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Semi-W eekly
Want Court Terms Changed
to Different Months Than
Now Held.
The Coos county Bar Association
held a meeting at Coquille city this
week, pursuant to a request from
State Senator Smith from Coos
county, who wanted to know the
desire of the Coos County Bar in
the matter of changing the present
judicial system now before the legis­
lature. and the consensus of opinion
among the attorneys present was
that something should be done to
expedite litigation, and terminate
the long delays of the law under the
present system.
On the recommendation of Judge
Coke, the bar, unanimously passed
a resolution to memorialize the legis­
lature to change the terms of the
Coos County C rcuit Court, for the
benefit of farmers, from April, Sep­
tember, and Decembe. as now held
to June, October and February, th:s
giving farmers April and May in
which to put in the crops, and
August and September to harvest
without fear of being summoned as
a juror or witness in some case, of
less value than his crop.
It was also determined by the
association that the duties of County
Judge should be confined exclusive
fy to the management of County
business and that the matters of pro­
bate, and estates in general should
be under the jurisdiction of the
Circuit Court, and that there should
be cne judge tor every coHnty.
Also suggested and moved by
Judge Hall, ^and carried that as to
Justices of the Peace, in all districts
where the population is over 3000.
that the justice must be an attorney
and also recommended by the Bar
association that the time for exam­
inin jurors be limited as to time how­
ever, to be under the supervision of
the judge. The association after
much discussion and with some
opposition Went on record as favor-
ing an amendment of the law, to the
effect that any person over 21 years
of age other than the party to the
action could serve a summons in
an action, thus avoiding the Sheriff’s
mileage, which in Bandon's case
is $5.20 every time the Sheriff serves
any one in Bandon, even though he
dees not come down for the purpose
and the papers be delivered to him
on the streets after he comes.
The prospect seems very good for
some progressive legislation along
judicial lines at Salem this year.
Bandon Commercial Club.
At the meeting <s f the Bandon
Commercial club la-t night P. H.
Poole introduced a petition to the
sechnd assistant postmaster general
to give Bandon better mail service.
The plan suggested is to have two
services a day, one a through servic#.
The outgoing mail to be put into a
sack, sealed for Rosebuig, this to
leave at I 00 p. m. and the incoming
mail to be put in a sack at Roseburg
sealed for Bandon, thus mail arriv­
ing at Coquille could come through
on the first boat without having t»
wait lor the regular mail boat.
It was decided to circulate a
petition asking the county court to
extend the new road to be built in
Road District No. 20 t*> connect up
with the county road at Cox’s mill.
Today finishes the first hall year
of the Bandon pnblic schools. There
have been 18 weeks oi school and
there will be i? weeks more.
A City Dumping Ground.
Vote Eight Mills To
Township Line Road
The Oregon Electric Coming
Salem paper has obtaided in
I formation from »reliable source that
. the Oregon Electric will be extend-
1 ed from Eugene to Roseburg by
way of Cottage Grove this season,
and that from Roseburg the road
At the road meeting this afternoon the vote stood 148 will be built via Myrtle Point to Life Savers First on Scene
and did Good Work, Keep
to 4i> in favor of diverting eightSnills of the ten mill tax, Coos Bay and thence south along
the coast to San Francisco. The
ing Blaze From Spreading.
recently voted for the Twomile road and putting it on the company inlands to complete the
Township line road between Bandon and the Curry County line by July 4, 1915, in order to get
a share of the exposistion passen­
line. The entire tax amounts to a little aver £10,(100 and it I ger
traffic.—It is known that sur
will therefore he divided about £8,000 to £2,000 in favor of veyers were in the field last year The house on Pacific Ave known
as the Jones house and occupied bv
between Roseburg and Myrtle Point,
the Township line road.
G. B. Davidson and family was
and it has been stated on numerous
totally destroyed by fire early Thurs
occasions that the Hill interests who
day morning and very little was
own the Oregon Electric, wsrehnad-
saved of furniture or other contents
ed for Coos Bay and would build a
The alarm was sounded about 3:3»
coast line from here to San Francis­
aim and throngs ol people rushed
co. It looks as if there was some
to the scene, but the life saving crew
Bandon Lodge, Loyal Order of truth in the rumors, judging from were the first on the scene and did
A library meeting for the general
public will be held at the Commer­ Moose held a big meeting last night the activity of the Southern Pacific. good work in keeping the fire from
cial Club rooms next Tuesdas even­ at which ten new candidates were The S. P. eoesn’t want the Hill spreading, as did also a number of
given the mysteries of the degree interests, or any other railroae in­ others. It was soon seen that tie
ing at 8 o’clock.
an elaborate banquet was en- terests for that matter to come to house could not be saved const
The library wave is moving
shoreward and it behooves every­ joyeb. Other featureof the evening Coos Bay, and for this reason they quently the attentfon was turned
one in Bandon to add their syinpa were excellent music by the Bonton are trying to get to get a belt-line toward saving the other buildings
Stringed instrument Orchestra and road around the bay to l^ead them in close proximity.
thetic and financial support.
