Semi-weekly Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 1910-1915, February 04, 1913, Page 4, Image 4

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    Semi-Week!y Bandon Recorder, February 4, 1913
Watches, Jewelry
Headquarters or “Big Ben’
Manufacturing of Agate
/ *•>
Bandon, Orti tn
f----------- -------- N
; Local Lore |
x---------------- >
The Dora is laid up for repairs lor
a few days and the Norma is taking
her run.
The Unique is now open ,is a first
class restaurant, bavery and deli­
catessen store.
All kinds ol home
cooking at reasonable prices
site Rosa's store -F. D. Mever,-
91 -1 f
The Dispitch is off the run today
and is having her stern wheel re­
paire I
The Favorite is taking
her mn today.
The Horticultural Fire Reliefo
Oregon will save you money on
you: insurance. Investigate before
insuring.—Roy Morgan, agent, Co
97- tl
quille, Ore
For chimneys, and general mason­
ay, call on J. S. filton or pho ic
I otf
They say lie's out in the wools
but Mast sells thread, needles an.!
per pound.
New oiders ol Im 1 < le repairs o
all kinds constantly arriving.
take ordeis lor bicycles of .mv kind
S. D. B ar nows.
Richert Brothers have sold their
Twomile mill to a Mr. Ferber, win»
will take possession at once and
operate it continuously.
Remember the patron-teacher's
meetin; at the school house Friday
The Pythian Sisters will give a I
ball Saturday evening February 32, i
Watch lor further inn uncciii mts !
and posit is
H I*. Kdzi nb ich wim h is been
associated with Ila Zell, has i>on> K
Ohio for a visit and will return t >
Bandon some time lal«T.
Mr and Mrs. S 0. Rockwell re
building a new modern hou.-e on
Sixth tre-i near Columbia .v ne
which will be a tine addition to tint
part of the citv.
The Orlgln of Life.
The latest »cientitic diseusslon I ns
arlsen in Engiaml over Ilie old quer
tion of thè ori .hi of li. ■. lt is anotlier
Phase of tiie war thit inveii a lew
yeiirs ago etmeerniug «p. iit.ineous gen
The argnment wns started b.v Dr
Edward Schaefer of the luiversity ot
Edinburgh in bis presidential address
liefore the British association Dr
Schaefer addiu ed 110 new facts, but
gave it ns his opinion tiint so called
Innniimite ir.vstnls multiply in way«
aimilur to those followed by the low ci
fornis of living lielngs and that tin
prod net inn of llvlne veils may lie due
to chemical renctlons This is nothing
new. us the assertion that crystals
multiply lias liven imide before. Like
■wise other scientists liave elven ns
ttiefr personal opinion tiiat cells im.
lie produced chemi, ally. However
scientist ever lias produ. oil a liii
veil chemically, ami neither Ims I r
Schaefer So the whole question re
rnilins, as before, one of speeula: ion.
The chief fact referred to by
president of the Britisli
famous nrtli
Is the
1 urchins* eg
■s Loeb It
claimed to have fertilized th
nildlne salt solutions to sea
not very eonellli.i» e <■ . • ' li'i'l
1 lie miilress of p;
i-iei'er brim ■
<1 shai'ti reply from Professor Alfred
Russel Wallace. who shares with
Charles Darwin the credit for disco-'
ering the law of evolution Professor
Wallace says tlmt the views proiiml
Rated by Dr. Schm'l'cr are only ......
sonal • anil therefore have no vail. •
sfm’dp lint. 1111.I lie
from a scientific stnndp
adds as Ills own oplnin that no pro -
ress will ever be imnle toward disco,
ertng tlm origin of life along the m
terlnllstle lines thus laid down
No scientist h s ever proved t
there is such 11 thine ns spontane
1 ¡on Even grnnttng that I>r
Tx.eb did art*1 inllv fertilize <*;rys n •
scientist Ims ever p limed tile germ
of an <>•.••’or imnerrited life from Inani­
mate material Neither has any sele*.i
tist shown that there is tile least con
nectioii between the multiplication < I'
crystal:'., if it be established that the
Is sm li multlpllcntloti. and the repro
dnctlon of living I eings. The gtilf be
tween animate and inanimate mutter
is yet iinbridged.
