and
Progressives have healed their
Last year the district was carried
by the late Congressman Goodwin,
Republican, over Samuel W. Gould
Democrat, the then sitting members,
by a plurality of 709. There was
no Progressive candidate.
Roosevelt, however, received in
November more than 11,000 votes
to about 5000 for Mr. Taft in the
district and ran only 272 votes be­
hind Mr. Wilson.
“A Wise Old Elephant”
Big feature attraction at the
This picture is ore Selig’s
wild animal sensations. “Toddles’
the wonderful trained elephant ap­
pears in the cleverly enacted roles
protector, love messenger, match­
maker, detective, kidnapper and so
forth. The plot is laid amid the
picturesque backgrounds of tropical
Brit’sh Fast India in which “Tod­
dles”, the world famous elephant
gives a remarkable demonstration of
wild animal intelligence
This pictuae can be seen at the
Grand tonight, Friday, Sept. 12.
ioc and 5c.
----- ------------
Visit the Library.
Since August 21st, 8. new books
have been donaied to the Bandon
Public Library. Among the liberal
donors have been Mrs. Sarah Cos­
tello, Mis. L. C. Soule, and Mr. M.
G. Pohl.
If yon have not visited the public
library in its new quarters you
should do so as oon as possible, ?s
the library is very nicely situated
and everything is convenient and
cozy. Many new books have been
received recently and the public will
be more than welcome at any time.
Agnes* Orchestra at
the Grand.
Lovers of good music will sure’y
enjoy the concert to be given by
this aggregation of competent musi­
cians, who have played all the towns
in Southern Oregon to packed
houses. Especial attention is drawn
to the boy soloists, Francis Scanlan
and Law.ence Lucas who appear in
flute and clarinet solos.
The concert will be held at the
Grand Monday night Sept. 15th.
Three reels of select pictures will be
shown. Admission 25c children 15c
Box office opens 7.30 pictures begin
7.45 concert at 9:00 p. m. Big all
night dance at the Bank Hall after
the show played by the entire or­
chestra of 14 pieces.
Portland commission m en say
that the cranberry crop in Oregon
and Washington this year will be
heavy, and thot as a consequence
less eastern berner than usual will
be shipped this coast. Reports
Ircm Boston are to the effect that
the Cape Cod crop will rival that
of any year in the history of cran­
berry growing on that famous strip
of land, if not surpass all previous
Date of
Agnes* Preaident'* Daughter to Pre-
aide Over Beautiful Home.
Logger Killed.
John McGovern, a rigging -linger 1
The Agness Of chest ra will give' Lenox, Mass. Sept 8. — Francis was killed Tuesday in camp One ol
their cancert at the Gram! Theatre , B. Sayre, of New York, who will the Smith Powers logging camp* at
and dance at Bank Hall Monday marry Miss Jessie Wilson in the Coaledo run by Frank Grant. Mc­
nic'ht September 15th instead of to-I White House November 25, has Govern was a man of about 37 years 1
night as was previously announced. ' leaaed for a year the house ol Prof- and has one brother, Thomas Mc­
This change was made necessary ’ fessor William E. McElfresh, in Govern. who is a logger on the Co- |
owing to the fact that North Bend Williamstown. Professor McElfresh quille. The deceased also has a Will Not Come to Coos
County to Testify Unless
and Marshfield desired to have the, is head of the department of physics sister somewhere in this vicinity.
orchestra come to those citie r and 1 and is now on a year’s leave of ab- The body was taken to the Dungan
Subpoena and Guard.
they will consequently play at North ' sence
undertaking rooms and will be
Bend tonight and at Marshfield
The house over which the Presi­ bur d some day this week. Mr.
Coquille, Or., Sept. it.—The
Saturday and Sundafi nights.
dents daughter will preside is one McGovern was a member in good
county grand jury may ad-
This change also necessitates a of the most attractive in the college standing of the local aerie of Eagles
tonight until next Monday
change in dates in Curry county town. It is a two-story structuie of and the order will conduct the rites
towns and the orchestra will be at 10 rooms, painted white, with green and bury him. Mr. McGovern had without reporting its finding in the
Langlois, Tuesday night Sept. 16 Ulinds, and has a piazza the lull been in Coos county about four investigation of the deportation of
instead ol Saturday Sept. 13; at length. There is an attractive years and came from the east, where Dr. Leach and other kindred tnat-
Port Orford Wednesday night Sept. lawn with many flower beds. 1 he he had worked for the Smith-Pow rers. Court will adjourn tonight
17, insterd of Monday night Sept. house is nearly hidden from the ers company.—Marshfield Record. and at 3 o’clock it was expected
that the grand jury might do like­
15, and at Gold Beach Thursday streets by much shrubbery,
night Sept. 18 instead of Tuesday
This afternoon two secret indict­
night Sept 16.
