Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, March 21, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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    Semi-Weekly Bandon Recorder, March 21, 1913
Page 4
Free Freight for the Child­
rens Industrial Exhibits at
the Oregon State Fair.
Local Briefs
The Big Four Comedy Co. ¡it
the Orpheuin to-night.
The Big Four Comedy
Co. at the Orpheum Tonight.
I am sure the school children of
Oregon will be <l< lighted to know
that the different rail roads; the S
P., tile O. W. R. N. ami the Dill
lines in Oregon, including the Asto-
ra lin *, the Oregon electric and the
United Railways, have all agreed to
carry the school children's e.xhil its
to and from the State Pair, this
year, free of charge.
“Real Fisherman’s Luck
for Duke’s Mixture Smokers”
Ali Rniokrrs should know Duke’s Mixture made by
<S’ Myers at Durham, N. ('.
Pay what you will, you cannot get better granulated
tobacco for 5c than the big ounce and a half sack of
Duke's Mixture.
Ami with tach of these big sacks you
get a book of cigarette papers FREE.
Get a Good Fishing Reel Free
by saving the Coupons now packed in Lujytdl Jj Myers Duke’s
Mixture. Or, if you don't want a reel get any one of the hundreds
of <»lher art 1« h-s. hi the list you will find something for every
meiiHH-r of the. family
Pipes, cigarette eases, catcher’s gloves,
cameras, watches, toilet articles, etc.
These handsome presents cost you
nothing—not one cent. 1 hey simply
_r—-'express our appreciation of your
\ . .TjA
' r, y '
C \ \ , -¿¿XA
Remember you still get the same
big one and a half ounce sack for 5c
—enough to roll maag cigarettes.
During February and March
only, ue will «end uur neut
£ r JEi
illustrated catalogue of presents
Simply semi us your
name and address.
( oufitHis iront l)uk< > Mt i lure may be
I.' >.>> ' t :...b fans iti"// HOiLSE
. H ■ . ’ i l IN. I EY S NATURAL
t> “i FOGH ROSES ■
//>/ J -uhle
: h lJl( K PI UG CUT. PII.D
GAllET 1 E5, and olhe» lajis or
coupons iwuedby us.
Premium Dept.
H AT is the wonder-
TW * f
speed at which
|a,S / an I flC cream sep-
’v© ara*or bowl turns.
rim of a six.
inch bowl, running at separat­
ing speed, is traveling at the
rale of nearly two and a half
miles a minute, faster than
the swiftest express
train that ever rail.
Such speed as this
means strain on
k__ shafts, bear-
'■# i n g s, gears,
frame, in every
part of a separator,
such st rain as can only
be rendered harmless
by the nicest adjust-
nientof strength, flexi­
bility. and quality of
material and workman­
ship. The business
of a « ream separator
is to skim the butter­
fat from whole milk,
but to do tills it must
be made mechanically
right, or it soon ceases to be useful as a sepa-
lator. i lie machine that meets these condi­
tions and s. Ils at the right price, is an
1 II C Cream Separator
Dairymaid, Bluebell, or Lily
I 11 C sepai itors have that carefulness of
..Iln a nH-nt
d dance of ntov itig parts whir h
make lor duiabilitv and easy running.
I h. re ire p ints in the construction of
pit at. is, an h as the heavy phosphor
bion e bushin
ttoiibh proof neck bearing,
cut-awav wings, dirt and milk-proof spiral
i i s, etc., which make lilt' separators,
I . ond . indoubt t lie I st of all to buy. There
are tour convenient si cs of each style. Ask
the local (halers who handle these machines
fora d. mon«l ration. Get catalogues or full
information front them or write
International Harvester Company of America
Uucoi pot a I ml)
Port land
Read the Recorder nd» and profit f rom the bargain« offered
Don’t lorget the school enter
tainment, Mirth 28th, at the Or-
Jewelry of Quality
and Good
R. H. Rosa returned on the
het h from a i business trip to
In order to take advantage of this
liberal oiler the exh ¡bits of a cer
tain county, or district, must be
500 Bov Scout have hern en-
assembled at one or more con v enient listed in New York in the crusade
-hipping points and shipped to for clean streets.