Wliat is wanted in this sort of di«
mission is fact ami not opinion. Imt. It
we iiiih I have onlnlim. then give u*
Herbert Silencer's idea of the "great
first cause.”
Saved In tl
ick of Ti
T :e,early settle.« in Kentucky
ely from the same dlr-.-tion. I
Anierien from the did world,
settled in 1‘eaiisylvatiki, later em
el to Wi*
Vb' i ..ill .' 1. bavin !
worked out I’adi laris there. iihivi J
011 lioV.ui the Ohio river to iippropi'inti
the virgin soil of Kentucky.
Among these movers was a familj
named Martin, tile father and mother
being elderly persons, their elder cliil
dreti crown A daughter, Hester, was
a girl of eighteen. They settled not
far from where Bowling Green is now
sltm’ ed.
The war of 1S12 was being fought,
anil soon after the arrival of tin
tins in their new home the tint
Nev Orleans was fought and v.on liv
the Americans, or, ratter,
mi'll of the west, nnionu
limiters of Kcntnek
¿bout xvhere the Mn
ed was dk Landed, and a youn
Abr.oi Armstrong, v ho h
*d away and ndurmd as a lie
was among th«* number
ie of his appearance J din 1
Ul in of forty yi - iv of art
'■artln for his dau- hter !.-<
There were
ii* Martin’s fan
• oniy suifoj
iself in the
thing in
vj L ■» you want
They’re also
ight» there”
or style and
. 4-S 'L- ii ¿
He Won’t Limp Not*
• t a sprain you will find Cham­
L niment excellent. It
No more limping for l oin Mooret
all ivs the p .111, removes the soreness
C bran, C,a., "J bad a bad
and soon restore- the parts to a
sore <n mv instep that noil'.inu
healthy condition. 25 and 50 cent
seemed to hc'p till I iiseti B icklea's
bottles for sale by C. V. Lowe.
Arm i Salve,’’ he write«, "but this
wrinii ini healer scion euri dme,"
Heals <>1J, running sores, ulcers
1 New
leans. Young Armstton
ping, flaxen haired, blue ey
every appearnnee of turn
withal an engaging smile, Hester
ed at him and siineiaterct!.
There is but lilt! ■ re.ison In yo
is, lairns. cuts 1 ruis< ■. eczema or
Inste"il of confessing to I
Cot r ictors’and
s, Try it Only 25 cents at all
Iler I..'tiothed that ic ".ill no- km
what love was tir.d th:
'.llT.egi: t S
covered it In the youn
had changed. Hcs'er resolve.I on
most (Jesperite course to in* conceived
r 'ianvd a Good Worker,
Fsiiiiiates Fnrnishcd
of Slic told Armstrong, v. * s«
Phone 932
"I blamed mv lient for severe
deeply smitten with her ns she was
Mr. and Mrs. |. S. Lyons o, 1
with him. that she could never face I distress 11 :ny
• k* for two
Coquille visited over Sunday will-, I
either her father or her Imt'.died to
tell tlieiu of the change in Imr mid th?
Dr. and Mrs. S. C Endicott.
it was ind'i- I
•only comtse left for them w.. ■ to run I Va,, "but I kmu
Lyons is the doctor's sister.
away. It was not likely that one wllo !
King S New- Life
stion, ai
had Imt loeently helped to wi 1 buttle I Pills completely
Some people, like tile snake,
should show tile white fentliei
The Home
have no sense of humor,
Tliev are
st > mièli. liver.
The only means of com v lice In
cold ami clammy.