ment were returned, but it was
Road Tax Was Bungle
Don’t forget the Bandon date,
a six days engagement at the Or- stated by officials that they were
Monday night Sept. 15, concert at
pheum commencing Monday Sept.
the Grand Theatre after which there was made by the last legislature in 15th. T! i company is composed I not in connection with the Leach or
I. W. W. affair.
will be a big dance at the Bank ;ts attempt to pass a curative act
of six vaudeville artists who have
This afternoon more witnesses
the road law of 1909 legal, according made good wherever they have were taken before the grand jury in
- -vao
to the opinion of the supreme court, shown and the public is assured c‘ connection with the Leach affair.
One of them was Billy Bohrer,
People’s Store Here.
handed down today in the case of an excellent show.
Don’t forget the date and place, young son of C. f. Bohrer, a Marsh­
H. A. Murphy, who is inierested Menasha Wooden ware company, ap
in the Peoples’ 5CIOC-15C stores, pellant, vs. Coos county, road dis­ Monday, Sept. 15th Orpheum.
field Socialist, who claims he was
has been in Bandon the past week, trict No 6 of that county, and others
on the boat that took Dr. Leach to
the Sandspit from Marshfield.
looking up a location for the Ban­ Owning to the bungle the curative
Hop Season Started.
don branch, which will be Ofiened section doesn't even apply to the
Lew Keyser and F. E. Hague, of
The hop season started last week
in the near future. Mr. Murphy, road law at all. It applies to chap­ with an army of over 10,000 people Marshfield, are also expected this
who is a business men of consider­ ter 202, laws of 1909, which is an w ho will garner the crop this year. afternoon to testify on the 1, W W,
able experience, will have charge of act to provide for a state sanatoriun The crop this year will amount to matter.
•he Bandon store, and will move his for the treatment of tuberculosis.
Whether a subpoena will be is­
about 130,000 bales which is valued
family here as soon as a house can The court holds that the error is fa­
at $5,000,000, this placing Oregon sued lor Dr. Leach to bring him
be secured.
tal to the curative section of the 1913 first amongst all the hop producing back to testily will be determined by
law, which is section 2 of chapter stetes in the Union, averaging about the grand jury this afternoon. A
40 per cent of the total output of lengthy telegram was received from
Double Wedding.
Other cases are p nding in which the United States. The crop is of Leach today in which he says he
A double wedd'ng was solemniz the same question is involved,
w:'l not return unless be is given
a better quality than fo. years past,
ed at the M. E. parsonage n this whether the curative act of 1613
a subpoena. He says he has“no
according to prominent growers.
city Wednesday by Rev. John J. made road taxes 'evied under section
money with which to pay his way
Growers are expecting big prices
Mickey. The contracting parties 6321, Lords Oregon laws, valid.
from Salem here: The gaand jury
for their crops this year, quite a
were Lloyd M. Ely to Helen C.
In one of these cases the Oregon number hav ng contracted their out­ will decide whether they will issue a
Miller, and Lewis W. Miller to and California Railroad company is
l lbpoena for him and whether they
put for 20 cents a pound. Last
Ethel D. Ely. All parties are from pla'ntiff against Sheriff William Esch
w .11 furnish a personal guard.
weeks rains, while temporarily em­
Lampa, Oregon.
Leach says that owing to the
of M <rion county. Circut Judge barrassing the pickers, greatly bene-
with which he left Bandon, he
Galloway held that the curative law fitted the hops in both quality and
his property there.
really cured, and the circut court weight.
Pioneer Dead.
