Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, July 02, 1913, Page 8, Image 8

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Semi-Weekly Bandon Recorder, July 2, 1913
Page 8
Patronize the Library Lunch
Bandon, Oregon
Ah excellent picture program at
the Orpheum tonight.
There will be a matinee perform­
ance at the Orpheum July 3rd and
Work is moving along nicely on
F. J. Chatburn s new house in east
Carpenters are now working on
J. E. Walstrom’s nt^v hotiseon Pine
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Le
Gore, Monday afternoon, i tine
baby girl.
Archie Johnson was over from
Coos Bay this week calling on his
customers here
H. Moore and A. J. Foster of!
North Bend were registered at the
Gallier Monday.
G. T. Treadgold and family have
returned from their trip to Portland.
Salem and the Dalles.
J. J. Morris has accepted a posi­
tion with Blundell Bros., having
commenced work last Friday.
Bunting 5c
Fall Suits
The first showing of Fall Suits have arrived. These
suits depict early fall fashions. Coats having var­
ious cutaway out-lines, in lengths approximatly
36 to 38 inches. The skirts are dropped enough
to give graceful lines and sufficiently wide for
perfect ease in walking.
Matinee at the Grand July 3rd
S e
Them in Our Windows
and 4th 1:30 to 5:00 p. m. Entire
change of pictures every afternoon
and evening.
Mrs. Helmken returned on the
The fourth quarterly conference
Breakwater from an extended visit |
the M. E. church will be held
I with relatives in Portland.
j Wednesday evening July 2nd. Dr.
Matinee at the Grand July 3rd | 1 Abbott will preside.
Wanted — Agate Work Sabro
and 4th 1:30 to 5:00 p. m. Entire 1
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Ward and
Wm. Sorensen of Langlots was change of pictures every afternoon I j family of Myrtle Point are visiting
and evening.
in Bandon Tuesday.
'Mr. and Mrs. W W. Wolfe and
Miss Velina Buckingham arrived | family in this city.
Shoes shined at I lotel Gallier by
Coming, the Oswald Comedy Co.
on the Breakwater to visit her |
19 tf
Archie Jorgensi n
There will be no meeting of the Orpheum, watch for dates.
J. R. Robertson of North Bend grandmother, Mrs. F E. Dyer and ! 1 Bandon Commercial Club, Thurs-
Kenneth Perkins who was in
other relatives in this city.
was a Bandon visitor Tuesday.
I day night, owing to the celebration town Tuesday and reports that in
Mrs. E. M. Callier anil daughter
1 festivities going on at that time.
addition to good ranching and dairy­
Alice were Coquille visitors last Point sweeps het paved streets
Mrs. F. V. Catterlin who has been ing operations down in his section
three times a week. Wonder when [
' making an extended visit with her of Twomile, that logging operations
Bandon will sweep any paved|
"Shorty'' Wittman was iijs from
mother, Mrs. Conrad at Portland, are progressing rapidly, and the
Lakeport on business one day last
returned Saturday by way of Drain. Seely N Anderson logging road is
Mis. Hudson of Boise, Idaho, ar­
Ralph Moore and Geo. W. Moore now within a quarter of a mile of his
rived here the latter part ot last
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sherman
Jr„ sons of Geo. W Moore of the ranch.
week and will spend some tune visit­
Lewis, Friday morning, a 6 pound
Moore Lumber Co. artived in Ban­
The editor was over to Coos Bay
ing her nephew, J. Lee Jones of the
don recently and will spend the Monday when the Breakwater came
baby boy.
summer here.
W anted -Woman or girl for
in, and saw the new 30 passenger
Mrs. D. M, Averill and little
general housework call at residence
L. F. Brown, secretary of the auto which came for the Gorst &
danghter Beatrice returned on the
Bandon Commercial Club and agent King auto line, it is certainly some
of C. A. Rodgers.
Breakwater from a six weeks visit
Library lunch near Bank of Ban in Portland anil report a very for the Mutual Life Insurance Co. automobile, and looked big enough
of New York, together with his for a street car.
don. Tell your friends and all eat pleasant time.
family, returned last week from Port­
tor the library on the 3rd and 4th.
Editor O'Brien of the Marshfield I
Logan berries tor canning, put up
Mr anil Mrs Noah Davison of in five gallon candy pails. 25 cents land where they have been for the ' Record received a telegram from!
Twomile are the proud parente of a per gallon, f. o. b. Myrtle Point. past month.
Denver, Colo., Monday morning, j
Sam Hines and wife returned on announcing the death of his brother, [
fine baby boy, born Monday morn­ Address A. F. Train, Myrtle Point,
the Elizabeth from Southern Cali­ Joe O'Brien at that city. This came |
fornia and will remain here tor some
F or S ale Thoroughbred Bar­
Rev. llaberly of Bandon, spent a time at least, fixing up their build­ | on the heels of another message an- j
red Plymouth Rock eggs $1.50 per I lew days in Langlois this week for
I nouncing that Mr. O’Brien's father,
setting. Apply N. J. Crain, Ban the purpose of.assisting Mr. Cheever ing on Columbia Aye and may re­ I in Mexico had suffered a severe
2ttf I in erecting the belfry on tile church. main definitely. Their many friends stroke of paralysis. Mr. O'Brien
are glad to see them back again.
will have the sympathy of the news­
Matinee at the Grand July 3rd
I.anglois Leader.