Th«» Ovvn<‘rship of M«>ntlcpl!o-
those days in Kcntuct wus a horse,
Moiint Vernon, the h<»;n«‘ of Wash
blit. It
A rinstrong had but one aiilm
Her- is a m .ss i..e ol In <_■ n d
ington. An«lr«'\v .L-iuksou s Uorniiiage served for both. They start ■ ! <111 an
Employs good mechanics,
good cl <t r front Mrs. C I. Martin, anil Lincoln's lumie 'm Sjirme’li lit lllso afternoon, and their flight w
good wages, does
Hoone Mill, Vi., who is th< motliii I tils tilrtliplac ce. are either owned by prod about 9 o' < Itici? tilt* sai ■ i t -tit
the year
Rartlet was notified, and ” hen he
ic'.i that ¡earned how he had been ti. .t<*d lie
>1 eighteen childrcn
Mis. Martin (lie public or l»v pairs**tir
will help you
nuich Con
vascured of stomach irotide and hold them'open to the public. A move­ said:
•1 ri il ovci the
design your building and
colds con­
ment is now on foot to have the gov-
•TH go after 'em and bring *.*••; back.
Konstipation by Chamberlain s Tab
t o
| eminent ncquiro Tltouias .o .. h ou'a Then I'll toll ’em they kin gii married
lets alter live yc.irs ol sulleting, md
■ bn edar t i -, ason
! home at Monticello During the last for all me as soon as they like.
now tecoinmends tablets to session of congress the senate passed
With this he mounted his I: •sp. his i *v .ikens the luni/s, lowers the vitali-1
die public. Sold by C. Y. Lowe.
a resolution favoring the project, rifle slung to lih saddle and » !
:<l pav.s the v
fo r tin more
which was a«-te«l on favorably by the his bolster, for no one went a-
for Frank Gregory
i s1, ■ ' ih «1 ’.'i*..
th it oiten h>’’o v.
armed in tho*m wild days. and.
rides <’nininitte<’ of the house and is to Ing that the fugitives would » '■ :1! e for
• n • lv is
Do you ktm* tliit mire red come up the (irst week in I»< ember.
the Ohio river, he rode strnlgh1 nur
■ t.l"1 US f'ir its C‘|- . ; 1 1 s pi casant
The m-tive spirit behind tills move ward, About midnight lie saw a In
danger lurks in .1 common cold than
ami « Ge tu t ike.
1 • >i . ii by C. Y.
in any other of the minor ailments? numt. is Mrs Martin VV I. tietoll, light on the <*lm: ds to the e '.'the::
ward. and. thlllkillg the fusiti, cs h".<1 Loie.
Tin* * 1'1 «.n h to take Chamber•
bivouacked ! and built a fire, he tn
Roosevelt's district on Izmg Island
I im’s Cough Re ne Iv, a ill loi ghlv
his horse’s bend in that dire
Mrs. Littletoii was aroo - d to t .k<‘ up
Suddenly lie reined In to 11
icinc mail«'
1 diable prepar i!ii»-i, and r I soiir- th«» matter by a visit to Moiiihello
A ’ distant confimi d
h r colili. ■ l ;ic (limili n's <iiii¿h
self of the cold as quickly as possible when she was sub.|eet«‘d to tiie rule li‘b*ned
Horseshoe ing a Specialty
fell upon h’s ear. He slnidil
R. neh
It a t on ir<*\ plan,
t his remedy
de |>y C. V
allows visitors only twenty mln , picture came before Ills I nit
I h Dufort Building
in the grounds unless tl.rv have a 1 painted by the band of os r. perh-
l a ia <•.
tr.»m Mr. I evv. th«’ ov.
Th • Kentu 'Jan. he knew that t’n* barks
Columbia Ave.
also forbids such vi-iu»
from - ho heard xvoro those of wolves and
1 (hat one of the wavs nr tirhtlnr xvohv
entering the house at all. even though
I was by fire He saw the girl ho had
they may have <*r«»'-j^i t'> <••• -uiiient hu « d tn make his wife and »he man
to see the home of th«5 “S. ilc of Xlontl ’she had cloned with besieged by hun*
cello ”
' gry beasts
Urging f ’rwanl his horse, gul led by
There is .a popular hlen in
• «» sec
th«* light, th«* barks growing nm dis
tlons that .¡«’flersoti M. Levy, the pres
he h<* Anally
ent owner of the <•*« at** -
nds«m tlnct as
rst in upon the very scone he had
of the third president. This is n nils
Armstrong and Hotter cm *-
e. Mr. Levy is in no way related ,-I:pl,«l the ci-nter of a circle of tire
• 1 ';-r
' r.t
< :i lytl1 ng in light and heavy
i’iiomns JetTers«m The inn ■ irr <'f th v had tmilt to keep ,»ff the pack
his coming Into p.»>- > ion of tin1 es
A rm«t ••omz*« a m imttif t i.>n had ’H*en ex-
. .* is the place to get it.«’ need not lx* mirrisi into livre. In IwiNled. m d whenever it woir snarled
too close tie l«-at it twii'k with ‘.lie I
1? and guarantee satisfaction,
fn.r. those favolili!: tile pubi <>« tier
ship of th«’ .!i*lfe< .* «m hoiu«’ In •c tlmt rel of his « rifle or with a burning bra
ini is to please.