gether iu the name of the County
has ¡1
School Superintendent, teacher or
I Easter window, in I ct it is as tasty
other authorized person.
las you will see in tlie large cities,
This is a fine tiling for the rail­ 'gotten up by proffessional decora-
roads to do, and it will help won 1 tors.
derfullv in this industrial contest
S. R. Pruitt and family are in tile
Now tile child 200 miles away Salem
citv for a week looking over cr*n-
< an send an exhibit to the fair just
| ditions here. Mr. Pruitt was form­
as well as one only 20 miles away
erly proprietor of the Diamond Ho
We hope the boys and girls a’i over
tel at Medford and has mining in-
the state, knowing this fret early in
teresls at Crescent Citv.
the season, will begin at once to
The public are assured of an ex-
prepare something for the State
Fair. It begins September 29 this cellent show at the Orpheum tn-
yeai, and the prize list is larger and night, with the Big Four Comedy
con • dy
more attractive than last year. The Co. in their laughable
list will be off the press in a few sketch, “Little
lays and sent out to the County Also excellent pictures and music.
School Superintendents from vv h.un Admission 25c and 15c.
each family can sect re a copy.
Besides the line
itte ol regular
mil special prizes in lite individual
lasses, there are five cash prizes
anging from $t* > down to $4.0 tor
he best collective exhibit by the
choolsof any county. There are
dso tice special prizes for the best I
xhilnt b) one room districts out-
side ol counti s making a county
Oregon has a good chance to lead
the world in indust.ial work this
ear, and reap a great reward, To
his end we hope to have the co*
■peration ol not only all the teach-
•is and children, but of every other
itizen of the state. — N. C. Mat is,
Field Worker Industrial Fairs.
- ¡."Sfibri - - •
SrCi) Revolutions Per Minute
W anted —Agate work. Stones
cut Same Dav received — Sabro
Indorsing the Asp.
In Mnrmimtel's tragedy of Cleopatra.
■ (■presented 111 the Theatre I'lamais.
when ttie Egyptinn queen was about
ready to commit suicide sin* held in
her hands n mechanical asp of cun
iilng workmansliip devised by Vaiicail-
son. the most ingenious mechanician ot
Ills time ’I bis venomous reptile reared
its head ami before plunging its ap­
parent fangs into ttie arm of the He­
iress gave a shrill hiss
A S|a*ctiltor
lierei:|M»n arose and left the house with
the simple but expressive remark, ”1
am of the same opinion as the asp."
Cnlomel was discovered by Crollllis
In the seventeenth century, ami the
lirst din*, lions for Ils preparation were
liheii by Beirillll 111 inns
Its 'laiiiegis
derived from two Greek words, sig
uifylng "a beautiful black." because
111 its preparation a black powder Is the
first step in the inanufa. lure, being
produced by rubbing mercury together
with corrosive sublimate.
---- ooo
Nineteen hiiies a Second.
< 'thout a j ir, sh< ■ k or disturbance,
is the aw Ini speed ol our earth
hiongh space
We wonder at such
ise of nature's movement, and so
to those who take Di King 's New
t ile Pris, No pripi mg, no dis-
» I <‘S3 just thorough work that bring«
health and fine
Bandon, Oregon
Save $35.00 to $65.00 by
Buying Regular $105.00
Typewriters Slightly Used
To avoid the 1 ecessity of return-
1 mg a large number of EXCHANGE !
MACHINES to the factory, we have ’
[ decided to place the same on sale at '
W. B. Strowbridge is improving from $35.00 to $65.00, for rebuilt]
his property cn the hill, neat Aber­ and slightly used machines of all j
nathy streett by putting a fence makes at tile above prices and on
around it. and will paint and paper very easy tetms of payment without
his new house, which, when com interest.
Every machine sold from our
pleted will be one of the coziest
stock at the above prices will be |
little homes in Bandon.
------ wx?-------
guaranteed lor one year and the 1
same can be ( xchanged for a new 1
Censorship of Books by Pub­ >913 A ODEL, L. C. Smith &
Bros Typewriter at any time within
lic Library Committee.
one year cm a very liberal allowance.