Mayor Mast. Col. Rosa, M. a four round boxing contest by off. Every day something is crop­
Nels Rasmussen’s new house «> 1
Breuer, G. T. Treadgold, J. Ira Happy Holbrook and Fred Densler ping up which should awaken the the east was the one most ill dan
the Marshfield people to the necessi­ ger, but besides a iittle scorching
Sidwell and Rev. Hartranft will ad­ the bout being a draw.
About too members were present ty of keeping the Terminal Railway it was uninjured.
dress the meeting
and the evening was an enjoyable open to all rCads. It should be
Everyone is urged to be there.
---- 000----
one as well as profitable. The Ban­ remembered that this section owes
Hardware Dealers Meet.
don Moose Lodge is doing fine nothing to the S. P. and that it
Plan for Inauguration.
work and is one of the strongest
part of the residents to give them a
The annual convention of tin
Washington, Jan. 29.—The work fraternal organszations in the city.
stranglehold on the waterfront, which Coos County Hardware Retailer-’
of construction for the stands from
would put us completely at their association was held here Tuesday.
which the inauguration parade will
Many Minds on Mineral.
mercy by preventing any competing The visitors from other towns were;
be viewed began today. President
line from reaching the harbor. The Messrs, Hague. Sumner, Neff, Har­
Taft tyday signed a resolution ap­
E. C. Rarker, formerly of Co­ S. P. wovkln’t come in here now rigan, and Eklad, Marshfield; Re
propriating $23 000 for extra police
quille, now of Marshfield, was in the it it wasn’t forced to do so by the her, and Hazen, North Bend; Lun
Denmark Doings
protection for Washington, during
city on Tuesday shaking hands with activity of the Hill interests, conse­ dy. Myrtle Point. Bandon was m t
th? iliaguration parade. Taft smiled
his many friends. He informs us quently it is entirely unnecessary to represented as the dealers by the
Edgar Capps returned to his as he signed the resolution.
that the sample product of his oger special inducements, which sea “forgot all about it.’’
home the latter part of the week,
he had been in Bandon nearly two
The Rouge River Fish Protection ‘ mine” at Fairview was sent to would aferwards be used in forcing
Officers for the ensuing year weie
weeks under the care of Dr. Mann Association met Friday evening at three assayers in different cities to from the community’ all the traffic elected as follows: Reberg, pres
who was treating him for a case of the public library hall and discussed determine the nature of his find, and would bear.—Coos Bay News.
dent; Lundy, vice-president; Hazen
blood poisoning.
their future plans for introducing a they are as far apart in their judg­
secretary and treasurer. The mem­
Entertains at Whist.
Mr. Matheny and daughters were bill into the coming session of the ment of the mineral as the distance
bers reported a pleasant and hai
legislature. The meeting was large­ between them. One assayer re­
visitors at Lakeview last Sunday.
monius meeting, the popular feature­
ported a low grade of graphite, an­
an enjoyable and satisfying
Mrs. Myron Clapshaw made a
other potter’s clay and the third Wednesday afternoon to one of the
dinner at a local hotel.
business trip to Denmark Tuesday.
now govern the Rouge River, It talc. Mr. Barker, although he has Largest social events of the season, —Coquifle Herald.
Mrs. Foreman went to Lakeport
has been proposed that a change be parted with some money, is no wiser whist being the diversion of the
Saturday on an errand.
made in the fish laws and a bill has than before regarding the mineral afternoon. The house was artisti­
Allie Farrier who has been on the been agreed on by the association and its commercial uses.—Coquille cally decorated with Pussy Willows
Jesse Norton, one of the best
shelf for the past week with an in­ and will be urged to the legislature Herald.
huckleberry, and other greens. joe! ■ vs in these parts in early days,
jured foot is getting along as well as for its approval. — Medford Sun.
After cards, dainty refreshments v. tic ■ I: d latelv at East Gardena. Cal..
could be expected.
served, and the event was on oi ig.d 51 years. He leaves a wife
Along the Waterfront.
No mail from the United States
most enjoyable and successful s< ial and Iwo children. Jesse was well
Through an oversight in the rush
-row 11 throughout the cuUii' " in the
for nearly a week. Now, we don’t of work the R ecorder neglected to
The Tillamook arrived from Portland features of the year.
davs when the prim pal race
like it a bit!
Mrs. Sullivan was assist« I by
mention the Foresters ball of lest Tuesday with rt2 tons of freight
was at Hall’s Prairi • on the
A social gathering at Denmark Saturday night in Tuespay’s issue, and sailed again Thursday with 573 Mesdames, L. P. Sorensen, N. J.
and when the Marshfield
school house. Sunday, Feb. 2nd, but those present are loud in their nijroad ties and ten tons of miscel­ Crain and Walter S. Wells. The
where Elrod ; c mue is
will be entertained by a literary praise of the excellent entertainment laneous
first prize was won by Mrs. W E. I
jockeys li iv passed
program |and a general good time in and say it was one of the most en­
The Elizabeth sailed Wednesday Craine, the second by Mrs, J. C away, and the favorite hoi >-s like
singing old, familiar, songs and joyable social events of the season.
morning with 1275 bundles of ve­ Slagle, while Mrs. WalteJ S. Wells Sammy Tilden, Cow Creek Baldy,
visiting with each other.
neer slices, 275.000 feet of lumber carried off the consolation.