Tamp Osburn, who has been paper fraternity in Coos County
anil 4th 1 30 to 5:00 p. m. Entire
There was born on Friday morn­
change of pictures every afternoon ing last, to Mr. and Mrs. 1.. A. pitching foi Bandon up to the pre­ over his double grief.
sent, has been released from this
anil evening.
l.iljeqyist, a daughter, and they are team, and Manager Bedillion has
W C. Sellmer, wile a
receiving the congratulations of their one or two other men in sight who Notice of School Warrant
went over to the Bay witn
many friends.—Coquille Sentinel
will come, and we will have a fast
cursion Sunday and rema
Notice I* hereby given. Thai by authority of
The Unique is now open as a first pitcher in a few days.
until Monday.
a majority vote of the legal voters present at a i
class restaurant, bakery and I dele-
R. M. Pressey, anil Kenneth Per­ legally called school meeting of School District ,
Dr Endicott and t.emil;
catessen store. All kinds of I home kins were in town the other day and Number 54, of Coos Conntv, Oregon, held in j
to Coquille in then car
cooking at reasonable prices, Op report everything flourishing down said district, on the 21st day of February, 1013,
and took an outing with
I site Rosa's store.
F. D. Mi ever,- on Twomile, four new silos are the district school board of said district will be- I
tween the I I’th day of July. 1913. and the 15th !
and friends over Sunday.
91 -tf
going in, they belong to R. M. day of July, 1913, contract a debt not to ex- I
When wanting anything in House
A contest in which E !.. Ingram Pressey, Kenneth Perkins. George ceed five per centum of the value of the taxable i
Fin lushing Goods, be certain \ 011 and S. Mundy are contesting claims Henry and Noah Davison.
property of the district, for the purpose of raising
see D. J. MitcheH'.- New and Second held by C. B Zeek et al occupied
Twenty of the best lots in Azalia Park on easy
Ex-Mayor Swanson and wife of funds to build the East side school building and
Hand Store on the hill.
the attention of Land Commissioner Lakeport departed yesterday for
terms. I have the best available properties in the
two C. R. W.ule the forepart of the Lakeside, better known as ten mile, negotiable interest beanng warrants, on the dis­
Los 1 A bar btooch about
trict, drawing 6 per cent interest warrants for
inches long, pm broken, l imit r week.
city listed. Come and see me.
in Coos county where they intend said amount Io be divided into 4 series of I
please return to Mrs. J. I. K ronen
Miss Lena Kreamer arrived on to go into the restaurant business. $4250 each, running 5, 6. 7, and 8 years, re­
berg md receive 1 eward.
the Breakwater and will spend the Shorty Wittmann drove them as far spectively, and each bona-fide resident citizen of
Real Estate, Fire Insurance. Notary Public
such district shall have the right to subscribe
New orders of bicycle repairs of summer with her sister Mrs. C. E. as Bandon. Langlois Leader.
once for said loan, lor the entire amount or any
all kinds constantly arriving. Will Kopl Miss Kreamer is a teachei
L l
R. A. Coppie, proprietor of the portion of the same, not less than $50.00 at par
t ike orileis foi bicycles of any kind in th Seattle schools and will spend Golden Rule Stores in Coos County value warrants to be issued to the smallest sub­
S. I). B arrows .
lift vacation here.
came over Tuesday to look after scriber or subscribers first one warrant to each
said subscriber (if within one series' upon pay­
A surpris1 awaits you at tile l-'ui
Mis Strang of Bandon, Mrs. I . business in connection with the ment of the amount subscribed in lawful money
nituie Store on the lull Call and Malehorn of Portland and Miss Ethe Golden Rule Store hete. Mr. Cop­
of the United Stales, until the entire loan has
learn our ¡wices on new furniture Hale of Bandon, are visaing with pie expects to start lulv 5th on a been placed and after each bona-fide resident ol
just received
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W 1.. trip to the East to buy goods tor his the district has had opportunity to subscribe for
such loan and the same has all been taken snd
F or SAt.r i hi t'orner
Hale this week. Mrs. Geo Strang line of stores.
issued to such subscribers or in case the sub-
The Recorder job department is the
more ami 3rd
d-par'.ed lor her home last Monday.
The editor was dying, but when 1 scribers do not call for the same within thiee
equipped in the Coquille Valley
living prices. Call an<l s
1 anglois Leader.
the doctor placed his eat to the days after the time fixed for the delivery of the
class of printing turned out
Kenneth and Rena Mickey arri- patient’s heart and muttered sadly: said warrants, of the district, the district board
as that u hich conies from
will permit others of such subscribers to make
In a lettri fioni W. I
Dlsher of 1 vep tioin Salem, Friday June 27th "Poor fellow, circulation almost i further subscriptions in the same manner as
the best shops in the cities. The cost
Sebastopol, California. Mr Disher and the family circle in Rev. Mic­ gone ' he raised himself and gasped heretofore provided in this notice until all the
is no greater than you pay for ordin­
says then are getting along tine He key's home was complete. Sunday “lis false' we have the largest cir­ loan has been laken and in accordance with the
ary work. Bring your next order here
also reports that his oldest daughter 1 evening his son Lawience started culation in the county " Then In- ■ provisions of law governing the same |
Miss Grace lias finished high school loi Kansas by wav of San Francisco sank back upon his pillow with a j Dated this 2 day of July. 1913.
anil eajiects to enter the St tte Ini- | He has some interests in Kansas triumphant smile upon his features I
Chairman of District School Board.
versify this fall and that Miss Lois which he thinks need personal at­ He was consistent to the end—lying
AtM: J. W. Mast, Clerk of District.
about his subscription.
fa ready to enter high school.
Local Notes
Bandon Knows How
to do anything
she begins and so
do WE. When
you want any­
thing to be found
in an up-to-date
jewelry store call
on us
A. D. Mills
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