Contractor and
You can say good bye to consti­
pation with a clear conscience if you
L. C. SMITH A' BROS. TYPE- use Chamberlain’s Tablets. Many
A pamphlet has been recently cir­
have been permanently cured by
culated on the streets of Bandon
280 Oak Street. Portland. Oregon their use. For sale by C. V Love.
making strong implication that tire
Reverend Mr. Steele had appointed
himself chief censor for the Bandon
Our Loaf is the Largest
Public Library. The article which
loaf in town for the money.
makes this implication and which is I
Big in quality as w ell as quan­
published by one Dr. B. K Leach
tity too. We couldn’t use
is misleading.
Mi. Steele is onl’
better flour if we charged
one member of the library board
rw ice as much for our bread.
As a part of this board tin re is .,
We buy and use the very best
Book Committee wht se dmv it is t*
now. Try a loaf-and see how
pass upon all books present! d to the
everybody w ill go into it. A
library, This Book Committee ha-
body would think it was cake
neither received nor rejei ted arv I
to hear the youngsters beg-
book. Some few books have been
donated to the library, but they
have not yet been placed in < ircula
tior., because the committee has not
yet had opportunity to pass upon j
them. The cause for the complaint ■
of Dr. Leach is that Mr. Steele!
found one morning on one of the
library tables a
I “Prison Memoirs ol an Anarchist.’’ '
! I bis book had never been presented
' to the Library Committee
and had!
' neither been received nor rejected. !
I However, Mr Steele’s judgment
' prompted him to remove the book
from lite table ol the library and
keep it until such time as the Hook |
The Roman Method of Heating.
could pass upon it-merits
I.ike many other itoiuan houses that
have liven unearthed In England, one ■ nd demerits.
recently brought to light was heated
by a system called "iiypocaiist " The
entire basement was one big furnace,
from which dues nsieuiled. built into
the walls
V wood tire was kept in the
basement, the fuel Itelng fed In from
an outside annex through all ar. h iu
the wall Detroit liee Press
The library bond vtish to .i-sure
all friends ot the library that any
1 good book will be gladly accepted
by them, but that they will not
j hesitate to turn down any book con­
taining doctrines or sentiments that
are to the highest interests
of soiiely, ami be it understood that '
for just another slice.
The Job of Barn
is one you don’t want to do
any oftener than you can
help. I se our famous Barn
and Elevator Paint and you
will have a color that will de­
fy wind and weather longer
than any other paint made.
You don’t have to believe it
Ask ns for the names of those
u ho (tin prove it.
Bandon Hardware Co
a Public Libr.n v IN llUt the place tor I
disseminating any special do. trine,
although any sane literature of ,mv
pohtiial party, any ecclesiastical j
order or ol anything else has a !
legitimate place m the Public Library. I
—S igned , S. R Steele, Chairman
of Board
It all druggists
To Mother«- And Other«.
Dirt Cheap
You can use Bmklen's Ainica
Sake to cure children of ec.ami,
ra»hes. tetter chafings, scaly and j
A sightly comer in Woolen M II ousted humors, as well as their,
burns, '
» lose in. Iili al location accidental injuries. — cuts,
i lets making corner 117x125. (.an bruises, etc., with perfect safety. I
I m * bail tor what one lot is worth if Nothing else heals so quickiev For
taken tins week
A teal opportun­ oils, ulcers, old. hi nnirg or fever
I S Gear, real Bandon Dry sores or piles it has no equal,
Goods Co. stoic.
at all druggists.
Better Than Spanking
Spanking u ill not cure c hildren of wetting the bed.
lievaiise it is not a habit but a dangerous disease. The
C. II. Rowan Drug Co., Dept. 1453, Chicago, 111.,
have discovered a stricth harmless remedy for this
distressing di.-vase and to make known its merits they
w ill send a ^lh pat kage . securely
wrapped and prepaid
\bsohitely I rt e to any reader of I he Ret order, . 1 his
remedy also < tires frequent desire to urinate and in-
ability to control urine during the night or day in old
or young. I lie C. II. Rowan Drug Co. is an Old
Reliable House. Write to the m today —
for the
— free
medicine. ( tire the atHicted members of vour family
tlit n tell your neighbors and friends about this remedy
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