trim daughter «»f the
Hester, like a true
Mr Lew himself will hr pntrlotlc
forest was bnivelr nrrai gfng the wood
eimugh to sell It to the coveri hi .ent sv I they had authored to ko. p It burning.
that k may I mh - oih «» a pv: >•< : I shrine
Having rhlilen tis far as his terrified
for Mr. Jefferson's admirers riterv I« horse would I go. Rnrtlot dismoiirtbsl
II (NUM 1 and. aiming 1 at a wolf, shot him <
little doubt that th«* ’n n <•
tli«’ res«»hitIon nn«1 that in n few i - vrirs. Then, wh!'-' th, pack were devo»
il«m. th,' rifle was re
Month*« Ho will be restivel to the <’nte their com
notjK'r wolf was brought
tn wlii^h Jeff«*' - >n left it and will be ed and
1 down. Drawing nearer to the b»*sicged
thmwn «»pen to the p«ddlo
' couple. Partici «’ailed upon them to I ¡n
M. (>. t’ohl showed us some po«
tai card« « bicli lie ret t 'vcd from b
neice, Mi.-s Di rotliv Shutoff, who 1
at Gizah, Egypt. Tin
cards picture th.-
conditions in
Egpvt and one shows a well kept
avenue called the Avenue to the
pyramids of Gizeh, and it certain!
shows tin y have good roads in
at least parts of Egypt.
Phone 413
Randles & Robins
Give bs a Call
ere You Get the Hardware
cT 'F, The Hardware Wan
your autornobi.e investigate
machine with a reputation.
It was recently rep >rt. ,1 th
nini Shaw was In New Y-o
there teine so many <■ rollst«
In New York that Ills p .
Speaking of "filthy liiere." how shout
ie titoli««lids of dnllnrs tint have
I' is ii traced to the I nn' ne, unis of
New York's poll • ■
■ -
Fully equipped, laid down her
Bandon for $725.00
G. ",er
*. ini-’:,
ml 1'iie-
wa-n H
hm« I m —n 9
......... Iplv
wic«kt*rs are 'snnfiiis into style
W <• prefer not to be •tylisb if
that's the case.
rci I ii
! toward him while he »vrrrd thetr rr*
They jifarhnl.
starteli Hosier in ad-
rants*. The xv«»Ives sprang after thorn,
and Just ns their leader was about tn
spring u|w»n Armstrong, who xvas mor*
tug with his tare t«» them. Rartlet •
th '»oast dead This gave Armstr
t* t^nod
time ♦»» make
good his ivt ^at. and he- |
v«*< had finish«*«! eating the I
f«»m the wolves
carcass a air
adv slain the three ¡mr
« « is ha»! got «way
The next morning nF anp»*nr««d nt
the Martin home Rnrtlet. without
w »rd of rvpr*»;u h. rpleaiwsl Uest»*r fni
nt her
her engagement to him. nnc!
rotijmafeil to her mnrrin
sfrons. ns soon ns he h
put her in
Ibit the latter proved a
better *«’»«|'pr than pioneer and nev«»r
got the <abin. in time Heater married
Marurt of her own frw will.
! nite \<m don . want to do
any oftener th n you can
help. Use onr famous Barn
anil 1 levator Paint and you
will have a color that will de-
wind and weather longer
thin any other paint made,
'i 11 il< n’t have to lielieve it
.Vi ns !<>r the names of those
who cait prove it.
on Hardware Co