Special Prosecutor Ringo has not
for Coos county in effect held the
Joe Nay, an old and respected same, as it dismissed the suit brought
yet appeared on the scene.
pioneer of Coos and Curry counties by the Menasha Wooden ware comp­
Wiren Gets Prize.
died Sunday at the home of his any, which appealed from that de-
Tn our report Tuesday of the prize
Granges For Good Road
nephews, Marshal and George Nay, cission.
winners in the various contests at
Coos Pomona (¡range at
at Ferndale, aged 81 years. He
Tlie Coos county case directly in­
the White Cedar Festival we stated their meeting at Marshfield last Sat-
born in New Hampshire, and came volved the 5 mill levy voted by road
prizes were awarded to O. Nygren u-day passed the following resolu­
to th’s portion of the coast in 1857 district No. 6, in Coos county on
for exhibits in potatoes and onions, tion:
He had a fine ranch in Cu.ry county December 4, 1912.
it should have read O. Wiren.
“Resolved: That in our opinion
where he lived the life of a bachelor,
------- QOO-------
Captain Wiren of the lighthoute the building of r< ds should be a
devoting his time to cattle raising
raised these potatoes and onions in matter of business ra'her than of
and to the breeding of trotting and Death of James B. Dowell.
on the ocean beach near the pleasure; and as the farmer feeds the
racing stock. The funeral was held
which goes to show that nation, it is of first importance that
yesterday afsernoon at tne Wilson W. E. Ellis of Lampa, died at ♦’ e
undertaking parlors, and a large the Ellis home at 2:30 a. m. Wed­ even the beach sand can be made he should have good roads over
which to haul his products. We
number of friends were present — nesday. September 10th, and inter­ highly productive.
insist that the first roads
Coos Bay News.
tery yesterday afternoon, Rev. John
that should be built are the roads
Go South For Winter.
J. Mickey, pastor of ihe M. E.
leading from the market place to
E. N. Smith and children and L the farm. ’
church officiating.
Mr. Dowe”
Fishing Toubles.
Members of the grange here state
They are having trouble on the was bc*n :n Butte county. California, W. Deyoe and wife have left in the
this is not intended as in oppo­
Rogue river again over fishing rights
sition to the present road building
and C. R Peck in behalf of the
Mr. Dow- B. Pressey w’ll continue the real plan, but by the way of showing
Wedderburn Trading Co. has live with his daughter,
¿ate business of Deyoe & Pressey. where the Grange stands on the
brought action to restrain a number ell had an attack of diabetes about
Smith and Deyoe families ex- que tion of good roads and that in
of fisl ei men from trespassing on two years ago from which he grew
pect to be abor.t ten days or two’ any burst of enthusiasm the roads
the Trading company's premises. grzdua’ly worse until the end finally
weeks en route.
from the producer to the market
This was the rule followed by the came.
may not be overlooked. — Myrtle
late R. D. Hume and was the cause
Point Enterprise.
The boys who are working on the
of his getting into much trouble and
New Game Warden.
seems there is likely to be a repiti government trail near Iron moun­
J. M. Thomas has finally been
tion of old imes. Most of the sal­ tain, spent several da vs :n town
Geo. Goodrum, one of Marsh­
induced to accept the positon of
mon are now being caught by nets. last week owing to the stormy
game warden, which he was offered field’s best known young business
weal her. Just previous to the rain
severa' weeks ago. He refused to me.i, and Miss Mary Waffer of
they had spent several days helping
act until the office paid a larger sa’- Bo'«e, Idaho, who it known to many
Salmon Run Good.
Forester Milbury fight fire in the
ary and is now to rece’ve $90 pe.- on the Bay through visits here, were
The salmon run is good this yezr Middle Elk section.
Chas. F.
but the price is low and will hardly Mathers burned a slashing and ’he month. His commission will arrive married in New York Augj3t 21.
pay the fishermen for their time and fire got beyond his control, and in a few uys when he will assume They are now en rftute to Coos Bay
and are expected here within the
expense unless they should make while it burned over quit e a large his duties.—Coos Lay Harbor.
next few days.
an enormous catch. Some of the area little dam; ge was done, in fact
fishermen have signil'xi their in­ it did more good than harm as some
Mr. ard Mrs. Turner who arrived
tention of laying off this year. While bad brush patches were cleaned out. here last week from Portland have
John W. McKenzie, of Port Or-
the price of raw salmon seems to Port Oriord Tribune.
rented the Wm. Mavi’y horse ard ford passed through Bandon Thurs­
have depreciated materially, yet the
will make Bandon their future home. day night on his way to Myrtle
price of canned salmon does not
Floyd Keller, was up frem the Mr. Turner will be employed in the Point to attend the Coos and Curry
seem to change proportionally.
Sixes River Wednesday.
i Bandon Iron works.
County fair.