Garfield's Maude,
Those invited were Mesdimc; Billy Berry,
The beginning of the Lenten sea­
Court is in session in Coquile tfiis eleven tons of miscellaneous freight
Hacker's mare and Doughs have
son will end many of the usual fes­ week and the Bandon attorneys and 25 passengers. The Brooklyn
lelt the range and gone to new
tivities for a time.
are spending a good share of their sailed Wednesday with 230,000 feet Greenough. W. E. Crain, A' •<•«t pastures. Coos Bay News.
Mrs. Walter Matheny and babies time at the county seat, although of lumber and 20 tons of miscella­
Frank Catterlin. C. Y. Lowe, .Smith
were stage passengers for Bandon they are not held there constantly. neous freight.
Mann, G. T. Treadgold, E. B i
Tuesday morning for a week’s visit
11. L. Huston, L. |. K.ul ,
with friends in the little city by the
ley, • F. Dyer, Albert Garfield,
Horace Richards, Robert Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson and
C. Eendicott, J. C. Slagle, J. H.
daughter Mabel were Lakeport
T. H. Mehl, T. W. Rob
visitors last Sunday.
McC Johnson, A. D.
Mr. Chenoweth is cutting the
Wilson, 11. K. ' People realize, more and
summer’s supply ot wood for the
Flom. J. S. Hayes, A. S. Elltot. *
1 more, that a bank ac omit
Denmark co-operative cheese fac­
■, ¡'mint incd sistemati ally
A. G. Hoyt, W. Anglin, R,
Boyle, C E. Kopf, E. E. R eyr
th ■ greatest aid to finan­
E. D. Webb. A. Kruse, L. J ( ■> iy
cial progress.
North Bend people were much (
C. R. Wade, Grafton Tyler, A iiui
pleased ovef news received yester- ,
Gale, and Misses, , Nora S>, . e,
You can enjoy many
day that the North Bend Lumber
Maude Lowe, Cathryn Rosa, f. , 1
privileges by becom­
Co’s mill, which has been closed
Gibson and the Misses Feeney.
down for quite a while, would be
ing a depositor uere.
-r.’jo- --
started up as soon as additional ma­
H. H Dufort h is finished th.' til! j
chinery is installed. I he mill has
I his hank otters its ervices
his property on Columbi 1 A <
aeen purchased by the Swayne &
responsible people who
Mr. Dufort is a hustler when n
Hoyt Lumber Co., of San Francisco,
tie.ire to build a surplus,
conies to improvement and al ia
and it is said that the company has
W. B. Holdiman Di-trict .Mana­ 1 five of Bandon's best citizens wiil
and enjoy the benefits of
also secured considerable timber in ger who is having good success in i be introduced into the mysteries
an association with a strong
this section.—Coos Bay News.
securing members in the W. O. W of Woodcraft at next Thursday
-------- -XXa-------
financial institution.
campaign. A rousing meeting was
See Custer’s Last Fig K at
See Custer’s Last Fight at held in the K. of P. hall last night. of the World is a fraternal insurance
society, and claims to be the wealth-
the Grand Tonight. I riday Although Mr. Holdimrn has been 1(.si society per member oiany of its the Grand Tonight. Friday
Jar. 31st.
in Bandon but five days, twenty-1 kind.
Jan. 31st.
A city dumping ground should
be purchased immediately.
It is
said that cleanliness is next to God­
liness and it is good to see people
clean up their yards and the streets
about them but the habit of taking
such rubbish and dumping it out in
the street opposite somebody’s pri­
vate property is not so commendable.
I have seen such rubbish along side
nearly every road leading out ot
Bandon and even on the beach. The
roads belong to the people and no
individual has any right to use them
for a private dumping ground and
yet what are folks to do who want
to clean up their homes? They cer­
tainly do wrong in using the streets
for such a purpose and the only
right thing is for the city to buy a
place where such garbage can be
dumped without offence to anybody.
Bandon is certainly at the point
where such a move should be made.
It seems a great pity to use our
beautiful beach for a dumping
ground and it is equally wrong to
go out into the country a half mile
and throw our garbage by the side
of property that somebody owns
even if he does not live there and
guard it with a gun. Cannot the
city purchase an acre or two to use
for such a purpose and avoid further
violation of common law? If that
can be done let the city marshal ar­
rest any of us who use our neigh­
bor’s property for dumping ground
and then we will have a cleaner
citv and cleaner beach and cleaner
roads leading to the city.—H. L.
Moose Lodge
Library Meeting
Next Tuesday
Has Big Time